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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 21, 2014

Was this caused by the military exercise or is something else going on? [and from another]  An air-safety investigation has been launched after 13 planes flying over Europe disappeared from radar screens in two "unprecedented" blackouts. The aircraft went missing from screens across the region in early June, leaving air traffic controllers with no information about their position, direction and height – instead relying on voice communication alone. Air traffic control centres in Austria, southern Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia all reported the same problem with each period of interference lasting around 25 minutes but varying from flight to flight.  In the June 5 incident, 10 aircraft disappeared from radar screens while on June 10, a further three went missing.  So far experts are at a loss to explain what caused the aircraft to disappear. At first a NATO electronic warfare exercise in Hungary was suspected as the cause of interference as it coincided. The exercise, apparently, used devices designed to interfere with enemy radar and there were suspicions it may have affected civilian flights. But Hungary's defence ministry denied any NATO involvement, saying the technology used was weak and had a range of only 4,000 metres – a height well below the altitude of the aircraft. Deepening the mystery is the fact that the second incident occurred after the exercises had finished. [and from another]  Austrian daily Kurier reported on June 7 that the first disappearance problems coincided with NATO conducting electronic warfare exercises in Hungary. During the exercises NATO was reportedly using devices that can interfere with enemy radar, according to the Telegraph. [and from another];_ylt=AwrBEiH_KJ5TMzcAIJLQtDMD  The military alliance, in response to a request for comment, said it did carry out some training that involved "localised and low-power jamming" in the skies over Hungary during the June 2-6 period and that it was currently conducting similar training in southern Italy from June 9-20. However, it said no jamming was conducted on June 5.

Though related in time for the first outage, the fact that commercial planes in Europe disappeared from radar was not caused by a NATO exercise in Hungary to block military radar. We have predicted increasing electro-magnetic incited outages, affecting airplanes as well as mankind’s grid, as the magnetic hosing from the N Pole of Planet X increases. There will almost always be some other suspected cause that the establishment will point to, during such incidences. MH 370 was followed days later by similar problems with their MH 066, but the similarity in location and electrical failure was ignored in the press.

The truth is too frightening to the establishment. They cannot predict or control these EMP incidences. Had the NATO exercises not been ongoing at the time of the first incident, these outages would not be getting this press attention. Military exercises to block military radar are regularly scheduled and conducted, and cause no interference with commercial radar, as is being admitted. Of course this type of radar interference happened with MH 370, so the crippled plane appeared to simply disappear from radar for a time. These 13 European planes escaped having their electronics crippled, as the EMP wash was directed at radar installations on the ground rather than the planes. 

Have you seen this? [and from another]  After decades of searching scientists have discovered that a vast reservoir of water, enough to fill the Earth’s oceans three times over, may be trapped hundreds of miles beneath the surface, potentially transforming our understanding of how the planet was formed. The water is locked up in a mineral called ringwoodite about 660km (400 miles) beneath the crust of the Earth. The discovery suggested Earth’s water may have come from within, driven to the surface by geological activity, rather than being deposited by icy comets hitting the forming planet as held by the prevailing theories. They based their findings on a study of a vast underground region extending across most of the interior of the US. Ringwoodite acts like a sponge due to a crystal structure that makes it attract hydrogen and trap water. The study used data from the USArray, a network of seismometers across the US that measure the vibrations of earthquakes.  [and from another]  Writing in the journal Nature, scientists said they had found ringwoodite, pointing to the existence of water deep in Earth's mantle, 400km to 600km beneath our feet. A piece of ringwoodite has been a long-sought goal. It would resolve a long-running debate about whether the poorly understood transition zone is dry or water-rich. But until now, it has only ever been found in meteorites. Geologists had simply been unable to delve deep enough to find any sample on Earth. In 2008 when amateur gem hunters digging in shallow river gravel in the Juina area of Mato Grosso, Brazil, found a tiny, grubby stone called a brown diamond. The team theorise the brown diamond rocketed to the surface during a volcanic eruption. A geologist at the University of Bayreuth in Germany, cautioned against extrapolating the size of the subterranean water find from a single sample of ringwoodite.

