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Issue 376, Sunday December 15, 2013
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Buoy Blackout

On November 15, 2013 the Scotia Sea had a magnitude 4.4 quake followed by a magnitude 6.8 on November 16, 2013. Then in short order 10 quakes in the magnitude 4-5 range occurred, followed by a magnitude 7.8 on November 17, 2013. Then for the next two days 32 aftershocks in the magnitude 4-5 range occurred.  What was most peculiar was the shutdown of the NOAA buoy system right after the magnitude 7.8 quake. First the Atlantic buoys went out, although the Pacific was still working. Then the site went down for more than a day. There was no technical explanation for any of this, and since the data is picked up by satellite, that the entire Atlantic failed while the Pacific and the rest of the world did not was even more peculiar. Per the Zetas, the outage was deliberate on the part of the establishment, to avoid tsunami panic.

16-NOV-2013 03:34:31 Mag 6.8
17-NOV-2013 09:04:55 Mag 7.8

ZetaTalk Insight 11/23/2013: Why would the NOAA buoys all wink out when these Scotia quakes occurred? The establishment is very nervous about tsunami panic during plate movements, and wants to be sure that tsunami is indeed a threat before sounding the alarm. The quakes were on the underwater Scotia platelet, at the frozen tip of S America, and until a threat to populated coastlines was confirmed undue panic was to be suppressed. The buoy site was deliberately taken down after the large magnitude 7.8 quake on November 17 as indeed the buoys up and down the Atlantic were signaling activity. First the Atlantic buoys were taken offline, and then the entire NOAA site taken down as questions were being raised.

Why the quake swarm on the Scotia platelet? Per the Zetas this relates to the turning in place that the Antarctic Plate is doing, as it reacts to the compressing Pacific and the spreading Atlantic. The Antarctic Plate is on the move. This issue first emerged in Issue 366 of this newsletter in September, when high waves in Tasmania were explained. From the start of the ZetaTalk saga, the Zetas have predicted new land would rise between the tip of S America and S Africa. This process is gradual, though it primarily occurs at the hour of the Pole Shift.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/1999: The Antarctic plate finds the side abutting the Pacific under pressure, as the plates due to fold or crumble or subduct in the Pacific begin to do this. This in effect is forcing the Antarctic plate to fold itself, like a fan, and it resists this pressure to fold. Likewise, along the Atlantic, the spreading plates in the Atlantic are asking the Antarctic plate to rip apart, which it resists, being a very solid plate. The point that gives, the weak point, is the border between the Antarctic plate and those in the Atlantic, as these are already weakened points. Thus, these weak points separate, the Atlantic plates going their way, the Antarctic staying in place. The Antarctic plate is now free on all sides!

Why were the buoys signaling water depth changes if tsunami waves were not being generated during the Scotia platelet quakes? Per the Zetas, the nearby plates were reacting by bobbling in place, which did not involve a permanent displacement of water. Thus when the quakes stopped, the NOAA site came back online, complete with its Atlantic buoys. 

ZetaTalk Insight 11/23/2013: What caused the Atlantic buoys to register water depth changes, if not a tsunami? A tsunami wave is a large amount of displaced water on the move, as a plate has dropped or risen permanently so the water must move to equalize. But after a large quake, a significant plate movement, there is a type of bobbling in the plates affected, which does not indicate a permanent change in water depth but only a temporary bobbling reaction to being bumped. The S American and African plates are now a tad further apart, the Atlantic Rift wider, the Scotia platelet broken free from its attachment to the Antarctic Plate, and the Antarctic Plate now increasingly free to continue its roll and eventual tilt.

Pole Shift in Legend

A Norse legend was in the news recently, as the Norse horn of Heimdallr signals that the 100 day countdown to Ragnarok, the doom date, had begun. This legend includes a prediction of a severe winter, or winters, along with earthquakes and high tides. Then utopia follows. Indeed the Earth wobble has melted the Arctic ice in places, but the ice above Norway persists, as this Pole Shift ning blog shows. The wobble brings cold to Norway.   

ZetaTalk Statement 2/5/2011: Depending upon where the globe is being pushed, or how much Sun it is getting, or how violent the push is at this or that point, the land underneath will experience weather extremes.

In nearby Finland, which is low land certain to be flooded during the tidal sloshing of the Pole Shift and Last Weeks, legend speaks of a time when Finland was covered in blood, as was the whole world, presumably. As with the story of the Jewish Exodus, when the rivers turned red, the red dust in the tail of Planet X indeed turns the waters blood red. End times myths can be expected to reflect what the residents during prior Pole Shifts experienced, so flooding is a logical Finland view.  

