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Issue 255, Sunday August 21, 2011
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Kiev Trumpets

This must be heard to be appreciated! The Kiev reservoir is singing.


Sound intensity was very strong, even windows shivered in buildings. This is very scary, and Bible prophecy is coming the truth (Archangel's horn). It was recorded on 5 floor of building. Civil work are really spent in several the next houses, and it is audible on video. But these civil work - as if a mosquito peep in this awful rumble. Neither force, nor power of a building sound doesn't come within miles that was audible.

These sounds were captured on August 3 and August 8 by a resident of Kiev, as noted on a Pole Shift ning blog, and put on YouTube. This is multi-tonal, accompanied by vibrations that "shiver" the windows. Only the Zetas have been able to give an explanation, and yes it relates to the Earth changes, as Kiev is in a stretch zone. No one but the Zetas were able to explain this phenomena.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/20/2011: Kiev lies just south of a dam on the Kiev Reservoir, a damming of the Dnieper River. A vibration of the dam itself, like the strings of a violin, would resonate in the water, thus not only creating a vibration in the ground but a vibration in the air. There are musical instruments that use a water filled container to increase the vibration, so the vibration affects the air and send a tone forth. Glasses of water filled to different heights, when tapped, create a vibrating tone due to the water surface affecting the air. The glass alone, when tapped, is barely audible. Where trumpets will be heard, worldwide, prior to the pole shift, the Kiev trumpets are not due to upper atmosphere clapping caused by lightning. They are caused by the stretch zone above the Black Sea, which will be pulling apart continuously until the hour of the pole shift. Thus, the people of Kiev should become accustomed to the music their dam is producing, as it is likely to be with them for the duration.

Note the relationship in time to plate movement during the first week of August. During the first week of August, from August 1-7, as noted on this RSOE chart, massive flooding was recorded only in those areas described by the Zetas to be involved in the 7 of 10 scenarios - India, the Sunda Plate, and the Caribbean Plate. The RSOE chart also shows new volcanic activity where 7 of 10 plate movement is occurring - at the edge of the Sunda Plate in Java, at Hawaii where the Pacific plate parts are compressing, and near Italy where the African Plate is dropping and rolling.

The RSOE chart shows large quakes along the Ring of Fire accompanying the compression of the Pacific also, during this week. Buoys on both sides of the Pacific lurched on August 7 and August 8. A lava dome in Hawaii collapsed on August 5, 2011. It is any wonder that the Kiev trumpets were recorded on August 3 and August 8, 2011? Where compression is occurring, somewhere the stretch is occurring. These are the many signs of plate movement.

Lava Closes Part of National Park as Kilauea Crater Collapses
August 5, 2011
The lava-filled crater in Hawaii's Kilauea volcano collapsed more than 250 feet. The Puu Oo crater, which holds a lake of lava inside the cone at Kilauea's summit, last collapsed in March. Kilauea has been erupting continually since 1983. Hawaii's volcanoes erupt effusively, meaning runny lava bubbles up and flows out, as opposed to building up pressure and exploding violently.

Trail Derailments

If the Kiev trumpets are due to a stretch in the area, might this stretch of eastern Europe through to Asia that the Eurasian Plate endures have something to do with a train derailment in Poland? No cause evident, but rails to not just zig and zag suddenly without cause. Railroad lines are regularly checked, in fact, and well maintained. The Pole Shift ning has a blog of such derailments, and in addition to the stretch in the Ukraine and Poland, the eastern half of the US is a stretch zone experiencing many derailments just in this month of August, 2011, in places that the New Madrid adjustment will tear, in fact. Regularly checked rail lines, but derailments without apparent cause. In addition, two Chicago buildings collapsed on the same day. Chicago is very much in a stretch zone, impacted by the Seaway pulling apart. Same day, same location - boom. Per the Zetas, not a coincidence.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/14/2005: Confused investigators look for reasons for disasters that have their etiology in Earth quietly pulled apart, rock flakes pulled away, rather than pressed together, so that no quakes occur. The stretch zone is that sinking feeling, where support weakens, the ground sinks, and silently so. As there is no other explanation for the effect on the stretch zone, lacking any earthquakes to blame, and as these stretch zone accidents will continue to emerge, and with ferocity, this is a certain clue to those on the fence, that the influence of Planet X is the cause.

