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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 11, 2014

I am adding a Q that I have gotten repeatedly, via email. Needs to be addressed as it is in the media too, web sites such as CNN, Yahoo, HuffPost, local news, and of course Crop Circle Connector. There were no field reports, thus no reports of grain nodes bent and still growing. The design was promptly plowed under by the owner.  Then Earth Files gives us the Morse Code and Braille readings. Have we ever had such coverage for a legitimate circle design? First time ever they give such coverage and it is for an obvious fraud. Good Glory!
[and from another]  Jim Gillott, of Chualar, said he saw extension ladders and a crew of 30 people in the field last week. "Every time I drove by I saw them walking around," Chualar resident Jake Gavin said. "It looked like they had little GPS's or something." [and from another]  Others, like Jeffrey Wilson of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association, insist the Salinas crop circle is a hoax. Wilson said the circle is similar to the work of, a professional crop circle-making group that has done work for the BBC, Nike, History Channel and others.  [and from another]   [1] This is a photograph of a complex geometric crop circle forming in the early morning hours, which was eye-witnessed by Art Rantalla on July 4, 2003. He reported seeing this crop circle swirl and form during the passage of a severe weather front passed through Dodge County, Wisc. The formation was evaluated by members of the ICCRA and found to have elongated growth nodes, expulsion cavities in the growth nodes, and other non-hoaxable effects. The next image shows another crop formation. [2] This is a photo of another complex geometric crop circle that was discovered Aug. 8, 2003, in the same county as the previous image, also investigated by members of the ICCRA. It tested positive for growth node elongation and had expulsion cavities in the growth nodes (both unhoaxable effects). [3] This is a close-up of an explusion cavity (a hole blown from the inside-out) resulting from the Dodge County, Wisc., crop formations of July 4 and Aug. 8, 2003.  [4] This is a close-up of anomalous twisted seed heads resulting from the Dodge County, Wisc., crop formations of July 4 and Aug. 8, 2003. (All courtesy of Jeffrey Wilson.)

As circle expert Jeffrey Wilson has noted, the Chualar design is a fraud, done by man. The real area of interest here is why major media sites chose to feature this fraud so heavily. CNN, Yahoo, and HuffPost all featured it on their websites as a front page item. A decade ago all crop circles were either ignored or announced by the media as hoaxes. Men claiming they created the designs with boards would be interviewed by the media, who would ignore evidence such as grain bent at the nodes, growing faster after the designs were laid than unaffected grain, and radiation readings from the site. Why the change now, and why was the significant design laid in Wisconsin in 2003 near Nancy’s home featured so obviously on HuffPost?

This is clearly related to the pending announcement admitting the near presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru. As we have mentioned repeatedly, there are two cover-ups expected to drop during the announcement – the cover-up over the pending passage of Nibiru, and the cover-up over the reality of the alien presence. The US has been pressed for years to disclose what they know about aliens, as they were the site of Roswell and are known to have alien bodies and crashed ships. The same group of former CIA/DIA members and wealthy individuals who were inducted into MJ12 at the time of Roswell are resisting this, just as they are resisting admissions about Nibiru.

In that NASA found it necessary to mention Nancy’s name in the past, warning the public not to listen to her, and did so repeatedly in 2009 and through to their Fall 2012 Hangout on the Mayan Calendar issues, she is expected to get media attention after the announcement proving that she had been correct all along. But it is more than this that will rocket Nancy into the spotlight. ZetaTalk correctly predicted the path Nibiru would take into the solar system in the years prior to 2003, and much of this will be included in the announcement. Where did this astonishing information come from, if not from we, the Zetas, as Nancy claims?

Major media editors have been told in the past to exclude any information that indicates the Sun or Moon out of place, with a Second Sun rising or setting. They have also been told to exclude details about crop circle formation, to give the impression that they have been man-made.  Now these editors are being coached on what to expect, told the National Security Directive by Reagan making these subjects forbidden had been lifted, and even requested to ease the shock the public is expected to experience when two, not one cover-up comes crashing down.  Thus Jeffrey Wilson, a long standing and well respected expert on circle origins, is quoted in the HuffPost article not only declaring the Chualar formation a fraud, but declaring in the slides that the 2003 Wisconsin formation was legitimate.

Who laid the Chualar formation, and what was their intent? There are several clues that this was intended to be a pre-announcement nudge to get the issue of the alien presence into the media. The land was privately owned, and the crop intended to be plowed under as mulch eventually. How convenient. The land sloped such that it could not be seen except on over-flight. How handy. Workmen with GPS units and ladders were even seen in the area days before the design was discovered. Legitimate circle makers do not use Earth languages or work in rectangles, yet the Chualar design includes Morse Code and Braille. The message “ET ISON STS” is clear – the hype about ISON was a Service-to-Self scheme to detract from the real presence near the Sun, Nibiru.

