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Issue 764, Sunday May 23, 2021
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India Emigree Ban

During these months and years of the Covid-19 pandemic, India has fared among the best with few deaths. This has been attributed to the liberal use of HCQ, which blunts the infection so that herd immunity can be established. Last December, 2020 an HCQ production plant was blown up in Taiwan. Now India, which has a massive population and is destined to sink below the waves, is being afflicted by a new “mutant” of Covid-19. Per the Zetas, this is all related. 

India COVID19: Virus Catastrophe Worsens, 'Horrible' Weeks Ahead
May 4, 2021
COVID-19 infections and deaths are mounting with alarming speed in India with no end in sight to the crisis and a top expert warning that the coming weeks in the country of nearly 1.4 billion people will be "horrible." India's official count of coronavirus cases surpassed 20 million, nearly doubling in the past three months, while deaths officially have passed 220,000. Staggering as those numbers are, the true figures are believed to be far higher, the undercount an apparent reflection of the troubles in the health care system. The country has witnessed scenes of people dying outside overwhelmed hospitals and funeral pyres lighting up the night sky.
India Hits new Grim Record with 3,689 COVID-19 Deaths in One Day
May 2, 2021
India recorded its deadliest day of the coronavirus pandemic yet with 3,689 deaths in the last 24 hours and one more state going into lockdown as the nation’s creaky healthcare system is unable to cope with the massive caseload. The federal government has also been accused of failing to respond to a warning in early March from its own scientific advisers that a new and more contagious variant was taking hold in the country.
India Biggest Producer of ‘Game-Changer’ Hydroxychloroquine Drug; has Enough Capacity
April 7, 2020
India manufactures 70 per cent of the world’s supply of hydroxychloroquine.

Australia Warns its Citizens of Jail and $50,000 Fine if they Return from India
May 3, 2021
Even in the pandemic era of closed borders, Australia's latest travel restriction stands out: Anyone, including Australians citizens, who arrives in the country after visiting India in the previous 14 days can face up to five years in jail, a $50,000 fine or both.

With New Variants, will COVID-19 Tests Still Work?
April 9, 2021
Of roughly 70 tests we’ve assessed, only 22 had publicly available manufacturer information on the effectiveness of detecting the B.1.135 variant (initially reported in South Africa), and only 20 for the P.1 variant (initially reported in Brazil and Japan).

ZetaTalk Warning 5/31/2021: What is causing the sudden surge in deaths in India? India has been notable for a low death rate because of its liberal use of HCQ, the hydroxychloroquine that is produced in India from its native trees. Thus its population has resistance to infection but is not immune. Immunity arises from actually having Covid-19 or being vaccinated. All infectious diseases flourish in crowded conditions, and India has a massive population in dense population centers. That said, what changed the dynamic where HCQ kept Covid-19 in check in India?  

It is being reported that a variant of Covid-19 emerged in India in March. Early variants had been reported in the UK, S Africa, Brazil, and Japan. These early variants did not flummox the vaccine efforts nor result in the hospitals being choked with dying patients. What makes India’s situation different is that the current crisis is not caused by a naturally occurring Covid-19 variant, but a new variant that is resistant to HCQ. This new variant has been genetically engineered and deliberately spread to block emigration from India.

It is not a coincidence that this new Covid-19 variant emerged after the Nibiru Complex became so very visible in the skies and the Petrol in Nibiru’s tail began fire-bombing the world. This was anticipated to occur in January, 2021 so the elite had time to prepare. Where Covid-19 is presumed by many to be an engineered pandemic, it was as we stated a natural occurrence. But the conspiracy theorists are correct that directed pandemics were being planned, with the tools at hand.

It is notable that Australia is severely blocking anyone coming from India. Australia has a track record of brutal treatment of any immigrants from Asia. Only the elite, who come with money, are welcome. China likewise blocks immigration from India, but they do so because their own population burden is massive. This new variant can be countered by Covid-19 vaccines, but India was slow to vaccinate its people so emigration will be blocked for a long time. This will not prove to be the only maneuver the elite will use to sculpt the world as the time of the Pole Shift approaches.

Severe Wobble

Early in the ZetaTalk saga the Zetas detailed the Last Weeks - the 7.3 weeks which include the 3 Days of Darkness and end with the hour of the Pole Shift. The Last Weeks are kicked off by the Earth slinging back and forth in a Severe Wobble, and then rolling into the 3 Days of Darkness. But a Severe Wobble can occur on occasion well ahead of the Last Weeks, caused by the clashing of the Dark Twin and Venus with Earth, and magnetic and gravity clashing with Nibiru. This has often been depicted in Crop Circles.

What would such a temporary severe wobble entail? Severe wobble sloshing is less than the Pole Shift sloshing, as during the Pole Shift the crustal shift stops but with the water on the move continues up to a 500-600 foot tide. The flood tide potential during a severe wobble to be more like the 2004 Ache tsunami, which rose to 100 feet in height and rolled in like a high tide.