This ludicrous theory, so illogical it rivals the Flat Earth theory that mankind espoused mere centuries ago, is essentially a Pole Shift catastrophe denial maneuver. We predicted that as the announcement admitting the pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru approached, that the cries of denial would increase. The truth would be attacked on every front. There would be claims that Obama made the whole scenario up to distract the American public from his political troubles. There would certainly be claims that our prediction accuracy was just a good guess on Nancy’s part, or the whole Nibiru story is a ruse, an excuse for the New World Order to declare martial law. Anything but deal with the reality of what is coming. What do we have here, in this ringwoodite water theory?

We have stated that the Oort Cloud does not exist, is a figment of mankind’s imagination to explain water laden comets that actually come from the Asteroid Belt when Nibiru used to pass through that region, and smashed various water planets to bits in the process. Man does not want to contemplate such a marauder in the solar system, potentially affecting the Earth, so invented the Oort Cloud. Mankind also has no adequate explanation for the Asteroid Belt. We have explained that the global shuddering appearing on seismographs since Nibiru entered the inner solar system in 2003 is caused by bobbling magma in reaction to plate movements, but this is another scary thought so the ringwoodite water theory has been invented to supplant that.  

Man is aware of the Big Bang episodes that renew portions of the Universe from time to time, wherein matter coalesces into suns and planets, suns light from the compression of their increasing mass, and planets sling into orbits around their suns.  But creationism is still taught in schools in the US, challenging the logic and history of evolution. The ability of even the educated among mankind to deal with reality and think logically thus should not be assumed. What happens when planets form? They are so hot their interiors remain molten long after they form, heated by the same compression factors that cause suns to burn. Rock formation cannot resist such heat, which is why the magma is molten. What idiot thinks that rock would form in the intense heat of the planets interior?

Then there is the matter of water trapped in this rock, and supposedly rising to the surface to form the Earth’s oceans, theorized to be the source of surface water. We have pointed to mankind’s tendency to chop an issue into pieces, to address each piece rather than address the whole. This is a case in point. Water under intense heat becomes steam. Explosive steam. Are these idiots suggesting that steam did not escape? The impossible ringwoodite rock (which would be molten) holds water (which would be steam under pressure) which it releases slowly (not as the logical explosion) to the surface. Why is water only on the surface of planets? Because any water formed coming out of the Big Bang is steam, rising as particles and gasses forming the atmosphere rise during the planet’s cooling process, and thus in the atmosphere, falls as rain to form the oceans.

Our advice to mankind, contemplating the coming Pole Shift with all the scary twists and turns their Earth will take during this process, is not to follow the leadership of fools. 

Caveman discovered in Himalayas thought to be 1.4 to 2.3 million years old.  Very interesting, especially if the hypothesized age is correct.  Most interesting is the included picture; seems as if the caveman was flash frozen. Previous pole shift perhaps. Would the Zetas care to comment? [and from another]  During an expedition to the Himalayan Mountains a group of Swedish and Norwegian climbers made a startling discovery. Inside one of the caverns that seem to have recently surfaced after a series of violent avalanches in the region, they found a frozen body of a humanoid from the Paleolithic era. Primary analysis of the skeleton reveal the bones belong to an adult male Homo Habilis, which is believed to have lived from approximately 2.33 to 1.44 million years ago. In the vicinity of the body a simple stone spear and a few badly damaged leather objects were also found. Whatever the results of the carbon dating test, this opens a whole new interpretation of generally accepted views of the colonization of the planet by the human species. According to most widely accepted theories on the subject, Homo Habilis isn't normally believed to have traveled this far from Africa and lived in such hostile climates. The remains of the man seem extremely well preserved considering their age, a miracle due to the very constant and extremely cold temperature of the area, that would have kept his body constantly covered in ice for millenniums.  [and from another]  Homo Habilis is a species of the Hominini tribe, which lived from approximately 2.33 to 1.44 million years ago, during the Gelasian Pleistocene period.