Poland: Train Passenger Killed in Derailment
August 12, 2011
A passenger train has crashed in central Poland, killing one passenger and injuring at least 40. The inter-city train from Warsaw to Katowice was derailed at the town of Baby, near the city of Piotrkow Trybunalski. The engine and three of the carriages went off the tracks. It was not clear what caused the derailment.
NYC: Subway Service Resumes After 6 Train Derailment
August 3, 2011
A 6 train carrying roughly 100 passengers derailed near Harlem's 125th Street station early Wednesday - trapping people underground and snarling the morning rush. The train came off the tracks between 116th Street and 125th Street at about 4 am. The cause of the accident was still under investigation.
22 Rail Cars Full of Coal Derail in Western Iowa
August 4, 2011
Railroads crews are cleaning up after 22 cars of a coal train derailed in western Iowa today. The 136-car train was headed from Wyoming to Illinois when a section derailed about 6:40 am. The cause of the derailment is under investigation.
Louisianna: Crews Quickly Get Derailed Train in Belle Chasse Back in Action
August 2, 2011
It's not clear what led to the derailment, but it appears there was a problem with the track. Crews responded to the scene and made some repairs before reconnecting the train.
Chicago: Normal Service Restored on Blue Line After Derailment Near O'Hare
August 3, 2011
The Blue Line train was leaving the O'Hare station when it derailed at 4:47 p.m. while going through an interlocking switch. The derailment happened in a tunnel about 1,000 feet from the station.
Chicago: Oak Park Building Collapse Closes Harrison, Injures one
August 10th, 2011
The front of the one-story commercial building at 201-207 Harrison came tumbling down. Village officials, police and firefighters were on the scene shortly after, but no one could say for certain what caused the collapse.
Chicago: Foundation Failure to Blame in St. Charles Building's Partial Collapse
August 10, 2011
Bob Vann, the head of building and zoning for St. Charles said one of the building's foundation walls failed, causing the floor of the second story to drop about 18 inches.

Prospecting Antactica

The Zetas have described, from the start of the ZetaTalk saga, how new land will emerge on the tip of the Antarctic Plate during the pole shift. This will arise as the Antarctic Plate tips, pushed down by the squeeze in the Pacific and popping up in the Atlantic as the Atlantic spreads.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/1/1999: The Antarctic plate finds the side abutting the Pacific under pressure. The overlapping and compressing plates on the Pacific side represent pressure and push. The separating and spreading plates on the Atlantic side represent an opening, so the Antarctic plate moves in that direction.

Thus this region will have two opportunities for Aftertime living on the new Equator - this new land and Antarctica itself. One can almost feel the prospecting teams poised to rush and stake their claims! Most likely, they would stand at S Africa, Tierra del Fuego or the Falkland Islands, and Australia. Of course, there are teams already on Antarctica, ostensibly doing scientific research. Are they prospecting early, for instance, by exploring Lake Vostok? Antarctica has deep fresh water lakes beneath the ice, with Lake Vostok the largest, as large as Lake Ontario. There's the fresh water for the settlement camps!

Lake Vostok
It's similar in area size to Lake Ontario, but with over three times the volume.
If You Think Dulce's neat, Check This Out!
But at the end of Lake Vostok is what's known as a gigantic masscon - a mass concentration of metal, very similar to the masscons they discovered on the Moon - a gigantic, circular-shaped, metallic object deep under the ice at the end of Lake Vostok. Highly classified. JPL had it. The National Security Agency took it away from JPL. It's one of the most sensitive things in the world now, as to what is the anomaly at the end of the lake

Of course, there are all manner or rumors and speculation about Lake Vostok, and Antarctic in general. Per the Zetas, all false. But putting out scary rumors is a good way to keep the curious public away. All the better to grab Antarctica for oneself!

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/13/2011: Feeding conspiracy theories, the Lake Vostok magnetic anomaly remains unexplained. Is this a crashed ship, an ancient city such as the lost city of Atlantis, or is there a simple geological explanation for the anomaly? Because exploring the lake would ruin its pristine condition, the mystery remains. It is known that iron ore deposits and hardened lava from volcanoes or spreading plates will show up as magnetic anomalies. Cities likewise have this signature due to the bulk of metal in their interior. The interior of plates is often thick crust, which likewise can give this magnetic signature. Antarctica is old rock and Lake Vostok lies along a rift running deep through this rock, thus showing a pattern of volcanic rupture when the continent was pulled from its attachment to India in the past.

