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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 24, 2011

I live in south Florida. My question is, as Nibiru approaches how will the wobble and resulting tides increase. Will we see abnormally high tides on the increase, thus flooding low level tidal zones first?. Or will we wake up one morning and be afloat? For those who wait to move, it seems like we could watch the tides for some indication of when to leave.
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Florida has many strikes against it. It is a narrow peninsula, so can be assaulted from both sides and washed over by tides that in other locales would only force the residents to seek higher ground. It is in general lowland with such a low elevation that any of the set of circumstances set to unfold would put it virtually under water. Southern Florida will be vulnerable during the 7 of 10 S American roll due to clashing water pulled into the sinking Caribbean rebounding. When the Caribbean Plate is pulled down, causing water to rush toward the void off the coast of S America, there will be rebound back into the Gulf of Mexico. A simple check of the overall elevation in Florida, and in particular south Florida, shows that a mere 15 foot temporary rise in sea level during such a time would put the tip under water, from coast to coast.

The increasingly violent wobble will bring high tides to Florida, almost without warning and so erratic that predictions will be impossible. Then there are the Last Weeks, where the tides will rush north and south during the severe wobble, 200-300 feet high. Florida will not survive the severe wobble, clearly, as the entire state is under water at a 200 foot level. Florida will then be pulled down 150 feet during rotation stoppage, a permanent loss of elevation. And in the Aftertime Florida will be merely a memory, being well under 825 feet of water where it formerly was at sea level. Since survival in south Florida is not possible, what are you waiting for? Move!

Longtime supporter, first-time poster. My question is on the following article: "Planet Like 'Star Wars' Tatooine Discovered Orbiting 2 Suns" Is this another example of the cover-up muddying the waters, or is possible that NASA is being slowly primed to participate in the eventual Planet X disclosure, to go along with the slow but ongoing disclosure of the alien presence? NASA's lies are well documented by the Zetas, and as such, is it naive to think Obama's influence has reached NASA and the highest levels of the cover-up? Zetas have said that NASA will go quietly into their bunkers, but have also said that such matters are in the hands of man. And for NASA, it would be better late than never. [and from another] Would the Zetas care to comment on or debunk NASA's latest theories about solar activity affecting satellites and GPS systems? It appears NASA is using Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) research to blame the sun, again, for what is actually caused by the nearby presence of Planet X. [and from another] NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), launched in February 2010, made the finding: about 1 in 7 flares experience an "aftershock." About ninety minutes after the flare dies down, it springs to life again, producing an extra surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore, the ionizing action of extreme UV can bend radio signals and disrupt the normal operation of GPS. [and from another] While scientists are confident a large asteroid did crash into Earth 65 million years ago, it now appears likely the original suspect, the Baptistina asteroid, was not to blame. Research by Nasa's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) seemed to have ruled Baptistina out. WISE surveyed the entire celestial sky twice in infrared light from January 2010 to February 2011.
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NASA is blitzing the media these days, while their credentials are still good with the public. It is they who have the Hubble, the new SDO satellite, the new WISE probe, so how can anyone question their dispensations of wisdom? If electrical failures happen and no solar flares are present, NASA can preach the new SDO findings about delayed ultraviolet radiation. Does this change the way solar flares have always operated vs a vs mankind's electrical systems? No, but in the blitz of information from NASA, the public will forget that point. Wiz-bang, NASA wows them again, or so they hope. If the Second Sun is to return, showing up in the sky for all to see, NASA will have some story to tell, making the whole scenario sexy like Star Wars. How could it be that there is a planetary presence nearby, lo all these years since 2003, when NASA has the WISE probe and has "surveyed the entire celestial sky twice." Who but NASA could be so wise about the sky, as they have the WISE probe.

Imagine the smoke filled rooms at NASA. You've told a colossal lie of omission - failing to tell the public that Planet X exists; that it came into the inner solar system in 2003; that ZetaTalk has been 100% correct on this all along; and that it is parked just sunside and is due to tear up the Earth as it leaves the solar system. You know, just a little omission, but it this a lie? Oh, yes, then there are the many times you have gone public to ridicule the very notion that such a thing exists and to openly ridicule our message, and by name! Here we have more than a lie of omission, we have a bald faced lie. Cocky, and arrogant, those at NASA assumed they would be able to slam the door on an angry public ahead of the Last Weeks, and escape to their bunkers. Now that we are only at the 7 of 10 scenarios, just beginning to unfold, and already a looming Venus is showing that things are not right in the inner solar system, they are beginning to tremble. This is taking so long to unfold! What if months pass and the public is certain they, NASA, have lied? What if travel is quite possible and the public is enraged that NASA lied to them? What if an angry public hunts them down! What to do?

