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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 19, 2011

It was said that magnetic trimesters play a role in advancement of PX, thus we can expect that each new trimester brings "more trouble". 7/10 started at the begining of this trimester. 9/10 and PS are expected to happen within one trimester. Can we expect 7/10 and 8/10 also to happen within one or more trimesters (e.g. final stage of 7/10 like EU tsunami to appear near the end of this or one of the following trimesters, following by 8/10 with the start of next trimester)?

As we have explained, the Earth has its own magnetic field, and is most influenced by the Sun's massive magnetic field, which extends outside of what man understands to be the solar system. But the Sun itself is within a larger magnetic field, which pulses three times during an Earth year. This pulse is like the wind from a passing truck affecting a man walking along the roadway. If the truck is driving slowly, the man may barely notice, but if passing quickly the man may find the wind almost blowing him over. The ground, likewise, may vibrate or not move at all, depending upon the speed and weight of the truck. The effect of the speeding truck is strongest at the moment of passage, and diminishes thereafter. The man may relax and stride more forcefully when the wind from passing trucks is not a factor.

Thus for the change of a trimester, the effect on planet Earth is that the wobble either reacts with more violence, a stronger and faster push, or relaxes and takes a different posture, and both of these translate into influences on plate movement. Clearly the change in the magnetic environment, the magnetic soup the Earth floats in, affects the Earth wobble at the end/start of a trimester. This is why crop circles so often focus on the three, a triangle. The great magnitude 9.5 quake in Sumatra on December 26, 2004 was at the end of a trimester, and the start of the 7 of 10 scenarios occurred at the end of the December, 2010 trimester. Yet the trimester ending in December is not the strongest, and is followed by a trimester even more quiescent. It is the change that was the factor starting the 7 of 10 scenarios, causing plate adjustments to occur, and once started, these adjustments are not stopping.

Where it is clear that the end of the December trimester has been a jolt, this is not the time of greatest change. The summer trimester is the strongest, where the truck is driving by the fastest. Thus, as Planet X comes closer to the Earth so that the end of a trimester is felt by both, and the reaction is experienced by both, it is the start of the summer trimester that will emerge as the strongest jolt. The pole shift itself is predicted by ourselves to occur at the end of a trimester, and indeed, the last weeks to be encompassed by the trimester preceding this. But just what trimester will initiate the 8 of 10 changes, or the 9 of 10 finale, we are not allowed to say. It should not be assumed that each stage will last only a trimester, or even necessarily be bounded by trimesters, as there are many factors affecting the progress of Planet X along its trajectory and the gyrations that Earth will assume in response.

I am French, living in Paris.. I am searching a safe loc in the "Monts d'Arée" in Brittany. As you can see on this map, these granitic mounts in the heart of Brittany are between 150 and 320 m high. Secular old prophecies say that Brittany will be a safe location for the turmoil to come (revolution, tsunamis and chaos) as long as you stay 50 km from the coasts. It is not very clear for me, where from will the different tsunamis come. From west mostly, but which side will be the safest? Northern or southern? Will Brittany become an island? All the countryside between Nantes, Rennes and Saint Malo is hardly 50 meters above sea level and should be flooded.
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Brittany will become an island after the pole shift. In that these mountains are close to the shore, it would be necessary to get above the 200 foot mark to ensure safety during the pole shift itself, but being only 50 km from the coastlines is definitely not enough. If one is only 50 miles from the coastline, which is achievable, one should be above sea level by close to 600 feet, as this area will be washed over during the hour of the pole shift, from both directions. Fortunately, the mountains of Brittany give you this height aplenty.

Six years ago I moved here to the Ozarks of Arkansas out of the Blue, no kinfolk or acquaintances here at all. I feel I was drawn here without really feeling I was drawn here and felt compelled to build things that would resist to some degree what mother nature could throw my way and did it pretty much indigent. I've been without running water and electric for the most part over ten years. I actually feel I'm trying to ready this place for visitors and my thinking is it will be family from the East Coast but now I'm starting to feel that is not the case. Two years ago I knew nothing of PX, Nibiru or you Nancy or the Zetas. I have studied extensively since I first got my teeth into it as I felt it answered many unanswered questions in my mind. My memory seems as if it is locked up and I can't recall specific information as it would make my work to warn the people easier I would think so I am forever working from a consensus basis. My question is - will memory be unlocked for some after the poleshift as I would like to be there to help the new world in teaching as I have volumes in my head on many subjects and can't seem to retrieve them.