ZetaTalk Warning 8/25/2011: Nibiru is approaching mainly from the right, in its retrograde orbit, though also somewhat Sunside on its way outbound from the Sun. The severe wobble will merely be an exaggeration of the existing wobble, where the magnetic N Pole is pushed as its current location in the Arctic near Siberia rolls over the horizon.  As the globe is pushed violently northward, the waters in the Pacific will slosh southward, and waters in the Atlantic will slosh in the opposite direction, northward. For the Pacific, the northern coastlines will be pushed under the ocean, and for the Atlantic, the southern coastlines will be pushed under the ocean. Then, 12 hours later, this reverses. The sloshing will be in a N/S direction, back and forth. The severe wobble slosh will be 200-300 feet high. 

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/27/2016: There are other differences between a severe wobble and the Pole Shift itself. As Nibiru tightens its grip on the planets caught in the cup, Nibiru pulls to the right of the Earth steadily and the Earth and her sister planets (Venus and the Dark Twin) squeeze to the left. The Pole Shift is unleashed when Venus and the Dark Twin escape the cup, allowing Nibiru to draw closer to the Earth, but for a severe wobble these extreme positions are not in place. Nibiru is still not directly to the right of the Earth, nor is it close.

With the date of the Pole Shift now admitted to be 2026, at what point might we have a temporary severe wobble? When might this happen? History might be a guide. Note the temperature swings and crop shortages described in China going into the last Pole Shift 3,600 years ago. During the reign of Chieh frost in July, torrential rainfall, snow in Summer, failure of the cereal crops, and a disturbed rotation of the Earth occurred. The history states this went on for years.

In the twenty-ninth year of King Chieh, the Sun was dimmed... King Chieh lacked virtue... the Sun was distressed... during the last years of Chieh ice formed in mornings and frosts in the sixth month. Heavy rainfall toppled temples and buildings... Heaven gave severe orders. The Sun and Moon were untimely. Hot and cold weather arrived in disorder. The five cereal crops withered and died.

In the Kolbrin, Noah was warned a full 2 years beforehand that the time had come to build his arc. He was warned a full 2 years ahead of the flood. Note the clue given to Noah was that a strong wobble was ongoing, with the Moon moving rapidly across the skies. Certainly, this was at least a wobble. Here again Noah had years of warnings.

Then the day came when The Lady of the Night changed her garment for one of a different hue, and her form swept more swiftly across the skies. Her tresses streamed out behind in gold and copper, and she rode in a chariot of fire.

In the Kolbrin, there is a detailed description of the Pole Shift when the Jewish Exodus occurred, but no mention of crop shortages. The fear caused pregnant women to abort. They had all the signs in the skies and red dust aplenty, but no crop shortages.

The dark days began with the last visitation of the Destroyer and they were foretold by strange omens in the skies. All men were silent and went about with pale faces. Fear walked the land and woman became barren with terror, they could not conceive, and those with child aborted. The days of stillness were followed by a time when the noise of trumpeting and shrilling was heard in the Heavens, and the people became as frightened beasts without a headsman. … The dead were no longer sacred and were thrown into the waters. He who grew no grain now owned a storehouse full. Cattle were left unattended to roam into strange pastures, and men ignored their marks and slew the beasts of their neighbours. No man owned anything. The public records were cast forth and destroyed, and no man knew who were slaves and who were masters. … Plague was throughout the land, the river was bloody and blood was everywhere. Those who did drink from the river vomited it up. The dust tore wounds in the skin of man and beast.

The Zetas relay that Crop Circles warned that severe wobbles might occur, for many reasons. The Repulsion Force which is evoked when Nibiru comes close to the Earth or the Dark Twin and Venus are bumping around is equated to a buzzing insect.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/3/2004: What symbolism could the circle maker use to relay the thrumming struggle of this massive planetary magnet, 23 times the mass of Earth, as it attempts to punch through the crowded Ecliptic, facing a massive headwind but driven on its path by the Repulsion Force from the Sun. It presses forward but this creates additional crowding, so is driven back a bit, then another press forward. Is this not the annoying buzz of an insect? It is balance that is sought, in particle flows, and when entering a side of the Ecliptic where this particle crowding is absent, the Repulsion Force that has been pressing Planet X forward on its path has free reign. A sudden, and violent, exit from the solar system!

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/6/2009: The symbolism of a buzzing dragonfly has been depicted before, in a crop circle. Our explanation was at that time that the dragonfly represented the struggle Planet X has in punching through the crowded Ecliptic, and this still applies for this more recent crop circle. What has changed? This time the gyrations that occur during the pole shift are depicted on the tail of the dragonfly. Reversals, from one side to the other. Times when the Earth will have a long night or a short night. This is what accompanies a severe wobble, which is one of the first scenarios going into the last weeks.

