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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 15, 2014

Although I can't see Polaris from Down Under this article caught my attention. Whilst they say the light from Polaris takes around 400 years to get here, it may well be an occurrence that happened long ago, a natural cycle due to our galaxies orbit, or could it possibly be related to PX. Do the Zeta's think this is totally unrelated to the changes being caused by the presence of PX in our skies? [and from another] The mystery of the North Star: Astronomers baffled to find Polaris is getting brighter  Astronomers have discovered that Polaris, the North Star, is getting brighter. They say the star has suddenly reversed two decades of dimming. It is expanding at more than 100 times the rate they expected - and nobody is sure why. Engle and his team began to research the star around the beginning of 2000, when they found that the dropping brightness was on the rise again. We started photometrically monitoring Polaris in 1999 and discovered that the amplitude of pulsations had reached a minimum and was now, in fact, growing again. It was while gathering historic photometry for the amplitude study that we noticed the published magnitudes of Polaris were systematically fainter, the further back in time the data went.

As Planet X approached the solar system, arriving in very early 2003, it approached from the Southern Hemisphere, from the direction of the constellation Orion. Thus, as it was approaching the Sun’s magnetic S Pole, it aligned by pointing its magnetic N Pole at the Sun. Thus the Earth, and the entire solar system, was bathed by additional magnetic and other particle flows, hosed out from the N Pole of Planet X, in the years just ahead of 2003 and after its arrival. At the current time, Planet X has spun around to once again point its magnetic N Pole toward the Earth, the prime cause of the Earth wobble.

When Earth based telescopes or nearby sky-based telescopes such as the Hubble look toward Polaris, they are viewing Polaris through a fog of particles that may be clustered there because of the influence of Planet X. We have often stated that magnetic fields, such as the Sun’s magnetic field, range much further than mankind assumes. Planet X has long entangled the Earth in its magnetic field, and both planets have both been entangled in the Sun’s field during this time also. Light rays are easily bent, distorted or diffracted, and Polaris being dead north of the Earth, and approximately north of where Planet X is hosing particles, has a double dose of diffraction. The star is unchanged. The fog mankind must peer through has.

Masuzoe projected to become next Tokyo governor. Former health minister Yoichi Masuzoe is set to become the next governor of Tokyo. Former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi, Hosokawa persist NO nuclear power station, but they not win! How do Zeta think?

The people of Tokyo had an opportunity to voice their concerns about nuclear pollution, and chose their current lifestyle. Polls show that the public wants to avoid nuclear power plant disasters, and are willing to close all such plants down. But when it affects their immediate lifestyle, their ability to get cheap electricity or be faced with the potential expense imposed on taxpayers of disposing of nuclear residue from closed plants, the choice is different. Personal excuses are made, where the voter decides to wait until less draconian moves will be required. The problem perhaps will be magically fixed, all the while supporting the comfortable lifestyle those in Tokyo now enjoy. It is human denial, and avoidance, at play. 

Is there more to the fact that Russian government spent 50 billion for the Olympics? Has most of the money been used for preparation for the coming changes? 2 Billion is what was spent on the last winter Olympics, 50 sounds way too much! Also, has the location for the Olympic been chosen for it safe zone? [and from another]  As of Jan. 1, 2013, Russia had already spent nearly 1.136 trillion roubles ($37.85 billion), Kozak told reporters following a meeting of the state commission on Sochi in the government headquarters in Moscow. "Of that sum, 737 billion roubles ($24.55 billion) had come from private investors and the rest from the federal budget. The total expenditure will be 1.526 trillion roubles ($51.08 billion). The latest figure is almost five time more than the original estimate, which was done shortly after the Black Sea resort was awarded the 2014 Games in July 2007 as Sochi needed to build most of the sports venues and infrastructure from scratch.