We have mentioned that most contactees are only subsconsciously aware of their status, as due to the debunking that goes on, attacks against anyone claiming to be a contactee, this creates less of a conflict for their daily lives. They live double lives. Then there are the many who have soul knowledge of prior pole shifts, and recognize the signs. Even without being a contactee during this incarnation, their soul updates their subconscious. Where does that leave the human, the flesh and blood and brain matter doing through his daily life? He sees the weather changing, the earthquake patterns changing, the almost frantic attempts by the media to distract the populace and understands that his subconscious knowledge is correct. Yet to take the steps that put him in synch with his subconscious knowledge puts him at risk of ridicule.

Some, the minority, distain public approval and take the steps they feel appropriate. They cancel their comfortable life along coastlines and in river bottoms, and head for the hills, putting their resources into ownership or residence on rural land and learning to garden and tend flocks and herds. Where they are often treated almost brutally by family and friends for their decisions, they will in the end find they had made the right moves. Most keep one foot in the world of today, which acts as though a pole shift is not about to happen, while trying to make plans for a safe location and lifestyle. They pester Nancy via email and on the ning, wanting certainty, signs that will convince others, so they can bypass ridicule and get ready cooperation from others, lacking the courage to act without this. Where your approach leaves you feeling like you are stretched between two worlds, one you have subconscious knowledge of and one that society accepts, in the end you will realize you have made the right choices.

Although not quite like China (building cities) - Salt Lake City, UT area has been building condo's non-stop for a few years now. We definitely don't have the job base to support such rapid development nevertheless condo construction proceeds at a frenzied pace regardless of the fact that many condos sit empty after they are built. I have been thinking that the elite are thinking this area will be somewhat intact before (New Madrid rip) and after the PS so are preparing ahead for an influx of refugees from the disasters. I have also thought that the Salt Lake City area is being targeted as a future home to the elite (not a happy thought). Can the Zeta comment?

The Mormons are famous for advising their people to have a year's worth of food on hand at all times. They know what is coming. Where Mormons are in general common folk, their elite lean toward the right, aligning with the Bush administration(s) in the past. We have made no secret that the Salt Lake flats will survive the earthquakes intact, and not shatter or mountain build. Utah will also not be flooded and will have a climate at least as temperate as the present. Thus, given the devastation expected for other areas, such as the East and West Coasts of the US, requests from many areas could be expected. Are these condos for any and everyone? Hardly. There will be waiting lists, and construction schedule delays, all designed to ensure that only those the elite want as neighbors arrive.

I'm new but have studied before signing on. Toronto is a big city but I can't seem to find much beyond generalities of what to expect when the New Madrid adjusts. Will you please say whether the city will fall or be functional up to the pole shift. Is it safe to assume about a Mag 8 in all of S. Ont. up to Ottawa at the NM adjustment. Any specifics you can give will be hugely helpful in kick-starting a whole lot of people in S. Ont. as not a soul will listen so far.
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We have predicted that Toronto will not suffer during the New Madrid adjustments, as will those cities and regions to the south of the Seaway and Great Lakes. This is due to the Seaway itself acting as a buffer. The Seaway splits open, with its southern shores pulling to the southwest while its northern shores remain as an anchor. Of course, the whole region will jolt, and if the New Madrid region will sustain many quakes of a magnitude 8 and even a magnitude 9, the northern shore of the Seaway will sustain quakes easily into magnitude 7. What will this mean for those cities which have not been designed with earthquakes in mind? As with the cities in the New Madrid region which are poorly prepared, it will be a catastrophe.

