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Issue 630, Sunday October 28, 2018
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Asteroid Worry

Hidden in all the fretting about an asteroid pass or potential hit is fretting about how to deal with the inevitable - trash in the tail of Nibiru during the passage. At first, until 2009, the increasing inbound debris was called Space Junk that had finally descended low enough to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. When this excuse wore thin the establishment began calling the bolides Asteroids. The worry about what to do with this inbound trash was palpable during the Sci.Astro Usenet debates between the Zetas and Jonathan Tate of Space Guard in the UK.

ZetaTalk Position 7/15/1996: Does mankind now have the means to deflect such large, rapidly moving objects? Such a deflection would require a precisely placed explosive device of sufficient strength to vaporize the asteroid. Disintegration would be required because deflection is not possible in space. Nor will deflection of the trash in this giant comet's tail be possible - boulders as large as trucks thumping to Earth on occasion and the peppering of red dust and gravel. Deflection of these few boulders is not possible either, as they are shrouded in the swirling dust of the tail, and only visible just before impact. All the sudden upsurge in talk about the dangers asteroids present, and all the talk in the late 1990's to address this threat is not because something can actually be done.

By 2012 Asteroids or Near Earth Asteroids were increasingly in the news, educating the public. Then, in 2013, Chelyabinsk happened. A monster bolide came straight toward Chelyabinsk in Russia, and was shot down, vaporized, mid-air by the alert and stalwart Russians. To date, this has proven to be the only effective means of countering inbound debris. In a frantic effort to reassure the public and prevent panic, movies such as Armageddon were produced, showing that an inbound asteroid, an Extinction Level Event, could be deflected by a nuke.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/16/2013: Fireballs will increase in frequency as the time of the passage approaches. Attempting to deflect the massive amount of debris in the tail of Planet X is fruitless, as this debris is more entranced with the gravity draw from objects within the tail than with any gravity draw the Earth may present. It is in a constantly changing dance, assaulted by many particle flows likewise on the move, so that even if mankind were to understand the dynamics, mankind’s fastest computers could not compute the outcome. The trajectory of large asteroids or tail debris is known before impact, as Chelyabinsk proved. The Chelyabinsk technique proved to be a success. Copy that.

Will an Extinction Level Event happen? Even though the Zetas describe the trash in the tail of Nibiru to include anything smaller than our own Moon, an ELE will not be allowed to occur. Minor moons of Nibiru, those under the size of our own Moon, would surely be a devastation but per the Zetas the Council of Worlds will not allow that. Earth is a school house for emerging young souls, and as such is to be preserved.

ZetaTalk Reassurance 7/1/2006: More than just the trajectory of the asteroid, it is also a protection Earth is under where no life threatening or extinction level event will be allowed to happen because the Council of Worlds has plans for the Earth in the future as a home for those in the Service to Other and would not allow this to happen. So you may have fireballs. Fireballs are just a few little boulders thudding to Earth, that type of thing, or small rocks that might plunk into an ocean, be deflected to the ocean. But you will not have large asteroids striking the Earth, snuffing out life or destroying large land masses or causing extreme flooding along coastlines. This would be prevented.

But the bolide that was aiming for Chelyabinsk was not an object large enough to be considered an ELE. It was just a large piece of debris. So what about this stuff? Many options have been tossed about in the past, including netting this debris and tossing it in the opposite direction. Deflecting and nuking are still likely on the table. Meanwhile, NASA’s budget has increased, and this raised suspicion at ZeroHedge. Are we being given all the facts? Is there a danger out there being kept from the public? Oh yeah! It’s called the Nibiru cover-up. Now what the cover-up has feared has arrived – public awareness!