Will the World End in 100 Days?
November 15, 2013
If Vikings were here today, the sounding of a distinctive horn in York would have created chaos. The ancient instrument, blown last night, signalled exactly 100 days until the end of the world, according to Norse mythology. Legend has it that the Norse God, Heimdallr, would blow the mythical Gjallerhorn to warn of the Viking apocalypse, also known as 'Ragnarok'. Ragnarok, which translates to ‘Doom of the Gods’, is due to be preceded by the winter of winters. Norse mythology experts have calculated that Vikings believed this will take place on February 22, 2014. There will be huge earthquakes, the sea will rear up and the soil and the sky will be stained with poison.  The Earth will sink into the sea, paving the way for a new utopian world with endless supplies.
Finnish Flood Myth
“The blood came forth like a flood, the gore ran like a river: there was no hummock and no high mountain that was not flooded. All from Väinämöinen's toe from the holy hero's knee.” Väinämöinen's legs are of mythological and cosmogonic significance throughout Finnish mythology. For example, it is originally on Väinämöinen's knee that the primordial water-fowl first lays the world egg.

ZetaTalk Description 1/11/2003: Like a whip that curls around what it is thrown against, the tail can warp all around the Earth during such a lick. There are no parts of the globe that do not report red dust, frankly. It is perhaps more extreme on those sides of the globe that will be facing the approach, but elsewhere is not exempt.

Moving south we find the Holy Land, where Joshua is said to have commanded the Sun to stand still until his battle was won. Indeed, per the Zetas, the Earth’s rotation will stop for 5.9 days, giving the Middle East a long day. The ancient Zoroaster religion, predating Christianity, includes a stopped rotation for some 10 days. Zoroaster also includes volcanic gloom in the atmosphere, hiding the Sun and Moon. All this caused by a great comet which causes great death among mankind, one-third of the populace, and has the appearance of a dragon.   

Bible or Not
So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the people had revenge upon their enemies. Is this not written in the Book of Jasher?
Zoroaster: End of Times
The end of the world will come about when a comet strikes the earth. The Sun, will stand at mid-day, for ten days and nights it will stand at the zenith of Heavens.
End of the World Myth: Zoroastrian Version
May 6, 2012
In the Zoroastrian version of the end times the Big Event will happen 3,000 years after Zoroaster/ Zarathustra introduced the world to the belief system that bears his name. For those who date Zoroaster’s birth to around 1,000 BCE that means the end could come any year now. The sun and moon are no longer seen in the sky and a long dark winter results. Next the demon Azi Zahhak/ Dahaka will break free. This creature has three heads and will devour one third of the world’s population.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: Planet X grips the Earth, causing rotation stoppage, well before being between the Earth and Sun. It does so because it is approaching from the south, it's North Pole to the Earth's South Pole, at an angle such that the side of the Earth facing the Sun is more affected by the approach. Thus, while at some distance from the point of passage, it has gripped Earth to the point of not letting the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift go. During this week, the size of the approaching Planet X horrifies those on the daylight side of the Earth. At first a reddish blob only a fraction of the size of the Moon, it grows in size and appears to twist and turn like a dragon in the sky.

In India the myths surrounding Shiva point to Nibiru, as the god Shiva represents that planet and its destructive power, and Kali, his bride, is the Earth’s Dark Twin. Does this relay the dance of the planets better than astrophysics? Analogies are often used in mythology.

Shiva Legends
Shiva is considered as the destroyer of the universe, in Hinduism. Shiva is a complex god, in terms of nature and represents contradictory qualities, being the destroyer and the restorer simultaneously.

Australia and New Guinea are both close to the former S Pole ice that caused the Great Flood in the past. Per the Zetas, the ice crashed into the ocean, causing a great displacement wave that rolled up from the South toward Persia where Noah’s ark was built.  Bitter red rain and rumpled land caused by plate adjustments also figure in folklore from New Guinea. The landscape would indeed be “crimped” during plate movements, during a time of volcanic activity.  

Australian Mythology
Aboriginal myths often tell of a big flood, with local variations. The Worrorra people in western Australia describe an enormous flood that destroyed the previous landscape. It was caused by ancestral figures called the wandjina, who then spread throughout the land, establishing a new society.
Alfoor (Celam, between Celebes and New Guinea)
As a great worldwide flood receded, the mountain Noesake emerged with its sides clothed with trees whose leaves were shaped like female genitalia. Only three people survived on the top of the mountain. The sea-eagle brought tidings of other mountains emerging from the waters, and the people went thither.
Red Rain
My mother, now in her late 70s, recalls her forefathers telling her the story of how there was "red" rain, once long ago. It “cooked” all the plants and people had nothing to eat. At the end of that red rainy season, they noticed grubs/worms coming out of the ground. They lived off these until they were able to grow crops again.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/15/1995: Poles over oceans melt more from the bottom up, leaving caverns of ice honeycombed within as the water can support ice of odd shapes. Thus a vast body of thin ice stretched out over the southern ocean, over the location of the old pole. When Planet X caused massive Earth movements this ice sheet fractured and fell into the water, causing a huge displacement and resulting massive wave. This wave was the flood, of legend worldwide.