They hope the public has short memories, and that their role as the agency that explains the stars to the public, often in grand photos that they and only they can secure via the Hubble, will give them a new role. Is this likely to happen? The media has, up until now, been compliant with the cover-up. NASA can always pull the National Security card and say they were ordered to lie. But were they ordered to ridicule the messenger delivering the truth, as Dick Morrison did in his lecture? Lies of omission may be forgiven, but lies of commission are not.

This recent article seems to suggest that there is a thriving organization in a position to challenge the powers that be and New World Order by detonating nuclear warheads to destroy underground bunkers which could be used by TPTB during or after the coming pole shift. The data seems to make sense and perhaps are meant to speed up some type of disclosure. I also found it interesting that the newest movie "Contagion" is well timed not so much as to cause fear among the populace, but rather to illustrate the reactions of how humans world wide would react when faced with a worldwide catastrophe or pandemic. Perhaps the Zeta's have already weighed in on this controversy but I beg to ask, is there or was there any chance that the recent quakes in Denver and Washington DC is or could be the result of a underground nuclear detonation?
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This particular bunker busting theory holds as its evidence the different signatures that earthquakes vs underground explosions present - earthquakes have a fuzzy start and end, where explosions have a sharp and very large start, thereafter fading off. The absurdity of this claim can be quickly shown by a visit to the live seismograph page, which we asked Nancy to do on this very day, September 19, as she prepared to address this question. Note that where most of the signatures for a mid-day quake at approximately 8:00 UTC are the expected fuzzy start and end, but many of the others are sharp, the supposed signature of an underground explosion! All these are clustered in the north Pacific, mostly on seismographs placed on islands with numerous quakes noted in the Aleutian Islands and Japan regions this day, September 19, 2011. Apparently, New World Order bunkers are located on islands destined to be under water in the Aftertime. Clearly, sharp signatures are recorded during sharp jolts, with a concurrent stretch zone signature being softer and fuzzier. The bunker busting theory, utterly without factual evidence to support it, is yet another attempt to grab the stage by those who would otherwise be denied attention.

That said, is there an organized group seeking to destroy New World Order bunkers? There is no such group as the New World Order, though many have espoused this philosophy. This is an attitude, which includes maintaining the status of the wealthy and politically powerful, enslaving the common man, and eliminating what this crowd considers useless eater, those whose lives cannot benefit the elite directly. They do not function as one, nor do they even know of one other. Given that this is a disorganized crowd, it is beyond ridiculous to assume there is an organized counter-culture. What would they target?

Over the weekend two daughters of former Democratic presidential candidates died suddenly, both at the relatively early age of 51 - Eleanor Mondale, daughter of former Vice-President Mondale, and Kara Kennedy, daughter of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. Both of these women were involved in the media; Kara as a TV producer and Eleanor as a co-host of a morning show on WCCO-AM in Minneapolis. The Zetas have previously stated that JFK Jr. had been told by then-Sen. Ted Kennedy, his uncle, about some of the particulars surrounding his father's assassination and the cover-up, and Kara's younger brother Patrick recently resigned from Congress, indicating that perhaps their father had also told them about the Cover-up. Even though both women may not have been in the kind of position that JFK Jr. was - as editor of a magazine on politics and a potential presidential candidate - it's very plausible that the cover-up is now so paranoid that they aren't taking any chances and are going after family members that are in any kind of position in the media that they could prove dangerous to its continued maintenance. Was this the case, or was this merely a coincidence and that the reasons of a heart-attack at the gym for Kara, and the cancer diagnosed in Eleanor, were just as reported? [and from another],0,3709527.story The daughters of two legendary Democratic politicians have died: Kara Kennedy, the oldest child of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, and Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of former Vice President Walter F. Mondale. Both women had been battling cancer. Kennedy, 51, died at a health club in the Washington area. Mondale, 51, died at her home Saturday, according to a family spokesman. She had been battling brain cancer. Eleanor Mondale had a bit of a wild streak. She was married three times: to Chicago Bears offensive lineman Keith Van Horne, to radio disc jockey DJ Greg Thunder and rock musician Chan Poling.

