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Issue 259, Sunday September 18, 2011
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Dark Twin Looms

The Zetas have warned that the Dark Twin will become more visible as the planets squeezed together in front of Planet X are squeezed ever tighter. The Dark Twin has fallen behind the Earth, pushed back out of their shared orbit into the night sky, and is usually seen at dusk as one looks toward the west, back along their shared orbit and into the night sky. First seen in early 2004 as it emerged from behind the Sun, approaching the stalled Earth. It reflected blue light, with an occasional flash of yellow, and was seen naked eye by people after sunset at that time. This was captured on film at that time also, by more than one amateur astronomer.

ZetaTalk Description 4/19/2004: What is it about the color black that makes it dark, unseen? It absorbs light, almost entirely, reflecting little. And as a dead planet, without water, without atmosphere, without vegetation coloration, there is nothing on the Dark Twin to change this. Why does the Dark Twin appear on the horizon, briefly, as a large yellow planet, the color and size changing back and forth to a tiny blue star? These are the colors least absorbed by the twin, thus most reflected.

Another capture on film occurred in April of 2010, this time just before dawn by someone delivering newspapers. Again, looking out into the night sky, to the west, and finding a dim object that can only be seen when the photo is brightened, in this case by a color inversion. The huge size, when compared to the Moon, is unmistakable, but per the Zetas this is an illusion, the light rays going out and then bending back toward the viewer. This is not the actual size.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/10/2010: This is the Dark Twin, which has been crowding up behind the Earth in their shared orbit, but the orbit they share is no longer exact, due to the crowding. The Dark Twin has pushed back, slightly away from the Sun, to avoid crowding the Earth. Such crowding will increase as Planet X comes outbound from the Sun, closing the gap between itself and Earth. Dramas will ensue, which we decline to detail at the present time.

Now there is yet another capture on film on September 7, 2011, of what cannot be other than the Dark Twin. Once again, looking to the west, at dusk, as posted on the Pole Shift ning. To the west, at approximately Azimuth 282°, should be the setting Sun still up in the sky. This should be followed by Venus, further up and to the left of the Sun. This pale violet orb is not Venus as the Sun has not yet set, and this monster captured in the photo precedes the Sun. Mercury is in that position, but Mercury is tiny and is not seen naked eye. It cannot be the Moon, which is in the SSE, per Skymap, at approximately Azimuth 135°. This is yet another capture of the Dark Twin, looming, as this diagram by the talented Pole Shift ning member, Kojima, presents.

I saw it from my back yard in Texas. I used a compass to get an approximate location on the compass and what I got was west 282 degrees. I took the picture with my cell phone. I've taken several sunset pictures in this same area and this was not the Sun. When I capture the Sun it always appears and is much larger. I took it around diner time which was around 5:30 - 6:00. I live in south (very south) east Texas. Right on the Gulf of Mexico and about 650 miles from Mexico.

The Zetas confirm this to be the Dark Twin, and explain the violet color!

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/17/2011: The sunset photo taken on September 7, 2011, where a faint purple orb appears to the right of the Sun, and before the Sun had set, is as suspected a capture of the Dark Twin. The Dark Twin shares the Earth's orbit, and this orb is seen along the line of the Ecliptic, close to the horizon at 5:30-6:00 pm along that line when the Sun is still higher in the sky at an angle to the left. The Dark Twin looks purple or violet as the blue light it normally emits is mixing with the red dust in the atmosphere. As those who study color are aware, blue and red mixed together produce a purple color. Is the Dark Twin being pushed closer to the Earth, the cup it shares with the Earth and Venus tightening at this time? It is indeed, and this drama is only starting to play out!

The Dark Twin is in legend and prophecy, in more than one culture. The Dark Twin is the god Kali in the Hindu religion. Per the Zetas, the Hopi Indians also know it as the Blue Star Kachina.

Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy
An ancient Hopi Prophecy states. When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens the 5th world will emerge. This will be the day of Purification. It will come when the Saquasahuh (blue) Kachina dances in the plaza and takes off his mask. In the final day we will look up in the heavens and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. The twins will be seen in our northwestern skies. The return of the Blue Kachina who is also known as Nan Ga Sohu will be the forewarning that tells us there will soon be a new day, new way of life and a new world coming. When the Purifier comes we will see him first as a small red star which will come very close and sit in our heavens watching us. This Purifier will show us many miraculous signs in our heavens. Then one morning we will awaken to a Red Dawn. The sky will be the colour of blood.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/3/2011: Before the Dark Twin escapes the cup it will be close enough that sunlight reflected from its surface will bounce toward the Earth and be seen on the night side of Earth - a blueish star! The Hopi prophecy also refers to this drama, which is likely to occur either within or close to the Last Weeks.