The world is used to seeing images from Iran and Turkey and Haiti where earthquakes of a mere magnitude 5 or 6 devastate towns, killing hundreds, and leaving rubble in its place. This is excused as poor foresight for regions prone to earthquakes, but the same can be said of cities in Europe and the US and Canada where entire cities have been constructed with no thought whatsoever to the possibility of an earthquake strike. Anything more than a single story in height can be assumed to crash down and trap those beneath. Bridges will drop, roadways heave, dams and water reservoirs break, and gas and water mains snap and spew their contents. Fires break out, rescue vehicles cannot move about, and whether this is for a magnitude 5-7 or a magnitude 8-9, the effects are the same. Cities are not safe locations!

This question is from one for the many in this specific area. It's about Thailand. I read the description of Thailand's fate on zetatalk. I can accept this scenario for the coastal area and most of Thailand. The area I would like to focus on is the Northern Mountain range which is at an elevation of 2500 meters. Chiang Mai would be the city closest to the mountains I'm referring to. There's no mention of the far North of Thailand on zetatalk. We would really appreciate any further details of Northern Thailand. [and from another] With regards to the prospects up to the pole shift, what are the probable exit strategies for Vietnam residents. There is pretty good / cheap Internet here for many people, so the zetatalk message has some chance to propagate here. Many oft-used roads (or perhaps just the ones used for foreign tourists) are near the coast, mostly under the 7m mark. Most major coastal cites appear to be less than 5m above present sea level, as per google earth numbers, so even a few meters (or half dozen feet) rise could be problematic for many coastal areas. It would appear that the central highlands might offer some temporary refuge, and when the post PS waters continue to rise, then into to cambodia in the south, or laos in the north. Then into thailand for both. Note do mean exit strategy prior to of the Indonesia slip and tsunami, because roads here would quickly become impassable here if there were even a small tsunami with a temporary >5m sea level rise, or later permanent rise due to pole shift, particularly the low lying country roads which are not very wide. A handful of abandoned cars would make a road impassable in most cases, as they often can only take a motorbike and a car, comfortably (most people here ride motorbikes / mopeds).
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Where the 7 of 10 sinking will flood the tip of Vietnam south of Ho Chi Minh City, and a strip of land just to the north of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, and the area around Bangkok in Thailand, the loss of sea level elevation after the pole shift is much more severe. Phnom Penh will be reduced to a small island, the highlands of Vietnam and Laos to a narrow peninsula, and Thailand north of the peninsula reduced to half its land mass. Since most of the inhabitants in these countries live in structures that do well in earthquakes, made of flexible materials not stacked high, there will be many survivors seeking to move inland, to the north, after the pole shift. A key advantage for these survivors is their current lifestyle, where farming and fishing are prevalent. Moving to boats, to form floating cities relying heavily on what the sea provides, will be a natural trend among survivors.

The larger issue will be the sheer number of survivors. It will not just be one country devastated, but the entire region. All of Indonesia will be affected during the pole shift, as the Pacific Ocean will compress, pressing the waters down through Indonesia toward the Indian Ocean, scouring the land. This will be a pole shift tide under pressure. Those who scramble to their highlands will be joined by those in western Australia who manage to survive the sinking of the western 2/3 of that country, as well as those in India who manage to survive the sudden sinking of that entire country. Thus, the drowning join those who must pack up and migrate north, all while there is scant food to share and cold descending from the new S Pole - India. Our advice is to build boats, and migrate by boat, not foot. Fish and seaweed are a ready food source, and one can migrate along the coastline thus toward the new Equator until a new homeland can be established.