Both these deaths, ostensibly by cancer, and their remarkable timing are not an accident. Ted Kenney saw JFK, Jr. killed and knew he was responsible, as he told John the truth about his father's death and John was planning to publish this. This weighted heavy on his heart, and he vowed not to make the same mistake again. But a cancer brought on by his immense sense of guilt eroded his brain and his judgement slipped. He told his daughter Kara the truth on his deathbed, and the well bugged room caught this. These matters are shared, a difficult secret to hold to oneself, so both women were targeted for assassination, injected with cancer. It was assumed that when Eleanor died, that Kara might speak out, so her heart attack was also quickly arranged. Someone bumped into her in the gym. Regardless of all these maneuvers to kill off all who know, the truth will eventually get out into the media. When the end of the world seems to be on the horizon, many will want to unburden their conscience.

Although readers of ZetaTalk know better, much ado is being made about President Obama allegedly, secretly heading to a Colorado bunker around September 27, 2011, in order to to avoid the pole shift or some other disaster connected to a Comet Elenin-planetary alignment. Is this an attempt to keep the Comet Elenin Disinfo Campaign alive although it looks like Comet Elenin did not survive perihelion? [and from another] President Barack Obama will visit Colorado in late September as apart of a western states swing. Colorado is a key battleground state that both Republicans and Democrats think they can win in the 2012 presidential election. [and from another] A disturbing report prepared by General Alexey Maslov, the Senior Military Representative of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO, states that he has been notified by the Americans of their plan to hold a DEFCON 1 "Cocked Pistol" maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September which will be overseen by President Obama at one the United States most secure bunkers located beneath the Denver International Airport. [and from another] I have yet to confirm that Obama is being ordered by the military to an underground bunker for DEFCON 1 and "Cocked Pistol" exercise - slash - fear porn as stated at the bottom of the page. The reason for my suspicion is recently learning the European Times story where this information comes from is actually a Sorcha Faal article, Faal is well known for being a disinformation operation. Interesting to note that comet Elenin alignment date is Sept 27 which is the Tuesday Obama is in Denver, in addition most of the conferences below start on Monday 26th. Instead of going Thur-Sun which is the normal schedule for most conferences. At one point it was said that when world leaders, top CEO's and the ruling elite all start to go in hiding at once that it was time to get concerned. [and from another]
Operation Mountain Guardian is a terrorism-based, full-scale emergency exercise scheduled to take place in numerous locations in the Denver metro area on Friday, September 23, 2011. The exercise will involve first responders from 81 different agencies, will be conducted at ten separate locations and will include loud noises, simulated weapons, smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day.
[and from another],R

What does it take for disinformation to go viral on the Internet, influencing a public hungry for an explanation of why the weather is so erratic, earthquakes on the increase, and the Moon out of place. Comet Elenin was a scam, using a real comet, new to the scene but so insignificant it readily disintegrated upon approach to the Sun, but with disinformation packed around the fact of an approaching comet. As the CIA well knows, the best disinformation is a combination of fact and fiction. Fact it was a real comet, falsehood it was causing the Earth changes on the increase.

Thus we had rumors about the dual quakes in Washington DC and Colorado on August 23, 2011. We have talked for years about the bow tension that N America is under, which will only be resolved by the New Madrid adjustment. When this tension results in quakes in a line across the continent, from the bow center in San Diego to the East Coast, suddenly this is rumored to be due to attacks against the New World Order's bunkers. Fact there was a 5.8 in Washington DC and a 5.3 in Colorado, falsehood it was bunker bombs set by New World Order contras.

If Obama is out and about, campaigning, or even going to Denver on some excuse to check the facilities, this is suddenly because the disintegrated Elenin is going to cause a global catastrophe on that date and he is being called to the western bunkers! Yes they are having exercises in the Denver area on September 23, 2011, but the rumors that September 27, 2011 was something other than a campaign stop was started by the notorious Sorcha Faal, a long standing disinformation arm of the CIA and their sister organizations in Russia and Asia. Fact Obama is taking a campaign swing to Denver on that date, falsehood it has anything to do with a disintegrated Elenin or a DEFCON exercise.

