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Issue 373, Sunday November 24, 2013
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times
National Geographic Channel

The National Geographic Channel appears to be familiarizing the public with some ZetaTalk warnings, all the while couching the scenarios in hypothetical terms. Their new October 27, 2013 release featuring a terrorist induced blackout affecting the entire USA paints a graphic picture of the collapse of the grid predicted by the Zetas after the Pole Shift. American Blackout depicts elevators, gas pumps, hospital lights, and communications out of commission while opportunistic muggings are on the increase in the dark. When did this support from the National Geographic Channel start? I noted in Issue 86 on June 30, 2008 that they stated "rapid, almost sudden" changes had taken place in the Earth’s magnetosphere since 2003, which of  course is when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system.

Slowing Down the Earth’s Spin, which premiered in 2010, replayed on October 26, 2013 in the lead-up to their new feature on blackouts, so I took notes.  Water migrating to the poles as centrifugal force reduces, moaning and fracturing of the Earth as the core tries to turn while the crust resists, and a changed climate after the Pole Shift are depicted. However, where the Zeta prediction on a stopped rotation for 5.9 days makes it clear that the stop does not linger and quickly restarts, the National Geographic special has this going on for years, almost snuffing out life on Earth.

ZetaTalk Comment 4/10/2010: They were told to include as many of the scenarios we have described for the time of the pole shift and the Aftertime, and did so by wild speculation on what might occur. Yes, we have predicted that cities will flood, as they are predominantly situated along coastlines and river bottom land. We have likewise predicted that the Earth will moan as the core tries to turn but the crust is held in a stopped rotation. This conflict was depicted, and used as an excuse for a fracturing crust interfering with travel, another of our predictions for the last weeks as we have advised all who intend to travel to their safe locations to do so early and not linger for these reasons. Anticipating ocean fishing as a food source in the Aftertime, when the volcanic gloom will be diminishing, and the difficulty of establishing agriculture, plant growth, in a changed climate was also depicted, though not for the reasons we give.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/15/1996: The stage is set by what occurs during the days preceding the pole shift, when the Earth's rotation slows and then stops, within a day, and stands with her mid-Atlantic ridge facing the Sun where her brother, the 12th Planet, is passing. During these few days (less than a week) when rotation has stopped, the waters of her oceans flow toward the poles and away from her fat equator. An equalization occurs, the waters settling evenly, where normally the rotation pulls the water by centrifugal force to where the motion is fastest, at the equator. Thus, when the pole shift itself occurs, the oceans have pulled away from the tropical shores and flooded the frozen poles. During the stopped rotation, the movement of water toward the poles is gradual, and has barely begun before the pole shift and restarting of rotation occur.

Other National Geographic Channel features have depicted the world’s underground reserves of oil and gas suddenly disappearing, so modern civilization must retool for ethanol. The End of Oil shows travel and industry grinding to a halt, plastic products disappearing, fertilizer for crops likewise disappearing so food stores are depleted, and folks in the cities go rural to gardens and chickens. The end of oil is likewise predicted by the Zetas, due to the utter collapse of industry after magnitude 9 earthquakes strike the entire globe during the hour of the Pole Shift. Gas and oil pipelines will rupture and burn, refineries and reserves will fracture and burn, and simple repairs not possible. Windmill and water wheels must replace petrol energy in the Aftertime.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/15/1999: All the necessary small parts, the lubricants and additives, that will not be available. Most lubricants are necessary, to maintain a certain chemical balance, or there is corrosion. Without these lubricants, parts burn out, wear out, and you can't simply pour water or any chemical in, you need a particular chemical. The chemical industry will be very hard hit, as much of their stores are liquid and will burst, spray, disburse, and require specialized ingredients to create in the first place. So you back up, endlessly, and anytime there is a break in the link, the link is broken and affects everything downstream. So it all goes down the chain. Even a tiny broken part can stop the process, as perhaps a particular metal or particular alloy is needed. Without this a particular function won't occur, an electrical impulse will not occur, or an etching will not occur. If that alloy is missing, all the rest of the machinery becomes idle, and simply is not effective. And if it's not effective, what is the point of maintaining it. What motive is there for staying and maintaining this factory? Who is going to feed the workers, or pay their salary? There is simply no flow of money. Bridges are down. The grid is down. The government is in chaos, and gone off to huddle and get drunk and discuss among themselves. Workers do not come out of loyalty, starving to death, to keep a corporate fat cat in business.