Local establishment policy - you say there are plans to relocate some population in an orderly fashion, which I can barely imagine, but why are they spurring the birth rate so much? Societal consolidation and the regime trying to play the good guys I can understand - to keep the country whole and obedient. But children take valuable time and resources before they can be utilized as labor and the budget heavily relies on harvesting raw materials, especially oil and gas, so could the tax base really be such a huge concern? Besides, the post-war baby boom generation should be dying off now. Life expectancy is not that high. Migrants from the less fortunate ex-USSR countries seem to be readily available and plentiful, probably breeding through ignorance and tradition alone. So why waste so much money on actual citizens? Is it a distraction to keep people busy, to show people the kings care; a cunning form of stimulating the economy? Won't it backfire in the end?

As Nancy has pointed out in her newsletters, the world, in the main, has a less than zero population growth among humans. All but Africa, essentially, is in that position. Russia is not the first country to try to spur population growth, seeing what the future will bring. Japan offers money to women who bear young, for instance, but has few takers on the offer. Countries that are not replacing their population risk having too few young to support the aged, or so they fear.  But why is Russia trying to spur its populace into reproducing  when the specter of the Pole Shift and Aftertime flooding are on the horizon?

What must be understood, when dealing with elite decisions, is that most of the elite do not adhere to our predictions on the coming Pole Shift. In great part this is due to their desire to see assets along the coastlines and in river bottom lands retain their worth, and to see workers willing to stay in those locations despite our flooding warnings. Denial takes many forms, and tends to lead in the direction of greatest comfort. If the doctor gives you a diagnosis of cancer, many patients, perhaps most to some degree, will convince themselves this is not true, or not serious. The new Russian campaign to encourage births in Russia is nothing more, thus, than a demographic concern. They are assuming that the status quo will continue!

Simultaneously, there are those among the Russian leadership, including Putin, who take our warnings serious, given our track record on accurate predictions. It should not be surprising that there is a parallel operation, where some in the government plod along assuming the status quo will continue, while others plan for flooding and migration. This type of duality is going on elsewhere too, in other countries and in most industries. This should not be surprising, as most endeavors require a number of backup plans, to adjust to the twists and turns that might be encountered. Government operations are no different, though they often seem slow to change and locked into a traditional path. Alternative plans are often secret, but exist none the less.

Sochi olympics - it's probably very profitable and great for stealing money off, but maybe there's more to it? All that infrastructure created just to be lost to the sloshing of the Black Sea? Or is the relative safety of Caucasus being seriously considered by some of the top brass?

Buildings are going up in Hong Kong and Miami and London, though they have flooding in their forecast. Elite homes in the Caribbean are being developed, and along the California coast and in the Mediterranean where sloshing oceans and seas will wipe them out. The degree to which the elite and the wealthy in the world simple do not believe the ZetaTalk predictions on the Pole Shift is astonishing, in that our accuracy on the arrival of Planet X in 2003 cannot be denied. But the passage did not occur in 2003, the 7 of 10 proceeding slower than predicted, and this and the fond hope among the elite that their status quo will not be changed prevail. Emotionally, they simple do not want to believe the worst.

There is a strange phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photos are taken yesterday. There is no comment what it is about as nobody knows. Maybe Zetas would comment. [and from another]  An unusual phenomenon in Duvanjsko end 01/06/2014. Our readers Papic Anna Marcella sent us these photos, taken, as we have learned today. We leave to your imagination to judge for yourself what kind of work occurs.

There are volcanoes in Bosnia, but not, apparently, in Dunvanjsko. In addition, the light along this hillside is not smoking, nor is lava pouring forth and flowing along the ground. This light is from heated ground, from the intense stretch that the entire region is experiencing. Heat from a stretch is very temporary, as it is in a delimited area and the heat exists only due to a temporary stretch. A volcano is heated from a vent connected to molten lava. Stretching rock does have friction. The booms and humming and singing ground indicate snapping and vibration from the release of rock connections. Where there is motion, there is friction.

I'd like to ask a SOHO image related question. I first saw this about a week and a half ago and it's now showing up big time! I posted about it in the SOHO blog. It's showing up again and so much more than when I saw it the first time! I searched around and don't find any answers about it. It's easier to see on the red LASCO C2 images but also shows on the blue LASCO C3 images too. The images also have a number of tail related artifacts in them as well. This time it started around 1/6/2014 around 8:00 image and is still currently on going in the latest image, currently 1/7/2014 at 22:02. Here are two direct links to two C2 images to compare:
[and from another] If you are talking about what looks like debris this was addressed back in 2003.  The debris picked up by SOHO is not debris at all but trillions of protons that are accompanying the class X solar flare that the sun has erupted towards us again yesterday today. SpaceWeather states: The many speckles are solar protons striking the coronagraph's CCD camera and it appears there is historical record of this. Not Planet X debris, but also not worse than in the recent past.

