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Issue 151, Sunday, September 20, 2009
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China UFO Disclosure

Disclosure is understood to be the admission that UFO's exist by some official agency. Disclosure has been increasing over the past few years, starting with the Cometa Report in France and followed by partial disclosure in the UK and Canada, admissions by the military in Chili, and comments by the military in Russia. The US, of course, is adamant that UFO's are swamp gas and weather balloons. Now China has suddenly been propelled into the news. During the July 22, 2009 eclipse a massive saucer shaped UFO was seen and filmed by schoolchildren, and videotaped moving across the face of the Moon.


China Eclipse UFO story
July 30, 2009
The UFO was a classic silver disc shaped flying saucer. It zigzagged for a while and then after a few minutes shot off at a terrific speed. One student managed to capture the UFO on a cellphone camera as seen below. This UFO event has received massive media coverage and has been reported in all major Chinese newspapers.
UFO Video from China Eclipse Leaked
September 10, 2009
This video allegedly taken by an amateur space watcher, Mr Lin, during the eclipse with an astronomical camera. This video is doing the rounds of China's large community of UFO enthusiasts and causing quite a stir. It shows what must be a huge UFO move across the Moon's surface.

The story moved from a local (China) story to the international realm when the
Astronomical Observatory in Nanjing, Jiangsu reported that they too had recorded the UFO.

SOURCE: Astronomical Observatory, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.

UFO Filmed by Chinese Scientists During Solar Eclipse
September 7, 2009
Scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, China believe it is a real possibility that this footage of an unidentified flying object is the evidence we have all been waiting for.
Massive UFO development: Disclosure Coming In China
September 5, 2009
No other news publication outside of Asia has carried the story although it has sent shock-waves through China's massive UFO community and even amongst conventional scientists. Now it has been reported in China that the famous Purple Mountain Observatory has confirmed that they observed a UFO on the day of the eclipse which they will spend the next year studying.

Per the Zetas, events such as eclipses are assisted to maintain an appearance of normalcy. The Moon is pushed into place, for instance, as many who would panic and hurt the common man are not ready for full exposure to the truth about the Earth wobble and presence of Planet X.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/20/2009: The pattern has been that all events such as an eclipse have been assisted so that those who would go insane if presented by the truth will not be pressed to this extent. At some point, of course, this will change, and the truth will be allowed to begin to emerge beyond the extent it is today with the wobble and occasional glimpse of Planet X on SOHO or videos. Just when that time comes, we will not say.

But when pressed just ahead of the July 22, 2009 eclipse, the Zetas hinted that the alien presence might be revealed during the eclipse.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/18/2009: When the Element of Doubt is maintained, it is never with perfection. There are always irregularities that present, such that those with an open mind begin to ponder and explore. Whether the Council of Worlds will allow or require a more obvious irregularity we cannot say, as the Council also requires that we do not reveal their plans. Of course this is possible, but whether it will occur we will not say. The Council of Worlds is in charge of the Awakening of mankind to the alien presence and the presence of Planet X near the Sun. We, the Zetas, are not in charge of this pace of change.

And now that the China UFO has been admitted by the Astronomical Observatory in China, the Zetas confirm that this whole affair was arranged by the Council of Worlds.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/12/2009: We stated that there may be surprises during an eclipse, not quite what the authorities expect. This is an example. Cover-ups, over the alien presence or of the presence of Planet X, can be tripped up during such events, which the public cannot be dissuaded from watching.

Alien Skulls

Is Lloyd Pye in possession of an alien skull? This methodical researcher has documented the differences between this skull and human skulls. He hoped to include DNA differences. His research and results have been featured on TV shows such as National Geographic, History Channel, BBC and Fox.


Yet Pye is struggling to complete expensive DNA research and finds himself suddenly sabotaged. A recent newsletter, forwarded to me, states:

I don't know who it is, exactly, but I know what they've done. Last year at this exact time, you will recall, I had a deal in place to pay for the final DNA test and to film a documentary about it. First, the BBC in England, then several other TV networks in Europe and America signed on, only to later drop off. Each of them would be excited at first and all systems seemed "go," then something would happen to scotch the deal at every place we tried. I kept blaming the failing economy, but now I think I might have underestimated the situation. In June a major miracle occurred. The Daily Mail, England's largest newspaper (3 million sold and read by 6 million every day) asked to do a major two-page spread on the Starchild while I was there lecturing. This was as big as home runs get, so I was elated! But then, on the scheduled day for publication, the fully researched, fully written, ready-to-print story was suddenly spiked! Out of nowhere!!! Someone forced it to be pulled at the last second with no explanation to me or to the writer. Just poof! Gone! And to this day I still have not heard a word of explanation or apology from the Daily Mail. So it's clear someone got to them. But who?

The Zetas have long stated that traces of alien visitors have been left on Earth, most by accident, and that hominoid skulls are the most disturbing, being proof that man is not the most intelligent hominoid in the Universe!