Is there anything besides snow causing the increase of Manhole explosions in New York since Jan 1, 2011? [and from another] Harsh winter triggers New York City manhole explosions [Feb 4] Record snowfall is turning the city's mean streets even meaner, with 65 manholes exploding or catching fire since New Years. So what's going on? In a word: winter. Consolidated Edison, which supplies power to the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester, pointed to a mix of salt, spread on the roads during storms, and melting snow or ice as the culprit. When salty water contacts a corroded cable or underground utility box, fire or explosion can result.
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Despite protestations that this is all caused by lots of melting snow and the need to salt the roads heavily, 65 exploding manholes is hardly the result expected. Electrical outages would be expected, if anything at all. Were these electrical systems installed by dumbies? The equipment is not on the floor! The establishment must say something to avoid addressing the Earth changes, and it is always considered safe to blame the weather. New York City has been built on rock, the high rise buildings footed on rock, but this does not mean that methane gas has not accumulated between the layers beneath these footings. In fact, it is the footings themselves that are part of the problem. During a violent wobble, sinkholes and crevasses appear in stretch zones because the ground is pulling in first one, then another, direction. This drops soft soil down any vent that has been established by this action, and thus the sinkhole. In like manner, these vents can allow gas to rise. Stick a rod into the ground and move it back and forth, and what do you get? Soil or rock on either side will be pushed away from the rod, thus forming a vent for gasses to rise.

I wonder: Europa will perhaps not be big enough for all the survivors? So many people for such a small country? Will this be a big problem (feeding the people etc). I just can imagine that this leads to great chaos and I do not like to think about that.

Europe will find its land size reduced by half as a result of the pole shift and rising seas afterwards. But the population will also find it has been reduced. Grim as this tale is, due to the cover-up, there will be scant warning for the tsunami to hit following the New Madrid adjustment. Those in power are so concerned about panic that they will refuse to publicize our warnings even when the other 7 of 10 scenarios have taken place. They fear a drop in the value of housing along the coastlines, or a refusal of the populace to go to work in factories and businesses along the coastlines, or demands that the government house and feed them in a safe place.

As devastating as the tsunami will be, the flooding that will take place during the pole shift and afterwards will be more devastating. The pole shift tides will wash inland into Finland and Lithuania, and in from the Arctic. The big loss of land during the two years following the pole shift, where the sea level will rise 675 feet. Those who survive these tides and rising seas, afloat, will be paddling around in rising waters for vast areas, unsure of what direction they should be headed under cloudy skies or misguided by the stars. Floating on flotsam, they will lack fresh water and die because of it.

Then there is the death rate from depression and lack of medical care. Today, Europe's population has the old and the ill, most of whom will not survive without modern medical care. City dwellers, used to soft living, will most often just give up and die, while lamenting loudly that they should be rescued. Diseases now conquered by antibiotics will return and decimate the surviving populate further, as will immune systems formerly bolstered by a good diet and positive outlook. Thus, your reduced land mass will not be the problem you envision!

I just found this short article in CNN online today, about scientists "searching" for a massive planet in the outer reaches of our solar system, four times the size of Earth. The article mentions that it may be associated with mass extinction on Earth, and would most likely have moons in its orbit. Is this an example of leaking disclosures? [and from another] Scientists, telescope hunt massive hidden object in space [Feb 15] Evidence is mounting that either a brown dwarf star or a gas giant planet is lurking at the outermost reaches of our solar system, far beyond Pluto. The theoretical object, dubbed Tyche, is estimated to be four times the size of Jupiter. Tyche was first hypothesized in 1984 as Nemesis, a dark companion star to the sun. It's been the subject of astronomical research and debate ever since. Its 27 million-year orbit could also explain a pattern of mass extinctions on Earth, scientists say. To distinguish it from the Nemesis star theory, Matese and Whitmire are calling their object Tyche, after the good sister of the goddess Nemesis in Greek mythology. Their research is published in Icarus, the International Journal of Solar System Studies.
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We predicted that as the proof of our predictions began unfolding with great drama, which is what is occurring with our 7 of 10 predictions, that the clamor of disinformation would rise in step. Tyche is an example. Once again, they are pointing off into space, rather than at the monster which arrived in 2003 and which is right next door, almost as close as the planet Venus. Standing in plain sight, causing Second Sun sightings or blazing Moon Swirl sightings, naked eye and on film, it is ignored by the establishment which prefers to point out into dark space and focus on yet another theory. NASA and JPL went looking for Nemisis in the early 1980's, and found not the Sun's dark binary but a traveling planet that is in a sling orbit with both its suns. Known as Nibiru by the ancients, and dubbed Planet X at that time by NASA and JPL, is has been ignored in the press while replacements are given the spotlight. All to confuse and distract the populace and arrange for their comfort during the cover-up. That the populace, whom they are lying to, will soon be in pain is not their concern, apparently.

