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Issue 295, Sunday May 27, 2012
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Eclipse History

The Element of Doubt rule has been imposed by the Council of Worlds to prevent excess fear and anxiety during the Earth’s awakening to the alien presence and to the pending cataclysmic Earth changes to occur during the pending Pole Shift. In brief, UFO sightings, glimpses of alien bodies, proof of the near presence of Planet X – all of this should have an Element of Doubt so that the establishment does not panic and try to impose martial law. The Council is less concerned about panic in the public than panic in the establishment, who are in general control freaks determined to see their status and perks continue. For this reason, while the grip of the establishment has gradually been broken, the establishment pushed early into their enclaves and bunkers, affairs such as eclipses and transits have been assisted to appear normal. But these matters can change.

For the November 8, 2003 lunar eclipse, it was noted that a total eclipse never occurred and a secondary source of light was evident. This also occurred during the October 27, 2004 lunar eclipse. During the March 31, 2003 solar eclipse there were hints of Planet X. In 2005 the Moon had been in an erratic orbit, slinging too far North after a New Moon during the waxing phase of the cycle, and too far South for the waning phase of the cycle. During the dual lunar eclipses in April of 2005, the fact that the Moon was pushed into position so the Element of Doubt could be maintained was actually recorded. Prior to the April 8, 2005 lunar eclipse the Moon first lifted too far North in this pattern, then suddenly South returning to the pattern. During the March 29, 2006 solar eclipse photos displayed by the establishment sites had such a darkened background that any evidence of Planet X was suppressed.

This use of a very dark filter by establishment sites such as to exclude evidence of Planet X was used also during the January 26, 2009 solar eclipse, though private photos showed a presence at the 2 o’clock position. The Zetas hinted that the Element of Doubt requirement would be eased at some point in the future.

ZetaTalk Prediction 6/20/2009: The pattern has been that all events such as an eclipse have been assisted so that those who would go insane if presented by the truth will not be pressed to this extent. At some point, of course, this will change, and the truth will be allowed to begin to emerge beyond the extent it is today with the wobble and occasional glimpse of Planet X on SOHO or videos. Just when that time comes, we will not say.

During the July 11, 2010 solar eclipse, matters escalated. The eclipse was visible across the South Seas (mostly open ocean) and Chile, and was to be broadcast to the world by a number of webcams. It was only at the point where the elipse was ending, the Moon moving on, that any evidence of Planet X would be visible. In the Southern Hemisphere, the view is reversed from that seen by the Northern Hemisphere, so Planet X was expected at around the 10-11 o’clock position. Just at the point where Planet X was to become visible all the webcams serving the public went down! An obvious ploy by the nervous establishment. Only private photos showed what the world might have seen.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/17/2010: Planet X was at a perfect angle for a dramatic appearance during the July 11, 2010 eclipse. The establishment, desperate to maintain the cover-up during such a well watched event, was frantic, as live feed from several sources had been promised. As anyone watching the event from several webcams noted, the lead-up to the event was played for almost an hour prior to the full eclipse. This was not a worry because the establishment knew that Planet X would only make its appearance as the eclipse was waning, pulling away from the spot where Planet X could shine without competition from the glare of the Sun. The order went out to cut all cams as soon as the total eclipse was ended, and remarkably, worldwide, on all cams, this occurred. Is the world wired to a single switch? Was there no interest in the eclipse after the moment of totality? Those who watched from their own yards, and took snaps of the eclipse as it waned, knew the truth.

May 20-21 Eclipse

On May 20-21, 2012 a solar eclipse was visible from the Northern Hemisphere - across Asia and much of N America. These are populated areas, so many private photos were taken.

Solar Eclipse in North America on May 20
May 15th, 2012
On Sunday, May 20, an annular solar eclipse will be visible from some areas of United States, northern Mexico and Canada. Solar eclipses occur when the moon covers the solar disk and projects its shadow on Earth. A solar eclipse happens when the moon is in its new moon phase and is perfectly aligned with both the sun and the Earth. From our perspective, the sun is hidden. During the astronomical phenomenon on May 20, the moon will be in one of its furthest positions from Earth, so its shadow will not be able to completely hide the sun, as would occur in a total eclipse.

So what emerged? Even with an erratic Moon orbit, during the Full and New Moon the Moon’s orbit is found where expected. But the Earth wobble finds the globe pushed daily to the North when the Sun is over the Pacific, when the magnetic N Pole comes up over the horizon to confront the magnetic N Pole of Planet X. Thus the full lunar eclipse was not viewed in California as expected, in the late afternoon, but was viewed in Texas more than expected! The Earth wobble was verified for those watching, who did not get an explanation for these viewing aberrations in N America. Comments on the GLP message board from Sacramento and Los Angeles document this. The Moon was missing in Sacramento! This is what was expected for Sacramento at 4:54pm according to Skysafari Plus.

