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Issue 683, Sunday November 3, 2019
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Elijah Cummings Dead

Not surprising for a 68 year old man with heart problems, but is there more to this picture? President Trump and Cummings sparred over tax records and the condition of “rat infested” Baltimore, but the real issues lay deeper. Baltimore had loads of federal funds over the years, but with no change. Where did the money go? The real concern was Baltimore’s record in illegal human trafficking, where Baltimore consistently vied for the top slot, the highest in the nation. Per the Zetas, this was not an accident. Cummings knew, and looked the other way, and thus was executed by the Tribunals. But as a civil-rights icon, Cummings was publicly honored after death, by everyone.

President Trump Orders American flags in the US and Around the World to be Lowered to Half Staff in Honor of Rep Elijah Cummings
October 17, 2019
Cummings died aged 68 from 'complications of longstanding health challenges'. His death came two years after he had surgery to repair his aortic valve and a month after he went to hospital saying he would be back at work in a week. The 13-term representative became chair of the House Oversight Committee in January 2019 and spearheaded several investigations into Trump.
US President Donald Trump says Residents of Baltimore ‘Appreciate’ his Insults about their ‘Rat-Infested’ City
July 31, 2019
Cummings has represented the majority-black Seventh Congressional District, which includes part of Baltimore, as well as parts of two neighbouring counties, since 1996.
Trump Sues Maryland Rep. Cummings to Block Subpoena Seeking President’s Financial Records
April 22, 2019
President Donald Trump and his business organization sued Rep. Elijah Cummings — the House oversight committee chairman — alleging the Baltimore Democrat crossed a constitutional line with a subpoena to the president’s longtime accountant seeking years of financial statements. The lawsuit, which challenges the scope of the legislative branch’s powers, represents a new front in the struggle between the Republican president and the Democratic House — and Cummings in particular.

ZetaTalk Insight 10/31/2019: The Tribunals being conducted in the US since the start of 2019 have two major foci – breaking the child sex traffic networks that support pedophile blackmail and Moloch child sacrifice, and treason for attempted coups against President Trump and supporting terrorism. Tangentially, issues such as closing money laundering networks that support the Cabal via drug running and looting Central Banks, and prosecuting those who promoted Middle East wars to ensnare the US into combat are addressed.

Known Tribunal executions include McCain for treason, the Queen for approving Satanic practices and theft of funds from the people, Ruth Bader Ginsberg for treason, and Obama for treason and acting as a Shadow President. There have been hundreds more not known to the public as this is a secret war. Hillary is cooperating so the public can learn of her crimes, else would have been executed. Pelosi and Schiff fear they may be next as they were aware of attempted assassination attempts against the President.

Was Representative Cummings executed? Yes. Though his hospital stay was planned, he anticipated being back to work in a week. At his age and with a history of illnesses, his death would not raise alarms. Many public figures assume they are safe from an execution because the Tribunals do not yet want the public aware that the US is under Martial Law. Cummings’ district is known to be the highest in the nation for child sex traffic. This despite massive Congressional funds poured into his district. He knew, and looked the other way.

Pelosi and Biden were evidently aware that an execution was pending. Biden slipped during the Democratic Debate in Ohio on October 15, saying it was imperative to remove President Trump, and then stopping himself as he was about to reveal something that was to occur on October 17, the day President Trump would be in Dallas and the day Cummings died. Did they know? Then Pelosi pointedly displayed her bullet bracelet, even touching the bullet to make her point, during her presser on October 15. Does she fear she will be next? Was she suggesting President Trump should meet the same fate as JFK? Pelosi was literally hysterical at the White House on October 16.

Trump Responds after "Do Nothing Democrats" Storm Out of the Cabinet Room
October 17, 2019
In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of having a "meltdown" during a meeting with Congressional Democratic leaders after a contingent of Republicans voted with Democrats in the House to pass a motion condemning the withdrawal from Syria.
October Democratic Debate Transcript: 4th Debate in Ohio
October 15, 2019
Joe Biden: (16:22)
Look, my son did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I carried out the policy of the United States government in rooting out corruption in Ukraine. And that’s what we should be focusing on. And what I wanted to make a point about and my son’s statement speaks for itself, he spoke about it today. My son’s statement speaks for itself. What I think is important is we focus on why it’s so important to remove this man from office. On the 17th … look, the fact that George Washington worried on the first time he spoke after being elected president, that what we had to worry about is foreign interference in our elections. It was the greatest threat to America.
Biden: “It’s so Important” we Remove Trump “on the 17th,” Pelosi shows off Orange Bullet Bracelet
October 17, 2019
Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden made some unusually strange remarks in the days before President Trump attends a rally in Dallas, Texas. For starters, during the recent Democratic debate, Biden strangely said “what I think is important is we focus on why it’s so important we remove this man from office on the 17th…” before stopping himself mid-sentence. Trump’s rally in Dallas, Texas is scheduled for the 17th. Furthermore, Pelosi, who was acting strange during a morning press conference, showed off her orange ammunition bracelet.

