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Issue 911, Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Putin’s Watch

During the Tucker interview with Putin there was a reference to a Q quote #2647 which said “follow the watch”. Putin took his watch off rather deliberately 17 seconds into the interview. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Thus the Q 2647 statement that “the clock is ticking” applies.

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What are the chances? At exactly :17 seconds into the interview, Putin takes off his black leather-band WATCH and places it on the table, next to a PEN. A very odd thing to do and even more odd that they changed camera angles to show it, rather than edit it out.  Q Drop 2647 has an image of a black leather band watch and a pen. It says: The Clock is Ticking FOLLOW THE WATCH. Unbelievable. Vladimir Putin just gave us comms. Follow the watch > Putin has the goods > time is running out.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/10/2024: As we stated on the morning the Interview was to occur, the big bomb being recorded is the truth about Nibiru – that is exists, has come into the inner Solar System, and is the factor causing the increase in quakes and volcanic eruptions as well as the wobble weather. Russia of course has proof, as does the Junta. Concerned that the common man is not being informed so they can prepare and take steps for their survival Putin has threatened to announce the presence of Nibiru from Russia unless the Junta promptly does this. The original of Tucker’s interview is being held in Moscow, for safe keeping.

Does the watch displayed on Q drop 2647 have meaning? It is set at 3:14. This implies that the Junta has mere weeks to comply before Tucker and Putin act. In that the New Madrid is poised to Rupture, with Martial Law imposed everywhere in the western world as a result, this is likely to occur by 3/14/2024. But matters in the hands of man are unpredictable because mankind has free will. Nevertheless, it is a clear signal that the clock is ticking on some matter, and this interview has always been about Nibiru.

Putin has been pushing for an admission by the Junta that Nibiru exists, so that the world can start preparing the populace on survival steps they could and should take. What complicates this Nibiru announcement is the fear of riots, and western bankers fears that their mortgages will go unpaid and thus bank failure will result. The issue of who is in the White House is also not a settled issue, with the US and much of the world being shown a Movie wherein Doubles have replaced those taken to Gitmo to be prosecuted for treason.

But could there be more? It was rumored that then President Truman issued an Executive Order during Roswell, now secret, that the subject of the alien presence should remain classified. Truman then established MJ12, which to this date remains a secret. The entire Roswell record is to this date classified. If the US Military learned from the aliens at Roswell that Nibiru was to return, and was responsible for catastrophes every 3,600 years on Earth during its periodic passages, might the whole subject of Nibiru be classified too?

Truman, Eisenhower and the Endless Pursuit of UFOs
Truman appears to dismiss a question about flying saucers. “Oh yes, we discussed it at every conference that we had with the military and they never A reporter asked Truman if he had seen any flying saucers. “Only in the newspapers,” Truman said. That December the U. S. Air Force began collecting and evaluating facts related to unidentified flying objects. Between 1947 and 1969, according to the National Archives, more than 12,000 sightings were reported to the program, entitled “Project Blue Book,” headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.
Majestic 12
Majestic 12 is a purported organization that appears in UFO conspiracy theories. The organization is claimed to be the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft.

Despite many countries releasing their UFO files the US has been reluctant to do so. Perhaps President Trump needs to be reinstated so he can reverse the Truman Executive Orders. Meanwhile the alien presence is treated like a joke, as this recent video by Martin Scorsese released during the Super Bowl coverage shows.

Trump Claims he was Briefed on UFOs
September 6, 2023
Trump is not the first president to admit to seeking information on UFOs. Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have all admitted to getting briefed on the subject. Clinton even admitted to sending aides to search Area 51. President Jimmy Carter, who also had his own UFO encounter, also said he was briefed on UFOs, reversing a campaign promise to release documents on the subject. None of the former presidents, however, have disclosed what they might have been told about the unexplained phenomena in the skies.

Then on February 14 a “National Security Threat” hit the news when it was disclosed that the SCIF, the secure room in the basement of the Capitol, was being used to brief Congress on a threat from space that had something to do with Russia. Putin’s threat to announce Nibiru nearby is that – space, Russia, taking out satellites, and National Security – but the Biden Administration is still not telling the public the truth.

House Intel Chair Warns of 'serious National Security Threat' ahead of Planned White House Briefing
February 14, 2024
On Wednesday afternoon, House members began trickling in and out of the highly secure room in the basement of the Capitol, known as the SCIF, where the most sensitive, classified information is shared with lawmakers."
House Intel Chairman Announces ‘serious National Security Threat,’ sources say it is related to Russia
February 14, 2024
House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner has made intelligence around a “serious national security threat” available to all members of Congress to review. Two sources familiar with the matter and a US official tell CNN the threat is related to Russia.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/14/2024: What threat to National Security would require declassifying documents? This can only be the threat to disclose Nibiru that Putin has issued, with a timeline to do so or Russia will provide proof that Nibiru exists and is approaching. How is the US to respond when they clearly have this info in hand, with proof. Will they accuse Putin of lying, impose Martial Law to prevent riots, or Days of Darkness to limit social media access? This is, as they say, in play and as we say, in the hands of man.

Russia National Security Threat: Everything We Know About Space Rumors
February 15, 2024
Few details are known about the exact nature of the threat, but it is understood to relate to Russia developing new capabilities in space to target satellites using nuclear technology.

Signs in the Sky

We are having signs in the skies these days, and they seem to be multiplying. Hole punch clouds are nothing new, per the Pole Shift ning blog dedicated to these sightings. Per the Zetas, these holes are due to a Mothership in the clouds taking off, thus leaving a hole in the clouds.

