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Issue 572, Sunday September 17, 2017
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Mexico Quake

On September 8, 2017 what the USGS declared to be a Magnitude 8.1 quake struck off coast from Mexico, on the border of the N American and Cocos Plates. Mexico declared it a 8.4 quake. The epicenter was also out in the ocean, not on land. Shallow quakes produce more destruction on the surface. The Mexico quake was deep, at 43 miles. But beyond this, the quake’s Magnitude was being denied.

A slight tsunami of only 2-3 feet was generated, but no tsunami warnings were issued. Yet buoys went on alert, but only along the coastlines of the N American Plate! The Pacific was entirely spared. This indicates that the jolt of the quake was felt as far away as Kamchatka. The entire western half of the n American Plate was jolted. As would be expected, the Cocoa and Naza Plates had buoys on alert.

The quake borders shifted by 32 feet. Earthquake lights were seen and recorded. And the global Seismographs, long desensitized, went black around the entire globe. Per the Zetas, this quake was due to the N American Plate being forced into a bow, pulling the Aleutians down to the tip of Mexico, and also due to the S American Roll which is pushing the Caribbean Plate to the West.

8.0 Earthquake Strikes Coast of Mexico
September 8, 2017
An 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Mexico Thursday evening, causing people in the capital city to flee from buildings. While the strong quake hit near the coast of Chiapas, Mexico, the National Weather Service tsunami alerts tweeted that a tsunami was not expected to hit the coastal areas.
At least 32 Die after Massive Quake off Southern Mexico
September 8, 2017
The quake was apparently stronger than a devastating 1985 tremor that flattened swathes of Mexico City and killed thousands, but this time damage to the city was limited. The epicenter of the quake was in the Pacific, 54 miles southwest of the town of Pijijiapan in the poor southern state of Chiapas, 43 miles deep. The quake triggered waves as high as 2.3 ft in Mexico.
Biggest Earthquake to Hit Mexico in Over a Century Killed 58 and Moved Fault by 32 Feet
September 8, 2017
Seismologists now say the magnitude 8.1 quake was so large it moved the fault up by 32 feet, as the Cocos and North American tectonic plates collided.

ZetaTalk Statement 9/30/2017: We have repeatedly described the N American Plate bow, wherein the Aleutian Islands are pulled toward the tip of Mexico.  There are two geological factors involved. One is that the N American Plate cannot roll, as it is a flat top where its border runs through the Arctic. S America and Africa can roll, because their plates have rounded edges, but N America is stuck in place, forced into a bow. The second factor is the S American Roll, wherein Mexico is shoved to the West as the Caribbean Plate is shoved to the West.

Magnitude is measured by the force of its jolt and the distance the jolt is felt. The 1811 New Madrid quake rang bells in Boston, some 1137 miles away. The Mexico quake was felt in Austin, TX and caused buildings to sway 650 miles away. But an examination of the buoys put into alert shows the jolt traveled up the West Coast to Alaska and then across the Aleutians to Kamchatka – 7,046 miles away. Hawaii and the Pacific, even the buoys far off the coast of British Colombia, were not affected. Just those buoys that lay over the rock of the N American Plate. Per the Zetas, this quake was thus a Magnitude 12.

Devastation in Mexico in Country's Biggest Earthquake for a Century
September 8, 2017
Earthquake was felt across Mexico and as far as Austin, Texas more than 1,300 miles from the epicenter. The quake hit offshore in the Pacific, the US Geological Survey said, putting the magnitude at 8.1. Mexico's seismologic service gave a magnitude of 8.4, which if confirmed would be the most powerful ever recorded in this quake-prone country.
The Severity of an Earthquake
Another measure of the relative strength of an earthquake is the size of the area over which the shaking is noticed. The three shocks in 1811 and 1812 near New Madrid, Mo., were each felt over the entire eastern United States.
Death Toll 61 in Mexico Quake as Hurricane hits Gulf Coast
September 8, 2017
The quake that hit minutes before midnight Thursday was strong enough to cause buildings to sway violently in the capital city more than 650 miles (1,000 kilometers) away.

ZetaTalk Statement 9/30/2017: The quake on September 8, on the border between the N American and Cocos Plates, was hardly a magnitude 8.4 as it was felt in Austin, TX. Magnitude includes jolt as well as distance, and buoys went into alert mode up the West Coast of the N American Plate, across the Aleutian Islands and down into Japan – all on the N American Plate. In truth, this was likely a magnitude 12 or larger. Of course the USGS lied about the magnitude. This quake was indirectly due to the S American Roll.

Another way to measure magnitude is via Shake Maps, which show the degree of shaking and distance from the epicenter. The massive 9.6 quake in Chile in 1960 was off shore but close to the coast, and the Shake Map indicates the coast affected for 1,000 km. The 1906 quake in San Francisco was land based, considered a 7.8, and ran up the coast for approximately 450 km. The 1964 9.2 quake in Alaska, was off shore in the sound, and had an impact for 1,000 km. The USGS shows the Mexico quake having only a 350 km spread, but yet buildings swayed in Mexico City which was 1,000 km away. Once again, the USGS lies. What’s next? Per the Zetas, the New Madrid adjustment will get serious.

