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Issue 663, Sunday June 16, 2019
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Bucket Lists

What does the immature soul do with the knowledge, gained during contact, that the world as he or she knows it will soon end? Told the truth by aliens consulting with them during contact, they will learn that the comforts of their modern life will soon end, to be replaced by hard work growing or collecting food, and no more video games or shopping trips, and certainly no more travel. Is there a relationship to the rising number of contactees and the current traffic jam at Mt Everest?

What's Causing Mount Everest's Deadly Season? Overcrowding, Inexperience and a Long Line to the Top
May 29, 2019
Eleven people have died scaling the peaks of Mount Everest this year in a particularly crowded season atop the world's highest mountain. Government officials in Nepal blamed bad weather limiting the number of days people can attempt to summit the mountain. Veteran mountaineers said overcrowding and inexperience can kill climbers. Most of the 11 fatalities on Mount Everest's peaks this year were because of complications related to altitude sickness. It's the highest number of climbers killed since 2015 when more than a dozen climbers and Sherpas died, most in an avalanche at base camp. In 2014, 16 Sherpas died in an avalanche.
4 Ways to be a Good Traveler in the Age of Overtourism
May 29, 2019
In Paris, the Louvre Museum closed for a day this week because workers said the crowds were too big to handle. In cities and destinations around the world, from Barcelona to Bali, “overtourism” has become a year-round problem.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/11/2015: If there were 12,000 contactees in 1998 and close to a billion in 2012 and if fully half the Earth’s population of 7 billion people were contactees by mid-2013, then what is the count today? Of course, the approximate count of a billion Star Children incarnated on the globe does not count, as they are our peers, not our contactees. If 3.5 humans were contactees by 2013, this count has risen to 4.2 billion, with the remaining 1.8 billion of low intelligence or in regions of the world not drastically affected by change so curiosity does not impel toward giving The Call.

What is motivating the push for space tours, other than a money making endeavor by NASA and its cronies? Is there a great press by multi-millionaires and billionaires to get the view from space, before the view is altered? As usual, the Zetas explain.

NASA to let Tourists into International Space Station
June 7, 2019
NASA will allow tourists to live inside the International Space Station. The space agency plans to open the floating lab up to private astronauts as well as commercial companies, it said. That could include film crews, for instance, who could be allowed to make ads or whole films in space. The first space tourists could head up to the ISS in 2020, NASA said.
Spaced Out: NASA to let Tourists Visit the International Space Station from 2020 – but Each Trip will cost you 50 Million
June 7, 2019
Until now, the floating space lab has only been accessible to astronauts representing state-level space agencies. In a surprise announcement today, Nasa confirmed that it would be "opening the International Space Station for commercial business". It means that private companies will be able to take "private astronauts" to the ISS for up to 30 days.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2019: Is tourism to exotic places on the increase? It is not just the lines waiting to climb to the top of Mt Everest, or the newly announced rooms with a view on the ISS for only $35,000 a night. Tourism, worldwide, is on a phenomenal increase, at an exponential curve upward, doubling since the Year 2000. Is there a relationship to unconscious knowledge of the coming global changes, where the world as it is today might be gone? When the number of contactees rose from 12,000 in 2008 to over 4 billion in 2015, this relates.

Contactees are told the blunt truth, and because their own eyes can confirm what they are being told, they ponder what changes they should make in their lives. Here the basic spiritual orientation of the contactee comes into play. If they are highly Service-to-Other and in a position to take action to help others, they will be immensely motivated. If they are Service-to-Self their desire to grasp for wealth and power will be similarly spurred. The majority of humans are either immature or not yet sparked, and are likely to be pushed to party hard while they still can.

Then there are those with older more mature souls who strive to do something meaningful and lasting. They have a different Bucket List. They have a personal mission! A single couple worked to replant 2 million trees in a depleted rainforest, countering the self-focused profit motive of others with hard work and dedication. The Cajun Navy sprang up from private citizens coming to the rescue of those stranded and drowning during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when the Bush Administration utterly neglected those in need. They too are not in it for the money.

Couple Create new Rainforest by Planting 2,000,000 Trees over 20 Years
May 4, 2019
Salgado returned to his native Brazil to take over his family’s ranch in the Minas Gerais region nearly 30 years ago. Ribeiro Salgado and his wife Lélia decided to replant the forest seeing how the area around his family’s cattle ranch had diminished. Now 20 years later, the 1,754-acre plot of land is the lush and verdant forest Salgado remembered as a child. Reflecting on the success of the project, Salgado said: ‘All the insects and birds and fish returned, and, thanks to this increase of the trees, I too, was reborn – this was the most important moment.’
Cajun Navy
The Cajun Navy are informal ad-hoc volunteer groups comprising private boat owners who assist in search and rescue efforts in Louisiana and adjacent areas. These groups were formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and reactivated in the aftermaths of the 2016 Louisiana floods, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, the 2018 Hidalgo County flood, Hurricane Florence, Tropical Storm Gordon, and Hurricane Michael. They are credited with rescuing thousands of citizens during those disasters.

