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Issue 23, Sunday August 7, 2011
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Pisgah Panic

There has been much speculation about seeming volcanic plumes showing up on weather satellite images of California and Nevada, yet people on the ground declare that volcanic ash is not rising. This is most obvious at the Pisgah Volcano off I-40 east of LA. The plumes appear to be steam, creating a cloud. What's going on?


The spout/plume thing stays in one location for at least 45 min. It was definitely raining in those spots. We drove through it. The weird thing was those spots stayed in the same location for 45 min to an hour without moving.

Pisgah Volcano is in the Lavic Lake Volcanic Field of southern California. The USGS issued a statement saying, in essence "not to worry", and the Zetas agree. This is just water vapor.

USGS Rules Out Volcanic Origin of Plume Feature NEXRAD Mojave Desert
USGS rules out volcanic origin of plume-like feature seen in NEXRAD in Mojave Desert (California). Inquiries have come to the USGS regarding a potential eruption in the vicinity of Lavic Lake Volcanic Field (LLVF) in Southern California. The inquiries stem from a citizen report noting a plume-like feature on NEXRAD radar imagery from July 23, 2011. USGS volcanologists evaluating the situation find nothing to indicate that the NEXRAD feature results from volcanic activity. Satellite images from the same period do not show the steam or ash clouds that accompany volcanic activity, and there is no seismicity in the vicinity indicative of volcanic unrest/eruption. No earthquakes were located within 20 miles of LLVF during the last week (USGS-Caltech Seismic Net update 14:10 PDT July 27, 2011 ). No reports of eruptive activity have come in from ground observers (LLVF is within 2 miles of Interstate 40) or from regional pilots (Barstow Daggett County Airport is within 10 miles of LLVF).

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/31/2011: Is something other than rain causing what appears to be a plume on weather satellite images, over the Pisgah volcano? Trips to the region by more than one curious observer have shown that no ash seems to be emerging from the group, no obvious steam vents, and the USGS has even issued a denial. This volcano is in the inactive region we have stated should be watched for activity, during the New Madrid adjustment. Unlikely to erupt then or during the pole shift, but having potential to do so. Why was there clearly a plume over this volcano, though only composed of water vapor. It had the appearance of something new in the vicinity on the satellite image, a new cloud formation, though nothing to generate such a cloud was in the vicinity. It also arose from a pinpoint area, not the general area, as though something on the ground were the source.

Was this some kind of interaction between the heat in the ground and the water laden air above, causing the appearance of a volcanic plume? Hot spots, hot springs, geysers, all have their basis in lava near the surface, and even though the Mojave Desert is very dry, there are water sources below ground that vent upward through the fractures in the ground always present when past volcanic activity has laced mazes through the rock. Yes, the plume came from the ground, but is nothing more than harmless water vapor.

Per the Zetas, this region of primarily inactive volcanoes is one likely not to erupt during the 7 of 10 plate movements or the pole shift crunch, but bears watching.
Pisgah Volcano is the youngest vent, of four cinder cones, in the Lavic Lake volcanic field. There may have been activity at this site as recent as 2,000 years ago, though more likely 20,000 to 50,000 years ago.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/16/2011: In southern California the Amboy and Salton volcanoes appear relatively inactive, with 10,000 and 14,000 years respectively since last activity per the USGS. But note their close proximity to many fault lines and the San Andreas itself. Though the San Andreas is considered a slip-slide fault, devastating only on the fault line itself, the New Madrid adjustment will do more than move the land up or down along the San Andreas. It will create pressure in the region jumping west during the diagonal adjustment, and this includes all lands to the south of Mammoth Lake. Thus Amboy and Salton should be watched, during the New Madrid adjustment, with evacuation of the immediate area upon any signs of activity.

Promoting Nancy

At least they got my name right! ZetaTalk has never said "collision" always "passage" for instance. Fox takes care to state that it is not ZetaTalk that espouses 2012, but "Lieder's followers", although this is not correct either. What this does, however, do is correlate the Planet X passage with 1995 and the ZetaTalk website, discarding all the myriad copycat websites that have tried to grab the stage.

