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Issue 164, Sunday, December 20, 2009
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Spiral Warnings

The Norway neon spiral that occurred on December 8, 2009 has caused many to question the many prehistoric spirals and spirals in crop circles. Are these warnings of what is to come?

Spirals have appeared in prehistoric glyphs, drawn on cave walls along with the animals early man hunted. What was the significance of these spirals, which until now had no explanation? Perhaps early man saw them in the sky prior to a pole shift, and this was their way of telling the story. If so, we can expect more massive spirals in the sky as the time of the pole shift approaches.

VIDEO: Prehistoric Spirals

Spirals have also shown up in crop circles, such as this dual spiral at Fort Nelson in the UK on June 11, 2004.

At the time, the Zetas made no mention of pending sky spirals with neon spirals clouds emanating from their centers, but did allude to a "magnetic maelstrom"

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/25/2004: Planet X remains on the flow lines of the Sun, increasingly at an angle to the Sun, causing the Earth's tilt to be more extreme, until, as magnets do, the Earth is in an extreme tilt, almost lateral to the Sun. Again, given the complexity of recent crop circles, not the last dance, but implied in Fort Nelson in the angle of the small bodies, planets, caught in the magnetic maelstrom.

When pressed they admitted they had withheld the full meaning of the crop circle, in order to discombobulate the establishment so that the cover-up over the presence of Planet X might crack.

Question: Are the elite now trapped with their cover story of a Russian missile to debunk the latest neon spiral? One might assume that many more such spirals will manifest and it will not be credible for TPTB to suggest misfired Russian missiles will be responsible for the spirals to come. Are the spirals that are so often represented by petroglyphs showing us what man saw during previous Planet X passages?

ZetaTalk Admission 12/12/2009: Spirals were present in the skies, as signs in the skies, during prior pole shifts, yes. This is a matter we withheld up until now, because of our desire to surprise the establishment as much as possible, to hopefully shake the cover-up and allow admissions of the truth to blurt out. Just as with the frequency of fireballs, which at first were blamed on space junk or on a satellite crash and then on asteroids entering Earth's field, the establishment will cast around for explanations before simply falling silent on the matter. The time is coming when silence will be their only defense, so that the common man looks elsewhere for an explanation.

Moscow Tetrahedron

On December 9, 2009 an amazing sight appeared over Moscow - a floating, twirling tetrahedron. This was not a UFO, was not solid but had more a fog-like appearance. Videos were taken during the day and an extensive video was taken at night, though the tetrahedron is hard to see in the night time video unless the colors are reversed. What is notable about Moscow is that due to the Kremlin being located there, nothing, absolutely nothing is allowed in the air over Moscow. Reportedly, even Putin must drive to the airport, and cannot take a helicopter. Amazingly, this did not hit the press, at least not at first, though was all over the Internet. The videos were carefully examined by experts and declared legit, not a hoax.

VIDEO: Daytime Tetrahedron
VIDEO: Night Time Tetrahedron

One problem with hologram theory - holograms don't reflect light, this object does as well as being shaded properly from the ground lights.

I'm a master of Maya, Softimage, After Effects and such. There is no way to do that using all those programs mentioned above. I've spent hours trying and it is impossible. I gave up! First of all, the footage is taken from the inside of a moving car and through the glass. Also, you would need to mask electrical cables as on 0:10 and that is crazy to do. There are many other aspects that would require something extraordinary to accomplish. Street light reflections are very dificult to mask as well. I've downloaded the vido to play it frame by frame and all I can say is: Wow! Folks, it is real as it gets!

After watching the video over and over again. I can say that a tethered blimp is out of the question. If it were a blimp or balloon there should be a constant and permanent axis of rotation. In this case a cable from the roof to the object. But the object is rotating freely. There is no fixed axis on it.

The Zetas stated this was a hologram created by several UFOs who changed the molecular structure of the air inside the tetrahedron, with the intent of warning the citizens of Moscow that their city was vulnerable to flooding.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/12/2009: This is a real UFO, captured on more than one video. The shape of the tetrahedron, which shows a triangle from four different sides, was generated by space ships nearby, coordinating with one another, thus a type of holograph. Unlike a human generated holograph, however, this display could be seen from all directions, with a precise 3D appearance. The fog like appearance was generated by changing the molecular structure of the air inside the tetrahedron. What was the message being beamed to the residents of Moscow during the display? We have mentioned before that Moscow is in lowlands, with few hills nearby for an escape during flooding. Moscow will be distressed early in the time between the present and the pole shift, due to flooding. What will the residents do, when the hills they would scramble to are hundreds of miles away? Flood waters erode support from under buildings, so they tilt and fall. Serious thought needs to be done by those who live there, to plan for such an emergency, which could come upon them suddenly during a deluge.