Magnetic fields around Earth and Nibiru might clash, and certainly are reflected in the twisting and scrambled appearance on BATSRUS charts.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/31/2021: During the years immediately preceding the Pole Shift the dynamics of the dance in play tighten and the planets can suddenly adjust, causing lurching and twitching of the Earth. The forces at play are the momentum of each planet in its orbit, swept along by the Sweeping Arms of the Sun. This is steady pressure. Then there is the gravity Repulsion Force which can suddenly kick in and push large gravity bodies apart. This is a threshold pressure which builds until the rebound point is reached.

The force of individual magnetic fields is also a factor, where merging several fields together can suddenly result because the fields around individual bodies are pushed together. This is an incidental occurrence based on position in space and the effect of the charged and sweeping tail which is often the join for such gravity field merging. These magnetic field joins and disconnects are ongoing, and variable. In the midst of this, the Earth will experience a blending of the seasons. This is already in process.

Optimally this should result in warmer Winters and cooler Summers, but in that the atmosphere will be roiling about, this will also result in more storms, hurricanes and tornadoes appearing where not normally expected, and sudden and unpredictable tides. In addition to the undeniable signs in the skies lately that Nibiru is upon the Earth, these are warning signs that the common man needs to move to safe locations and prepare to be self-sufficient.  Ignore the media lies and attempts to silence the truth, and prepare.

Another example of how past Crop Circle designs are proving to have relevance is this recent photo of the Nibiru Complex capture on May 1 in Sarasota, Florida compared to a design laid in 2010.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/31/2021: A Crop Circle diagram comes to life! The Double Helix was captured on film in 2003 when Nibiru arrived, and now is back in view. This is another example that demonstrates the validity and significance of Crop Circle designs.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/31/2010: If the Anchor crop circle was showing the Nibiru complex as it retreats, White Horse is showing it as it approaches. The minor Moon Swirls that composed the tail of the Anchor are very distant and hardly visible. The two main Moon Swirls will be seen on either side, flaring back. And the crowding of magnetic particles in front of Nibiru as it points its N Pole toward the Earth is shown, so that Nibiru itself is almost repulsed by this crowding, pushed back in this cloud of magnetons, so is moving slowly!

2026 Date

Since the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, the Zetas have refused to name the projected date of the Pole Shift. Their answer has always been that with a date certain, those who would harm the innocent and  take advantage of the weak would have time to plot and entrap. Debt slavery has certainly already been promoted. Can slave or work camps be far behind?

Previously, only vague statements about the date have been made. Jesus said none shall know the date of his return. The Zetas have only provided a sequence of events as they did during their 7 of 10 Plate Movements and Last Weeks details. The Hadiths in their 40 Days prophecy are vague, subject to interpretation.

ZetaTalk Admission 2/28/2021: We, the Zetas, are asked almost daily when the hour of the Pole Shift will arrive, and always respond with the same admonition – the date is not to be known. This was an admonition Jesus gave too, that none shall know the date of his return. What then is to be made of a Buddhist Master’s text, stating in no uncertain terms the likely date of the Pole Shift as 2026? This was correct when written, almost a century ago, but the celestial clock has many forces to consider and the passage can speed up or slow down, depending upon many factors.

Why have the Zetas decided to commit to a date at this time, after decades of saying the date is not to be known? Per the Zetas, the major End Times battles have been won in favor of those in the Service-to-Other. The Pointy Head aliens formerly headquartered in Antarctica have left the Earth. Where cleanup still needs to be done, Moloch practices are being eradicated.  

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/31/2021: During the public life of ZetaTalk, which began in 1995, we have stated that the date of the Pole Shift was not to be known. This was because knowledge of the date would allow those in the Service-to-Self to take advantage of others. Debt slavery was already in process, and would increase. False promises would be made to provide safe locations, to promulgate slave or work camps. Withholding the date of the Pole Shift aligned with the intent of the elite to deny that Nibiru existed in any case, because they wanted the status quo to continue as long as possible.

What has changed that we at ZetaTalk are now confirming the Buddha’s warning? The End-Times battle between Good and Evil is being won! Where this battle is being waged behind the scenes, the clash of swords can be heard. The Pointy Heads in Antarctica who facilitated the Moloch child sacrifice ritual have left the Earth. The US Junta and the White Hat Alliance in many countries are wiping out this practice, with political and royalty leadership replaced by Doubles where necessary.

There is no longer a reason to withhold the date. The primary concern now is to fight the grip of the elite on the media. The public is not being told the truth. The wealthy are in control of the media, and they do not want to replace their wealth with bankruptcy when the public rebels against debt slavery and the status quo. This is all of course in the hands of man, so these last battles can move in many directions. Opportunity to help one’s fellow man abounds, and can only grow your soul to be more wise and massive.