Is an Asteroid Coming? NASA's 'Planetary Defense Coordination Office' Budget Suddenly Spikes to $150 Million
October 17, 2018
In recent years NASA has assured the public that there are no imminent threats. Has that now changed? Something doesn’t smell right about all of this. According to NASA, there are more than 25,000 asteroids lurking out there that are 140 meters in size or greater. And overall, there are approximately a million near-Earth objects that could pose a potential threat. NASA established the ‘Planetary Defense Coordination Office’ back in early 2016. At that time, it was being reported that one of the primary tasks of this new agency was to find a way to “redirect” potentially dangerous asteroids. But once again, why all the fuss if NASA is confident that there are no major threats on the horizon? Or could it be possible that they are not being entirely truthful with us?

ZetaTalk Summary 10/31/2018: The establishment has been calling this traffic Asteroids or Near Earth Asteroids since 2009, but the uptick in the numbers is obvious. Are Asteroids suddenly propagating out there in space? Certainly funds could be spent on an early warning system, or more armories such as Chelyabinsk deployed to guard key facilities. But all such efforts will only increase the suspicion that there is a cover-up over a larger danger hidden from the public, and no amount of fast talking by the elite insisting that the cover-up stay in place will be able to shoot that suspicion down.

Russia Arkancide

What do politicians and leaders do when faced with a japing mouth spewing facts that they feel should remain hidden? For the Clintons, it is a quickly arranged death, known as being Arkancided since this practice has been prevalent since the Clinton days in Arkansas. The list of names runs into the hundreds. This has spread to the UK and Russia in an attempt to silence those who know about the Steele Dossier and the Uranium One arrangements. In February Sergei Millian, a Fusion GPS associate and Ivanov Vyacheslav, a Uranium One associate were killed in a plane crash. Now we have Saak Karapetyan, also linked to the Dossier.

Russian Source behind Fake Trump Dossier Killed in Russian Plane Crash, Rosatom CFO also Dead
February 11, 2018
This Russian Businessman Sergei Millian who is a Russian source behind Hillary Clinton and the DNC's paid for Russia/Trump dossier from Fusion GPS used by Obama to get a FISA warrant on Trump goes by another name, that name is Sergey Panchenko. Sergey Panchenko just happens to be one of the dead passengers in today's Russian plane crash that has killed 71 people. Also dead in this plane crash is Ivanov Vyacheslav the CFO of Rosatom who is involved in Hillary's Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/28/2018: The Clintons are notorious for Arkancide, where anyone who might have direct knowledge of their crimes is eliminated, from Vince Foster to James McDougal. The obvious vicious beating to death of Seth Rich, who leaked DNC email, marked a turning point. Now a plane in Russia, carrying two witnesses to Hillary’s crimes, has been blown out of the skies. As we have been saying, a cornered animal will get vicious.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/31/2018: The Russians did not poison Skripal and his daughter, as they had nothing to gain. Skripal is different, as he and his daughter were involved in the Russian Dossier paid for by the Hillary campaign. This will soon come under prosecution, and as usual, those in the know are being Arkancided, killed before they can testify.

Russian Who Offered Hillary Clinton 'Dirt', Murdered in Helicopter Crash
October 8, 2018
Investigators have confirmed that the pilot who was flying the helicopter that crashed in Russia, killing everyone on board, including a high-ranking prosecutor who offered "dirt" on Hillary Clinton to the Trump Campaign, was shot twice before crashing the rotorcraft. Deputy Prosecutor-General Saak Karapetyan was killed when his AS-350 helicopter crashed in Kostroma region northeast of Moscow last Wednesday. All four occupants died during the crash, which was originally blamed on the helicopter being "overloaded," but now two bullets have been found in the pilot's body following an autopsy.


What makes the case of Jamal Khashoggi different from the hundreds of other cases where journalists are killed by accident or suicided? Between 2012 and 2016 some 530 journalists have been killed, worldwide. Syria and Iraq top the list, but Saudi Arabia does not make the list. But freedom of the press is not the usual protocol in Arab states, especially in Saudi Arabia where until recently women could not even drive. Khashoggi was very connected and presumably was privy to many Saudi secrets. Despite being a Saudi citizen, he had migrated to the US and was working for the Washington Post, and there published his criticisms of the Saudi Kingdom.