Other Pole Shift or Aftertime scenarios depicted by the National Geographic Channel specials are where humans disappear. ZetaTalk predicts a 90% reduction in population, mostly due to depression, starvation, and dropped immune systems due to despair, though drowning in the floods and dying from injury will be a factor.  World Without Humans shows how quickly mankind’s infrastructure goes back to nature. Forced Migration depicts a drought so severe in the US that the population migrates through new desert lands to the Great Lakes, the world’s largest fresh water lakes, or tow icebergs. The Zetas of course predict worldwide climate change, but not due to drought. The Pole Shift will change everyone’s climate, and yes, animals and plants as well as humans migrate. Over time, the tropics and the polar ice re-establish themselves.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: The pole shift, of course, radically affects the climate of every place on Earth. How could it not? The equator has changed, and formerly temperate and even polar areas now find themselves under the hot, continuous equatorial sun. Inhabitants of these areas may find themselves subject to severe sunburn, for the first time in their lives, and, not understanding the phenomena, not know what to do. Other inhabitants, formerly in the equator, will quickly freeze to death. The temperature plunges, unremittingly, and they are ill prepared. Over time the plants and animals change, accommodating the climatic change. Plants, in particular, are hard hit, as they are sensitive to the temperature, humidity, and exposure to sun and wind. The die off is massive, but certain other opportunists survive. Over time, there is a creep that occurs, such that from places where the climate has remained the same plants grow outward toward where they find conditions hospitable. The opportunists who took over, preempting all the strugglers, find they are being pushed, steadily, to assume their former status. Animals, being mobile, are less hard hit, and either adjust their day and night to the new conditions or travel. After a time, a few centuries, the Earth looks much as it did before, only this time with new poles, a new equator, and newly established temperate zones.

What about the flooding in the Aftertime, where the Zetas have stated due to friction during the shift, the plate beneath the cold ocean waters will heat up, heating and swelling the water too, so that the Earth’s oceans and seas rise 675 feet on average? The National Geographic Channel has depicted this too, in their Polar Apocalypse show, where the poles melt, raising the sea level an estimated 200 feet when Greenland is included. This is enough to engulf coastal cities. In the stopped rotation segment, northern cities were depicted as being engulfed completely when the water normally kept around the Equator by the centrifugal force of rotation drifts north. And indeed in the ZetaTalk prediction much of Canada and certainly Siberia will disappear in the Aftertime due to flooding.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: In computing the rise in the seas to 675 feet, more than the melting of Antarctic and Greenland ice is presumed, as this rise has been computed by man to be only 200 feet. What is missing from this equation is swelling of land masses, land surface under the water, as odd as this concept might sound. Thus, where this cannot be computed by man, being a missing dynamic in his statistics, this is the explanation for why our 675 foot rise does not compute given the known factors - water volume and increase per degree of heat rise.

But the National Geographic Channel has been doing more than warning of the coming Earth changes. They also feature Doomsday Prepper shows and the Doomsday Castle series. Where these shows are very fixated on guns and protecting the fort, they have begun featuring hidden gardens, hobbit homes, preserving harvests, wild nuts and edible weeds, and keeping chickens. 

ZetaTalk Insight 10/26/2013: The Puppet Master has been attempting to comply with our request that ZetaTalk, and the ZetaTalk message, get into the media. Where the Discovery channel was frightened of countering Reagan’s National Security order mandating the cover-up over the pending passage and others mandating that the alien presence likewise be denied, the History Channel and National Geographic often found a way to address the subjects. Now, just ahead of the announcement, they are re-airing this and other segments that act almost like a drum roll, creating anticipation for interviews with Nancy on what we, the Zetas, have predicted. All that is missing is the introduction of ZetaTalk!