Sochi as a location will not be flooded in the Aftertime, and is on the edge of a tract of land that will likewise be above the waves. As can be noted on Nancy’s Aftertime flooding map, it joins with high land running all the way to China and Russia’s far east. One could likewise travel by foot down through Arabia, and hop over to the high lands of Africa likewise. The vast majority of the Sochi funds came from private investors, who have their eyes on more than a passing Winter Olympics. They anticipate more than housing the elite. They anticipate extracting compensation from drowning Russians who must pass through Sochi on their way to safe locations. This will be a Russian stronghold, of the Russian elite, in the future. 

My question: As the timing of this attack seems quite suspicious just weeks before the announcement, my question is if this is somehow related to it or another case of false flag. Is there any elite’s plan for us related to internet’s attack for the following weeks? [and from another]  A massive DDoS attack hit EU- and US-based servers, with security companies reporting it to be even more powerful than last year’s Spamhaus attacks. While the method of the attack was not new, CloudFlare warned there are “ugly things to come.” What makes the recent attacks worse is the so-called “spoofing” of IP addresses of attackers, making it look as if the victim is actually generating those spam requests. The number of trash requests also skyrockets by “large” replies thrown back at the target from a number of servers “compromised” in the attack. For this reason, such tactics are often referred to as a “reflection and amplification” attack. Back in January, the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued a warning about such NTP amplification attacks after a number of prominent gaming services were brought down by them in December, including Steam, League of Legends and While CloudFlare in its warning urged server administrators to patch and upgrade their NTP servers to solve the issue, it appears that few have since bothered to carry out these security measures. [and from another] As a user I can confirm the effects of this attack for Europe. It took place Monday and Tuesday [Feb 3-4] morning for several hours. Internet was not accessible or with disruptions - DNA servers not accessible for web sites in the US and Europe (eg Google, YouTube and other media/info sites) Tuesday morning totally down for about 4 hrs.

Where the goals of DDOS attacks have not changed, the methods have. The intent is to cripple a website or a network by an overwhelming amount of traffic, slowing the response to a crawl and thus essentially shutting it down. Recommendations to improve the technological defenses against such attacks have been avoided, in the main, due to expense. And like a gauntlet thrown down between contestants, the push to implement these defenses have resulted in more robust attacks. Other networks are being conscripted into battle, into the attack.

The battle is now no longer between two parties, one throwing transaction and the other defending. The battle now involves commandeered networks working on behalf of the attack, what is called a “reflection and amplification” attack. The draconian outage experienced recently in the US and Europe will likely force Internet providers to implement the expensive defenses they have been avoiding, as to do otherwise cripples all participants during the attacks. Like an army on the move, the landscape around the target is laid waste.

Will such attacks be used in the future by the establishment to prevent information from going “viral”, spreading around the world via the Internet when blocking the media is not sufficient? We have repeatedly been asked if the Internet will be taken down, eventually, during some sort of global martial law maneuver. Our answer has been that the Internet is used so extensively by business and governments that this would cripple commerce and government functions. Social media is attacked at the source, by government decree if need be, to avoid a total shutdown. Our predictions have not changed.

In the forest of California, there's a rooted legend that has gone for generations, beings that seem to have no arms, no body but they have a head and long legs, tend to walk through the forests at night. No one has been able to discredit them and the locals called them "Night Walkers / Crawlers". Would the zetas like to comment if these magical creatures are real? Aliens? Tree People? The protector of the forest/land?   [and from another] November, 2007 in Fresno, California (near Yosemite).  The clip, below, depicts a very thin upright creature with some type of cape which covers them slowly walk across the back yard, in front of the security camera.  Watch it — several times — and see what you think it could be.  [and from another] March 28, 2011 in Yosemite, California.

We predicted at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that conscious sightings of aliens would occur, eventually leading to capture on video. This occurred in Nebraska in 2003, a father capturing a blinking alien peeking in the window when he was seeking to discover his daughter’s peeping Tom. Conscious contact has occurred elsewhere around the world also, such as during the Brazilian Roswell in 1996 and in Voronezh, Russia in 1989. The Skinny Bob video, provided by MJ12 recently, is another such valid video capture.  