Where the Most Journalists are Killed
December 4, 2017
New figures from UNESCO show, from 2012 to 2016, there were a total of 530 killed globally. The country seeing the most deaths was Syria.
Jamal Khashoggi
Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi is a Saudi Arabian journalist, author, and the former general manager and editor-in-chief of Al-Arab News Channel. He also served as editor for the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al Watan, turning it into a platform for Saudi Arabian progressives. Khashoggi fled Saudi Arabia in September 2017. He said that the Saudi Arabian government had banned him from Twitter and later wrote newspaper articles critical of the government. Khashoggi has been sharply critical of Saudi Arabia's crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, and the country's king, Salman of Saudi Arabia. He also opposed the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.
Jamal Khashoggi’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
October 2, 2018
Khashoggi was raised in Saudi Arabia with his family. He received his elementary and secondary education in Saudi Arabia. There are several high profile individuals in the Khashoggi family, most notably Khashoggi’s uncle, Adnan Khashoggi, who is a high-profile Saudi arms dealer worth billions. Khashoggi’s grandfather was a Turkish man who married a Saudi woman and eventually became the court physician to King Abdulaziz, who is described by Fortune as the “founder of modern Saudi Arabia.” Khashoggi’s cousin, Dodi Al Fayed, is famous for having dated Princess Diana at the time of her death, and even having died in the same car accident that tragically killed her in Paris.

Khashoggi had been lured to Turkey to get Saudi documents, proof of his prior divorce, which he needed in order to wed his 36 year old fiancé, a Turkish citizen. Were there no Saudi embassies in the US? Khashoggi went to Turkey, entered the Saudi embassy there, and promptly disappeared. Despite initial denials, the Kingdom participated in a joint investigation that resulted in a story about an interrogation gone wrong, a choke hold, and rogue Saudi intelligence agents. The Zetas tend to agree, blaming a Saudi Deep State, but also fingering Turkey!

Suspects in Khashoggi Case Had Ties to Saudi Crown Prince
October 16, 2018
One of the suspects identified by Turkey in the disappearance of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi was a frequent companion of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Three others are linked to the Saudi crown prince’s security detail. A fifth is a forensic doctor who holds senior positions in the Saudi Interior Ministry and medical establishment, a figure of such stature that he could be directed only by a high-ranking Saudi authority. The royal court was expected to acknowledge that Mr. Khashoggi was killed in the consulate, and to blame an intelligence agent for botching an operation to interrogate Mr. Khashoggi that ended up killing him.

ZetaTalk Insight 10/31/2018: That journalists are assassinated is not a surprise, especially those who do not speak well about those in power. The reason is obvious. They are informing the public about truths those in power want buried. What might Khashoggi know that was not already known? Khashoggi was a Saudi citizen, from a well-connected and wealthy Saudi family. The wealth came from brokering arms, and thus as insiders the Khashoggi family was privy to many secrets. As is known, 911 was arranged in part with cooperation from the Saudis, the country of origin for most of the hijackers.

Turkey is not exempt in this assassination of Khashoggi. His fiancée, a younger woman whom he met just months ago, was from Turkey. He was lured from the US to Istanbul to get paperwork required for their marriage. Who stands to gain? Erdogan has had many setbacks, his plan to invade Europe with Merkel’s assistance stymied of late. The immigration of ISIS sleeper cells no longer welcome in Europe. Erdogan’s desire to be a member state of the European Union has been stalled. Turkey’s economy is in shambles, going bankrupt and needing cash.

What does Turkey stand to gain by dashing the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia? The coup that installed the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as de facto King was applauded by the west. The Saudi treasury was being looted by various princes, and the Prince started many reforms. Meanwhile Erdogan spirals downward. Turkey arranged and facilitated this brutal murder of Khashoggi, and arranged to record it. Rogue Saudi elements were indeed involved, but just as the US and Russia have their Deep State elements, so do the Saudi.

