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Issue 718, Sunday July 5, 2020
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Tsunami Alerts

Why would NOAA suddenly decide it needed to test its tsunami alert system for the entire Eastern Seaboard of the US, from Maine to Texas? This alert text went out on June 12, at a time when the Atlantic Rift was covered in quakes from Quebec to Argentina. Per the Zetas, it was the quakes around the Azores - the rip point predicted by the Zetas to precede the European Tsunami and backwash against the East Coast - that NOAA was concerned about.

Tsunami Alerts
Tsunami warnings are broadcast through local radio and television, marine radio, wireless emergency alerts, NOAA Weather Radio and NOAA websites (like They may also come through outdoor sirens, local officials, text message alerts and telephone notifications.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2020: Why would NOAA test their alert notification system for the entire Eastern Seaboard? Per the recipient, this test was not routine, and per NOAA they are testing the response time for dissemination and receipt of the information. They are suddenly concerned about the entire Eastern Seaboard. Clearly this has something to do with the earthquakes along the Atlantic Rift, which show the Atlantic pulling apart from the North Atlantic to the South Atlantic. For NOAA, which is well aware of our ZetaTalk predictions, they are more concerned with the ripping between the Azores and Iceland, which like the void in the center of the Atlantic that will create the European Tsunami, can create a rebound to the East Coast of the US.

How close are we to the time when the New Madrid Fault Line will rip, tearing the bridges that cross the Mississippi and causing quake damage to cities from Memphis to the New England states? A flow chart shows that some of the predecessor events identified by the Zetas have been completed, and others are pending.

Point [1] relates to a 2010 ZetaTalk stating that magnitude 4-7 quakes must happen along the West Coast, the Seaway, and in the New Madrid region. Have we had these? Yes! Certainly the Nevada quakes and thousands of aftershocks qualify for West Coast quakes. The Seaway has had several quakes of that magnitude during the past two years. And the simultaneous quakes on January 20, 2020 in the heaving Kansas and East Tennessee regions, to the left and right of New Madrid, certainly qualify for quakes in the New Madrid region.

[1] ZetaTalk Prediction 8/28/2010: We have warned that quakes on the West Coast, or the Seaway, or in the New Madrid region will occur before the major quake in the New Madrid region we have referred to as the adjustment on a 7 of 10 level. There will be quakes in these areas, magnitude 4-7, which should not be considered the New Madrid adjustment of which we speak.

Small Earthquake Recorded along Seaway East of Cornwall
January 13, 2020
Earthquakes Canada first recorded the quake as magnitude 4.2, but later corrected it down to 3.6.
Montreal goes Bump in the Night as 3.3-Magnitude Earthquake Nudges City
March 6, 2020
A 3.3-magnitude earthquake rumbled in Montreal. The quake was the seventh recorded in Quebec since the beginning of the year, but the first to occur in an urban area.
Whoa! 3.6-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Southeast Michigan
April 19, 2018
The 3.6-magnitude quake struck at 8:01 p.m. and was centered near Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada.
4.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Lake Erie Rattles Northeast Ohio
June 10, 2019
The United States Geological Survey said the 4.0 magnitude earthquake was centered in Lake Erie about 2 1/2 miles north of Eastlake, Ohio at 10:50 a.m.

Point [2] relates to a 2007 ZetaTalk that specifies that the African Roll should be in process before the New Madrid rip will occur. We have certainly had that ongoing process, with the Zetas stating the degree of completion for the African Roll at various times – 5% in 2013, 12% in 2015, and 32% in 2019. We still don’t have that big separation at Gibraltar, but the roll has certainly started.

[2] ZetaTalk Description 12/18/2007: Of course the northern Atlantic Rift is most vulnerable at the Azores, where three plates touch and movement in any one of them destabilizes the rift. Africa is tugging to roll to the East, and drop, and will do so before the European tsunami occurs. We have stated that the Atlantic Gulf Stream will carry the tsunami primarily against the coast of the UK, so the major rip point would occur slightly south of the UK in the center of the Atlantic. The top of the rip will be west of Paris. The rip will primarily occur where the hot spots along the Atlantic Rift indicate weakness in the crust, and down to where the African Plate has already pulled away from an attachment to the American plates.

