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Backing Into Sweeping Arms
Pace Quickens, as of Feb 13, 2004

During Earth's travel around the Sun, Earth bumps into 8 sunny Sweeping Arms, which Earth uses as gas stations and track holders, during a year. Therefor, in my head, the time interval for earth between each sweeping arm should directly depend of Earth's instantaneous speed around the Sun.
Carl-Jan in Sweden

The 8 arms must consider that Earth makes a full circle during the year, chasing in front of the Sweeping Arms, so if it is struck by 8 arms in an Earth year, then there are 8 more following it for that same Earth year, 16 in all. Thus, if the Earth stood still in its orbit, it would be smacked by Sweeping Arms 16 times for a 365 day period, not 8 times. And if Earth reversed orbit, scuddling backwards to avoid Planet X coming at it in a retrograde orbit, then it would be backing into those 16 arms. So if Earth halted in its orbit on Dec 25, and reversed, bouncing back at the same speed it hit the wall, so to speak, then instead of Sweeping Arms encountered every 6.5 weeks or 46 days, it would be backing into an arm every 3.2 weeks or 23 days. But as the Earth would be rushing into the Sweeping Arms, not standing still, that time would in fact be cut in half, to 11.5 days for each Sweeping Arm encounter. How does this stack up against the evidence since the Dec 25-30 sweep? There does indeed seem to be tilts of the N Pole and massive Global Quakes every two weeks!

Dec 27-28 Global and Tilt to Iceland as geological N Pole. The NorthEast and Europe experience a sudden deep freeze.

Wish to make you acquainted with some observations I've made in the last days: they confirm what has been reported in Zetatalk. Yesterday, Jan. 3rd, I have measured the angles that the points of rising and setting of the Sun make with the N/S axis; the rising point is about 45° from the N/S axis, whilst the setting point is about 30°. Ergo, the N/S axis is no longer at the center of the cone formed by the Sun's arc during daylight. Today, I've observed that at midday, 12 o' clock, the Sun was not pointing to the south, but slightly to SE. It was only at 1:00 PM that the Sun was pointing exactly to the south. I believe this is the proof that Earth's axis has tilted.
Fabrizio in Rome
We installed in the ground outside our building a 2"x2" post, checked for vertical with a carpenter's level. To us, at least apparent noon is when there are no east-west shadows. How else would you do it? Couple of months ago apparent noon was at 1:30 in the afternoon. Now [Jan 8] its at 11:30 a.m. What's with this?
Joe, in Mississippi

The reversal creates a record number of quakes, even with reporting suppressed and Richter under reported.

Signs of the Times #616

According to EMSC we have had 13 earthquakes over 6.0 so far [Jan 10] for Jan 2004: 1/1 6.0 Mexico, 1/1 6.3 North Pacific, 1/1 6.1 Vanuatu Isl, 1/2 6.9 Loyalty Isl, 1/2 6.1 New Britain, 1/2 6.1 North Pacific, 1/3 6.0 Japan, 1/3 6.5 Mariana Isl, 1/3 6.7 Loyalty Isl, 1/3 6.4 Loyalty Isl, 1/3 6.1 Loyalty Isl, 1/8 6.2 Phillipine Isl, 1/9 6.3 New Britain. This NEIC list shows the average since 1990: 6.0-6.9 avg is 134 per year, that comes out to just over 11 per month [Note: even the reported quakes are three times the average rate, and reported quakes are below actual Richter, with quakes dropped.]

Two weeks later on Jan 10-11 strong Globals again registered and New Zealand power disrupted.

Signs of the Times #604
Power Grid Link To Be Restored [Jan 12] ‘Power flow between New Zealand´s north and south islands will be restored later today, ending a three-day outage that sent electricity prices soaring, national grid operator Transpower said. High winds damaged five transmission towers on Friday, cutting the high voltage direct current (HVDC) link which normally sends hydro-generated electricity to the heavily populated North Island.’
Signs of the Times #621
Freight Train Derails East of Toronto [Jan 14] ‘One man was killed Wednesday night when a freight train travelling over a bridge derailed and sent its cargo plummeting onto the road, crushing a van. It was unclear what caused the derailment, however weather conditions were cold and snowy at the time.’ [Note: cold and snow do not derail trains. A separated bridge, in the stretch zone, would.]