For what i saw on the magnetosphere site, LISS. The wobble has gotten stronger and more violent. We see temperatures differences within a small country as the Netherlands. Weather getting more unpredictable. My feeling that this week the steps for the 8 of 10 have been set in motion. But my feeling is also that this stronger wobble is the key of a faster progress of the 7 of 10. Could the Zetas say something about this, are we seeing signs that the 8 of 10 has been set in motion (erratic wobble, more signs of the blending of the seasons, plate movements increasing)?

Early in the ZetaTalk saga we predicted increasingly erratic weather and high tides, while not giving any particular cause for these phenomena. These predictions were made in 1995-1999, yet the cause of a vertical jet stream and increasing drought and deluge and temperature extremes did not become evident until 2004, when the Earth wobble could be well documented. Likewise, we have been predicting that the seasons will blend into one another, without giving a cause. Within the past year or so the wobble has at times taken on different characteristics - a temporary lean to the left or into opposition. During the dance the Earth undergoes with Planet X and the other planets caught in the cup, such maneuvers are erratic, and can come and go seemingly unpredictably.

But a wobble pattern that includes more frequent leans into opposition will produce more sunlight for the northern hemisphere. And a wobble that includes the N Pole of Earth attempting to escape the N Pole of Planet X by leaning away from the approaching Planet X will produce more sunlight for the southern hemisphere. And a wobble that includes a temporary lean to the left will result in an even basking in sunlight for both hemispheres. Should this ensue, in addition to the current Figure 8 wobble that has been in place since early 2004, a blending of the seasons would surely follow. As Planet X comes ever closer, and the magnetic dance is less like the waltz and more like rock and roll, the weather will become more erratic, the tides more extreme, storms arising suddenly, and all of this unpredictable.

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In checking the buoys data, I found to my astonishment that all the buoys from the N Pacific down through Asia to Tasmania are showing more water, or a sea floor lowered. I had just gotten used to an undulating seafloor, where the magma would rush to the N Pacific during the wobble, raising the sea floor there, then slosh back down to Asia lifting the Indo-Australian Plate (and sinking would restart in Indonesia). What accounts for the sudden flush of water from Alaska to Tasmania! This is a new phenomena!
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If the sinking of the plate tongue holding Indonesia is silent, what type of tumult would accompany the folding of the Mariana and Philippine Plates? As the Mariana Islands are sticking out of the water on the east side of the Mariana Plate, the folding of the Mariana Trench and the tilting of the Mariana Plate would create an imbalance on the height of tides on either side of the islands. There is certainly as much quake activity around the edges of the Philippine Plate as around the plate tongue holding Indonesia, but the folding of the Philippine Plate, which is already sliding under the Philippine Islands, is silent. Its tilt is increased, the western edge diving deeper into the magma, while the eastern edge moves further west. Unless one were on the ocean bottom, one would never know! But is buoy activity a clue that this process has started? Folding plates would produce too little space for the water formerly held, which would tend to disburse as a heap in the ocean does, in all directions. The folding of the Mariana and Philippine Plates has begun!

Indonesia is sinking slowly now. Would the sudden bending of the tongue holding Indonesia occur one day to accelerate the sinking or it would keep on sinking slowly until it reaches the 80 feet as predicted by Zetas?

We explained that our prediction made on December 18, 2010, that the plate tongue holding Indonesia would complete its sinking in 2-3 weeks, proved to be incorrect because plate undulation set in. Once such undulation sets in, it tends to continue for some time, due to momentum. Thus at the end of a 6 week period of steady sinking, in stages, we are not yet in the final stages of sinking. Nancy has noted that when the buoys show the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate beneath Sumatra and Java lifting, that a spurt of sinking occurs, and this is logical as the tongue can then slide under the lifted curve. But this is not the only factor. The folding of the Philippine and Mariana plates has now begun, which will accelerate the sinking as pressure has increased on the plate tongue holding Indonesia.