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At the start of ZetaTalk on Jul 15, 1995, The Zetas described Planet X as having 23 times the mass of Earth, while being 4 times the diameter of Earth, and that the hominoids on Planet X were 1.5 times the size of man. This issue came up during the May 5, 2007 live chat on GLP, as seemingly incompatible due to the gravity pull of Planet X. After the Zeta response, another poster presented the mathematical formula that proves the Zeta had been correct in their 1.5 ratio, as the computed gravity on Planet X would be 1.56 times that of Earth! Note Nancy is not a mathematician and does not speak math very well.

Question: ZetaTalk claims that Planet-X is 4 times the diameter of Earth. This would make it 64 times the volume of Earth, with a gravity field that no land animal from Earth could adapt to. Yet ZetaTalk claims that the inhabitants of Planet-X send their people to the various planets and moons of our solar system (with weaker gravity than the Earth) to collect gold, on missions that span for thousands of years. ZetaTalk claims that their descendants eventually return to Planet-X with the gold that was mined, and live as a lower class, forbidden from having children due to being genetically impure. Given this scenario, how could any land animal (such as the supposed inhabitants of Planet-X) adapt to the gravity field of Planet-X that is more than 64 times as strong as that which their bodies are adapted to? Would they not be crushed by their own bulk, suffocate from an inability to breathe, or have a heart attack due to being able to pump blood up and down their tall bodies? Here's the math:

if Diameter of Earth = 1
Diameter of Planet-X = 4 according to ZetaTalk
thus Volume of Earth = 0.524
thus Volume of Planet-X = 33.51
33.51/ 0.5224 = 64.15 (the volume of the Earth thus devides into the volume of Planet-X 64.15 times)

Therefore Planet-X would have 64.15 times the volume of Earth, and since massive objects compress under their own weight, Planet-X would have more than 64.15 times the mass of the Earth.
Check the numbers at

ZetaTalk: Early in the life of ZetaTalk, Nancy was challenged as to our statement that the gravity of Planet X is approximately 1.5 times that of Earth. As we were stating a mass 23 times that of Earth, this seemed not to compute. However, a mathematician came forward during these discussions and stated that the computations allow for a 1.6 pull of gravity on such a surface, in accordance with our statement. Thus, your math is wrong, and designed to discombobulate Nancy during her chat.

From another poster, posting later in the chat after the Zeta response.

The Force ratio can be calculated as:
F2/F1 = m2/(r2)²
F2/F1 = 25/4² = 25/16
F2/F1 = 1.5625