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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 18, 2010

I have a question which might be of interest for many people. Let's assume that I am planning to face the PS on high ground, to then come down to the sea side after a few days to try to use ocean fishing to get food for me and my group. But, on the other side, I seem to recall that the Zetas have said that it may take some time for the oceans and the plates to settle. How can I know it is safe enough to go to the sea side, without having to face a new tsunami, or assault by the sea? How long should we wait? You see, if we go down there too early, we might all get drowned.

We have advised that those who have moved inland, temporarily, to avoid the tidal waves during the pole shift and to not return for several days. Clearly, caution should be used, and the coastline should be watched for at least a day to ascertain that sloshing has stopped. But what of the many aftershocks that beset the globe for years after a pole shift. These can be significant, and areas that suffer tsunami now must be as alert after the pole shift as before. As quake sensors might not be operational, how are those coastal dwellers to get a tsunami alert? Our advice would be to live away from the danger zone, and to use these coastlines only for fishing and crops. Thus, being awake and alert, tsunami warning signs will be noted.

The Zetas can say, of course if perhaps. My Q is, the S America/Africa Rolls will be considerable advancement to a 8/10, or it will be the New Madrid adjustment/the European tsunami, or both pair?

Will there be overlap between the completion of the 7 of 10 scenarios and the start of the 8 of 10 scenarios? The Earth changes are steadily increasing, Planet X steadily closing the gap between the Earth and itself, and thus many of the 8 of 10 descriptors will begin to present themselves before they become full blown. This does not mean the Earth will be at an 8 of 10. The 7 of 10 scenarios will complete before that statement can be made.

Zeta has talked many times that people on earth should learn to examine and research and start to think by themselves. Would there any lessons imbedded on the ZT information for people to learn, especially prediction of 7 of 10? If things are happening exactly the way as predicted, would people following the ZT become more relying on Zeta? Is it possible that there will be some minor inaccuracy implanted to stimulate thinking by people and guide people to connect to the big picture?

Will those following ZetaTalk become like zombies, looking to the Zetas for advice on every step they make. Those who are weak individual of course are already demanding that we, the Zetas, take them by the hand and walk them through every step they fear they must make, and regularly refused. Prediction accuracy does not automatically create this scenario. Our predictions are already considered accurate, and thus the uptick in handholding demands. But likewise, those who are strong individuals, capable of making their own decisions and doing so throughout their life, are weighing their options based on many factors.

There are a thousand variations on every piece of advice we give. Move away from the coast and into the hinterlands, into rural areas, and get into gardening and herd and flock keeping. This is safe advice, but those who are strong individuals will find a thousand ways to achieve the goal without following our every word. They are not clinging to our words, as they can think for themselves. Would the weatherman be creating dependent zombies if accurate in his predictions? Those watching the weatherman's maps would notice what factors cause rain to fall regardless of whether the predictions come true every time or not. A weatherman's prediction accuracy does not create brain death in those listening to the forecast.

A question about the Atlantic rift (European tsunami): I found that it might be crucial to know how far up the North Atlantic the rift will go. If, for instance, it will tear up to the longitude of, say, Portugal, it will take so and so many hours for it (tsunami travels about 720 km/h) to reach England and later Norway. If it tears up to Iceland (pity them) it will only be a few hours to reach t. ex. Norway. If it tears all the way up to as far as the rift goes, it will be a matter of an hour or so, before it reaches the northern coastal line of Norway. Norway has a long coastal line, and large cities with many people, will be heavily affected by this, as goes for the other countries in Europe. Have I missed something, because I cannot find the specific details regarding this. Question is, how far up (and maybe "down") will the Atlantic rift (after the New Madrid adjustment) reach?

