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ZetaTalk stated in January, 1999 that the death of John, Jr. was an arranged accident. On December 16, 1999 details about a Coast Guard Cover-up were revealed.

JFK Jr. FAA Contact @9:39 PM July 16 In Official Coast Guard Report
From NewsHawk Inc. <>, 12-16-99

Check it for yourself - straight from the horse's mouth. Here is the U.S. Coast Guard report which contains the crucial information that John Kennedy Jr. did make radio contact with FAA personnel at 9:39 PM on July 16, only moments before initiating his final approach to Martha's Vineyard Airport. This is the information originally made public by WCVB-Boston, ABC News, UPI, VirtualNY News and some other news outlets before the information was squelched on orders from high levels of government... like the White House. As we noted in our article regarding the recovered tape archive of WCVB-TV Boston's July 16 broadcast that contained numerous references to this Coast Guard report, Kennedy would have contacted the FAA installation at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod before contacting the Vineyard Airport directly for final clearance.

That in fact is exactly what is referred to in this official Coast Guard report. WCVB newsroom reporter Susan Warnick partially misinterpreted the information in the Coast Guard report, as relayed to her by Coast Guard Petty Officer Todd Burgun, to mean that JFK Jr. had contacted the Vineyard Airport at 9:39 - a relatively minor error which however had the subsequent effect of further muddying the waters regarding this event; leading among other things to Vineyard airport personnel denying any such contact and helping to make it seem NO contact ever took place.

But Kennedy's 9:39 radio communication did take place, only with the FAA; which WCVB lead anchor and veteran pilot Chet Curtis said numerous times during his stint at the anchor desk later on July 16 is exactly what would have occurred. And it did. As we have noted in many articles about the murders of John Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Kennedy and Lauren Bessette, the timing of this radio contact as well as the tone and contact of the communication, in conjunction with known weather conditions (visibility at least 8 miles) and Kennedy's proximity to land, utterly invalidate the official, disingenuous pack of lies the public has been force-fed about the plane crash and the deaths by government agencies and their pawns and lackeys in mass media.

See for yourself! Read the original Coast Guard report:

Coast Guard searching for missing Kennedy aircraft

BOSTON - The Coast Guard is actively searching for a Piper 32 Saratoga aircraft overdue on a flight from Caldwell, N.J. to Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. John F. Kennedy, Jr. was on board the single-engine aircraft with his wife and a third unidentified person. The aircraft took off from Caldwell at 8:38 p.m. The FAA reported that last contact with the aircraft was at 9:39 p.m. as the aircraft was making its final approach to Martha’s Vineyard. The Coast Guard assumed coordination for the waterside search at 8:25 a.m. today. The shore side search is being coordinated by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center at Langley Air Force Base in Norfolk, Va. The aircraft was due to arrive in Martha’s Vineyard around 10 p.m., and was later expected to fly to Hyannisport for a family wedding. The Coast Guard is using all available vessels and aircraft to search the waters west of Martha’s Vineyard. An Air National Guard C-130 aircraft from the Suffolk Air National Guard Base is also in the air and actively searching. -USCG-