It will be almost a relief when the slowing rotation depicted by National Geographic is replaced with a short week, 5.9 days of stoppage, capped by a mere two day slowing to a stop and restart either end.  Being deprived of oil products will not be a deprivation for those who prepared ahead, switching to wood gas and ethanol, nor will being deprived of the grid be a deprivation for those who are off the grid with wind or water mills or solar panels. The disasters of a changing climate and rising seas, always carefully cloaked as Gobal Warming, will indeed be a caution for many who will need to move. But rather than a death sentence, the ZetaTalk site provides a wealth of information on safe locations and steps to take.  

Mad Max Maneuvers

Over the past few years the ultra-right in Australia have been preparing for the coming Last Weeks and Pole Shift. Eastern Australia has long been identified by the elite as an ideal location for the Aftertime. ZetaTalk identified the Scripted Drama of the plate movements in 2002, wherein the Indo-Australian Plate would tilt, giving eastern Australia and New Zealand increased elevation. The elite read, and take heed of ZetaTalk, despite their denials.

ZetaTalk Response 1/10/2004: These regions are, not surprisingly, in central Africa, Argentina, eastern Australia, Kazahstan, and Wyoming.

Home of the ultra-right media head, Rupert Murdoch, and with a history of cooperating with the CIA even to the extent of overthrowing a validly elected government in 1975, and with the Queen’s backing, the government of Australia could be counted upon to roll out the welcome mat for the elite.

The CIA in Australia
The Governor-General of Australia who by this proclamation dissolves the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Australian government had to make a decision as to whether it would renew the leases of these American installations on Australian soil and there is every reason to believe that the Americans were fearful that the leases wouldn't be renewed. That would be a good enough reason, in their view, for moving in to destabilise the government and to bring about its overthrow to say nothing of any threat that our policies may have for their Australian investments in the multinational area.
Rupert Murdoch
Keith Rupert Murdoch, AC, KSG (born 11 March 1931) is an Australian American media mogul. Murdoch became managing director of Australia's News Limited, inherited from his father, in 1952. Murdoch has been listed three times in the Time 100 as among the most influential people in the world. In May 2012, Forbes ranked him as the 24th most powerful person in the world.

In addition to an anticipated elevation rise, putting the eastern third of Australia above the waves in the Aftertime, and a position along the new Equator that would give the new Australia a very temperate climate, Australia has the Great Artesian Basin, a huge aquifer that will provide fresh water for the foreseeable future. The US government announced in July, 2011 that it had its eye on Australia for a new base in Queensland, and from there it’s just a quick jump to new land coming available after the Pole Shift in Antarctica. Squatters rights will surely prevail. In November, 2011 it became evident that a train station along the Gold Coast in Queensland was being fitted to become a prison. The specter of the NAZI death camps where the Jews were shipped to their death by train seemed to be rising in Queensland. By July, 2013 Prime Minister Rudd announced an arrangement with New Guinea (also a Commonwealth nation) to take all illegal immigrants trying desperately to escape the flooding in Indonesia by landing on Australia’s soil. And of course, Australia’s history with its aboriginal peoples does not bode well.

ZetaTalk Observation 8/20/2011: If the Dubai elite recently made an investment in towns along the Queensland coastline, is this an indication of where they will be living in the Aftertime? Certainly they will want access to the Great Artesian Basin aquifer, which places them in the north to northeast of Australia. Both Brisbane and Sydney will be flooded in the Aftertime, and have large populations, so are to be avoided. As indicated by the choices of the Dubai elite, who invested in the coastline above Brisbane in Queensland, this area allows access to the aquifer and avoidance of heavy population centers. Clearly some of the USA military elite are planning to be located in Australia, with a quick jump to stake claims in Antarctica after the pole shift. During a recent exercise the central coastline of Queensland gets a mention. Dubai choice, US military presence, the Great Artesian Basin - it seems the eastern coastline of Queensland is the chosen land.