Now we have multiple hole punch clouds, along with bright lights seen exiting the holes. What could this mean? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/12/2024: We have explained that the cloud hole is the result of a Mothership leaving the cloud. The Mothership disappears, while the hole in the cloud lingers. This is the first time the camera caught the moment when the Mothership left. In this capture we see the circle of the cloud hole and the exiting Mothership within the hole. We also see the same process for two smaller ships that have accompanied the Mothership, leaving a smaller cloud hole to the right and left of the larger.

Seeing a Second Sun during sunrise or sunset has been a phenomenon for several years, as the light coming up over the horizon is primarily in the red light spectrum and bends easily along the horizon. Thus the light from Nibiru can be seen as well as the light from the Sun.

Now we seem to have multiple instances of the Second Sun, not just two but 4 in the sky at once. The Zetas once again explain.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/12/2024: The Sun can reflect off clouds, bouncing back and forth such that a reflection of a reflection can appear in different places. When this happens the cloud cover that covers the reflection of a reflection will have a different appearance depending upon the cloud density during this process. Does Nibiru have a role in this process? Such dual reflections can occur with Nibiru too, adding to the confusion the public has as the Nibiru Complex becomes more visible.

In the past, during Solar Max, there would be occasion when a CME in the process of ballooning out seemed to take the shape of a dark orb, and it was suspected that the orb might be Nibiru, caught in the light of the erupting CME. But in prior cases when the CME took the shape of a balloon as it expanded, the center of the balloon would move during this expansion. Thus disproving that any dark orb might be Nibiru.

But on February 11, 2024 during a CME the balloon expansion was seen curled around a large dark and dense object, which was located at the place where Nibiru could be expected. Once again, the signs in the skies have become more definite and obvious and in some cases, are coming in multiples!

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/12/2024: CME’s take the shape of a balloon upon a blowout, then rapidly dissipate. They have often been suspected of displaying Nibiru when the curl of the blowout allows the dark sky to return in the center of the balloon, but the blowout CME can indeed highlight Nibiru. The CME blowout is close to the Sun, the dense Nibiru between the Sun and Earth, and it is astonishingly visible. What occurred on February 11, in the COR2 image is an example. Clearly the CME blowout is no longer seen as a balloon, curling around Nibiru, but already dissipated. And Nibiru is round and dense and in the correct place.

And as though to put a punctuation mark on Putin’s threat to reveal Nibiru, it was stunningly revealed in the skies of Turkey on February 15. A video capture shows Nibiru and its two Dominant Moons forming the Double Helix, along with various minor moons. Is this the Council of Worlds giving this reveal a push? They feel the cover-up over Nibiru should end, and the common man should be informed. There have been other stunning images of Nibiru such as from Israel in 2022 and from Siberia in 2023, but they are rare. Perhaps this time it was to counter the egregious lies foisted by CNN.

Exclusive: Russia Attempting to Develop Nuclear Space Weapon to Destroy Satellites with Massive Energy Wave
February 16, 2024
Russia is trying to develop a nuclear space weapon that would destroy satellites by creating a massive energy wave when detonated, potentially crippling a vast swath of the commercial and government satellites that the world below depends on to talk on cell phones, pay bills, and surf the internet, according to three sources familiar with US intelligence about the weapon.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/16/2024: This video capture of Nibiru and its Dominant Moons along with minor moons in the Helix is a view that will become more common now so that the public will understand the truth in Putin’s reveals likely to emerge shortly. The coverup over Nibiru is being challenged by NASA and the Biden Administration who are issuing lies about the National Security threat under discussion in secret SCIF meetings with Congress. Leaks at that time implied the threat involved Russia and space and loss of satellites and potentially nukes, which fits the lies now being pushed but also fits the Nibiru narrative. Putin has engaged the US in discussions about how to protect the Earth from the large debris that will accompany Nibiru during its passage, in the manner they used to protect Chelyabinsk.

Africa Roll Crunch

The Africa Roll is in process and as predicted is producing plate bumping as it rolls East and slams into the Sinai and Saudi Plate and scrapes down the Red Sea.

Quakes range across this region, so disasters like the Turkey Gold Mine collapse and Iran gas pipeline explosion occur.

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Turkey: There was a collapse at the Copler (Anagold Mining) gold mine in Iliç district, Erzincan province A massive landslide has left numerous workers buried underground.  Search & rescue efforts have begun.

Iran Condemns ‘Terrorist’ Attack on Gas Pipelines
February 14, 2024
An Iranian government official has blamed “terrorism and sabotage” for twin explosions on gas pipelines overnight. An Iranian government official has blamed “terrorism and sabotage” for twin explosions on gas pipelines overnight.
Shadow of Ezra
A significant explosion occurred on a gas pipeline between the cities of Shahrekord and Borujen in Iran. The explosion and its aftermath were so substantial that they were visible from a distance of 30 miles. The affected section of the pipeline serves as a crucial conduit for transporting natural gas from Persian Gulf refineries to major cities such as Tehran, Esfahan, and Qom.
Blast Rocks Iran’s key Gas Pipeline
February 14, 2024
The explosion erupted in the early hours of Wednesday near the city of Borujen, some 64km (39 miles) south of the provincial capital of Shahr-e Kord.

ZetaTalk Nexus 2/14/2024: We have often described the Africa Roll as “scraping” down along the Red Sea and pushing against the Saudi Plate such that Saudi Arabia waggles during this process. What do you suppose happens to the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf during this process? Gas pipelines of course will detach and rip apart. And what happened just a few years ago in Turkey when they had a rash of major quakes, which we the Zetas had predicted would occur. No need to start World War III over these matters as they are the geological changes we predicted.