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Issue 299, Sunday June 24, 2012
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The Boat People

Restricting migration has become an issue in Bangladesh. The Rohingya people, considered Bangladesh wetbacks, are being turned away when they try to return to Bangladesh, leaving them afloat, with nowhere to go.  Per the Zetas, these recent examples show that the plight of the boat people is just beginning.

Myanmar Refugees flee in Rickety Boats after Sectarian Clashes
June 13, 2012
Bangladeshi guards have turned back 16 boats carrying more than 660 Rohingya people, most of them women and children, since June 11. Bangladesh's foreign minister says the country will not take them in.
Troops Patrol in Riot-Hit Myanmar town to Restore Calm
June 13, 2012
The Myanmar government regards Rohingyas as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh and denies them citizenship. But Bangladesh has refused to grant them refugee status since 1992, when tens of thousands of them flooded into Bangladesh complaining of persecution by the Myanmar military.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/16/2012: Will some migrants be left adrift at sea from countries sinking during the 7 of 10 plate movements, and during the harsher flooding to come during severe wobbles and the Pole Shift itself? This will absolutely be the trend. Boat cultures, floating cities of desperate refugees with nowhere to go, will become common in SE Asia and India. The 7 of 10 sinking on the Sunda Plate is nearing completion, but India and other lands on the Indio-Australian Plate being pushed down will find their sinking lands steadily worsening. Some coastal countries will find they have little land for their citizens, who will sneak over borders at night, moving inland, or take to boats for fish or to seek a footing elsewhere. The boat people, they will begin to be called, as this will reflect their life. Most will die at sea, without fresh water or the means to collect a meal from the sea. But some will fish and barter for vegetables in land based settlements.

SE Asia is losing land, the coastline of Viet Nam is receding, and land on the India plate, such as on the coast of Sri Lanka, is melting into the sea.

Viet Nam (Vung Tau): Coastal land Areas Still Submerged in Sea Water
June 13, 2012
Big waves hit the shore causing erosion to the coast for about 20km, more than 100km of coastline along the coast of the province.
Sri Lanka: Kalpitiya Islands are Sinking
June 10, 2012
Kalpitiya, the peninsula which separates the Puttlam lagoon from the Indian Ocean sits picturesquely bordering the north western coastal beach. With its 20 surrounding islands it is a beautiful stretch of land. Unfortunately, some of these islands have gradually begun sinking in the face of sea erosion. Wella, Palliyawatte and Battalangunduwa, with about 1,000 families settled on them and are among those which have begun sinking.

The Zetas have indeed warned that taking to boats will be a survival necessity in many parts of the world. Siberia and many part of Europe will be inundated after the Pole Shift, when friction from plate movement warms the oceans and the seas rise 675 feet, on average, round the world. 

ZetaTalk Russian Prediction: Migration is inevitable - large numbers of people on foot or by whatever means, trying to move to higher ground. When this high ground starts melting underneath them, then boats will be constructed out of whatever material floats. Northern and western Russia is a huge area, well populated today, and almost all of these people will be migrating in the Aftertime. Most of drowning central Russia will attempt to go to the Ural Mountains, which is Russian territory and closest at hand. When the fighting over a spot of dry land becomes too intense, many who have arrived on boats or have managed to fashion them will move south, along the Ural Mountains, toward what they know are other swatches of dry land within Russian territory.

ZetaTalk European Prediction: There will of course be huge numbers of migrating people from western Russia, Demark, Finland, and the lowlands of Poland and Germany and other lowland countries. They have few choices. Our suggestion is to plan for a floating community, as fishing will be abundant in the Aftertime. Build your boats now, in anticipation of this. You may be laughed at, as a modern day Noah, but you will be master of your own country so to speak, and able to travel where you wish.

The entire Finegan Fine script and short story, written by Nancy and made available to the public for free, is based on houseboat living. Situated in the southeast US, which will be pulled down and lose elevation, the story endeavors to describe survival techniques in an inundated world, as in the chapter titled Houseboat Living.