How nervous are the elite about the coming times, when the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru awakens the populace to the concept of safe and unsafe lands? Per the Zetas, Prime Minister Abbott’s decision to stay in the Federal Police Training College in the Capitol was based on fear of public rage. Announced in September, 2013 this was blamed on an invasion of possums at the Lodge, the traditional home of the Prime Minister. How palpable is their fear? Queensland has now passed a law refusing bail to anyone with biker gang associations. The specter of Mad Max gangs, descending with ruthless glee upon their victims emerges. Perhaps this is what the elite are now fearing.

Queensland Anti-Bikie Laws Could Stretch Judicial System to Breaking Point
October 26, 2013
A 25-year-old former Brisbane Bronco player accused of being a member of the Hells Angels, and trafficking drugs, was denied bail. Police allege Michael Spence was, until recently, a Hells Angels sergeant at arms involved in trafficking drugs. Under the new anti-bikie laws, he is denied bail automatically unless he can convince the judge otherwise.
Mad Max
A Berserk motorcycle gang member named Crawford "Nightrider" Montizano, having killed a Main Force Patrol (MFP) officer while escaping police custody, is attempting to outrun the other MFP officers . Nightrider's motorcycle gang, led by Toecutter and Bubba Zanetti, is running roughshod over a town, vandalizing property, stealing fuel, and terrorizing the populace.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/2/2013: Biker gangs are not new to Australia, which has vast regions virtually uninhabited where lawlessness is difficult to control. The famous Mad Max series was staged in Australia, and featured a biker gang running rampant over the populace. It has been steadily documented that the elite - the wealthy and politically powerful - are placing a footprint in Queensland, along the coastline that will lift during the Pole Shift and be close to new land in Antarctica, ice free and waiting to be settled. Immigration has been severely restricted, and now biker gangs to be imprisoned without bail. Just the start, for this elite enclave.

Planet X Photo Captures

They just keep coming! These photos, recently captured, did not rely upon any particular filter, so what is seen in these photos can be seen naked eye too. These and other captures, the continuing drama, can be seen on the Pole Shift ning blog devoted to such captures. The first two are from Germany. A brilliant Moon Swirl can be seen above the Sun on October 2, 2013 at 3:45 pm in the afternoon. And a definitive Second Sun capture on October 6, 2013 during sunrise at 7:26 am, creating dual reflections on the water.

Then on a China website a photo from Malta taken on October 28, 2013 at sunset shows a curious reflection. What is so astonishing is that a reflected reddish orb, seen on the water to the right of the Sun’s reflection on the water, has its own reflection, but one which does not parallel the Sun’s reflection! Per the Zetas, what is being seen here is the reflection from a diagonal band of light, light from the Sun bent around Planet X due to the gravity pull of Planet X, and sent toward Earth. This band of light, a crowding of photons, is casting its own light on the water.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/2/2013: When an orb is discovered it is often a ghost of the Sun, a reflection within the camera, but in these cases both the Sun’s ghost and its reflection line up to parallel the Sun and its reflection. Here the orb reflected on the water and casting its own reflection is not parallel to the Sun’s reflection. This is not a ghost! Planet X is just inside the orbit of Venus, and located at the 4 o’clock position when seen from the Northern Hemisphere. When the Ecliptic slants from upper left to lower right as it does at sundown, this places Planet X at the 5 o’clock position. But why would the reflection of this light on the water not form a line straight to the camera, as the sunlight reflection does? What is seen on the water is a blend of light from Planet X and the Sun. The gravity of Planet X pulls light rays from the Sun to curve around the corpus of Planet X. There is, thus, a band of light in space, from the location of Planet X toward Earth, which is creating its own light reflection on the water. This can certainly be called a Second Sun sighting, of sorts.

Yet another dramatic photo capture occurred in the evening in Las Vegas on October 31, 2013. Credits to Las Vegas Skys,  who took a series of photos during a dust storm that so blocked the glare from the Sun that what was  above and below the Sun was clearly visible. The Sun is in the center, as can be seen when the dust cloud clears.