Social Media Wars

The war being waged against Social Media giants by the Trump Administration has picked up the pace with giants Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple threatened with antitrust action. They were socked where it hurts the most, in the pocket book. Stock prices dropped a total of $149.4 billion. President Trump opened up a front in this war in May when he established a means for the public to forward their complaints to him, something the Zetas called a Checkmate move.

Federal Trade Commission Secures rights to lead Antitrust Investigation into Facebook, giving DOJ Chief Control over Probes into Google and Apple, causing $149.4 Billion to be Wiped off the Value of Tech Firms
June 3, 2019
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will lead an antitrust investigation into how Facebook Inc’s practices affect its digital competition as part of an arrangement that would give the Justice Department control over possible Google and Apple probes. The FTC is already investigating Facebook for possible privacy violations. President Donald Trump, without providing evidence, has repeatedly accused social media companies and Google of suppressing conservative voices online. U.S. antitrust regulators have divided oversight of Inc and Google, putting Amazon under the watch of the FTC.
Amazon will Reportedly Fall under Antitrust Oversight from the FTC
June 2, 2019
Amazon will reportedly fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission following an agreement between the FTC and the Department of Justice. The FTC launched its own investigations against Google in 2011 (resulting in a civil penalty) and in 2013 (which was closed). European regulators and prominent Democratic presidential candidates have made the case to break up companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, citing their vast influence in the marketplace and their business practices. In February, the FTC launched a new task force designed to investigate anti-competitive behavior amongst the tech giants within the US technology sector, while it’s also and has reportedly been looking to level a multi-billion dollar fine against Facebook for its privacy practices.
DOJ Gears Up for Antitrust Probe into Google
June 3, 2019
The DOJ inquiry would be run by Makan Delrahim, the head of the antitrust division, with one area of potential scrutiny being Google's control over the digital advertising market, for which it accounts for approximately 37% of the US digital ad market.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/31/2019: Who is behind the social media censorship? We have addressed the structure of the elites trying to control mankind as the New World Order, the Illuminati with all their secret societies, the Cabal composed of the Bush/Clinton political families using pedophilia blackmail and practicing Satanism, and the Deep State, which is their enforcement mechanism. President Trump threatens them all because he is not one of them, and certainly is not under their control.

What does the Google Cloud “network congestion” that occurred on June 2 for several hours have to do with this Social Media war? Per the Zetas, it had everything to do with the war. Antitrust investigations can be followed by antitrust edicts which would likely be followed by Free Speech protests in court. Years could go by, and meanwhile, the censorship would go on. But beyond the stock value drop, what other financial punches might be thrown? How about the loss of advertising dollars, due to “network congestion” outages?

Google Cloud Outage Hits YouTube, Gmail and More
June 2, 2019
A widespread Google Cloud outage hit Sunday, rendering popular sites and apps like YouTube and Gmail unusable for many users for a few hours. Google's Cloud Computing Engine and Cloud Networking services began experiencing issues as of 4 p.m. ET. The outages appeared to have been primarily clustered along the East Coast of the United States as well as in parts of South America and Europe. Google acknowledged the outage and blamed the issue on network congestion.
Did the Government Just Test the Internet Kill Switch?
June 3, 2019
At 3pmET, it appears that Google Cloud (affecting Gmail, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, and Facebook among others) mysteriously (and almost unprecedently) went offline.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2019: Was it just an accident that a Google Cloud outage struck New York City and places elsewhere around the world on virtually the same day that antitrust action against Amazon and Google were announced? EMP can cause server outages but is usually accompanied by blackouts and transformer explosions, none of which occurred during the Google Cloud outage. This outage was notable for attacking certain websites, among them the Social Media giants that Trump had targeted for censorship abuse.

This is open warfare, using unconventional means. Antitrust action results in court hearings, and all this drags on for years with an uncertain outcome. Meanwhile, Social Media censorship is in place during the 2020 campaign. For network savvy individuals, such as the Q team possesses, creating “network congestion” is, as they say, a no-brainer. It is notable that the outage targeted primarily Trump’s Social Media adversaries and their big money making advertisers. The outage hit them in the pocketbook. And the message? “Get fair and balanced or else”.

But are the big four worried? Apparently not. They appear to be trying to outrace any antitrust, putting on bulk and services. Too big to fail? But unless censorship of the Trump agenda is lifted, more fireworks can be expected.