Point [3] relates to a significant 2019 ZetaTalk that relates a time link at the start of 2021 to the New Madrid rip. January 2021 is the time frame that the Bush Administration estimated for Nibiru to be undeniable, and warned Heads of State around the world of that assumption. We are certainly seeing more evidence of Nibiru, more tacit admissions in the media too. But is FEMA struggling with New Madrid disasters as yet? Bear in mind that when the Zetas say “dealing with” and “fully into” this may mean being in a planning stage.

[3] ZetaTalk Prediction 3/5/2019: Is there such a worldwide program that has a deadline of 2021? Every country has one. They have been told, via face-to-face meetings between heads of state, that this is the year when Nibiru will be close enough that denial is no longer feasible. The US will be dealing with the New Madrid by then, and fully into Martial Law programs with FEMA.

Point [4] relates to the recent 2020 ZetaTalk about the recent East Coast tsunami alert test. The quakes between S America and Africa could be ascribed to the S American Roll or the African Roll, either one would pull those two plates apart. This would also be true of any quakes next to the Caribbean Plate, which is also rolling west. The quakes along the border of the N American Plate and the African Plate could be due to the African Roll, but those few quakes along the Eurasian Plate and N American Plates exempt Africa. That’s likely N America tugging to drop or shift, and those few quakes are right where the void causing a rebound of Atlantic water is to occur toward Europe. No wonder NOAA got nervous. This looks imminent.

[4] ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2020: In describing the 7 of 10 Plate Movement sequence, we stated that the African Roll will be in process before the final New Madrid adjustment and the European Tsunami. The plethora of quakes along the Atlantic Rift between S America and Africa show that this roll of Africa to the East is in process, and the quakes along the border of the Africa Plate and N America Plate confirm this.

Point [5] relates to the March, 2019 ZetaTalk where they infer that the big New Madrid rip that triggers the European tsunami will “free” the African Plate to roll. This implies that the New Madrid quake will occur before the African Roll completes. One can certainly see that the African Plate and the N American Plate are glued together in the Atlantic, so that for the N American Plate to go loosy-goosy there and relax its grip would allow mobility.

[5] ZetaTalk Prediction 3/31/2019: We have predicted that a European tsunami will occur when the N American continent experiences its New Madrid adjustments. These adjustments will be a series of quakes along the New Madrid Fault Line and its related fault lines, but there will be a massive quake in finality. It is that quake that will cause the N American Plate to adjust such that the plate border in the mid-Atlantic tears open, allowing the water to pour into the crevasse and rebound toward Europe. How does this affect the African Roll? The tear in the mid-Atlantic also detaches the African Plate’s connection to the N American Plate, thus freeing the African Plate to roll.

Where are we now? At Point [6] we are seeing the stage being set. On June 21 Iceland began being hammered by large quakes. Run a line from the tip of Mexico to Iceland and one sees the point of rip clearly, where a fractured piece of the N American Continent would pull away. If the ends of this line are loosening up, bottom and top, how long can the middle hold out? The Zetas warned on May 31 that the tip of Mexico should be watched, and on June 23 a magnitude 7.7 quake occurred there.

[6] ZetaTalk Prediction 5/31/2020: But the primary factor is the unrelenting bow stress caused by the tip of Mexico being drawn westward into the Pacific, tightening the bow stress in the center of the bow as the tip of Mexico and the Aleutian Islands are pulled toward each other.

Northern Iceland Hit by Intense Swarm of More Than 1500 Earthquakes (M5.7 and M5.4) While Grímsvötn Volcano Is Getting Ready for its Next Eruption
June 21, 2020
An intense earthquake swarm is ongoing 20km NE of Siglufjörður. Since the swarm started yesterday over 1500 earthquakes have been detected. The offshore Tjörnes Fracture Zone is an oblique transform zone that separates the northern volcanic zone of Iceland from the Kolbeinsey Ridge, part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge north of Iceland.