ZetaTalk Comment 8/15/1996: The Earth has been visited for eons, long before mankind walked the Earth. Your Earth is fertile and full of life, an endless source of interest to the curious. Just as travelers on long sea voyages, or trekking long distances over continents, were lost to their human families, just so these visitors on occasion lost their moorings. They died, and their companions were not able to locate their remains. Dead tissue is dead tissue, and it does not speak but rather blends into the surrounding forest or swamp, lost to those anxiously looking for a companion. Humans are aware that their technology is not perfect, and this lack of perfection is always present. The phone may be but a fingertip away and the ambulance can come at a moment's notice, but if one's portable phone is broken when one is dying away from home, then one may never be found!

Most often the Bones of Visitors are not recognized for what they are, as they are thought to be remains of an animal of some sort. Remains are also usually disturbed by scavengers, eaten and dragged or thrown about so that an intact section cannot be pieced together. Any remains that would tend to look hominoid, but not human, would frighten a human coming upon them, and these types of situations tend to result in active denial. The remains are left where they are found, and even if documented and pressed upon colleagues, denial prevents them from being taken seriously. If for no other reason, denial occurs because the researchers have difficulty realizing they are not alone, not the first or most intelligent conscious species in the Universe, not the masters of all they survey. One looks the other way, walks away, and then forgets to mention the find in their report.

Skulls of hominoid visitors, as well as intact skeletons of non-hominoid visitors, have been recovered by human researchers and documented. These discoveries never make the press, as the media find them too disturbing. There are solemn moments, hushed silences when no word is spoken. Then someone mentions that the public might be disturbed, might faint or attack the media with claims of fraud. The decision is make to wait a bit, for some time in the future when folks seem better prepared for such matters. If the bones of visitors were simply odd skeletal structures, they could be displayed as an example of an extinct animal, and at times this is just what they are taken to be. The bones that don't get displayed are hominoid skulls that obviously have more brains than mankind, big heads that humans today don't possess, much less the heads of early man. Who wants to break this news when they would have to be faced with all those egos out there being taken down a notch! Better to keep mum, at least for the time being.

Drought Impact

The Zetas have long predicted that crop shortages, caused by the weather, would be worldwide going into the pole shift. They made this prediction in 1995 when no others were predicting this, predicting intractable droughts, deluge, temperature extremes, and unseasonable temps. All of this affects crop yields.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: As we described earlier, going into the cataclysms the weather will become unpredictable, with torrential rainstorms where not expected, and droughts likewise where not expected. Extremes of temperature will be experienced. Unusually warm winters, where the trees and shrubs will start to bud, thinking spring, and then be subjected to frost. Similarly, frosts will come late in the spring, almost into summer, killing the buds which have already put forth their tender shoots. During the years coming close to the time of the reappearance of Planet X, the giant comet, all parts of the world will experience extremes. Of course, leading up to the cataclysms, not all produce will fail. Greenhouse crops will come through. Backyard gardens, tendered carefully by watchful eyes, will survive. But the large cash crops that supply crowded population centers will find little to market, and the prices will go up accordingly.

This has now come about, as reported in the February 15, 2009 newsletter where it was pointed out that Global Research shows that most of the countries experiencing severe drought are those who are the world's major food producers. The US, Brazil, India and China are the major food producers. Canada, Argentina, Australia, and Russia and Mexico are next in line. These countries are the most affected at present by drought!

Failure of Brazilian and Indian Crops Send Sugar Prices To 28-Year High
August 7, 2009
Sugar prices rocketed to a 28-year high yesterday as alarmed consumers rushed into the market amid tight global supplies following disappointing crops in Brazil and India , the world's largest producers, and resilient demand. Prices are up 68 per cent since January. The rally has been fuelled by expectations of lower production in Brazil and India, which together account for almost 40 per cent of global sugar production.
Brazil Expects 7.9% Drop In Grain Harvest
August 10, 2009
Brazil's grain harvest is expected to fall 7.9 percent this year compared with 2008.
Hotter , Drier Spring Weather Forecast for Australia
August 26, 2009
Australian farmers need rain "urgently" in some eastern grain regions after hot, dry weather in recent days trimmed yield prospects.
Drought in India Generates Economic Crisis and Farmer Suicides
August 25, 2009
In India, a delayed and deficient monsoon season has severely affected farmers. Nearly a third of the country's districts are experiencing drought and communities there are facing a grave situation. The drought has already pushed the prices of many essential commodities up and is also expected to slow down the country's economic growth.
Extended Drought Threatens China Farmland
August 25, 2009
The extended drought in China's north and northeast regions now threatens over 8 million hectares of farmland. Over half of the arable land will not produce a harvest this year. Hundreds of thousand of people and livestock face a desperate shortage of drinking water. Lakes have dried up, and grassland has withered.
Argentina May Import Beef First Time as Herds Die
August 18. 2009
Argentina, the biggest beef- consuming nation, may resort to imports for the first time within two years as a drought kills cattle and export controls prompt ranchers to quit the business. Pastures have dried up and forage prices gained so much that farmers are allowing livestock to die in the fields.
Obama Urged to Declare Drought Disaster in California
August 25, 2009
Three dry years coupled with restrictions on water pumped from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta have cut the irrigation supplies of many San Joaquin Valley farmers and deepened rising unemployment.

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