Pelosi is in line to inherit the White House, thus her pointed signaling that someone should shoot President Trump. This is not her first coup attempt. On January 17 Pelosi and Schiff were rushing out of the country, just as an apparent coup attempt was to occur. Donna Brazile gave away the game plan, tweeting “#MadamSpeaker today, #PresidentPelosi shortly thereafter”. Of course, they would have to eliminate Pence in some way for Pelosi to ascend to the White House. Meanwhile, a gunman appeared at the Trump rally in Dallas, right on schedule. Per Fulford, both Pelosi and Schiff are in Tribunal trouble.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2019: It is no coincidence that Pelosi and Shiff were planning to be out of town, and out of the country in a country without an extradition treaty, on the very day of a planned attack on the White House. President Trump had been notably sticking to the White House during the shutdown, a lure they could not resist. This was a broad coup plan, with more than the ISIL member in Atlanta staged to attack the White House, as the coup plans had been learned and infiltrated with military and intel agents. It had become a sting operation.

Mysterious Gunman in Body Armor Arrested Outside Dallas Trump Rally
October 17, 2019
A gunman wearing body armor has been arrested outside President Trump's rally in Dallas. Dallas police arrested the man while he was wearing a helmet, a vest and a backpack. Officers confiscated a gun, a breathing mask and an aerosol can.
Coup Attempt against Donald Trump Fails, October Revolution Continues
October 21, 2019
An attempted coup against U.S. President Donald Trump has failed and several senior U.S. politicians, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, are likely to be arrested or executed as a result, MI6 and Pentagon sources say. They flew to Afghanistan in a failed attempt to drum up U.S. military support there for their coup, the sources said. The coup attempt was prompted by “the execution of powerful anti-Trump Congressman Elijah Cummings,” who was “found guilty of enabling child sex trafficking,” Pentagon sources say.

Brazil Beach Oil

What is to be made of the crude oil washing up on Brazil beaches, all the way from the beaches facing the Caribbean to the coastal city of Salvador south of the Bulge of Brazil? It has been tested and found to be the same crude oil produced by Venezuela, and not from the Brazil oil fields off shore from northern Brazil. Yet no tanker accident had occurred. But the North Atlantic Deep Water stream is forceful, and lately has been bringing up sunken material from the deep. As usual the Zetas explain, and blame this on the S American roll.

Brazil Environment: Vast Oil Spill hits Dozens of Beaches
September 27, 2019
Analysis showed the oil found was of a type not produced in Brazil. The spill, first detected on 2 September, spans over 1,500km (932 miles) and has been detected in 105 locations in eight states, affecting wildlife and popular beaches including Praia do Futuro in Ceará, and Maragogi, in Alagoas. Molecular analysis of the oil by Brazil's state-run company Petrobras showed the crude oil spilled. The test also determined the oil came from a single source which has not yet been identified.
Mysterious Oil Spill reaches Beach in Major Brazilian City
October 11, 2019
A mysterious oil spill that has polluted at least 150 beaches along Brazil’s northeastern coast reached the city of Salvador as officials tried to determine the source of the crude sludge. The main hypothesis is that the oil spilled from a vessel passing near the Brazilian coast. The oil has been particularly hard to track as it floats under the surface of the water and can’t be easily detected from planes.

Oil Washes Up on Tourist Beaches in ‘Brazilian Caribbean’
October 17, 2019
The oil sludge has now reached 61 municipalities in nine Brazilian states, contaminating over 130 beaches. There are at least 178 locations in nine Brazilian states that have been affected by the oil. In terms of expanse, it is Brazil’s largest-ever environmental disaster. The origin of the oil remains a mystery.
Oil Spots on the Northeast Coastline
September 10, 2019
The conclusive result of the samples, previously requested by the Institute and the Port Authority, and whose analysis was made by the Navy and Petrobras, pointed out that the substance found in the coastlines is crude oil, ie it does not originate from any derivative of Oil. In an analysis made by Petrobras, the company reported that the oil found is not produced by Brazil.

Brazil says Oil on Beaches is Venezuelan, but the Culprit may Not Be
October 17, 2019
This oil is Venezuelan. Its DNA is Venezuelan. This is certain. It’s a certainty, not speculation. Does that mean that Venezuela is responsible? No.
Mysterious Crates Washing up on Brazil's Oil-Stained Beaches
October 19, 2019
Interest in the crates rose when oil began washing up along the same beaches in September. "I told my colleagues this can't be a coincidence," he said. That's when Teixeira began taking a closer look at the crates, which are said to have been carrying "crude rubber in bales." One crate was marked with "French Indochina," the Southeast Asian colony that ceased to exist after 1954. The German blockade runner, SS Rio Grande. It was sailing from Japan to Europe in January 1944 when Allied ships intercepted and sank it off the Brazilian coast. Its cargo: crude rubber in bales.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/31/2019: The oil spill washing up on Brazil beaches, along most of the Brazil coastline, did not come from Venezuela oil tankers. The oil spills started in Northern Brazil, traveling south past the Bulge of Brazil, but Venezuela traffic is modest to non-existent there and this spill is vast. Ocean currents also do not support Venezuela tankers as the source, since the Gulf Stream flows in a northerly direction. Brazil pumps crude oil primarily from oil fields off-shore from Southern Brazil, and per Ibama the oil signature does not match. But the crude oil did come from S America.