Gas explosions and collapsing buildings, worldwide, for unexplained reasons, picked up the pace.

Signs of the Times #612
Five People Injured by Flying Debris; Blast Sparks Fire [Jan 13] ‘Two buildings were blown apart, five people were hurt and windows blew out of nearby businesses when an explosion rocked the downtown area Monday afternoon. The 4 PM blast at Lewiston Radiator Works [Maine] hurled debris for hundreds of yards. A vacant building next to it crumbled to the ground. The explosion sent a mushroom-shaped cloud billowing high into the sky over the city. Before inspectors could enter the blown out buildings to search for a cause, fire roared through the wreckage.’ [and from another source] Explosion Blows Man Out Of House In Royalton [Jan 13] ‘Royalton, Minn. authorities are searching a city block in Royalton - trying to find a possible gas leak after a house explosion this morning. Authorities say the house did not have natural gas or propane service.’ [and from another source] Explosion Levels Two Fire Halls in Southwestern Minnesota Town [Jan 12] ‘One of the fire houses all but disappeared in the blast, while the explosion knocked the other one down. The blast could be felt in Slayton, eleven miles away, according to an Associated Press report. There was no fire, just the explosion. The cause of the blast has not been determined.’
Signs of the Times #626
Classrooms Collapse At Tri-State [Jan 18] ‘A collapse at local school early Sunday morning could have been much worse, had it happened when school was in session. Three floors in a wing at Summit Country Day School in Hyde Park fell just before 11 AM Sunday, WLWT Eyewitness News 5 reported. Footage from Sky 5 showed several classrooms collapsed on top of each other with the roof still hanging over the collapsed floors. The cause of the collapse is not known.’ [Note: no known cause of collapse.]
Signs of the Times #627
At Least 23 Dead in Algeria Blast; Refinery Shut [Jan 20] ‘Rescue workers searched through rubble for missing workers at Algeria's largest refinery and export port Tuesday after a blast at a nearby liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant killed at least 23 people, officials said. The explosion devastated the vast petrochemical complex in the port city of Skikda, 310 miles east of the capital Algiers Monday evening, caused at least 74 injuries and shut down all activity at the oil and gas refinery complex. Algeria is the world's second largest LNG exporter after Indonesia and a quarter of its shipments leave from Skikda, all to southern Europe. Officials at the scene said they believed a boiler at one of the gas units was the origin of the blast, which was felt for kilometers and destroyed three of the refinery's LNG plants and one maintenance building.’ [Note: no known cause of blast.]

Two weeks later on Jan 25-29 continuous Globals again with the N Pole swinging back from Iceland over into Siberia, above Japan, a change dramatically documented by photos from Japanese Archives.

Mississippi noted increased tilting in the late evening on Jan 27 when the Atlantic Rift is on the Dark side, a Planet X grip point.
Last night's sunset had lots of red streaks. and people in our part of the South had a fiery red cross in the sunset sky. More than one person that I have talked to saw this. Earth's tilt changed again last night. After the moon stopped at about the 1:00 o'clock position for an hour, it changed angles of descent to set 10 degrees or more further north than it has been setting.
Arizona noted their tilt to the south on Jan 28, the Sun thus appearing closer and given more light, the sunrise suddenly earlier.
Just an observation out here in Scottsdale, AZ. The sun is not as far South as it has been, the Moon is in a more normal placement, and the sunrise is a bit earlier by about 15 minutes or so. Have we righted ourself? What does it mean?
On Feb 6 the tilt was noticeable in Australia.
Been out side watching the stars tonight. I live in the blue mountains west of Sydney, Australia, and the sky is so clear here. I noticed the Celestial South Pole is far too north. I have never seen it that high in the sky. I´m 53 years old, an Aboriginal fella and been told the dreaming of the Southern Cross as a young kid and have been telling the dreaming to others ever since. The Southern Cross and the pointer stars are to high (north).

And derailing trains, collapsing buildings, exploding or leaking gas all were on the increased, with no known or given cause.