Erdogan Seizes on Saudi Murder as Chance to Upend Middle East
October 23, 2018
Turkey and Saudi Arabia have traditionally served as the West’s chosen power brokers in the Middle East, but Erdogan’s recent authoritarian turn have strained relations. Turkey has been labeled the world’s “worst jailer” of journalists the past two years by the Committee to Protect Journalists. The organization says 73 journalists were behind bars in Turkey as of December 2017.

Crimea Massacre

Once again a mass shooting has occurred, this time in the Crimea. A quiet engineering student suddenly armed and loaded, with entry into the University he attended guaranteed. But why were there reports of a gang of masked men taking part? This gang disappeared but many witnesses declared they had seen them. Who stands to gain from chaos in the Crimea? The Zetas explain.

"The Dead Died from Gunshot Wounds": the Number of Victims of Emergency in Kerch Rose to 19
October 17, 2018
At first, there was an explosion in the dining room, and immediately after it, people with automatic weapons began to run out of the toilets. They had masks on their faces. It was impossible to understand what their nationality was. In addition, these people threw explosive packages.
‘Bodies Lying Everywhere’: Shooting at Crimea College has Echoes of Columbine Massacre
October 17, 2018
In the initial confusion, reports suggested there had been a gas explosion inside the building. People were hearing gunfire. Some would later describe seeing men with their faces covered burst into the building, armed with assault rifles and firecrackers, opening fire indiscriminately, terrorizing students and teachers. Only one man responsible for the shooting was found. It turned out that little more than one month ago, on September 8, Roslyakov had received a permit for a 12 caliber rifle. He bought 150 rounds of ammunition for the weapon just a few days before he would walk onto his college campus and murder 19 people. Then came the reports about this man and the kind of person he was. Quiet, closed-off, uncommunicative and interested in maniacs and serial killers, his classmates said.

ZetaTalk Insight 10/31/2018: This bears the hand of the Soros group, which incited the unrest in the Ukraine in 2013 and has been responsible for almost all of the riots and anti-establishment activity in the US. It is no secret that the Soros group sought to invade the oil and gas fields of Russia, and thus has been trying to spark a war between NATO and Russia. Immensely wealthy, the Soros group has followed the founder’s goals since his death in 2016, which we have stated is a God obsession. George Soros considered himself akin to God. If he was not in charge, then he created chaos, as in chaos there is opportunity.

Efforts during the Ukraine coup included shooting down MH 017 via a fighter jet sent from Kiev by those allied with Soros. Putin proceeded to annex the Crimea and adopt Russian speaking citizens from eastern Ukraine. Having failed to snatch the Ukraine from any Russian influence, or to start a war there that would result in the invasion of the Russian oil and gas fields, the Soros group has resorted to creating chaos. The Kerch shooting was to be blamed on a student, who had been groomed for this role, but was assisted by gunmen.

The Crimea shooter, Vladislav Roslyakov, was typical of so many mass shooters – quiet, unassuming, and not at all a troublemaker. But he had a lot of rage, which is typical of mass shooters, and was groomed for his role. In 2007 the Virginia Tech shooter was jealous of the engineering students who got the girls. Per the Zetas, he was highly Service-to-Self and making an application for a future position on Service-to-Self worlds. In 2013 the Navy Yard shooter was given clearances repeatedly when all the signs were there. Per the Zetas, remote viewers were used to groom him into a fury. In 2018 the Parkland shooter Cruz was a “weapon in the Deep State arsenal” due to his deep seated rage, and was supplied automatic weapons.

Playing Online Games & 'Torturing Cats': Who was the Crimea College Shooter?
October 20, 2018
Vladislav showed signs of cruelty and was caught torturing cats in the basement of his apartment block as a child. He had no criminal or psychiatric record, was not on the verge of expulsion or homelessness, and no one thought it necessary to warn the police about the teen. Less obvious is how the student from a poor family, reportedly with a hard-drinking disabled father, was able to save up over $600 that it cost to buy the gun and bullets.