Indeed, the Zetas had responded when questioned about a UFO blitz over Moscow on February 18, 2007, giving the same warning.

ZetaTalk Answer 3/17/2007: Moscow is in the center of an extreme stretch of lowlands. Where above sea level now, after the pole shift, when the big melt has raised the sea level some 675 feet worldwide, Moscow residents will have hundreds of miles to traverse in order to be above the waves. There are no foot hills, no mountains, no plateaus, in any direction. To the East, the Urals. To the Southeast, the Caucasus. To the Southwest, the Carpacians. And to the Northwest, beyond Finland, the mountains of Sweden. The entry to the Black Sea will lower as Africa twists during pre-shift quakes and plate movements. Where does this water go? There are several rivers that drain these lowlands, many ending in the vicinity of Moscow. The waters go up river, pushed back, a backwash. Moscow will be reminded early that it lies in lowlands, with unexpected flooding a result of plate adjustments.

SOHO Downtime

In step with the Planet X complex appearing on SOHO C2 and C3 images, and the Stereo Ahead images, these images are being withheld by unexplained downtime. The Planet X complex appears, and then for hours there are no updates.

C3 was down from 12/07/2009 15:18 to 12/09/2009 00:18. Close to 36 hours with no explanation. C2 was down from 12/07/2009 15:08 to 12/09/2009 00:06 also. EIT's (closeup of the Sun surface) were not down at all, so it was not the satellite.

What is that bright flash at the left on Stereo Ahead? Happened on 12/11/2009 14:39 and before at 12/03/2009 at 20:54. And guess what. Now it is not updating. No shock there! Last updated 14:39 when this flash appeared, while all the others are on 17:39.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/12/2009: Many noticed the unannounced and unexplained downtime on the C2 and C3 SOHO, a period of 36 hours! Since other images from the SOHO satellite were available, the EIT images of the Sun itself, this was not the cause. The satellite was not due for a roll, which is scheduled maintenance. The downtime was due to consternation at NASA and JPL over what to say about the continuing appearance of the Planet X complex on the various satellites maintained by the US and its partners. When Planet X blundered into the SOHO red image on December 23, 2007, replete with streaming tail, the establishment decided to pretend it never happened and ignore it. Since many copies of this appearance of Planet X were out and about on the Internet, to withdraw or airbrush that image would imply a cover-up. So they ignored it. But in 2009 these accidents kept coming, with increasing frequency, starting on March 27, 2009 with the dramatic appearance of the Winged Globe. Then the Stereo Ahead showed Planet X as the Red Cross of yor on December 4-5, 2009. Of course, the many spies out and about on the Internet reported that this too was a flaming subject, another example of how their airbrush programs are failing to keep pace with the bobbling about that the satellites, the Earth, and Planet X are doing these days.

Their choices were few - shut down the SOHO and Stereo service, improve the airbrushing programs, or continue to ignore the occasional appearance of Planet X. After heated discussion in smoke filled rooms, the decision was to continue to live with the status quo. An airbrush program requires that Planet X show up in a predictable spot, and not move around as it is. To program for any bright spot, at any location, interferes with the appearance of planets such as Venus and Mercury or the passage of comets. These too are not always appearing in predictable spots, due to the bobbling about of the satellites in the turmoil of the eddy flow cup that Earth and its satellites find themselves in at present. What would the public say if Venus were tracking in from the right hand side, then suddenly disappeared, then reappeared? They would say someone was airbrushing the images! Better to say nothing, as they do when the Second Sun appears at dawn or dusk, as they have always done with the 12 hour periodic shuddering that occurs on the live seismographs. But for many involved in the cover-up, it was clear that the time was running out on the cover-up. Many made personal plans to retire from their jobs and retire to their safe place, to avoid the anger they anticipate the public will focus on them when their lies are finally revealed. The rats will be leaving the ship.

The first two minutes of this video contains an excellent analysis of the SOHO doctoring, including edit lines, Saturn going missing between frames, and frames reused.


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