Big Tech Unfazed by Antitrust Threat
June 7, 2019
Despite reports that regulators are interested in probing Big Tech's behavior, Google, Facebook and Apple charged ahead this week with acquisitions, software integrations and other grand new programs. Google's Cloud division announced plans to acquire data analytics firm Looker for $2.6 billion. Apple this week unveiled "Sign In with Apple" and is requiring iOS app developers that offer Google, Facebook or any third-party authentication to also offer its own single sign-in option. Jeff Bezos said at a Las Vegas conference that Amazon plans to make even bigger bets on new business ventures, including its satellite internet project and plans for package-delivery drones. Facebook is pushing ahead with its cryptocurrency plans, courting outside backers to help build trust in its digital payments platform.
Amazon to Deliver by Drone 'within Months'
June 6, 2019
Amazon has said it will use drones to deliver packages to customers “within months”. It unveiled its latest iteration at a conference in Las Vegas, touting the machine's ability to spot obstacles such as people, dogs, and clotheslines.

Chimera Dangers

Will genetically modified chickens cure bird flu in chickens or potentially open the door to a disaster? The process inserts human and pig genes into chickens, including those human genes involved in immunity. In that viruses regularly mutate, might the bird flu virus mutate into something that is resistant to the human immune system?

Scientists Edit Chicken Genes to make them Resistant to Bird Flu
June 3, 2019
Scientists edit chicken genes to make them resistant to bird flu. Scientists in Britain have used gene-editing techniques to stop bird flu spreading in chicken cells grown in a lab - a key step towards making genetically-altered chickens that could halt a human flu pandemic.
Scientists Make Gene-Edited Chickens to Fight Hunger
January 21, 2019
British scientists are developing gene-edited chicken designed to be totally resistant to flu. The birds’ DNA has been altered using a new gene editing technology known as CRISPR.
Gene Modified Chickens 'Lay Medicines'
January 28, 2019
So far the chickens have been genetically modified to produce two types of protein. One is Macrophage-CSF. It is being is being developed as a therapy that stimulates damaged tissues to repair themselves. It is being produced in human and pig versions. The other is called Interferon Alfa-2A. This is a human protein that is native in our bodies - it's expressed as part of our immune system. The chickens themselves are unaffected by the presence of human proteins in their systems.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2019: Bird Flu runs like a storm through domestic chicken flocks, causing the entire flock to be destroyed. This is an economic loss to the farmers, and often to the nation when the outbreak occurs in a Third World country. Such drastic steps, elimination of the flock, is the only recourse available to stop the spread of Bird Flu. Where these researchers have good intentions, trying to stop Bird Flu in chickens by inserting human or pig genes may create a chimera they had not intended.

Genetic alterations can go both ways. The Bird Flu virus can mutate to become more effective against humans or pigs, which are known to be genetically compatible to humans. When the virus causing Bird Flu jumps to humans, humans can get Bird Flu, and pandemics in the past have occurred due to this jump. Humans can also get Swine Flu. These scientists are thus flirting with a perfect storm, where a Bird Flu outbreak will result in more than the loss of a flock, it will result in a pandemic.

Animal human hybrids are called Chimeras, and have fascinated mankind over the eons, but does danger lie ahead? Human mythology abounds in Chimera examples, such as Pan.

Human Animal_Hybrid
The lack of a strong divide between humanity and animal nature in multiple traditional and ancient cultures has provided the underlying historical context for the popularity of tales where humans and animals have mingling relationships, such as in which one turns into the other or in which some mixed being goes through a journey.

Recently the issue of human genes inserted into monkeys to make them smarter was debated. Here too, a Chimera could result in dangers, such as the Planet of the Apes series presented. HIV experiments with human genetics in mice have been ongoing too, as has research in growing human organs in pigs or sheep.

Human Immune System Mice for the Study of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Type 1 Infection of the Central Nervous System
April 4, 2018
Immunodeficient mice transplanted with human cell populations or tissues, also known as human immune system (HIS) mice, have emerged as an important and versatile tool for the in vivo study of human immunodeficiency virus-type 1 (HIV-1) pathogenesis, treatment, and persistence in various biological compartments.
Sheep-Human Hybrids Made in Lab—Get the Facts
February 18, 2018
The breakthrough moves researchers a small step closer to growing human organs for medical transplant. The embryos, which were not allowed to develop past 28 days of age, move researchers a small step closer to perhaps growing human organs for medical transplant.
First Human-Pig Chimeras Created, Sparking Hopes for Transplantable Organs — and Debate
January 26, 2017
Pig embryos that had been injected with human stem cells when they were only a few days old began to grow organs containing human cells, an advance that promises — or threatens — to bring closer the routine production of creatures that are part human and part something else. These human-pig “chimeras” were not allowed to develop past the fetal stage, but the experiment suggests such creations could eventually be used to grow fully human organs for transplant, easing the fatal shortage of organs. Any human organs growing in chimeras that scientists want to transplant or just study will need to be very human.