Of course the northern Atlantic Rift is most vulnerable at the Azores, where three plates touch and movement in any one of them destabilizes the rift. Africa is tugging to roll to the East, and drop, and will do so before the European tsunami occurs. This makes the separation of the N American Plate from the Eurasian Plate at the Azores and upward quite vulnerable. We have stated that the Atlantic Gulf Stream will carry the tsunami primarily against the coast of the UK, so the major rip point would occur slightly south of the UK in the center of the Atlantic. The top of the rip will be west of Paris. The rip will primarily occur where the hot spots along the Atlantic Rift indicate weakness in the crust, and down to where the African Plate has already pulled away from an attachment to the American plates. Iceland will be spared during the 7 of 10 scenarios.

If a human issues The Call by way of prayer, etc. is it possible that subconscious communication, education would result in an otherwise unexplainable feeling of general wellbeing, euphoria or happiness? While I've known about the Zetas and Nancy for many years, I'm only just now educating myself in depth. Recently, after asking for Help, understanding and direction, I've begun to experience the feelings listed above for no other obvious reason. All I think about now long-term is educating others on preparation, basic medical care for others and animals, etc. and that this is a direction I need to work on. Greatly appreciate any illumination you can provide.

Those who are of good heart, giving The Call because they are deeply concerned about the negative impact of the coming pole shift on so many, are often greatly relieved to discover simple ways to alleviate this distress on others. Life goes on through and after a pole shift. Yes, the trappings of modern life will disappear - video games, TV and movies, flush toilets, electric lights and labor saving devices, fast food facilities, and soft living where food is distributed to those in cities and shared through social services. Medical treatments will fall to what it was 100 years ago, before antibiotics and other treatments such as dialysis. But music and dance, hot baths with home made soap, medicinal herbs, carpentry and textile manufacture, and electric lights rigged by those with skills in electronics will be available. Flush toilets will be replaced by composting toilets, the old out-house of yor and in used in many countries today. Realizing that the pole shift, like any exigency, can be addressed and in the main overcome is a great relief to those with such concerns. This allows them, likewise, to focus on the benefits of the Earth's Transformation period, the increasingly Service-to-Other nature of the communities that survive.

As I am in Ireland, Europe, I am thinking about moving to Greenland or Iceland. Could you please expand on the safety of Greenland considering the areas without ice are all on the coast and I cannot find any or many towns about 100 miles from the coast, although there are areas over the 200 meters or so you recommended about 100 miles from the coast? Are the coastlines here also dangerous? Will a tsunami hit Greenland or will it be splashing. Will moving inland for 100 miles be required here also and to be at around 200 meters? Also is it safer to be placed on the Icelandic coast facing North Smerica or the Atlantic during the shift? What would be the ideal areas in Iceland as the areas about 100 miles from the coastline are close to the volcanoes that have been active recently? Or am I incorrect about this? Where on the new map is Iceland, I cannot seem to locate it? How long before Greenland warms up after the poleshift?

We have stated that Greenland will take decades to fully melt. But will have a temperate climate. Certainly, it is not over populated at present, so eventually much migration via ships will occur to Greenland from Europe, which will have a shrinking land mass during the rising seas after the pole shift. Survivors will be looking for a less crowded environment, much like the Americas when they were being settled by immigrants from Europe. Iceland will spread apart, during the Atlantic rip, so those riding out the pole shift there should avoid the rift zone where sudden sinkholes or crevasse may appear. The pole shift tides will affect both these island nations as per our guidelines, rising up 500-600 feet along the coastlines and being 200 feet at spots 100 miles inland. For rugged coastlines, with many ravines, as always tidal bore should be taken into consideration.

If governments have deep underground bunkers how do they produce the air required to live and deal with carbon dioxide and how do they plan to get water? What energy source are they going to use?