Believers in Mysterious Planet Nibiru, Comet Elenin Await Earth's End
July 24, 2011
What's the origin of this mass panic about Nibiru, which astronomers say doesn't exist? The idea that doomsday will result from a planetary collision was first proposed in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, a self-described "contactee." Lieder claims she has the ability to receive messages through an implant in her brain from aliens in the Zeta Reticuli star system. On her website, ZetaTalk, she stated that she was chosen to warn mankind of an impending planetary collision which would wipe out humanity in May 2003. (When no such cataclysmic event occurred, Lieder's followers chose 2012 as the new date for the Nibiru collision, which coincides neatly with other doomsday prophecies focused on the ending of the Mayan calendar.) Lieder originally called the bringer of doom "Planet X," and later connected it to a planet that was hypothesized to exist by a writer named Zecharia Sitchin in his book "The 12th Planet" (Harper 1976). According to Sitchin (1920-2010), the ancient Sumerians wrote about a giant planet called Nibiru - the "twelfth planet" in the solar system, after the other planets (including Pluto), the sun and moon - which has an oblong orbit that swings near Earth every 3,600 years. Many people who believe that doomsday will occur when the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 have adopted Lieder's Nibiru collision prophecy as the cataclysm that will bring us to that end.

Fox is not the first to showcase the ZetaTalk website and the Nancy Lieder name. The MSN Life Styles site featured a series of End of the World theories on September 17, 2010, seven in all, including the theories of Nostradamus, Issac Newton, and various religious figures. The seven also included Nancy Lieder's "collision" theory. They spelled my name right there, too. The website is no longer up, but here's the quote:

Nibiru Collision
September 17, 2010
This theory was popularized by Nancy Lieder who learned of it from -- wait for it -- extraterrestrials. Here's a little more on Lieder's theory. Nibiru is believed to be a planet-like object fated to play a deadly game of pinball with Earth. No need to poke fun at this mode of thought; that's already been covered.

Per the Zetas, the media is barely putting their toe in the water, after almost a decade of a National Security order by Bush to squelch mention of the ZetaTalk message in the media.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/18/2010: Fox News has so many filters resenting Nancy and our message that it never reaches the screen. CNN has been anxious to promote this message, particularly the message of hope and survival in the face of all odds, but has been held back by upper management waiting for a clue that they are not breaking national security. The executive order blocking promotion of Nancy or the ZetaTalk message was only rescinded when Obama took office. Many are still nervous. The times, however, are changing!

Previously, neither the ZetaTalk website nor the name Nancy Lieder were allowed in print! As noted in Issue 26 of this newsletter, the History Channel aired their Doomsday 2012 documentary in May, 2007, mentioning every source except ZetaTalk - Merlin, Revelations, and the I Ching for instance - and fixated on the 2012 date. The trend to mention Nancy Lieder boldly in print in the major media is new.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/26/2007: These are steps in the right direction, and indeed the public's reaction is gauged - how much discussion occurs in well watched lunch rooms, in the bars on Friday night when worries get spilled out for reassurance, and the degree of tension in these discussions gauged. Ridicule shows tension, as does an obsession with the subject.

Sao Paulo UFO

Where the east coast of S America is little affected during the 7 of 10 S America roll (which is in process though moving slowly) it does undergo a stretch. S America is pulled into a bow tension, the top part pulled westward, rolling across the Caribbean Plate and pushing over the Nazca and Cocos plates. Meanwhile, the tip of S America is held back by its attachments to the Antarctic and Pacific plates. What does that do to the east coast of S America, as S America is tensed in this manner?


ZetaTalk Explanation 7/30/2011: Where have the days when the alien presence could be denied in the media, with government officials claiming UFOs are weather balloons or swamp gas or it is all mass hysteria? Here we have an example of where disclosure has arrived. The Sao Paulo case appeared on the news in Brazil, on TV, and was certainly not debunked by the fascinated observers. A rotating wheel, pulsing in the center, seen from all angles. What does this mean? As always with these major displays, those entranced below are getting a telepathic message. Sao Paulo is on the coastline of Brazil, at a stress point where the bowing of S America during the current 7 of 10 roll is pulling the top of S America westward, and tending to stretch and pull apart Sao Paulo. The message is explaining this to those below.

If Sao Paulo is at a stretch point, the bay at Buenos Aires is definitely destined to tear. Here too there have been UFO warnings, recently.

UFOs Sighted in Ituzaingó
May 20, 2011
Some neighbors Ituzaingó revealed that neighborhoods tend to fly different ships that come from outer space and fly straight at us.

Is this bow leaving its mark in the Earth? It is indeed. Examples are the land bursting open, per the description, near Lake Titicaca in southern Peru on June 7, 2011. And an Argentina landslide, in an area centrally located between Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires on July 27, 2011.