As can be seen from a similar example in October, 2003 and July 14, 2000 such speckles have occurred in the past. Solar protons, not debris, are causing what is interpreted by the public as meteors or debris. In that the ISON crowd does not want to let go of their corpse, they may claim this is debris in the tail of ISON, but it is a result of a recent solar flare, not fragments from a comet corpse.

I have heard some genuine people receiving messages and visions through their dreams on Youtube.  Some of their messages and visions are in line with ZetaTalk but some don't. For example, Zetas have told us that Obama is a Star Child and he is doing great things! However, some people are receiving visions and messages portraying Obama as evil or Satan or AntiChrist which doesn't make a lot of sense. My question is: Does false prophecies and cover-ups also happening in the spiritual world so that religious people are being deceived and consequently they are confused about what is going to happen regarding the end times? Can a person receive dreams and visions from both good and bad channels?
[and from another] Could the Zeta's comment about the classes being held in the Dream / Etheric state, for people, regarding information to help in the Aftertime? I have been helping to disseminate information, in a classroom setting, to people who are Dreaming, but are asking questions about what will happen, or what should they do Aftertime. Initially I was uneasy about helping until I realized the answers to the questions were always to help, and followed what was said on "Earth Changes and the Pole Shift". I initially found it tiring, from not getting much sleep myself, but seem to be able to help translate the information to "Human" thought processes and answer their questions under guidance. [and from another]  Lucid dreams can be realistic and vivid. It is shown that there are higher amounts of beta-1 frequency band (13–19 Hz) experienced by lucid dreamers, hence there is an increased amount of activity in the parietal lobes making lucid dreaming a conscious process.

We have explained that dreams are basically a sorting out of the day’s events, which have been stored in short term memory as the day progressed. Why do such dreams often seem so nonsensical? There is scant relationship to the original short term memory and ultimate long-term memory and the dream. Sorting out into long-term memory involves fixing connections to similar memories, and these connections are live so to speak during the sleep state. In addition, this process is not lineal, but involves thousands of memory routes simultaneously, which altogether can make a nonsensical noise.

How seriously should humans thus take their dreams, and if the dream state has been influenced by others, either via telepathy or information learned during a visitation, how to sort this out? Humans understand, intuitively, when they are having a significant dream that is more than sorting out and tucking away the day’s events. Such dreams are called lucid dreams, and often awaken the dreamer as for the conscious this is news, and as much a shock as a loud noise in the room. The Beta brain wave state is thus invoked. Normal dreams are sorting out events recorded both in the subconscious and conscious, but lucid dreams are either just arriving via telepathy or represent a recall from the subconscious which has not yet been recorded in the conscious.

Many contactees start their recall process during sleep, and thus intrigued try to pull more of the story into their conscious. During this, the contactee recognizes HIS involvement in the story, and the story seems very real as his subconscious mind indeed experienced it. The only shock is that aliens are present and the contactee has often been transported or floated. When they learn that others have had similar dreams, they are reassured. Highly telepathic humans can have lucid dreams inspired by connecting to the brain waves of others, who are likewise in the Alpha brain wave status, the brain wave that facilitates telepathy. The dreamer knows intuitively that these are not his memories, as the subconscious as well as the conscious finds this a shock, i.e. new information.   

Dream analysis is a time honored pastime, involving attempting to interpret one’s dreams for guidance. Contactees warned during visitations that their region will be subject to sudden flooding during the ocean sloshing of the Last Weeks or Pole Shift may have disturbing flood dreams repeatedly until they move to a safer location. Thus, such analysis has worth. Service-to-Other contactees who have been taken on rescue operations helping other humans during visitations may also have such recall. Likewise, those contactees who give the Call to the Service-to-Self will have recall about the slant of the conversation, reflecting the lies and attitudes of those visitors. It is the contactee’s responsibility to discern whom they have called.

What should be made of dreams posted on forums that reflect Obama as the Antichrist? First, since the dreamer is sorting out his day’s experiences, he should look to what website or reading material he takes into his brain. Does he belong to a church where the membership he mingles with is of this opinion? This would likewise be the case if the dream is sent via telepathy by a cohort or friend. Would a Service-to-Self visitation involve such information? In that Obama is trying to inform the world’s populace of the pending passage and reality of Nibiru in the inner solar system at the present time, such a campaign is possible. The Service-to-Self want humans left bereft, and feeling abandoned, not empowered with the truth. 