Volcano Folklore
One of these legends tells of a man named Maui who, one day, went fishing with his brothers.  Maui used a jawbone as a hook and some flax soaked in blood as bait.  Maui pulled up a gigantic fish called Hahau-whenua; the fish was so big that there were fires burning and people walking on its back.  Maui's brothers started to cut and crimp the fish, but it began to struggle.  The fish thrashed back and forth, and its back was thrown into wrinkles and folds.  The land that was created from this fish is now known as Te Ika-a-Maui, or the fish of Maui, and it is covered in mountains and valleys.  Of these mountains, the volcanoes Taupo and Tongariro make up the belly of the fish (Anderson, 1969).

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/18/2010: As surprising as it may seem, this process does not kill all life before it, but is rather a rough ride where roads rumple, cars are tossed to their sides, and housing collapses. This is expected in any case during great quakes. Afterwards, the rumpled area will find itself looking down upon lands that were formerly on the same level, and survivors will realize what has happened.

The American Indian legend about the White Buffalo, which was activated in recent years when white buffalo calves began appearing in the US, states that the White Buffalo represented a time of transformative change, the end of an age in mankind’s history. Per the Zetas, it is the roiling core of the Earth signaling the buffalo, similar to the signals cave creatures receive telling them they do not need to develop melanin to protect themselves from the Sun. There is also the Hopi reference to the Ant People, who take them underground into caves to escape the worst ravages of the Pole Shift. The Hopi were being assisted to survive.

Native American Insects Legends: The End of the First World
So the people went down to live with the Ant People. When they were all safe and settled Taiowa commanded Sóyuknang to destroy the world. Sóyuknang destroyed it by fire because the Fire Clan had been its leaders. He rained fire upon it. He opened up the volcanoes. Fire came from above and below and all around until the Earth, the waters, the air, all was one element: fire. And then there was nothing left except the people safe inside the womb of the Earth. This was the end of Tokpela, the First World.
Legend of the White Buffalo
The White Buffalo are sacred to many Native Americans. The Lakota (Sioux) Nation has passed down the The Legend of the White Buffalo--a story now approximately 2,000 years old. White Buffalo Calf Woman told the people she would again return for the sacred bundle that she left with them. Before leaving, she told them that within her were the four ages, and that she would look back upon the People in each age, returning at the end of the fourth age, to restore harmony and spirituality to a troubled land.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/23/2010: Since tribal lore passes down through generations via word of mouth, rather than written text, if takes a different form. The story of past and future pole shifts to come is told as an analogy. Nevertheless, this information has guided the Hopi to understand that the time is now, and what to expect in a red sky, and that the "ant people" protected them in the past by taking them to underground chambers where they would be safe for the hour of the pole shift.

Land Cracks

What does it mean when huge cracks appear in the land, deep and long? The land is shifting, being pulled in different directions during the 7 of 10 plate movements. For instance in Mexico, where the bowing of the N American continent has caused a crack along the Gulf of Mexico, and in Yemen, where the Red Sea is pulling apart during the African Roll.

The Crack than Two Thousand Meters that Formed in Alto Lucero
November 20, 2013
The opening expands over 17 acres of land. The community road sank 30 inches.

ZetaTalk Predictions 4/30/2011: When the Mariana and Philippine plates tilt and fold this affects Mexico, which is directly to the east. This portion of the N American continent moves in concert with the S American roll, putting the N American continent under an excruciating bow stress prior to its anticipated New Madrid adjustment. This will be felt primarily in the US southwest and east through Texas, as well as Mexico.

An Increase in the Number of Landslides and Land Cracks in Bani Hushish
October 30, 2013
An increase in the number of landslides and land cracks in Bani Hushish district, east of Sana’a, has destroyed houses, farms and roads and created panic among residents.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/5/2003: Termed the Stretch Zone, those parts of the globe including the Red Sea because the Arabian Plate is moving clockwise as the African Plate drops toward the Indian Ocean.

There are recent land cracks on the Sunda Plate, which is completing its 7 of 10 sinking. In the Philppines, following the magnitude 7.2 earthquake in October, a huge crack appeared along with heaving land.  And in Vietnam, where the plates are bending, numerous land cracks have developed.

3-km Crack in Inabanga ‘New Fault Line’
October 23, 2013
The earthquake caused a three-kilometer long crack that traverses several farms. The earth rose about 10 feet, cutting off the road leading to Sagbayan town, which was also affected by the quake.
Cracked Mountain, more Insecure Households Live Scene
October 24, 2013
Vertical cracks to, across from the backyard extends to Khao Lon mountain, caused widespread subsidence. Causes of cracked mountain waiting official conclusion.
Land Subsidence, Cracked Earth Abnormalities Occur in Tan Nghia
October 14, 2013
Currently the crack width in some places up to 20 cm, depth of about 50 cm, ground positions were abnormal fluctuation. Preliminary statistics have 6 houses of people cracked wall, tumbledown, risk of collapse anytime.

Land Subsidence, Cracked Earth Abnormalities Occur in Tan Nghia
October 14, 2013
Most of the cracks are running from the hilltop towards hydropower reservoir. The population status is cracked earth, subsidence occurs.