ZetaTalk Statement 9/30/2017: The repercussions of this large adjustment on the border of the Cocos and N American Plate are many. The bow has tightened. More inland quake swarms will occur, and are already being recorded. The New Madrid Fault Line of course has been put under increased stress from the diagonal pull. We predicted that the 7 of 10 for the N American Plate would start with moderate quakes of magnitude 7 or so, which in today’s climate of USGS lies would be under declared to be under a magnitude 5. These early quakes would tend to proceed up the Mississippi and increase in magnitude until the big rip occurs.

Katrina vs Harvey

What happened between 2005, when Katrina slammed New Orleans, and 2017 when Harvey slammed Houston. Per the Zetas, in 2008 there were 12,000 contactees but by 2016 this number had grown to over 4,200,000,000, over half the world’s population. These contactees know what is coming, the pending passage of Nibiru with catastrophic impact during the Pole Shift. Many are braced for the need to move to higher ground, to leave the coastline, but are unable to muster the finances or convince family to move.

ZetaTalk Numbers 7/11/2015: If there were 12,000 contactees in 1998 and close to a billion in 2012 and if fully half the Earth’s population of 7 billion people were contactees by mid-2013, then what is the count today? Of course, the approximate count of a billion Star Children incarnated on the globe does not count, as they are our peers, not our contactees. If 3.5 humans were contactees by 2013, this count has risen to 4.2 billion, with the remaining  1.8 billion of low intelligence or in regions of the world not drastically affected by change so curiosity does not impel toward giving The Call.

ZetaTalk Numbers 2/4/2012: Why the massive uptick in contactee status? A combination of geological changes, erratic weather, and mass UFO sightings carried in the media as well as recorded for the Internet. The ground is trembling, rattling windows, and lately moaning and signing. Sinkholes and crevasses open up, weather extremes from drought to deluge with all the worry that crop shortages are bringing around the world coming into homes everywhere in the form of food shortages and high prices. Then there is the economy, technically a depression but termed a recession, so that every household is touched by the lack of jobs and homelessness in friends and neighbors. The Call is nothing more than a longing for answers, and is answered promptly!

Perhaps Hurricane Harvey is viewed as an opportunity. Lets compare Katrina to Harvey. Katrina was no surprise but the evacuation was late and not assisted. FEMA was put in charge by then President Bush, and any US Military or National Guard involvement was delayed. There was poor coordination between the then Governor and President Bush. Volunteers were discouraged in preference to Blackwater hired mercenaries guarding the wealthy shops. The City of Gretna pointed guns at evacuees trying to escape the flooding in New Orleans. And the Superdome shelter had gun fights, rapes, and overflowing toilets.

What Went Wrong: The Story of Katrina—and a Disastrously Slow Rescue
September 11, 2005
Stranded residents became resourceful. People tore off chair legs and used them as torches after dark. Some people screamed as they waded by giant rats in the garbage-strewn water, but others improvised, making boats out of empty refrigerators. Rumors flew. There were alligators swimming in the ghetto. The police themselves may have helped trigger the lawlessness, as reports that some of their own had engaged in looting swept through the city. Mayor Nagin ordered 1,500 policemen--virtually the entire city force--to stop trying to rescue people from attics and rooftops, and to turn instead to stopping the looting.
Hurricane Katrina: What Went Wrong
August 28, 2006
As Katrina built up steam, the warnings were clear. This is going to be one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the United States, said National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield Aug. 28 as the storm approached. Yet despite that dire of a warning, to a lot of people it seemed as if few in government had been listening. Thousands were stranded for days at the Superdome and at the New Orleans Convention Center, all in squalid conditions. Among the causes: A delay by state and city officials in ordering a mandatory evacuation for New Orleans until 19 hours before landfall. Another cause: A lack of buses. Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco waited until after the storm hit to ask FEMA for buses. FEMA had only one official inside the New Orleans Command Post when the storm hit. FEMA Director Michael Brown seemed tragically out of touch. Gov. Blanco admitted that she waited too long to request federal troops.
What Went Wrong: The Story of Katrina—and a Disastrously Slow Rescue
September 11, 2005
Those who were unable to leave New Orleans were told to go to the Superdome for safe haven from the storm. The reeking toilets overflowed. In the dark bathrooms, the walls and floor were smeared with feces. The occasional gunshot rang out. A man fell or jumped from the upper deck onto the concrete below and died. In a dank bathroom, someone attacked a National Guardsman with a lead pipe and tried to steal his automatic weapon. Crack vials were scattered around the floor. At least two rapes were reported, one of a child. At the adjoining and equally squalid New Orleans Arena, people began putting plastic bags on their feet to walk through the pools of urine.