Can the Zetas please speak about the Massive UFO displays of similar sightings over the USA and around the world on New Years 2014?  Many News Media spoke of the displays and many reporters said calls were coming in by the hundreds asking what the hovering lights in the sky were. Cape Coral Florida news  Ashburn, VA USA news Sacramento CA news  Hollywood Hills CA eyewitness San Jose CA news  Northern CA and Northern NV news Oregon news  Houston TX eyewitness World wide same displays on New Years 2014 South Africa The Netherlands  Rome Italy Philippines  [and from another] Also in Germany, Bremen, city at northern coast of Germany a UFO, at 2013-Jan-6, monday evening, seen by many citizens and reported to and investigated by the police now:

The blitz of UFO sightings on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day was not so much astonishing in its appearance as it was astonishing in the media coverage that followed. Unlike the dramatic displays in the past, where dozens of UFOs in formation would be seen by, for instance, most of the residents of the state of Arizona in 1997, or the thousands of eclipse watchers in Mexico City in 1991, this media coverage was incited, in each case, by a single pulsing UFO. Obviously the real message here is the uptick in coverage, the admissions by the media that UFOs are a real phenomenon. Why the change?

As was noted during the Chualar Crop Circle coverage, issues formerly kept out of major media coverage are not hitting the front page. Editors who in the past were threatened with a job loss or worse if they gave coverage to subjects related to the alien presence are now being pressed to feature them. Understandably, many are still cautious, but when such subjects do not bring punishment, such a focus will be on the increase. Of course, there are still those whose hand was at the helm of the old cover-up over the alien presence who will try to influence this process, but this is literally a dying voice. Many, in this cover-up crowd, are dying of old age.

As anyone who has paid attention to what little earthquake monitoring the public is allowed to see, the weeks before and now after the Magnetic Trimester switch have seemed to allow an enormous amount of plate movement in such a short time frame; the major rolls of Africa and South America especially seemed to pick up.  My question is, has something changed in our position or reaction to Planet X?  Were these global UFO sightings tied to this major uptick in Earth Changes? [and from another] As a supplement to the UFO question, these mass sightings were followed by a media blitz attempting to suggest that UFO sightings are often earthquake lights that are precursors to seismic activity. UFO Sightings Could Be Earthquake Lights. Earthquake Lights May Explain UFO Sightings  [and from another]  January 3, 2014 Rumors of light emitted during earthquakes have been around for centuries and have sometimes sparked UFO reports. [and from another]  January 2, 2014 They've been mistaken for UFOs or dismissed as hallucinations. But geologists have collected a near-definitive list of the rare but fascinating phenomena known as earthquake lights. [and from another]  January 6, 2014 The mysterious "UFO lights" may occur at rifts, or nearly vertical faults as the crystalline structure of the magmatic stones, subjected to intense pressure, releases electrical energy, according to a study published Saturday in the journal Seismological Research Letters. Mysterious "UFO lights", known as "ground lights" or "earthquake lights", sometimes appear before or during earthquakes and take a number of forms, including spheres of light orbs floating through air. Some have confused the globular luminous air masses with UFOs. [and from another]  Water expands when it freezes and when it expands in frozen soil it literally puts a lot of stress on that dirt and will release that energy all of a sudden, very much like an earthquake releases that energy and shifts the ground.

Frantic to explain and counter the New Year’s Eve UFO blitz that got international coverage in the media, the cover-up crowd hoping to forestall and discredit the truth about the alien presence trotted forth yet another cover story. It’s all earthquake lights, from compressed rock. There are significant differences between earthquake lights and the traditional UFO display. Earthquake lights are a glow, close to the ground, and in extremely rare cases would result in ball lightning. Here the ball lightning would likewise remain close to the ground. UFO displays are high in the sky, involve multiple orbs, pulsing, moving about at rapid speeds and in formation with each other, and at times take other forms such as a large mothership or projected holographic visions. No comparison. The cover-up crowd loses, again.

Frantic attempts to maintain the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X are also apparent. The 7 of 10 plate movements have been slowed and softened by the humming metal boxes placed under the direction of the Council of Worlds along the Earth’s fault lines. Plate movement has been allowed to happen more slowly, though perceptibly, by this, although the ultimate timeline to the Pole Shift has not changed. Earthquakes of late have notably picked up steam, especially during the December Magnetic Trimester, a traditionally active time. This is also due to a slight lifting of the restrictions, so that the 7 of 10 plate movements can catch up, though extreme results such as the European tsunami will not be allowed.

The cover-up crowd is reaching for any excuses they can throw out to explain the Earth changes caused by Planet X. The Earth wobble has gotten more obvious, the Sun out of place and the weather wobbles following. The earthquake increase has been denied by reducing the magnitude of quakes and purging the quake databases, but even with these maneuvers the increase is statistically obvious. Fracking has been blamed for earthquakes,  and now the Winter temps are to blame for the booming of breaking rock around Toronto, along the spreading seaway. Will these excuses fall away after the announcement? Expect them to increase, as the cover-up crowd will become like a cornered animal, more vicious and extreme.