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ZetaTalk: Dance of the Moons
written July 29, 2004

As Planet X coming head-on into the other planets in the inner solar system, in its retrograde orbit, how do the Moon Swirls in the massive tail position themselves? While traveling out in space, they stream behind Planet X, in a dance where the moons caught in a moon swirls create long tubes. Seen in filtered photos and Animation's created from these photos, they appear either as an Odd Tube, when seen sideways, or as an intense focused light when the view is of light bounced down the tube. One swirl, which Nancy has dubbed the Comet Persona is a short flare tube, composed of several large moons. These moons swirls are sorted into Three Primary swirls, so when seen at a distance, as Wylatowo shows, they appear to be three bright spots, but when seen lengthwise, as they soon will be, become a chaotic moving mass.

We have stated that Planet X has a retrograde rotation as well as a retrograde orbit, and that this is a factor in the clash that caused the Earth's rotation to slow to a stop. Swept along with Planet X as it moves along its retrograde orbit, clearly depicted in Castellfollit del Boix, the moon swirls likewise are pulled around in this direction, following the sweeping arms that any home planet with a moon projects. They are, thus, strewn outwards and around about half the perimeter of Planet X. During the week of rotation stoppage, this moving drama transfixes mankind in horror.

Castellfollit del Boix : July 3, 2004
Wylatowo, Poland : July 10, 2004