What is the point of all this? At base, disinformation campaigns seek to deflect attention from the real thing. The real thing is a planet parked sunside from the Earth, slowly approaching the Earth, and causing havoc. That this can be proved by examination of SOHO images and the twisting about of the Earth's magnetic field is ignored in preference for other explanations. The public is to rush to embrace the disinformation, thus to be misled about the cause of the Earth changes, the timing, and what steps are required to survive what is coming. Fact Planet X is real, palpable, causing among other things an Earth wobble that is measurable by the common man via the location of the sunrise and sunset, falsehood that something as insignificant as a dirty snowball could be causing these Earth changes.

The goal of disinformation campaigns is to have the public direct their anger and anxiety in the wrong direction, away from the elite the campaign is designed to protect. The public was to assume that Elenin was the cause of earthquakes and high tides, and feel relieved when Elenin passed, at least temporarily so. The public was to have their resentment over rumored bunkers for the elite deflected by rumors that these bunkers were being blown up. This disinformation campaign also carried the advantage of giving an alternative explanation for the earthquake increase itself. Another earthquake fraud is that HAARP is causing the increase in earthquakes, some kind of warfare conducted by man himself. How to keep the fraud about the disintegrated Elenin alive? Relate its former trajectory to a visit to Denver by Obama, and then have your pawns flame the fires.

What is the fate of countries south of the Sahara, like Nigeria, during the flood and slush of the pole shift? I ask because of the current devastating floods in Bauchi (on a high plateau), Ibadan, over 300 ft. above sea level and others, all in Nigeria. Will any land in present day Nigeria be spared, more so because of the two mighty rivers Niger and Benue?
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We have warned that during the hour of the pole shift, that the curve cut into the African continent, centered at Nigeria, will encounter storms beyond any the populace can imagine. Being 100 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level, the normal guidelines, is not sufficient! One should be several hundred miles inland, and well out of any river bottom land that will drain the torrential rains that will afflict this curve along the African coast. The 7 of 10 rip of the south Atlantic will not result in such storms, as it is the crustal shift, combined with the prior rotation stoppage, that gives such storms the opportunity to form. The pole shift tides, however, will be trapped by the curve along the African coast and have nowhere else to go but inland, up the Niger and Benue rivers. This will ultimately flood the entire southern part of Nigeria, before draining.

The Zetas have spoken about bunkers built by govt and the elite. Their advice to the rest of us is to adapt rather than depend on hoards. Wouldn't this concept apply larger scale to the govt and the elite? What I mean is taking steps to ensure the survival of, say, the pharmaceutical industry rather than stockpiling drugs that will eventually expire. Are they doing this? If so it could benefit everyone if not in the control of a New World Order type group and may even help the govt save face. 'We couldn't tell you about PX because it would overwhelm our ability to address, but we have been taking measures to support the survivors' kind of thing.

Is there anyone in charge of a government, an agency, an industry, a corporation, or a university planning or taking action to rebuild in the Aftertime? Is equipment being protected from damage, supplies being stockpiled so the industry can restart promptly, instruction manuals and educational material being kept dry and secure, and the wheels and gears of various industries being protected so that all that is needed is a new source of electricity and repaired transportation? There is a theme in all pronouncements from FEMA or their counterparts in other countries. They tell the common man to prepare for a number of days under an emergency. Short term, not long term. There are several reasons that governments themselves are not taking such steps, nor advising the public to do so.

Such steps long-term steps would be noticed, and raise suspicion, and the cover-up might break. This of course would lead to the much-feared panic in the public, demands made against public officials to protect the tax-payer, and other such discomfiting results. If any among the wealthy and politically powerful argues for such a plan, to enable civilization to restart promptly, they are not only shouted down but are threatened, and on occasion eliminated. The great fear of those who run the establishment is that their own personal safety be jeopardized - their bunkers be discovered, their escape plans blocked, or their supplies plundered. This is the primary goal, and all else is secondary.

Despite the number of billionaires and millionaires in the world, who could singly or as a cooperative undertake such tasks, nothing beyond the Norway seed vault has been done. Wealthy individuals control foundations, and thus could simply give the order for such a task. Governments also, with their influence over universities, might bequest such a grant. Is it lack of concern that civilization, the "world as you know it" will collapse and not be rebuilt in a lifetime? This is contemplated, and discussed. But for the wealthy or politically powerful to step in requires that these individuals be responsible, that they have an overbearing sense that they need to do something for mankind, for others, need to dedicate their efforts in this direction. In short, that they be of the Service-to-Other orientation! The wealthy and politically powerful are first and foremost parasites on the rest of mankind. They expect to be served, not the other way around.