Signs of the Times #654
Ten-Story Building Collapses in Turkey [Feb 2] ‘A 10-story building collapsed in central Turkey on Monday and an unknown number of people were believed trapped inside, television news channels reported. One station said an explosion in the building's heater may have caused the collapse in the central city of Konya. The broadcaster said "many people" were believed trapped in the rubble. On Saturday in Istanbul, two wooden buildings collapsed, killing six people and injuring one other. In June, a dormitory housing high school students collapsed after what appeared to be a gas explosion, killing 10 students.’
Signs of the Times #653
Richmond Derailment [Feb 3] ‘The derailment of a CSX Corp. freight train north of Emporia early yesterday delayed Amtrak passenger service through Richmond, rail officials said. CSX spokesman David Hall said a single tanker car carrying molten sulfur left the tracks at 1:55 AM, tearing up a short section of rail. The cause of the accident was unknown. On Dec. 18, a 19-car derailment of a CSX train near Alexandria halted most passenger train service in Virginia. On Jan. 23, CSX and Amtrak halted trains through Charleston, S.C., after three cars filled with munitions on a CSX train derailed. Between 2000 and 2001, CSX spent a year operating under a special safety-compliance agreement because of poor track conditions found by federal rail inspectors. The special oversight ended after the railroad agency said CSX had made necessary improvements in track maintenance and safety procedures.’
Signs of the Times #655
Gas Fear Shuts Sydney Subway, Thousands Evacuated [Feb 5] ‘A gas leak forced the shutdown of the underground rail network in Sydney's central business district Thursday, crippling the entire rail system and spurring thousands to walk out of the city. A major natural gas leak at the Town Hall Station around lunchtime forced police to close all four underground stations, for fear the gas could spread throughout the subway.’
Signs of the Times #656
Pakistan [Feb 5] ‘A number of Pakistan Railways trains had to be rerouted after five coaches of the Sialkot-bound Allama Iqbal Express derailed between Harappa and Mir Dad Moafi stations at 8.25AM on Tuesday, according to an official spokesman for Pakistan Railways.’
Signs of the Times #652
On Feb. 2 that bridge near Easton PA was sinking. It has since collapsed and they heard on the news that other area bridges are crumbling. This is about 50 miles north of Philadelphia. [and from another source] From Scottsdale AZ. Today [Feb 6] as I was driving to work they announced on the news a huge sink hole had appeared on a freeway in the Phoenix East Valley, big enough to swallow up a car. They were detouring traffic. [and from another source] Jamaican Derailment [Feb 2] ‘The 12-car train came partially off Track 1 in Jamaica at around 4:10 p.m. in route to Penn Station, where it was scheduled to pick up passengers headed out of the city, Dolan said. Two cars were tilted and slightly jackknifed.’

Two weeks later on Feb 8 massive Globals again struck, while disasters continued.

Signs of the Times #656
Quebec City [Feb 9] ‘A viaduct collapsed east of Quebec City Saturday night, sending roughly 10 of 20 freight cars plunging into a river. The Transportation Safety Board is investigating the derailment near Montmagny, about 60 kilometres east of Quebec City.’ [and from another source] Tanker cars carrying acid derail [Feb 8] ‘A train carrying hazardous material derailed Saturday, causing about 50 people to be evacuated, police said. Officials said they don't know what caused the derailment.’

The next sweep would be anticipated to occur on Feb 19-22. Post Mortem:

Signs of the Times #674
Every day during my 40 mile commute to work, I listen to am talk radio. Yesterday morning [Feb 20], for the first time, the stations kept cutting out, static, etc. I never have a problem with static on my route. [and from another source] Mag field is quiet and calm and nothing out of the ordinary happening with the sun. The sun has very few sunspots and there has been very few flares above B in quite a while. There has also been very little aurora activity which points to a rather quiet sun. [and from another source] Have you had problems with your keyless car remote? You weren´t alone. It happened to hundreds of people here in the Valley. The problem is the remotes for car doors and garage doors didn´t work for many people Friday [Feb 19]. Why, is the big question. [and from another source] I disconnected from the internet and my phone rang. It´s never done that before. I have a dial-up and kept getting disconnected too. [and from another source] I have a DSL internet connection but the last couple days everytime I come home the connection is dead and I have to reboot the computer to get it back.