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Lou Gentile Hour!
September 24, 2004

1983, then the Cover-up Began

1983, when the cover-up of Planet X had not yet begun in ernest, but, figuratively, Orwell's 1984 was about to begin.

A heavenly body possibly ... so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite. So mysterious is the object that astronomers do not know if it is a planet ... so close in fact that it would be the nearest heavenly body to Earth beyond the outermost planet Pluto
Washington Post, Dec 31, 1983

1983, when the subject, and the purpose of the Pioneer probes, could still be discussed. An article in a respected encyclopedia discussed the purpose of the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes. Pioneers 10 and 11 were sent to get a triangulated fix on Planet X.

Pioneer 10 becomes the first craft to pass into interstellar space in 1983. The diagram shows the path of the two Pioneer probes.
New Science and Invention Encyclopedia, Pioneers

And now, an admissiong by JPL that there is something other than the Sun tugging on the Pioneers, some unknown gravity source in the inner solar system. Planet X!

Something strange is tugging at America's oldest spacecraft. As the Pioneer 10 and 11 probes head towards distant stars, scientists have discovered that the craft - launched more than 30 years ago - appear to be in the grip of a mysterious force that is holding them back as they sweep out of the solar system. The strange behaviour of the Pioneers was discovered by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Observer, Sep 12, 2004

Footprint of the Gods, The Oahspe, and ZetaTalk, Confirmed

The Oahspe, a genuine channeled work done by an Ohio dentist in a Biblical format in 1882, states that Atlantis was sunk deliberately during a pole shift, by ETs. ZetaTalk confirmed this. Very recently, the Portuguese report that the International Space Station, 'equipped with radar and equipment infra-red ray' has been focusing on an area west of Lisbon, and determined this was 'perfectly made by one object of great dimensions and weighing thousand of tons'.

Atlantis was land near the current continent of Europe, which was pulled into the Atlantic during the continental rip that accompanies violent pole shifts and thus disappeared dramatically under the sea. This demise was assisted by extraterrestrials, who took advantage of the natural cataclysm.
ZetaTalk: Atlantis
By power and wisdom of God, the continent of Atlantis is to be cut loose and submerged ... the ships of fire formed in line, extending from my place down to earth. And every ship was contracted 10,000 fold, which was the force required to break the crust of the earth and sink a continent.
Oahspe: Book of Aph, Chapter II

And what does the Oahspe tell us to expect in our near future?

Fly with all speed where first the red star’s vortex gathered up its nebulae, millions of years agone, and on the way say: God hath decreed a pruning-knife to a traveling world. Tell them I have spoken, and the earth and her heavens near the troughs. I will scoop her up as a toy, and her vortex shall close about like a serpent hungry for its prey.
Oahspe: Book of Aph, Chapter II

In the very words we use to describe this, and all tragic events. Passed down from their Latin and Greek origns.
CATASTROPHE: \Ca*tas"tro*phe\, n. [L. catastropha, Gr. ?, fr. ? to turn up and down, to overturn; kata` down + ? to turn.] 1. An event producing a subversion of the order or system of things; a final event, usually of a calamitous or disastrous nature; hence, sudden calamity; great misfortune.
DISASTER: \Dis*as"ter\, n. [F. d['e]sastre; pref. d['e]s- (L. dis-) + astre star, fr. L. astrum; a word of astrological origin. See Aster, Astral, Star.] 1. An unpropitious or baleful aspect of a planet or star; malevolent influence of a heavenly body; hence, an ill portent. [Obs.]

Planet X, Photographic Proof of Movement

It is closer, has moved closer, as the increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes indicates! An unprecedented quake in Poland on Sep 20 and in Argentina on Sep 7. An ancient and very dead Mt Elgon volcano in Africa erupting on Aug 26. And a code Orange called in Mammoth Lake during a Sep 18 swarm.

One has only to look at the edies and currents in a churning river to understand what might be happening to the magma. Speed increases, buildup occurs where the flow is sluggish or blocked, and pressure mounts going into the blockage.
ZetaTalk: Monster Cometh

In the past, the Second Sun was seen or captured on film stretched out along the Ecliptic, so that it was to the right on sunrise, to the left later in the day. Now this is reversed, because Planet X has become sun centered. This appears on the opposite side in Australia, in the southern hemisphere.

This is photographic evidence of movement during the ensuing months, movement from a location to the side of the Sun to a placement between the Earth and Sun, movement from a location below the Ecliptic to a placement nearly at the Ecliptic, and movement from a distance from the Earth to a placement much closer to the Earth. Close, at the Ecliptic, and moving!
ZetaTalk: Photographic Proof

SOHO Says So, Why SOHO Now Lies all the Time

Last April SOHO and MLSO captured the same Planet X Moon Swirls on the same day. These anolmalies on the MLSO, an Earth based observatory in Hawaii, have been explained by debunkers as raindrops and pollen, but on the SOHO. a million miles out in space? Rain and pollen in space?

Recently an amateur astronomer in Italy and MLSO captured the same moon swirl and distinct debris during the same time frame. MLSO is not giving evidence of being doctored, but the SOHO, which captures stars in their constellations and passing planets, can reveals orbit irregularities.

People ask why Planet X cannot then be seen in recent SOHO photos, if it has become sun centered. The SOHO is well doctored, as a recent catch demonstrates. Background stars can be computer generated, passing planets an easy insertion, and the sun flares a mere air brush. In these doctoring slip ups, the Background is the same despite a 2 hour period passing, and in another, the Sun Flares are not identically air brushed despite only 10 minutes having passed.

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