Venus Looms

Coincidentally, in the same week, another interesting capture of an orb near the setting Sun appeared in a YouTube video dated September 04, 2011, filmed from Kirkland, WA in the US. Taken from an open car window over a 9 minute period, this is clearly not a lens flare as a flare can be seen elsewhere in the video, moving about at times. This orb is stationary, and sets just slightly ahead of the Sun, showing a shadow on its lower side as it does so, confirming its relative location vs a vs the Sun.


ZetaTalk Explanation 9/17/2011: The object filmed on September 4, 2011 is obviously not a lens flare as the camera is moved about and this object does not. Nor is this a reflection on the car's window, which by the traffic sounds is obviously open. It remains stationary, in line with the Sun, and seems to set with the Sun. Where there is clearly haze that the Sun is shining through, the object has definition, retains its shape, and even seems to have a shadow on the lower side, as though it were reflecting sunlight, and as though it were slightly below the Sun. Is it a ghost of the Sun, a reflection of the Sun within the camera? A ghost parallels the shape and size of the Sun, but this object disappears before the Sun goes down over the horizon, which combined with the shadow on the lower side indeed implies that it is just ahead of the Sun along the Ecliptic, setting first.

Venus is in the vicinity, though should be following the Sun as it sets, along the slanting line of the Ecliptic. But if slightly outside of its orbit by pressure from the squeeze within the cup, could be found in that position. This object is Venus, squeezed to be closer to the Earth and no longer able to be in the simulated orbit that has been maintained for Venus since both it and the Earth halted in their orbits in front of Planet X. Where normally only seen as the evening or morning star, when pushed closer to the Earth and in the line of sight between the Earth and Sun, reflected sunlight allows a planet sized object with the potential for shadow to be seen. We have warned that this time was coming, when dramas from the planets caught in the cup with the Earth would play out, and this time has arrived!

The Zetas did hint recently that such drama involving Venus might emerge, during the July 16, 2011 Q&A chat.

How big is Venus going to look in relation to the moon or other sky objects? What color? And when in the last weeks time line?

Zeta Response 7/16/2011: We have implied that Venus will loom large during the last weeks, and then escape the cup. We have also stated that the Council of Worlds may, or may not allow more drama with respect to Venus, which is currently being held in what would appear from Earth to be a simulated orbit of Venus around the Sun. Thus just when a drama involving Venus emerges is not a settled issue. In any case, a timeline for such an event would not be given as we prefer to keep the establishment uninformed. They will, in any case, be inventing reasons for such a display, and trying to get ahead of the drama in this manner. Thus, the less they know, the more they look the fool.

Faces of Planet X

Planet X with its many components continues to appear on the SOHO images produced by NASA and JPL, and its influence is unmistakable on the Magnetic Simulator images. The distinctive Checkmark Moon Swirl (detailed in Issue 174 of this newsletter) and another Moon Swirl with a drifting tail appeared on SOHO images on September 9, 2011. And the following day, on September 10, 2011, the Magnetic Simulator (explained in Issue 241 of this newsletter) showed the Earth's S Pole once again disappearing. The only explanation for these phenomena is the near presence of Planet X, sunside, between the Earth and the Sun. Since NASA has no explanation for these phenomena other than to admit that Planet X arrived in 2003, as the Zetas stated and the ZetaTalk website documented, they fall silent.

And as evidence of the presence of Planet X becomes undeniable, the fraudulent claims about the little dirty snowball that was Elenin die. As presented on July 24, 2011 in Issue 251 of this newsletter, Elenin was being used for disinformation, to distract the public from the real presence of Nibiru riding in the inner solar system. What the establishment did not want was that ZetaTalk should be proved to be correct, as then there would be rage turned against the establishment for the cover-up perpetrated all these years. Elenin was to be blamed for the Earth changes, currently on the rise, and for the Earth changes long after it passed. All the more time for those in the establishment to cushion their bunkers and stock up their supplies, meanwhile denying the public the truth. This little snowball, certainly not ever a threat to Earth nor even capable of producing the Earth changes which have been on the rise since 2003, when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system, is now disintegrating.

