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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 10, 2012

A photo from the Mars Rover
shows mice on Mars! Published on Oct 25, 2012 this video publicizes that fact.

Is this a living rodent on Mars? It is indeed, as the outline of the head and shoulder, placement of the eye and ear, and shadows under the cheeks and beneath the body show. If Mars itself only evolved to the level of moss and bugs, worms in the soil, how and when did these rodents arrive? We have recently confirmed the skeletal head of a sheep on the Mar’s landscape, brought to Mars by the Annunaki so they could have meat during their long stay between passages of their home planet, Nibiru (aka Planet X). Though their herds were expected to graze, they brought grain and nuts and dried fruits, which invariably have rodents if only tiny and young. Rodents can live on moss and bugs and worms, which are good protein, and are very adaptable, and live there still!

Today, Nov 6, 16 major US internet hubs are down. I work in a computer lab and a lot of people have been complaining all day about the internet being slow and unresponsive. As well as people complaining in a couple of forums that I saw. What’s the cause? Does it have anything to do with the Puppet Master, the Zetas and preventing voter fraud? Here’s a link, but it’s not a static list, so the information will change eventually. [and from another] Some network transport protocols such as TCP provide for reliable delivery of packets. In the event of packet loss, the receiver asks for retransmission or the sender automatically resends any segments that have not been acknowledged. Although TCP can recover from packet loss, retransmitting missing packets causes the throughput of the connection to decrease. This drop in throughput is due to the sliding window protocols used for acknowledgment of received packets. In certain variants of TCP, if a transmitted packet is lost, it will be re-sent along with every packet that had been sent after it. This retransmission causes the overall throughput of the connection to drop.

The Internet functions at the level it does because there are many routes for a packet to travel, so that if one route fails, another is tried. Then the packets are pieced together on the receiving end. The Internet  also repeats a send if a packet is damaged or not received. There is a conversation going on where the sending site anticipates a return receipt, and it if does not get it, retries. Clearly, as electromagnetic surge and brownout occurs during wafting of the charged tail of Planet X, Internet traffic from Earth to satellite and back again can experience damaged packets. Earthbound electronics can also falter or be glitched. If static occurs on phone lines or via satellite cable TV, Internet packets can be damaged. The Earth wobble also affects traffic, as satellites will not be where expected periodically, requiring a search to align with the satellite repeatedly during the day.

The overall effect of this interference is to slow down traffic, as lost or damaged packets need to be resent, repeatedly. If there are missing packets at the receiving end, sometimes the whole conversation needs to be re-instituted. This situation will only get worse, as satellite failure is also a factor. We have predicted increasing satellite failure from electromagnetic blasts, whereby a satellite is damaged to the extent it is taken out of service. This has already been a factor, though not discussed in the media due to the cover-up over the presence of Planet X. Will Internet traffic be restricted if slowdowns become onerous? Certainly streaming movies would be the first to go!

What about the incident of Shaitan Mazar on August 28, 1991. By the end of September 1991, rumors began to be spread about a large object which had crashed into the mountains of Shaitan Mazar. The Shaitan Mazar is located in the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan near the border of China. «Shaitan Mazar»  is means «The Devil's Tomb». ?an the Zetas comment please? [and from another] An extremely large object approximately 600 meters long, and 110 meters in diameter appeared over the Caspian Sea.  Two MIG 29 fighters were diverted from a routine mission, and two others were scrambled from the peninsula. When they reached visual range, they were shocked to see a gigantic, elongated, metallic gray object. As the MIGs closed in on the craft, the pilots noticed two port holes toward the front of the object, and green symbols composed of a language unknown to any of the Russian pilots. As the pilots squeezed their triggers there was no response from their controls! None of the electrical system worked. The cockpit controls were dead, and then the engines began to sputter. The object began to pull away from the MIGs. Approximately 45 minutes after the sudden appearance of the UFO, it simply vanished from radar screens. [and from another] At least one group would succeed, and bring back the invaluable evidence they sought; evidence that an alien spacecraft had crashed into the Tien Shan Mountains. The group was well trained and ready to make the journey to the crash site in June of 1992. The immense object had come to rest on a plateau and in the process had broken into two pieces. At the distance of 1,000 meters, delicate electronic instruments malfunctioned. The group could feel electricity around them, like humid, thick air. The electromagnetic field of the UFO was so intense that all compass needles were drawn directly to the object, while other types of measuring instruments simply went dead. The researchers could now determine that the craft, after hitting the cliffs above them had skidded on its belly for a distance of 5,000 feet before coming to rest. The nose was dented from the impact, and the mid section explosion had blown out the metallic cover, bending it outward. Unfortunately, the members of the expedition was not able to approach any closer than 800 meters before the energy field stopped them. No sign of alien bodies could be seen from their vantage point. The strange, green symbols were large enough to be studied, and they were copied exactly by Nikolay Subbotin. All agreed that the symbols did not represent any known language, but they confirmed without a doubt that this craft was one and the same as the four MIG jets had chased. Some of the crew members received radiation burns at a distance of 800 meters. Video tape was also ruined. Only a few months after the second expedition had ended, plans were already underway for a triumphant third journey to the crash site. They did make the site, but the UFO was gone.