Mysterious Cracks Across The Planet [Peru]
June 7, 2011
Anomaly occurred in the district Huakullani Chukuito province near the famous Lake Titicaca. A crack has appeared almost immediately: the earth like a burst at the site of a large tension, the far scattered huge chunks of soil.
Shocking and Strange Sinking of Land in Colonia Aurora [Argentina]
July 27, 2011
Two hectares have been destroyed by an inexplicable phenomenon. Night was heavy rain but not much more than usual. The settlers lived here for decades and say they have never seen anything like it.

Bangkok Sinking

The 7 of 10 sinking of the Sunda Plate holding Indonesia may be moving slowly at present, but we get daily reminders that this is occurring. Where Jakarta has many sea walls installed to deflect the sea, so the extent of the rising waters is not always apparent, Bangkok is just now thinking about this, a bit frantic to stop what they are calling "erosion" on the coastline. Like Jakarta, one of the primary excuses being used is that heavy buildings are pushing the land down! Just recently?

Thailand: Bangkok to be the New Atlantis?
July 22, 2011
According to experts, day after day, Bangkok sinks. A mix of factors including climate change, rising sea level and coastal erosion could lead to the disappearance of the biggest city of the Chao Praya river delta.
Sea Reclamation Project Won't Work, says Academic
July 29, 2011
It is aimed at protecting Bangkok from severe flooding caused by rising sea levels. Local villagers have installed thousand of bamboo sticks and sandbags in the mangrove forest area to protect against the sea and mud.

In nearby Myanmar (Burma), which is also in lowland expected to sink and flood during the 7 of 10 sinking of the Sunda Plate, excessive and lingering flooding is also reported. Per the Zetas, this latitude, which includes Bangkok, can expect to lose 40 feet of elevation during the 7 of 10 sinking. The flooding there has remained chest deep for four days, not draining, a clear sign of land that is sinking.

Heavy Flooding in Bago and Karen States Reported
July 26, 2011
Flood water has been chest-deep for four days and has not yet receded. The floodwater is up to 5-feet deep in our villages.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: If the loss of 40 feet in elevation is not devastating to the Philippines, it is to the coastline of southern Burma, Thailand, and Cambodia, which have vast areas that will suddenly and permanently be flooded.

Aftertime Borders

Russia is mustering their warships into the Arctic, China is acting the bully in territorial disputes in the South China Sea, and after pulling away from Japan the US is now talking about forming a base in eastern Australia. Is there a pattern here?

War Game Test Run for Permanent US Base
July 27, 2011
A permanent base for US forces in northern Australia is a step closer to reality following a huge war game in the region involving 22,000 Australian and US troops.
Russia Launches Arctic Expedition, Beefs up Military Presence
July 11, 2011
Russia has also announced it will station two new Arctic warfare brigades north of 60 degrees - a move that will expand Russia's northern military capabilities far beyond those of Canada.
China Boosts Naval Power with Carrier Program
July 27, 2011
China has been flexing its muscles more aggressively in those waters, where a territorial dispute with Taiwan and several nearby countries, including Vietnam and the Philippines, has festered for years.

Is there a relationship between these moves and Aftertime plans of the elite? Per the Zetas, there is indeed. Russia is guarding the Urals, where the elite have long planed to go. China is guarding against hoards of drowning refugees from the south. Russia and China are not worried about their vast shared border in the interior. And Australia fully intends to be a home for the elite of the world, including those in the US.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/30/2011: Are the major powers looking beyond the pole shift to the Aftertime, plotting new boundaries and determining what of their land masses and fishing rights they want to protect, and which they are willing to desert? Absolutely. Russia is not anticipating invasion from the south, as rather its own people will be migrating south to invade those countries which enjoy higher ground. But the Urals, where their elite will reside, could be vulnerable from the Arctic. China's elite will reside in the new ghost cities clustered near their current power center, Beijing, and do not anticipate invasion from the deserts of their interior. Rather, they anticipate expanding into these areas in the Aftertime, incorporating whatever survival communities exist. Thus, their military might is focused on protecting their borders from the south, from the flooded lands of Indonesia and southern Asia. The US has recently abandoned military installations near Japan, clearly abandoning Japan in the process. That they turn around and announce a planned installation in NE Australia, which will be above the waves and with a good climate, is very revealing.

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