Solstice CC

There has been a blitz of Crop Circle designs speaking to the Solstice on June 20, warning that the alignment of the Earth to the Sun will not be as expected. During the Stonehenge CC laid on May 28 mankind was being warned that the Daily Earth Wobble would affect how sunlight arrives at the Heel Stone at Stonehenge. Up until the present, the Council of Worlds has allowed benign aliens to tilt the Earth during such key events to ease the Awakening.  

ZetaTalk Insight 5/31/2020: This legitimate crop circle design is clearly pointing to the upcoming Summer Solstice on June 20. Benign aliens working on behalf of the Council of Worlds have in the past tilted the globe to negate the effect of the Daily Earth Wobble. This was to allow mankind a gradual awakening to the nearby presence of Nibiru. The time for such benign subterfuge is past, as Nibiru is so visible to so many in so many ways that it is virtually undeniable.

This point was expected to be reached by January, 2021 with Heads of State warned that they should brace for demands from and panic in their people by that time. This design is showing 8 stones in the Stonehenge depiction because the Daily Earth Wobble forms a Figure 8 during each day. The 8 blobs from the Solar Amoeba relate to this, saying that there are 8 possible positions of the Sun as seen from Earth on the Solstice, depending upon one’s location on Earth.

Then on June 14 at Barbury Castle a Heel Stone design was laid. Because the rising and setting Sun casts light on this design, showing how the shadows appear to different degrees, this CC design clearly warns that the Solstice might hold some surprises this year. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, any celebrations at Stonehenge are canceled, so who and when any filming of the Heel Stone is allowed can be tightly controlled. Or the standard excuse, that the weather was cloudy, may be used.

The Heel Stone
Traditionally, the HeelStone marks the place on the horizon where the summer solstice sunrise appears when viewed from the centre of the stone circle.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2020: This legitimate design was placed close to the time of the Solstice on June 20, so that few would miss the message. There are 12 months in mankind’s Gregorian calendar, and for each of those the Sun rises to cast a different shadow on the Stonehenge Heel Stone. If the tilt of the Earth is not precisely aligned on June 20, the Heel Stone will cast a shadow but will not reflect the rising Sun. The angle of the shadow will indicate the Daily Earth Wobble and the halted Earth orbit, instead.

Then on June 17 at Hunt’s Down yet another Solstice diagram was laid, this one related to the Earth’s halted orbit, and the fact that the Earth is currently in the August position, not the June position. This is in addition to the confusion in the angle of sunlight caused by the Daily Earth Wobble. Orbit halt happened in December 2003, and was graphically proven when Comet NEAT and Comet LINEAR arrived two months early in 2004. Their computed and published trajectory had assumed a normal orbit. The constellations also show a consistent August position.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2020: Hunt’s Down is a legitimate Crop Circle design, with an obvious and singular message. The Sun rotates in a counterclockwise direction when the Solar System is viewed from above. This is depicted by the fan in the center of the design. The cutting edge of the fan blades are positioned to encounter mankind’s calendar locations for Solstice and Equinox, which are depicted by the four points around the Sun. Planet Earth was halted in her orbit in December of 2003 by encountering Nibiru in her orbit, and was then pushed back into the August position.

Thus during this time of the Earth’s halted orbit, the Earth has not been in the proper position for the Summer Solstice, and the illusion that this was the case was done by benign aliens working under the Council of Worlds direction to allow mankind more time to adjust to the realization that Nibiru had arrived. This is shown by the position of Earth on right hand side of Hunt’s Down, as it is half way between what would be the Summer Solstice on June 20 and the Fall Equinox on September 22.