The humidity and Spanish moss hanging from the trees on the Georgia coastline is not unusual, but the fact that the coastline is flooded is unusual. Rooftops and treetops are sticking out of the placid water, which is lapping gently on suburban lawns. A houseboat is floating nearby, tied to a sturdy treetrunk sticking out of the floodwaters. The houseboat is solidly built, a modified commercial houseboat with metal floatation tubes underneath and a single story home in the center, and with patios all around. But this houseboat is not new, is well weathered with paint worm off and a roof tile here and there missing.

And the houseboat is immensely cluttered. Bins of vegetables are stacked one on top of the other and side by side. Engine and mechanical parts are heaped in piles on the corners of the houseboat, placed for balance. There are pegs everywhere a peg can be placed, where loops of fishing line, wire, and rope are hung. Boxes are stacked, smaller boxes on top of larger ones. Some of the wooden boxes have pull-out drawers. Large plastic containers are stacked here and there, but only a few are labeled. Folded tarps are on top of one pile, topped by fishing netting flung there to dry after a night's catch. Poles have been placed on the four corners of the houseboat and lines are strung from these poles to the single story house in the center. On one, some fresh fish, gutted and headless, are hung by the tail. On another, a confederate flag is hung alongside a US flag. On yet another, some attractive items of clothing, hung out to advertise that they are for sale or barter.

A party of gulls approachs, greeting the dawn with their screams. They fly overhead, swooping down toward the fish hung out to drain and dry on the line. The raucous calls of the gulls have woken Finegan, who comes stumbling out of the house, bleary eyed, shirt half pulled out of his pants, barefoot and annoyed. He is waving his arms at the gulls and walking toward his catch, pulling a wooden box along behind him. The fish on the line are hooked by a hangman's noose made of wire with a hook on the other end of the wire. The cleaned fish are hung by their tails to drain and dry. Finegan unhooks the fish quickly, dropping them into the wooden box, which he covers with a wooden cover near at hand. Finegan grabs a dented bucket and dips it into the water, sloshing the deck of the houseboat, washing off remaining fish guts and blood. He pulls the fishing netting flung on top of the tarp pile and hangs it over an unused corner line.

All is now ready for a trip up one of the new bays that have been formed by the flooding, peddling wares and looking for barter. Finegan pulls on the rope securing the houseboat to a flooded tree, going hand over hand to pull the houseboat close. Noting that the tie point is an inch below water Finegan looks at Barney and mutters, “still rising”. At the rear of the houseboat is an extension with a water wheel, half in the water, half out. Finegan has rigged the large wooden paddles so they turn when he pedals on some bike pedals - powered by lean muscle and determination. Sitting on the bike seat, leaning back against a seat backstop he has rigged, Finegan reverse pedals to pull away from the tree. He is steering the houseboat by a rudder attached to a lever. Satisfied that he is clear, Finegan leans back heavily into the chair's backstop, pushing with his lean legs aggressively, and the houseboat moves up a newly flooded ravine along what is now the new coastline.

Without Satellites

The Zetas have long predicted that going into the Last Weeks, and well prior to some extent, that satellites will fail. They have been failing since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, due to debris in the tail of Planet X but more due to electro-magnetic pulse. Recently, on April 8, 2012, Europe’s Envisat satellite went out of control.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: The months before the cataclysms, satellite failure will be sporadic, but enough to impact technology as it support lifestyles today. Land lines will be reliable, but cell phones will not.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/15/1996: Satellites use magnets for alignment of their internal mechanisms, and if pointing in wrong directions, communications are halted. What good is a message intended for the Earth's surface when it is sent into outer space?

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/13/2010: We have stated that total satellite failure can be expected as the last weeks approach, with increasing failure up until that point. Certainly, during the last weeks, the 9 of 10, total failure can be expected. Prior to this time electromagnetic surge and pulse will affect clear communication via satellite, and cell phone usage.

Most such failures are kept from the public view, with governments putting up additional satellites as a safety net in case of failure. Are they worried that their satellite views will fail, just when they need them the most? Per the Zetas, there is much evidence that the governments of the world are already setting up alternatives during the approach and passage of Planet X.  Earth based arrays of telescopes are one such alternative.