So according to the local Sacramento newspaper and media, the Sacramento area should experience 92% maximum of the solar eclispe starting at 5:15pm, peaking at 6:32pm and ending at 7:39pm. Yet here it is 30 minutes before the show and the moon is nowhere to be seen in the California sky - what's going on here? 92% should have made it fairly dark, musky looking at the least outside. Kind of weird I haven't seen one in years, but the last time I did, everything looked smoky, very little light at its peak. Lasted about an hour.

Los Angeles should have been in the eclipse from 5:25 pm to 7:49 pm, yet in the middle of this period, when they should have been in a full eclipse, they had nothing!  Yet amateur photos from Odessa, Midland, and Big Springs, TX show a perfect full eclipse! Why would the eclipse move from where expected unless the Earth wobble had interfered?

So according to the local Sacramento newspaper and media, the Sacramento area should experience 92% maximum of the solar eclispe starting at 5:15pm, peaking at 6:32pm and ending at 7:39pm. Yet here it is 30 minutes before the show and the moon is nowhere to be seen in the California sky - what's going on here? 92% should have made it fairly dark, musky looking at the least outside. Kind of weird I haven't seen one in years, but the last time I did, everything looked smoky, very little light at its peak. Lasted about an hour.t

Then there was the matter of the very reddish glow at the 2 o’clock position. Per comments on the Pole Shift ning from someone in Dallas, this was clearly visible, along with a glow on the lower left hand side. Per a GLP message board, photos captured in Lubbock, TX and amidst a slideshow of photos from China a distinct reddish glow at the 2 o’clock position.   

We scrambled to the flat roof and dared go barefoot on the metal roof to reach the peak. Alas the clouds interfered about 7:46pm Dallas TX. Ready with our red filters atop the highest peak of my roof, friends and I awaited the sunset. At about 2 o'clock position the sun clouds glared brighter in that area in addition to the lower sun to the left.

Here's a few I caught in Lubbock, TX just before sunset. Unfortunately, one cloud moved in right before the eclipse started and then never moved. We did get to catch part of the eclipse as the sun moved between holes in the cloud.

A glow on the lower left hand side was likewise evident. This showed up in photos from Yokohama, Japan and in a YouTube video taken in Japan. Was this glow at the 8-9 o’clock position from any solar flares or sunspots at the time? If so, then any glow on the edge of the Sun at the 10 o’clock position is curiously missing.

And finally, the lunar eclipse of May 20-21, 2012 showed numerous moons of Planet X against the face of the Sun, without question. Due to the wafting tail of Planet X, these moved about, but showed up in photos from Utah, Hong Kong, and China. These are not sunspots, which would in any case not show up as dark spots on the face of the Sun. These are Moons of Planet X! As obvious and nearly as large as any anticipated or past transit of Venus!  Thus overall, the lunar eclipse of May 20-21, 2012 provided proof of the Earth wobble, evidence of glow as sunlight bounced off the vast red dust cloud of Planet X, and a dramatic appearance of the Moons of Planet X against the face of the Sun.


ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/26/2012: The May 20-21, 2012 lunar eclipse was obviously assisted to some degree. The wobble was drastically reduced for the occasion, but even at this level of reduction, it affected visibility on the N American continent. When the Sun is high over the Pacific, the globe is being pushed northward so the magnetic N Pole of the Earth can evade the magnetic N Pole of Planet X. Thus the full view of the lunar eclipse on the West Coast of N America was south of what was expected. Texas was not expected to get a full eclipse view, but did. And where California expected to get the full eclipse view, it did not. This documentation of the Earth wobble has been wholly unexplained by the media or scientific bodies, nor has it even been addressed.

As recent photos and videos taken with red filters have shown, the vast tail of Planet X is wafting in a counterclockwise manner between the Sun and the Earth, placing the Moon Swirls most often to the left of the Sun, as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, but on occasion wrapping around to be on the upper right of the Sun. Thus one of the swirls, pointing toward the Earth and funneling sunlight down its tube, created a reddish lit orb at the 2 o’clock position, quite visible on photos from Asia to America. There was likewise a glow from sunlight reflected off the dust cloud on the lower left hand side. Neither of these light sources can be claimed from the Sun, which was quiescent at the time and did not have flares or sunspots that lined up with the glows.

A third phenomena that occurred was similar to a transit of Venus, such was the visibility of some of the massive moons of Planet X outlined against the Sun. These moons moved about, as the swirling of the tail has them in motion, so they appeared in various places, but there was consistency in the locations to the degree that it could not be claimed they were dust on the lens. With the glare from the Sun greatly reduced by the filters being used during photography, scattered or reflected light cannot be blamed. These were solid objects, large enough to rival a transiting Venus on the Sun, though the moons of Planet X are far closer to the Earth than Venus and thus not as large as Venus. This phenomena too is being ignored by the media or scientific bodies, but was certainly noted by the public

Planet X Personas

Planet X passes the Sun, in close proximity, within the orbit of Venus, and is currently outbound heading in the direction of Earth. Folklore and legend document this, as the Kolbrin, recorded by the ancient Egyptians and quoted below, has done.