How will the actual position of the Earth in the August position affect mankind’s view of the Summer Solstice? The constellations have not aligned with the assumption that the Earth is orbiting the Sun, but anyone daring to point this out is ridiculed. The Earth wobble has become obvious, with the angle of sunlight and the location of the Sun at sunrise or sunset blatantly wrong. As we noted during our analysis of the Stonehenge design, the benign subterfuge that all is normal will begin to be dropped, so that Nibiru and the halted orbit can be realized.

It did not take Mr MBB333 long to discover that all was not right. Comparing the Sun’s shadow at exactly the same time at 12 Noon and from exactly the same 33 N Latitude location, there is a dramatic difference from June 18 to June 19. In a single day, the Sun had moved that much.  

How did the Summer Solstice fare at Stonehenge, the premiere measure of the Solstice? Covid-19 to the rescue for the cover-up over Nibiru and the Daily Earth Wobble that results from Nibiru’s nearby presence. All visitors and celebrations were forbidden. But live filming was recorded and streamed. Viewers noted that the camera avoided the Heel Stone or any shots that might reveal alignment. But not to worry, it was far too cloudy at sunrise and sunset for any beams of light or shadows to be seen.

What did we learn from the Solar Eclipse that took place on June 21? AFP reported that Saudi Arabia showed the Solar Eclipse crossing the Sun with the dark Moon coming from the lower right and exiting at the upper left. Slooh showed the dark Moon coming from the upper right and exiting at the lower right. Why would there be this variance? The path of the Eclipse was viewed from locations that were all at the same latitude. The Sun and Moon would be in the same relative locations. But mid-day for India is in the midst of a wobble tilt from the N Pole falling to the East. For Saudi Arabia, the N Pole would be starting to fall to the West.

Solar Eclipse 2020: June 21, the First Surya Grahan of the Year
June 21, 2020
In India, the Surya Grahan will start near Gharsana in Rajasthan around 10:12 am. The annular phase will begin around 11:49 am and end at 11:50 am. According to NASA, the Moon will block 99.4 per cent of the Sun at its peak and will be visible very well from Northern India.

Manhattanhenge seldom gets mentioned these days. The past few years when the Sun was a no-show cloudy weather was claimed, even though the skies were clear enough. This year Manhattanhenge was to happen on May 29-30. One cannot find any photos for these dates on the Internet, even on Twitter, but there is a photo taken just days ahead on May 26-27. Correct location, clear skies, exact same time as the expected May 29 Manhattanhenge, so very much an apples-to-apples comparison. The Sun, or even a sunbeam, was not to be seen.

The Manhattanhenge Sunset is Happening this Weekend
May 29, 2020
Tonight, Friday, May 29, you can watch the sun low on the horizon between buildings at 8:13pm, and see what will appear as a half sun. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 30, you can spot similar vistas at 8:12pm for a full sun. One Instagrammer already shot photos pre-Manhattanhenge, from Tuesday and Wednesday while there were clear skies.

T-Mobile Outage

On June 15 T-Mobile in the US had a severe outage. No explanation was given, but T-Mobile is known for its use of Wifi. As T-Mobile users cast about for ways to communicate during this outage, the alternative routes inevitably had to use T-Mobile, and once again failed. Was it a DDOS attack? A hack? The Zetas explain.

T-Mobile Hit by Phone Calling, Text Message Outage
June 51, 2020
In our own tests in New York and Seattle, we found that making calls from a T-Mobile phone would fail almost immediately after placing the call. We also found that the cell service on our phones was intermittent, with bars occasionally dropping to zero or losing access to high-speed data.

ZetaTalk Conclusion 6/30/2020: There was a brief but broad outage that affected wifi cell phone and social media users on June 15. The official explanation was that this outage was a domino effect from a wifi outage at T-Mobile, recently merged with Sprint to create a giant wireless network. Attempts to use AT&T or Verizon for wireless connections faltered too, and this was blamed on points of connection to T-Mobile. No one blamed EMP for the outage, but this was indeed the culprit. During wifi the electronic communication is traveling through the air, naked and vulnerable. Why would it not be destroyed by a pulse?