Government bunkers assume a polluted air and water environment, and certainly presume a failure of the electric and phone line grids. They are air tight, recycle their water after cleaning it, and plan on depending upon an electrical system run by batteries. When the moment of crisis is past, and sensors state that the air is non-polluted or safe to breath, then technicians are to be sent outside to generate electricity from fuel stored nearby. This scheme has several failure points built in. First, as we have stated, underground bunkers will shift, if not collapse. Earthquakes are horizontal and vertical, and all it takes for a stairwell or elevator to malfunction is a slight skew. Doors will not open. Elevators will fail to rise or fall. And panic will ensue. Is the equipment these bunkers reply upon failsafe during a magnitude 9 earthquake? The broken link scenario has a thousand possibilities. Then there is the issue of oil and gas and coal surviving the pole shift, as a spark can set one of these caches ablaze and explosions will take care of the rest. Nevertheless, some in these bunkers will emerge with their agendas intact, so don't assume that those who wish to be kings in the Aftertime are all dead.

Is it possible for some earth humans - possibly due to enhanced telesensory or telepathic abilities inherited genetically or by upgraded training - to optically "see" or perceive in their brain? Can they see the relative size and X-Y-Z shape and the luminosity (e.g. the shade and intensity of benign/positive light energy or malevolent energy) of the spirit core of other earth humans with whom they meet and interact? If yes, is it further possible that such perceptive persons might be able to see or brain-perceive dark, malevolent, predatory and energy parasitic STS entities/blobs that have attached themselves to human hosts who may have knowingly or unwittingly given the Call to the STS? If yes to both the questions above - hopefully with expanded descriptive ZT answers for everyone's benefit as a spiritual learning opportunity - is the ability to see or brain perceive the size, shape and luminosity of a 4th or 3rd density entity's spiritual core an intrinsic characteristic of 4th density life?

The stuff of souls exists on a different plane than physical bodies. The stuff of souls does not have a vibrational frequency that forces it to be on a single density, i.e. 3rd or 4th density, but can reach across all densities. Just what the stuff of souls is, is something we, the Zetas, do not know. We have explained that humans cannot sense the stuff of souls with any of their senses. Communication between the soul and the physical body it incarnates is done by the soul, who alters the chemistry in the brain so that the brain has a thought and records a memory. What ghosts, as spirits, do to communicate is a similar process, as they, by agreement with the incarnating soul, alter the brain chemistry of the human who perceives a ghostly image. The soul of course no longer looks like that image that the brain is tricked into seeing. It is a perception, solely. However, where the physical brain cannot see a soul, it has a sense of the mass and wisdom that soul carries. This is relayed soul-to-soul, and thus relayed to the physical brain.

Will Hongkong be attacked by tsunami during the loss of elevation in progress? If yes, is there any first sign of sinking can be noted so that people can head to the hills in time.
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Tsunami and eventual sea level loss are not the same thing, although we have predicted a potential tsunami for the Philippines of 40 feet, and this is our estimate for their eventual elevation loss also. The Mentawai Islands and the leading edge of Sumatra and Java will not experience tsunami, though the water rushing inland may clash and boil. If you place a plate in a bathtub, and push it gently down, water will come from all directions onto the plate, but a tsunami wave is not generated. We have stated that a tsunami during the sinking of Indonesia will race north. There will be a clash of this water pouring in from the Bay of Bengal into the South China Sea, which will go in the direction of least resistance. Since the water is coming from the Bay of Bengal, pouring over the lowering plate, it will not push back against this flow. Water from the Pacific will have poured into the South China Sea as it is lowered.

Where is the clash point? Push that plate in the bathtub again, this time tilting one side. The bathwater pours in strongly into the down side, and when water from the other sides pours in, there is a clash and boil in the center, a rebound toward the upside of the plate which has less elevation loss. This is the South China Sea which will have water coming in primarily from the Pacific, which is not blocked by island chains as is the Bay of Bengal. This water will pull in between the Philippines and Borneo, through the Philippines, and clash with water coming from other directions. In such a case, there is a rebound, toward the north, thus a tsunami toward the China coast. Where we have estimated an eventual elevation loss for the south China coast of 20 feet, their tsunami, which could occur repeatedly during the time required for the sinking of Indonesia to complete, could be as high as 35 feet.

