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On February 15, 1998 ZetaTalk stated that the Next Phase in the Awakening of Earth to the alien presence would be sightings of aliens, fleeting glimpses at first. By August, 2001 such sightings were on the increase.

'Tiny Flying Alien' spotted in Turkey
AnaNova, August, 2001

A field in Turkey has been sealed off by police after a villager claimed he saw a 2ft tall flying alien in a yellow suit. Fevzi Cam, his wife and another woman said they spotted the alien on Monday morning as they rode on a tractor to a tobacco field. Mr Cam said he threw stones at the creature, which was wearing a shiny, yellow-grey outfit with a yellow light on the front. Regional governor Ayhan Cevik ordered police to protect the field near Narli in Usak province, despite having doubts about the claim. He said: "We have more important matters to deal with but we have no other choice. The area is being protected, we are waiting for the scientists." A team from Sirius, a Turkish UFO research group, is on its way to the scene. It will check radiation levels and analyse the soil. Two other villagers claim to have seen lights in the area at the same time as Mr Cam saw the alien. He described it as just over two feet tall with a wide, round head and wide eyes. He said: "It didn't have wings or a propeller but it could fly upward."

Argentina: Policeman Inexplicably Vanishes for 20 Hours
EL DIARIO, Mar 4, 2006

An officer of the cattle-theft division "vanished" for nearly twenty hours. Found in a fetal position: Officer Pucheta escaped Thursday night after having come across "two small, red-eyed creatures that chased him and gave him telepathic commands." He was found yesterday afternoon some 20 kilometers away from the site in a fetal position. On Thursday night the young officer, having some five years' experience with the force, was driving a Honda 125cc motorcycle along the rural roads of Dorila. Amid this activity, Pucheta "requested backup over his cell phone" at 21:20 hours from a site near the La Barrancosa ranch. When a squad car arrived from General Pico, police only found Pucheta's motorcycle and some of his belongings, including his firearm (broken in three parts), his helmet, a "handy" and the cell phone with which he had previously requested assistance. It was reported that Pucheta had experienced a UFO episode near La Barrancosa, and that he had in recent weeks been involved with the recording of "strange lights" in the company of others. Pucheta's trail reached some 2700 meters away from the site where the episode occurred and the young man has no idea how he arrived at the location where he was rescued. (translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero,Planeta UFO)