The Doomshape, called the Destroyer, in Egypt, was seen in all the lands, thereabouts. In color, it was bright and fiery, in appearance changing and unstable. It twisted about itself like a coil … It was not a great comet or a loosened star, being more like a fiery body of flame. Its movements on high were slow, below it swirled in the manner of smoke and it remained close to the sun, whose face it hid. There was a bloody redness about it, which changed as it passed along its course.

The visibility of Planet X and its Moon Swirls is dependent upon a number of factors. Second Sun sightings occur, usually at sunrise or sunset, when the angle between the Sun, the dust cloud closely shrouding Planet X, and the viewer’s eye is such that there is a proper sunlight bounce. The viewer thinks two Sun’s have risen or set. Sunlight bounces off the dust cloud and on toward the viewer, in a perfect deflection of light rays. Second Sun sightings were frequent in August-September 2003, when Planet X was far enough to the side in the line of view. At present, Planet X is more directly in the line of view.  

Then there are the brilliant Moon Swirl orbs, so bright that they can be seen naked eye and startle the viewer. They are caused by sunlight funneling down the long tubes of the swirl, as though down a flashlight, emerging as concentrated light at the end pointing toward the Earth. Light is re-directed down the tubes by bouncing off the sides of the swirl, escaping in the only direction where a bounce does not occur. Moon Swirl orbs are found all around the Sun, as the vast tail of Planet X is wafting between the Earth and Sun at present. Monster personas occur most often when the light emerging from Planet X splays outward and then is bent back by the gravity of Earth, so the size of Planet X appears larger than it is in reality. Monsters are pale and huge, and show they are clearly not a lens flare by standing behind object such as clouds. Lens flares, by being in the camera, do not do this. Monsters can be seen naked eye.

Recent photo and video captures show these various personas. A video capture from Hawaii clearly shows the difference between static orbs and a lens flare. The flare is moving around constantly, while the orbs remain in place. These two orbs are likely a capture of Planet X itself and a large Moon Swirl. A Monster capture from New York was seen naked eye as well as captured on film. Since this is bent light, it moves around, but is clearly not a lens flare because it stands behind clouds. 

The Planet X complex on SOHO is seen as the Winged Globe (because Planet X itself has a double helix swirl emerging on either side) or a Moon Swirl cluster with trailing debris or a Moon Swirl tube from the side. The Check Mark Moon Swirl has two such tubes emerging from a dominant moon, and presents thus with a signature check mark on images. Because the tail of Planet X is wafting between the SOHO satellite and the Sun, and because Planet X itself is in this line of view, these persona regularly make an appearance on the SOHO and Stereo ahead and behind satellite images. These satellites are looking at the Sun, and Planet X is outbound from the Sun.

Rain Blame Game

From top to bottom and side to side, S America is afflicted by record floods. As the S America roll progresses, Colombia is pulled both over the bottom of the Caribbean Plate housing Panama and the pointed eastern edge of the Cocos Plate. All this creates much rumpling and mountain building in Colombia. But the flooding is blamed on rain, though heaving river bottoms and blocked drainage are the cause.

Colombia: Alert landslides in 13 municipalities of Valle
April 30, 2012
Not only the secondary and tertiary roads, but the main access road landslides occur.
Colombia: Sliding in Tucunare
May 2, 2012
Tucunaré sliding of the slope, causing partial collapse in two houses of the place.
Colombia is Sinking by More than the Winter
February 12, 2012
According to figures from the Office of National Relief Colombian Red Cross, the high rainfall generated as a result of cooling of the Pacific Ocean known as La Niña, has affected 28 departments, 710 municipalities, 325 000 homes and 220 000 people, including an estimated 312 deaths from avalanches, floods, landslides, collapses and subsidence.
Colombia: The Neighborhood Virgilio Ship is Sinking
May 6, 2012
For being right on a fault line, the Virgilio Barco neighborhood is sinking. This conclusion was reached soon after made ??a technical visit to the site by City Planning. Planning and Engineering.

If Colombia is suffering from mountain building, the S America roll pulls the eastern coast of the continent taught, so river bottoms heave, diverting the flow and preventing drainage. Brazil is experiencing record flooding, per this Pole Shift ning blog. This is a region of Brazil just east of the Andes, where rumpling is occurring as the continental divide is pushed east. The spine of the Andes is being forced over the Nazca Plate, experiencing jolting quakes and mountain building that is once again blamed on rain. It is the rain blame game.

At least 75 000 Families are Affected by Flooding in Brazi
May 17, 2012
49 of the 62 municipalities of the Brazilian state of Amazonas are in emergency situation. The Black River, main tributary of the Amazon, yesterday reached a historic high, 29.79 meters, 2 inches above the flood of 2009, considered the most intense.
Brazil's Amazon Rainforest Region Hit by Severe Flood
May 17, 2012
The Negro River in Brazil's Amazonas state in the Amazon Rainforest region is suffering the worst flood ever registered in the region
Chile: The Rains Damaged Roads in Santiago
May 12, 2012
The rains also caused the collapse of the access road to the University of ISA, which remains isolated this university. The National Meteorological Office forecast moderate to heavy showers, thunderstorms and occasional gusts of wind in the country.

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