It is now December 17, 2010, but it seems that there is no any distinct sign of 7/10 happenning in Indonesia. A lot of people who have ever read the newest Chinese translation of zetatalk have become impatient, and some of them are even scolding zetatalk angrily. Only half month is left currently, I would like to ask the Zetas whether they still have enough confidence to insure the arrival of 7 /10 at the end of 2010? [and from another] How will the 7 of 10 sinking of Indonesia be handled by the media? Is the establishment planning some type of cover-up? I asked Mary a week or so ago about any hunches she had re this period, as she absolutely called the 12/26/2004 quake, 3 months ahead of time. She had the impact, and the region, and the approximate date. She implies a big boost to ZetaTalk in January. Will the world not be shocked by the end of 2010? Your prior ZT carefully separates these two incidences. The 7 of 10 arrives by the end of 2010. The 7 of 10 will shock the world. Not that the world will be shocked by the end of 2010. Here's Mary's reply to my question about what she foresees. [and from Mary] Rereading some zetatalk from your newsletter #41 9/16/07 ../newsletr/issue041.htm reminded me of telling you at the time (2004) 'starting with the solstice and continuing thru the end of the year & even into 05'. I did not specify a certain day and time. But remember the two 8+ quakes below Australia on Dec 23, 2004? So allowing for the altering of magnitude reporting we are having some more recently in New Zealand -precursor to 7 of 10? Also I keep envisioning South America's roll and how that is playing out. This solstice is a Full Moon with a complete lunar eclipse (visible from here starting about 1:30am & total at 2:30am) which may influence gravity/pressure. But I see more unfolding towards the end of January next year where your message is more widely accepted perhaps due to more awakening of folks to what is going on all around us (and within us).

The 7 of 10 will unfold but not as expected by many. It will not be a dramatic announcement on the news, as the establishment is ready for this, due to the extensive discussions. This is why Mary the psychic stated that after the first of the year Nancy would be held in greater regard and given credit. As we stated, there would be large quakes when Indonesia sinks but not the major quakes one would expect, not magnitude 8-9. Already there are many periods when quakes line the plate borders, and hammer there. During one such episode, the elevation will start to drop. We have never stated, in our predictions, how fast this would go, just said "suddenly". The start will be sudden, almost without warning, but the progress not swift as in the pole shift hour. It will be a steady sinking, in short bursts, over a 2-3 week period. S America will be right behind Indonesia in this regard, starting its roll. This will start slowly at first, the trend already noted, but the quakes starting to pick up as Indonesia sinks. Thus it will not be before the early part of 2011 before the full impact of the prediction accuracy is noted by the world. Meanwhile, the establishment will try to cover with lots of talk about storm surge, Global Warming, and high tides.

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During the South America roll we know that Central America will suffer. How about Mexico, specifically Mexico City? How about the Mexican caribbean?
[and from another] Back to the begining of this year -February 8- were "Halo" clouds around Mexico, and the border of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. From Zetatalk Newsletter: ../newsletr/issue177.htm one appeared over Mexico on February 10, 2010

When the Caribbean Plate is pushed west, and pushed down, this will of course greatly affect those Central American countries on that plate. This includes Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and as the plate border cuts through central Guatemala, it too is affected. But Mexico is unaffected by the shifting plates. Except for some interference with tides in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by the dissipating tsunami that will course north when waters rebound over the sinking Caribbean Plate, the N American Plate will be relatively unaffected.