Africa and Australia to Share Square Kilometre Array
May 25, 2012
South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will host the biggest radio telescope ever built.
Super-Telescope Project Split Between South Africa and Australia
May25, 2012
Conceived more than two decades ago, the Square Kilometre Array aims at bringing together unprecedented size and new technology. It would use a forest of antennae, spread out over remote terrain, to pick up radio signals from cosmic phenomena that cannot be detected by optical telescopes. Stars that flare into life or explode at their death, black holes, mysterious “dark energy,” and relic traces of ancient events that occurred in the dawn of the Universe 14 billion years ago, are among its targets. According to plans that were made for a single-site project, the first phase of the scheme would be completed by 2019 and become operational in 2020.
Expensive NASA Equipment Found in North Texas
May 30, 2012
Science equipment is missing, en route from Minneapolis to Palestine, Texas. The equipment is part of a NASA-funded experiment. A truck left The University of Minnesota's School of Physics and Astronomy Friday, but never made it to Palestine. It was last seen at truck stops in Dallas and Hutchins. The truck driver has been found, but the cargo is missing.  It is a bizarre story that NASA doesn't even want to talk about.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/2/2012: What are the astronomers hoping to capture, with this massive new radio array in S Africa and Australia and New Zealand? Signals from outer space? Why is it necessary to point this massive array into the southern skies, and what relationship to the original inbound direction of Planet X, from Orion (in the southern skies) does this have? The entire project, supposedly to become operational in 2019 at the earliest but in fact operational immediately, is a front for tracking Planet X during its passage. The sites will set up, move equipment into place, and start scanning Planet X via numerous means – infrared visibility, radio waves, x-rays, and magnetic surge. The Southern Hemisphere arrays are not the only such arrangement being made. We have predicted almost since the start of ZetaTalk that satellites would fail as the time of the passage approached. This is their alternative!

Robotic planes, which have apparently been in operation for over a year, are another means of keeping track of Planet X when the satellites fail.

America's Mysterious Space Plane to Land after a YEAR in Orbit
June 4, 2012
Secret mission accomplished: America's mysterious space plane to land after a year in orbit - and no one knows what it did up there. The X-37B has been circling the Earth at 17,000mph and was due to land in California in December. Mission of highly classified robotic plane extended for unknown reasons.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/9/2012: How else to establish when it is time to duck into their bunkers? When satellites are blinded by debris, and man is left to peer through a dust clogged sky, how will they know when the hour of the Pole Shift has arrived? How are they to know when the largest moons of Planet X are slinging in their direction? Why reveal now, at this time, that this X-37B plane has already been in the skies, above the atmosphere?  The time is rapidly approaching when the public will be aware of the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system, aware of the threat, and putting this all together with prophecy and legend. They will be demanding to know what their governments will do for them. At what point should they leave their jobs and head for the hills? The X-37B, and similar means of peering at the Planet X complex, will be trotted forth for reassurance. “We will tell you when it is time to panic” will be the reassurance. This will hardly reassure a public that now realizes they had been lied to for decades, but this is the establishment’s plan.

Photo Confirmation

There is nothing like photo confirmation - from different individuals who do not know each other, who are miles apart - to prove that Planet X and its components are very much visible in the skies. On June 4, 2012 Richard in Michigan noted a bright orb above the Sun, moving behind the clouds, and snapped a photo of this. He saw this naked eye, also. Bright Moon Swirls, the Monster persona that can form from Moon Swirls as well as from Planet X itself, are often seen around the Sun these days. On the same day, Elizabeth in S. Carolina took a snap using a red filter. She also caught the Monster Moon Swirl, halfway behind clouds. This shows, without a doubt, that the Monster is not a lens flare, as these always stand in front of all objects being captured in the photos, as the flare is within the camera itself.    

Michigan: It was visible to the eyes. The sun is behind a cloud on the bottom.

S. Carolina: A second sun photo taken with Canon Rebel X digital with a red filter.

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