London Riots

Riots are nothing new. LA has had them, the Rodney King episode for instance, in protest to police brutality presumably. France had them as recently as 2005, the Zetas stating that these riots were due in part to France's soft hand.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/9/2005: Why would riots emerge in France, as a leading country in this regard? France is not only tolerant of immigrants seeking jobs, it is also tolerant of public expression, rioting included.

Now London burns. This is in sharp contrast to the protests in Tunisia and Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East. Those countries have severe repression, brutal treatment and torture of detainees, and are most often shot on sight in the streets if they protest. Yet hundreds of thousands came out in calm protest, risking their lives, as reported in Issue 227 on February 6, 2011 in this newsletter.

ZetaTalk re Egypt 2/5/2011: What causes a public to live in grinding poverty and oppression one day, and take the stance that this will no longer be tolerated the next? Many immature souls are opting out, wanting to leave their incarnation, and are replaced by the Spirit Guides by the souls of Star Children just itching to make a difference on Earth during its time of Transformation. Throughout the Arab world, the model is one where a despot rules with an iron fist. They will topple one by one.

And now London burns. Which model is being followed? The model of courage against a despot, or the model of opportunistic and spoiled individuals having a party?

London Burns As Rioters And Looters Run Amok
August 9, 2011
Violence and looting breaks out across London - as unrest also hits Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool. There have been disturbances in Hackney in east London, as well as Lewisham, Peckham, Croydon and Clapham Junction in the south, and Ealing in the west. Trouble was also reported in Camden in north London. More than 1,700 extra police officers were deployed across the capital overnight as violent scenes broke out. The unrest was said to have been sparked by the police shooting of local man Mark Duggan. The shooting is being investigated by the police watchdog and the rioting occurred after a peaceful protest was held in response to Mr Duggan's death.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/13/2011: Riots have been attributed to an explosion of rage over intolerable living conditions, but more is afoot. Intolerable living conditions exist worldwide, but the populace living in some of the most repressed areas, and in the most egregious conditions, never riot. Rioting occurs because the mob anticipates succeeding, bettering themselves in some way. Rather than rioting where conditions are the worst, rioting is likely to occur where making demands and even crimes has been tolerated in the past.

But it is not just opportunistic rioting and looting that is a worry as the pole shift approaches. The elite of the world are preparing to be parasites on Service-to-Other communities! Who would think this, when the elite have funds, are creating well stocked bunkers and hiring militias to protect their enclaves! Yet a recent ZetaTalk on this issue has brought to light the plans of the elite, and others who simply want to be in the right crowd. Can't gin up the Service-to-Other mentality yourself? Go clutch onto a Service-to-Other community and go along for the ride when aid from benign aliens is being handed out. Yet one more worry for hard working Service-to-Other survival communities - elite parasites.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/13/2011: Those wanting to better their changes of surviving in a region that will have conscious contact with benign aliens inviting survivors into their high tech dome cities understandably want to enter Service-to-Other percentages into their computations. These situations are fluid, as the percentage of Walk-ins can quickly change, for instance. The Arab Spring is an example, springing forth in repressive regimes due to walk-ins taking over bodies where an immature soul wished to opt out. Fluidity is also caused by the many people wanting to cling to what appear to be Service-to-Other communities, moving into those countries that are social democracies and the like. This will pollute those areas. The Service-to-Self in particular, having acquired great wealth or power, may arrive with their associates and private militias, changing the nature of the region overnight. The migration of refugees can change the character of a region dramatically. A poor rural area, scarcely populated and with few job opportunities, may find itself home to many in the last days. If the newcomers lean toward the Service-to-Other and are dominated by highly Service-to-Other individuals or Star Children arriving as walk-ins, this may be a site where open assistance from benign aliens arrives early. Conversely an area near a coastal city, where the wealthy congregated and their boy and girl toys proliferated, might have a different outcome. Heading in desperation to where rumors reported survival communities had been established, these newcomers likewise would pollute the spiritual realm, for their entire lifetimes.

Kazahkstan Mirror

The ZetaTalk site has yet another mirror, including the Troubled Times material as well as the large cache of Survival Docs. Kazahkstan was chosen because of its use of the silk road internet cable, known as the Trans-Asia-Europe (TAE) line. This serves the inland regions from Europe to the coast of China, hopefully relatively immune to the plate movement that the coastal cables serving Asia suffer. In 2008, India lost 80% of its service when their coastal cables were ripped. ZetaTalk11 is the new Kazahkstan mirror, and if this is your most direct site, get accustomed to using it before plate movements interrupt your service.

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