CNN had this photo as news on its World News page for a few hours. Even though I personally speculate about the reasons, I would like to ask the Zetas specifically in regards to that. What are CNN reasons to publish such an "eye grabbing" headline; where the implications as to what an UFO is, in the minds of the public, are not a secret? Was this really an alien craft "disabling" or rendering nuclear material inert? Is this related to what the Press Club attendees implied has been going on, i.e. alien craft hovering over nuclear installations? [and from another] Object Shot out of Sky Above Israeli Nuclear plant, Military says [Dec 16] The Israeli Air Force shot down an unidentified flying object over the Dimona nuclear plant in the Negev Desert Thursday. The object appeared in a designated no-fly zone, the air force was scrambled and the object was shot down. The object could have been a party balloon but forces have not yet found the debris to determine what it was. There have been unconfirmed media reports that it was a motor-driven object. The air force reacted according to procedure when the object was spotted.
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What cannot be a coincidence is the choice of words, i.e. UFO, in association with a nuclear power plant and in association with the touchy country of Israel. The public associates the term UFO with alien craft, though it is technically correct to describe anything not yet identified as a UFO. What is the instant perception, the message, seeing the headline and the nuclear plant? That aliens are a danger, and want to attack mankind's infrastructure, is one message. The second message is that man is powerful enough to shoot down alien craft! We have spoken before of the war behind the scenes - those that want disclosure about the alien presence, and those that want to maintain the façade that aliens do not exist but if they did, mankind would be able to defeat them. The political leadership of Israel is ultra-right, so leans toward the latter. They want the public to perceive them as strong, so strong that they have the upper hand even against an alien invasion. Which is, of course, complete BS.

A story on tonight's network news broadcasts indicates that the Obama administration is planning to advise the public on what to do in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. The message is "shelter in place." Is this part of the government's preparation for "shelter in place" or similar edicts at the time of the pole shift? Or is there true concern about preparing for the possibility of a nuclear attack by terrorists? [and from another] How to Survive a Nuclear Attack [Dec 16] Touching on a subject most people prefer to avoid, the Obama administration is planning to educate the public about dealing with the effects of a nuclear bomb. The Department of Homeland Security has published a guide, "Nuclear Detonation Preparedness: Communicating in the Immediate Aftermath," which offers the following advice:
* Find the nearest building, preferably built of brick or concrete, and go inside to avoid any radioactive material outside.
* If better shelter, such as a multi-story building or basement can be reached within a few minutes, go there immediately.
* If you are in a car, find a building for shelter immediately. Cars do not provide adequate protection from radiation from a nuclear detonation.
* Go to the basement or the center of the middle floors of a multi-story building (for example the center of the 5th floor of a 10-story building or the 10th to 20th floors of a 30-story building).
"Shelter in place. That's the single biggest message," L.A. County health director Jonathan Fielding advised. "That's the best way to save lives and prevent radiation-related illnesses. It runs counter to your basic instinct to get away and reunite with family members. If their kids are in school or in day care, that's where they should stay," he added.

This announcement was released almost simultaneous with the Israeli UFO story, an ultra-right attempt to insert into the public's mind that Israel has the capacity to deter alien space craft as they are able to shoot these craft down. The Cold War has long been over, though the issue of what a terrorist could do with a dirty bomb is a present worry. Why would FEMA suddenly decide that the public needed to be reminded of what to do under a suspected nuclear attack? Today, the real danger is from earthquake, as the intensity and frequency of quakes is clearly on the rise. Where Shelter-in-Place in an underground facility is the right advice if under attack from a nuclear bomb, it is the wrong advice during an earthquake. Big buildings collapse, and the bigger the building the less hope of digging out survivors.

Shelter-in-Place was a concept invented during the Bush/Cheney administration, and as we pointed out was anything but an attempt to help the citizenry survive. This was to be used, during the Bush/Cheney years, as a means of forcing the populace to stay in place while they were poisoned by some means. The ultra-right have a population reduction schema, and have for years, though they are out of power in the main and certainly out of power in the US. If their Shelter-in-Place tests showed that the public would not cooperate with such a directive if fleeing the vicinity is the logical decision, then they would change the threat so that those the ultra-right wanted dead would stay in their homes and workplaces and schools. One cannot outrun radiation if out in the open air. So, reinvent the Cold War and issue a bomb threat at the appropriate time!