With an abundance of official documentation, this UFO incident can hardly be dubbed a hoax. Where UFOs are not known to crash, accidents do happen. The exceptions are the famous Roswell case, and the Brazilian Roswell crashes, where benign aliens were trying to make contact with the military of the region. It should be noted that the crashed ship had symbols on the exterior of the ship, a certain sign that this was not a ship of those in the Service-to-Other, who do not need to communicate via lettering as they use telepathy as the mode. This thus dubs it to be a ship of aliens in the Service-to-Self, who are, as we have stated, more clumsy with technology as they are not, frankly, interested in what the other is doing or thinking or noticing, being focused on the self by preference.

The visitors use manipulation of gravity and magnetism to hover, as we have stated, and thus crashed the housing was cracked and control over the flood of sub atomic gravitons and magnetons and electrons was lost. This control was lost even before the crash, as noted by the Russian MIGs who were chasing the ship. Their electrical equipment became overwhelmed and shut down. In that the Element of Doubt prevailed in this instance, the Service-to-Self aliens responsible for this mess were required to quickly clean it up, so no trace now exists. Rumors of crashed ships to the contrary, the establishment does not possess them. 

Is this yet another soul making a spiritual decision or a possession? and Also I keep seeing reports of people starting to shoot (even in public transportation) at slightest provocation. Tension increasing, going into end times? [and from another] Ex-girlfriend Anya Kaznikova, 26, witnessed part of his sickening killing spree but was not wounded during the attack, it was reported, contradicting earlier reports in the Russian media that she had been shot. All the dead victims were shot in the head at a Moscow pharmacy company where he worked. Among his victims were her finance department colleagues who, he claimed, advised her to end their relationship. A former World Wildlife Foundation volunteer who saved seagulls from an oil slick in 2010, he was finally overpowered by workers and security men after he ran out of bullets. Police sources claimed the motive for his killing spree was being spurned by Ms Kaznikova, but his sinister manifesto, posted at 4.56am, drew immediate comparisons with Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik, who shot dead 69 people at a camp last year. 

There are many reasons that people experiencing loss go into a homicidal or suicidal rage. Job loss, such as getting fired or laid off, can result in a rage against those deemed responsible. Loss of a spouse or access to regular sex and a strong bond with offspring can bring rage if one is served with divorce papers. Competition in sports or business, where a competitor has the advantage but the loser cannot accept the outcome can result in a revenge attack. Homeowners are known to feel rage at bankers during foreclosures, and during the Great Depression, famers losing the family farm were known to go into banks and simply gun down the bankers deemed responsible.

If cases of possession are on the increase, rampages due to rage over loss are also on the increase. Possession is where an individual allows high level Service-to-Self spirits to share or take over the body. A rage over loss is the bodies fight or flight mechanism triggered by circumstances seemingly outside of one’s control. How does one determine the difference?  The Miami Zombie attacked a stranger, eating his face. The Denver Batman rampage was likewise done against strangers in a movie theatre. Lifelong motives such as being a member of a hate group, such as the Milwaukee Sikh massacre, are not possession, as the perpetrator expected to escape discovery and arrest.

Where there is a personal connection between the perpetrator and the victims, this is likely not possession, though such incidents are likely to be on the increase as the Earth changes increase homelessness, starvation, insanity, and illness. We have stated that the human animal will react with rage during the hour of the Pole Shift, as though being attacked. We have advised that this rage be directed into activities immediately after the winds die down, so that fighting does not break out. We would also advise that directed activity be used to divert rage when the Earth changes produce loss, as this will be on the increase.