The aliens called NightWalkers have been known to the native of California, the American Indians, for generations. They had conscious contact with them before the rule restricting conscious contact was imposed by the Council of Worlds. The NightWalkers are resident aliens in the Service-to-Other orientation, who prefer to remain in 3rd density for the many visitations they perform. They have allowed themselves to be captured on film, an undeniably alien form for Earth, to assist the Awakening. Their long legs facilitated travel on their native planet, which was awash in swamps.

More NASA footage of UFO docked at International Space Station. - Feb 6, 2014 Is there a story here for everyone (if it's real)? [and from another]  On January 29, 2014 the live camera feed of the International Space Station (ISS) showed what appeared to be a strange yellow elliptical object docked with the hull of the ISS. The live camera feed was quickly recorded and uploaded to YouTube, and is generating much interest as possible evidence of a UFO interacting with the ISS.

Although the live feed was killed within a minute, what is available for the public to analyze does not support a UFO theory. It is a leak, with brown liquid flowing away from the ISS in an irregular shaped cloud and flowing up over the chassis. This is hardly the shape or behavior of a UFO. Why was the feed cut? Trouble on the ISS is being reported with increasing frequency, and NASA is trying to forestall yet more gossip. The admission on the nearby presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, has not yet occurred, so they struggle to explain the increased debris causing damage to the ISS. Following the announcement, there will be more honesty about these matters.

The following anomaly (small maroon area on the left) appeared briefly yesterday on BATSRUS.  These images were recorded within approximately 30 seconds. I originally dismissed it as a computer modeling error. I believe the color code scale at the lower right of each image represents a normalized numerical value for particle density in the solar wind (i.e., plasma sheet number density) where the deep blue color at the bottom of the scale represents low particle density and the red at the top of the scale represents high particle density. Any red shading has always appeared in front of the bowshock and is indicative of particle crowding resulting from high velocity particle impacts to the magnetosphere. The below image was recorded nearly a year ago. For the blood red shading to appear far behind the bowshock, regions where the magnetosphere usually consists of the lowest particle density, suggests either a modeling error (maybe the density dropped below a design parameter) or a sudden influx of high density particles. I think it’s the former, but this was weird. [and from another]  The greater visibility of the Planet X complex and increased wobble during the 8 of 10 phase occur because Planet X draws closer, coming from the right in it’s retrograde orbit, and as it does the Earth pushes to the left as far as possible. Thus the planets are more side by side than previously, and light can be at the right angle to bounce off the vast dust cloud shrouding Planet X, creating those dramatic Second Sun sightings.

One aspect of the 8 of 10 phase is increased visibility of the Planet X corpus. As Planet X proceeds to sling past the Sun, outbound in a retrograde orbit, it comes closer to the Earth. The Earth is trapped in the particle flow backwash, in the cup with Venus and the Dark Twin, and is squeezed back into the August position in her orbit. She cannot back up any further in her orbit as the particle flow from the Sun, washing around both sides of Planet X, has her trapped in the eddy flow. But to relieve the crowding, the Earth moves as far to the left as possible, away from Planet X which is approaching from the right.

This maneuver places Planet X more to the right in the field of view from Earth from the Northern Hemisphere. This angle supports more brilliant Second Sun sightings, and also changes the nature of the Earth wobble. When Planet X is positioned more between the Earth and the Sun, it is pushing the Earth’s magnetic N Pole away from the Sun on a daily basis. The Earth resists this, wanting to remain in alignment with the Sun. But when Planet X is positioned more to the side of the Earth, the push away of the Earth’s magnetic N Pole is a push to the left, for a slight or temporary lean to the left. This is an easier magnetic alignment for the Earth, accommodating both the Sun and Planet X.

The blast from the side does more than give the Earth a more violent wobble, it also tends to point the hose of magnetic particles coming from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X out into space behind the Earth, rather than directly at the Earth as had been increasingly occurring. From the standpoint of BATSRUS satellite analysis, any blast from Planet X was interpreted to be a blast from the Sun, a stronger solar wind. Thus BATSRUS is not programmed to interpret a magnetic blast coming from the side, and flounders. The purple cone is thus an attempt by BATSRUS to model the magnetic blast, registering this behind the Sun rather than at the blowshock location.