What set of circumstances would account for a cave man to become  trapped in what is now the high Himalayas, and remain in a cold state of preservation for over a million years? It is known to man that the rock of the Himalayas is composed of sea shells, rock that was originally formed on a sea floor. The Himalayas have been driven high by the periodic crustal shifts caused by the passage of the rogue planet Nibiru, aka Planet X. In addition to the cold that comes from increased elevation, there is climate change caused by a crustal shift to a colder region. The Himalayas have recently had a notable avalanche, as India is sinking and the Himalayas are again rising. Such mountain building can block mountain caves and later re-open them.

The issue here is not why the Himalayas would have caves that contain evidence of life from warmer climes or lower elevations, but that Homo Habilis was found outside of Africa, countering the going theory that this version of early man was only in residence in Africa. Speculation on mankind’s origins are so wrong as to be almost comical, based on spotty data and full of denial on the absolute evidence of genetic engineering done by aliens. Mankind’s assumptions are based on where fossils have been found, and as Africa is dry and consistently high land, not flooded during prior Pole Shifts, the fossils have remained. Early man roamed to Australia, due to land bridges present in the past, and throughout China and Russia.

A new crop circle was discovered at Temple Farm in Essex, UK on June 14, 2014 that bears some similarity to the Ingress "Aliens and Portals" gaming logo. The circle looks authentic and based on past crop circle interpretations by the Zetas, it appears to represent the magnetic trimesters while depicting one trimester having the strongest magnetic influence. Will the Zetas confirm this is an authentic crop circle and if there's any intended connection to the Ingress reality game that seems to be a play on the segregation of orientations during the Transformation?
[and from another]  The back-story of Ingress is that there is an alien race known as Shapers, which are seeding the world with Exotic Matter through the use of Portals around the globe. The portals are located at various types of locations including works of art, libraries, post offices, places of worship, historic buildings, the Pyramid of Giza and more. You have to choose a side: The Enlightened, who believe Exotic Matter and the Shapers are for the benefit of mankind and are trying to claim portals to bring more and presumably, the Shapers, to Earth, and the Resistance, who think The Shapers are malicious and are trying to claim portals to stop Exotic Matter from getting here. [and from another]   Also, will the Zetas confirm the new crop circle laid at Badbury Rings on June 17th was defaced by hoaxers and explain the intended message of the original design?  The mazes seem added by man, but the rest appears to portray the 3 planets caught in the particle flow eddy coming from behind Planet X: Venus, Earth's Dark Twin and the Earth, with Venus and the Dark Twin looming large and then ultimately escaping during the Last Weeks while Earth remains trapped.

The Ingress crop circle is not legitimate, though the hoaxers have gotten more skillful of late. There are three clues that this is so. The first clue is that the design could hardly be mistaken as anything but the Ingress game. The circle makers are not into providing profits for game makers, though using false crop circle designs to promote products has become a trend of late. The second clue is that Service-to-Other circle makers would not find worth in the premise of the Ingress game, that rather than free will for mankind the future will bring the opposite – loss of control. This would be a Service-to-Self message, but those in the Service-to-Self are not allowed to lay crop circle designs. The third clue is that the product is sloppy, the lines irregular.

The Banbury design is indeed a legitimate design subsequently altered by hoaxers who added maze wings. These attempts by the establishment to alter the message intended by the circle makers has been ongoing for several years. The team assigned swoops in without delay and defaces the original, paid well for their speed, but as can be seen from close inspection, not for their competence. Here again the original has pristine lines, even across the field tracks, where the defacement has sloppy lines. If one removes the maze wings from the design, the original can be contemplated.

The focus of Banbury is the Earth wobble, and the forces that drive it. We have described the pincher hold that Planet X has on the Earth as catching the Earth “in the cup”, so it cannot escape in either direction due to the eddy flow of particles coming round from behind Planet X. In fact, this circle design looks remarkably like Nancy’s drawing of the cup some years ago. The Earth wobble has many facets, depending upon where Planet X is in its dither and depending upon whether the N Pole of Earth is leaning away from Planet X or toward it, during an opposition lean. Ultimately, during the Last Weeks, the wobble patterns fixate on a stopped rotation, the Earth frozen, with a subsequent release during the passage.