The answer lies in plate stress during the S American roll. As we have mentioned, the S American roll pulls the top part of the S American Plate to the West, while the tip of the continent remains fixed to the Antarctica Plate. This causes a bend in the center of the plate, causing the East Coast of S America to stretch out in a bow. This is ripping open the bay at Buenos Aires. At present this bend stress is intense, as can be seen from the plethora of earthquakes in Central America and Chile. The bow stress in the center of the S American continent is not seen, as it is out under the South Atlantic Ocean, but it does indeed rupture the oil deposits there.

The S American roll involves pressure on the Caribbean Plate, where the plate is pushed down where it slides down under the tip of Venezuela and where the plate is forced westward over the Cocos Plate abutting Central America. Thus, at a deep level the rock under Venezuela is crushed, releasing oil from the shale rock that is the source of Venezuela oil. This oil emerges deep in the Caribbean sea, then carried by the North Atlantic Deep Water stream along the S American coastline, to be deposited on Brazilian beaches.

And the oil just keeps on increasing!

Brazil Deploys 5,000 Troops as Fury Mounts at Inaction over Worst Oil Spill in Country's History
October 23, 2019
Brazil has deployed 5,000 troops to its beaches amid mounting fury at the government's inaction over the worst oil spill in the country's history. The government had recovered 600 tons of oil, the equivalent of almost 4,300 barrels.

Worldwide Riots

Does it seem that riots are breaking out everywhere? On October 20 an article was featured on The Drudge Report asking that very question. Hong Kong has been rioting for months and refuses to be settled. Issues causing the Lebanese to protest by the hundreds of thousands are longstanding grievances, but nonetheless also in the news on October 20. Spain’s separatists are still erupting in riots over a court decision but the riots in Chile over a bus fare increase were a surprise. Per the Zetas, expect more of this.

Protests around the World: Violent Clashes hit Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Barcelona
October 20, 2019
Violent clashes escalated in Barcelona as radical Catalan separatists hurled rocks and fireworks at police, who responded with teargas and rubber bullets, turning the city centre into a chaotic battleground. The deterioration came on the fifth consecutive day of protests over a Spanish court's jailing of nine separatist leaders on sedition charges over a failed independence bid two years ago.

Hundreds of Thousands Take Over Streets as Lebanon's Protests Grow
October 20, 2019
Hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied across Lebanon to condemn official corruption and demand the government resign, on the eve of a deadline for politicians to accept a reform package.
Hong Kong Descends into Chaos again as Protesters Defy Ban
October 20, 2019
As the rally march set off, protest leaders carried a black banner that read, “Five main demands, not one less,” as they pressed their calls for police accountability and political rights in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. Supporters sang the protest movement’s anthem, waved colonial and U.S. flags, and held up placards depicting the Chinese flag as a Nazi swastika.
Chile Extends State of Emergency as Protest Death Toll hits Seven
October 21, 2019
Santiago and nine other of Chile's 16 regions were under a state of emergency with troops deployed onto the streets for the first time since Augusto Pinochet's military dictatorship between 1973-1990. The hike in fares that set off the violence would have raised the price of peak hour travel from 800 to 830 pesos ($1.13 to $1.15).

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/31/2019: Suddenly Chile joined a number of countries around the world embroiled in riots. For Chile it was a fare increase of mere pennies for a bus ride. Lebanon was protesting against political corruption and insisting a reform package be passed. Spain’s separatists were reacting to a court ruling. And Hong Kong refuses to settle even after the original ruling about extradition was withdrawn. It is almost as though riot fever was in the air, and in a manner of speaking it is. The number of contactees has grown exponentially in recent years.  

In 2008 we estimated the number worldwide at 12,000 and by 2015 4.2 billion but now we would place the number at close to 5 billion. Contact is initiated by a human giving The Call out of curiosity or concern or a desire for an explanation. Their unease is due to noting that change is happening, unexplained by the politicians or the people in charge of their government. The weather is erratic, intractable droughts and record flooding occur, there are signs and omens in the skies, the Sun does not rise and set where it ought, and many ancient prophecies seem to be coming true. During contact, the truth about Nibiru’s pending passage is revealed.

The reaction among politicians is to maintain the status quo. This of course includes all the perks that politicians arrange for themselves, and corruption where public funds go into private pockets. The dichotomy between the life the politicians have arranged for themselves and the grinding poverty the common man endures flames the resentment the common man feels over being fed lies about Nibiru. But since there is no absolute proof that Nibiru exists, their anger cannot be directed at the lies.

Would open discussion in the media about the approach of Nibiru change this dynamic? Some individuals would focus their energy into moving to Safe Locations or changing their life style into one of self-sufficiency, but these individuals are not among the rioters. As Nibiru is admitted, or even openly debated in the media, the riots will change to demands that the establishment feed and shelter the common man, the tax payer. Politicians and the wealthy will flee to their enclaves, Martial Law will be called, and rioting will exacerbate.