Disintegrating Comet Elenin
September 9, 2011
This data may confirm disintegration process in comet's nucleus which started on mid August.
Comet C/2010 X1 Elenin
September 10, 2011
10h magnitude and fading - in process of disintegrating. Will not survive perihelion.
Approaching conjunction.

ZetaTalk Eulogy 9/3/2011: Good bye, good riddance, but will this be an end to the Elenin disinformation? Elenin was quickly commandeered to be the tool of the cover-up, as it is a tiny comet, new to the field, so does not have a history for comparison. The cover-up roles re Elenin were that NASA would play the sober realist, assuring the public that is was merely a dirty snowball and would cause no harm. But NASA gave Elenin undue focus in the news, providing images and talking it up and explaining the trajectory which was projected to pass by the Earth.

Now that the public was somewhat alarmed, the second side of the campaign took over, to theorize and speculate and make unproven claims. Elenin was huge, bigger than Jupiter. Elenin was under intelligent control. Elenin was being followed close behind by Nibiru. Elenin would cause a pole shift, and was surely responsible for all the Earth changes that seemed to be on the rise, lately. This was a well funded campaign, with notaries such as Hoagland on board, flooding the Internet. The cover-up over the truth about Planet X and the pending passage was thrilled. All the Earth changes up until the passage by Earth and for months after could be blamed on Elenin!

But suddenly things changed! Tiny Elenin, nothing more than ice and dust, was not venting steam into a brilliant tail but instead steam explosions were pushing the snowball apart, disintegrating. Although it is quite common for comets to disintegrate when they draw near the Sun, Elenin was assisted in this regard. The Council of Worlds allowed an interference to put an end to the campaign, which was considered a direct assault on the people of Earth and their right to be informed and to take steps to save themselves and their loved ones during the coming passage. Increasingly, steps will be taken to expose and disarm the cover-up, with the consequences likely to be that an angry public is demanding the truth.

New Madrid Quakes

What does a crevasse in Arizona, a cracked Mississippi bridge, widespread methane gas odor in San Diego, and vastly increased earthquakes in the New Madrid and Seaway regions have in common? The bowing of the North American plate, which is getting more intense. This issues was recently featured in Issue 251 of this newsletter, on July 24, 2011. The Zetas have long stated that a diagonal pull on the North American continent would be responsible for the New Madrid adjustment to come, as noted in this Lou Gentile presentation on May 27, 2005.

If the northern edge of the North American plate continues to rotate eastward while the South Pole is pulled back, the stress will be in two places: the New Madrid fault, centered in the plate, which is pulled apart in a diagonal, and crushing of the Caribbean Plate to the South, a point of distress and frequent earthquakes.

An impressive Pole Shift ning blog shows the dramatic increase in quakes in the New Madrid region in 2010 and 2011, and a map showing the stress points to be the New Madrid region as well as the Seaway, which is pulling apart.

Signs of stress, particularly in the bow center at San Diego, continue to emerge. Recently this has included methane odors in San Diego, a huge fissure in Arizona, and yet another Mississippi bridge needing repair.

Local Crews Respond To Reports Of Gas-Like Odor
August 26, 2011
Local fire crews and San Diego Gas & Electric crews Friday responded to reports of a natural gas-like odor in some parts of the county. As of 7 p.m., crews were unable to isolate the smell and don't know specifically where it came from.
Likely Earth Fissure Continues to Grow in Cochise County
August 29, 2011
The possible Earth fissures on Van Ness Rd in Cochise County have grown dramatically since the beginning of the month. AZGS geologist Mike Mahan reports that the west segment extended 183 feet between August 5 and August 19. The east segment extended a further 239 feet.
Bridge to Remain Closed for Repairs
August 19, 2011
Black Hawk Bridge will be closed at least through next week as crews repair an 18 inch crack found in the floor beam. the crack is just wide enough to allow sunlight through. The inspection that found the crack was a routine check done every two years.

The bridge under repair is not far from the Mississippi bridge collapse on I-35 on August 2, 2007 in Minneapolis, MN. This was yet another Zeta prediction, coming true.

ZetaTalk Response 8/2/2007: We have predicted that bridges crossing the Mississippi will be affected when the New Madrid and related fault lines adjust, going into the pole shift. Was this bridge collapse which crossed the Mississippi in Minnesota caused by such an adjustment, the footings on one side of the bridge moving in an opposite direction from the footings on the other side, or perhaps the bridge being pulled apart? Will there be more such disasters along the Mississippi and in the cities that will be affected by the New Madrid and seaway rip? This is just the start.

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