What Went Wrong: The Story of Katrina—and a Disastrously Slow Rescue
September 11, 2005
Tim Tarchick of the Air Force Reserve Command, got on the phone to call every agency he could think of to ask permission to take his three rescue helicopters into the disaster zone as soon as the storm abated. The response was noncommittal. FEMA, the federal agency that is supposed to handle disasters, told Tarchick that it wasn't authorized to task military units. That had to come from the Defense Department. His crews plucked hundreds of people off rooftops, but when they delivered them to an assigned landing zone, there was "total chaos. No food, no water, no bathrooms, no nothing." There was "no structure, no organization, no command center."
Evacuees Were Turned Away at Gretna, La.
September 5, 2005
Three days after Hurricane Katrina struck, authorities blocked the road that connects the city of Gretna to New Orleans. Thousands of evacuees say they were prevented from escaping the flooding and chaos, and that shots were fired over their heads.

Unlike Katrina which had a known path, when Hurricane Harvey aimed for Houston it was a surprise. It landed first at Corpus Christi. Hurricane Harvey had early involvement of the US Military and National Guard, and good coordination between the Texas Governor and President Trump. But there was a spirit among the volunteers, who were encouraged, and even those in the shelters were calm and helpful, almost cheerful. No rapes or looting were reported.  Evacuation was encouraged early and assisted, and the routes were not blocked. In fact, people opened their homes to each other.

Gospel Singers lift Spirits at Shelter for Harvey Evacuees
August 31, 2017
In a now-viral video, Victoria White and Marquist Taylor gave a passionate, gospel performance at a Texas shelter for Harvey evacueees. Surrounded by cots and people, White burst out powerful notes of the song "Spirit Break Out," singing of hope and uplift. People nearby yelled "Amen" and clapped along.
More than 100 LA Volunteers head to Houston to Help with Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts
September 9, 2017
About 135 volunteers from Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization, were deploying at about 8 a.m. from Los Angeles International Airport to Houston for free, thanks to American Airlines.

In Texas Flooding, FEMA asks ‘All Citizens to Get Involved’ to Help
August 28, 2017
The Federal Emergency Management Agency is calling on Americans to help with the response to Hurricane Harvey through financial donations or by assisting with search and rescue efforts, as the rainfall continues over the next few days.

Hurricane Harvey is Dropping so much Rain in Houston that the National Weather Service had to Add more Colors to its Map
August 28, 2017
Estimates of total projected rainfall are as high as 50 inches in the Houston area.
Levee Breached near Houston in Hurricane Harvey Aftermath
August 29, 2017
River levels marched higher, swelled by days of relentless rain. A reservoir splashed over its banks, another threatened to overflow, and authorities in Brazoria County, south of Houston, announced a levee breach.

US Military Launches Massive Hurricane Harvey Operation; Dramatic Rescue Scenes Emerge
September 2, 2017
Dramatic scenes have emerged from Texas and Lousiana as the military launched a massive emergency rescue and relief effort to support communities and local authorities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The Air Force said Friday that it has deployed more than 2,000 airmen, to directly support relief operations, including to personnel from Air Force active duty, reserve and the National Guard. More than 85 percent of airmen involved are reportedly from the reserves or the National Guard.
18 Striking Photos of the US military Saving Lives after Hurricane Harvey
August 29, 2017
After Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of the Gulf Coast and brought up to 50 inches of rain to parts of Houston, the US military and state National Guard joined in rescue and recovery efforts.
Military Gears Up to Respond to Hurricane Irma Devastation
September 9, 2017
Military branches are laying the groundwork to respond to Hurricane Irma, deploying ships, personnel and equipment to Florida and United States territories in the Caribbean to respond to a storm that has already wreaked devastation on several islands. So far, the Pentagon has sent six ships, an aircraft carrier, numerous aircraft and thousands of gallons of fuel to the region, as well as activated thousands of National Guard troops in Florida and Puerto Rico.

How many of the people living in the Houston area had subconscious knowledge about what was coming during the Pole Shift? How many were looking for an excuse to leave the coastline, but did not have the finances, were locked into debt slavery? How many dealt with reluctant family, who did not want to move due to school and jobs and frankly, just being lazy. Perhaps some of these refugees will move to safer locations, to live with family or friends. Perhaps Hurricane Harvey will prove to be their excuse for leaving the deadly coastline.

ZetaTalk Subconscious 1/11/2003: Many contactees, most of whom do not even know they are contactees, sense they have a role to play soon. We have referred to the subconscious knowledge of this, where the role might be in conflict with the contactees existing life, as timed-release information. One day, the contactee notes a news cast, or hears comments made by friends, or sees the weather turn suddenly unseasonably warm, and the trigger has been switched to on.

ZetaTalk Subconscious 2/19/2011: He sees the weather changing, the earthquake patterns changing, the almost frantic attempts by the media to distract the populace and understands that his subconscious knowledge is correct. Yet to take the steps that put him in synch with his subconscious knowledge puts him at risk of ridicule. Some, the minority, distain public approval and take the steps they feel appropriate. They cancel their comfortable life along coastlines and in river bottoms, and head for the hills, putting their resources into ownership or residence on rural land and learning to garden and tend flocks and herds. Where they are often treated almost brutally by family and friends for their decisions, they will in the end find they had made the right moves. Most keep one foot in the world of today, which acts as though a pole shift is not about to happen, while trying to make plans for a safe location and lifestyle.