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Issue 598, Sunday March 18, 2018
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N Korea Capitulates

N Korea’s chubby dictator Kim and US President Trump seemed on a collision course, but shortly before the Olympics the noise died down and now, barely a week after Trump’s March 1 EO, we hear that Trump and Kim will meet to negotiate. Is the outcome uncertain? Where the Zetas are giving the negotiations their privacy, so as not to arm the enemy with information, cause and effect can be intuited from the recent Executive Orders written by Trump – the December 20, 2017 EO authorizing confiscation of goods and the March 1, 2018 EO staffing Military Tribunals.

North Korea Asks for Direct Nuclear Talks, and Trump Agrees
March 8, 2018
North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has invited President Trump to meet for negotiations over its nuclear program, an audacious diplomatic overture that would bring together two strong-willed, idiosyncratic leaders who have traded threats of war.

ZetaTalk re CIA Invasion 11/18: The Junta running the US is a secret government, and wishes to remain so. That Hillary is under house arrest can only be seen from the reluctance of the DOJ to indict her for Clinton Foundation crimes, because she was, as we have stated, already tried in a type of Court Martial and is under house arrest. Meanwhile, our only clue is an ankle boot, worn simultaneously to the one worn by McCain. This is indeed ongoing, with the sudden invasion of CIA headquarters to collect evidence and ongoing arrests of select CIA agents. This is the cutting edge of Deep State cleanup.

ZetaTalk re EO of 12/20: What does Trump’s Executive Order mean? It means that all Hillary funds, laundered through the Clinton Foundation, will be confiscated. She and Bill accepted deposits from African dictators known for their human rights abuses. All Soros funds will be confiscated. US politicians known to be padding their pockets with drug money will find this confiscated, and that includes Herbert Bush, the drug Kingpin. None of these matters will be in the press, per se.

ZetaTalk re EO of 3/1: Trials await, and this latest EO by Trump allows them to proceed according to Military Law. Does this not imply that the true situation in the Trump administration, that it is being run by a Junta, will be admitted? One of the blocks to admitting the Junta was the state of matters adjudicated in civil and criminal courts. Trumps March 1 EO clarifies. It does not cover matters already adjudicated.

What do the Zetas mean by their statement that Herbert Bush is the drug kingpin? When did the drug epidemic in the US start? By 1971 the War on Drugs was declared. Herbert became CIA Director in 1974. How often were CIA planes found to be loaded with cocaine? And what was the deal between Herbert and the Clintons in Arkansas re landing those loaded planes? It is open knowledge that N Korea manufactures Meth, and given Herbert’s role as the drug kingpin, would not the illicit funds being confiscated by Trump’s Junta as a result of the December 20, 2017 EO include these Meth profits? Herbert is losing his funds, and Kim is losing a patron.

Allegations of CIA Drug Smuggling
A number of writers have claimed that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is or has been involved in drug trafficking. A number of allegations have been written about and several local, state, and federal investigations have taken place related to the alleged use of the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport as a CIA drop point in large scale cocaine trafficking beginning in the early 1980s. Some conspiracy theories regarding the airport extend to alleging the involvement of figures such as Oliver North and former presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. When the DEA tried to indict Noriega in 1971, the CIA prevented them from doing so. The CIA, which was then directed by future president George H. W. Bush.
North Korea’s Illicit Activities
The alleged illicit activities of the North Korean state extend to the manufacture and sale of illegal drugs, the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods, human trafficking, arms trafficking, counterfeiting currency (especially the United States dollar and Chinese yuan), terrorism, and other areas. North Korea's illegal drug trade dates back to the 1970s and includes the manufacturing, selling, and trafficking of illicit drugs, as well as counterfeit otherwise legal pharmaceuticals. Reports of methamphetamine (known as "ice drug" in North Korea) use in the country surfaced in the late 1990s.
History of Drugs in America Timeline
1964 – 1973 Drug Use in Vietnam Drug abuse has become rampant among American soldiers fighting a demoralizing war in the jungles of Vietnam. While marijuana is the most common illegal drug used by American servicemen, heroin is the most troubling.
Jun 17, 1971 Nixon Begins War on Drugs President Richard Nixon coins the phrase, "War on Drugs," promising in a major speech to defeat "public enemy number one in the United States. [...] If we cannot destroy the drug menace, then it will destroy us."

Then there is the nuclear connection. Bill Clinton provided nuclear material to Kim. This is a matter of record. The Bush/Clinton/Soros criminal cabal is losing, lately, with the failure of Hillary to grab the White House in 2016 a major blow. They want Trump and his Junta deposed, or at least distracted and stumbling. They want World War III to break out to create opportunities during the chaos that ensues. They want Trump goaded into bombing N Korea, to start this.

History Lesson: Why did Bill Clinton’s North Korea Deal Fail?
August 29, 2017
North Korea’s program was clearly created to churn out nuclear weapons; the reactor at Yongbyon was not connected to the power grid and appeared only designed to produce plutonium, a key ingredient for nuclear weapons. The theory of the deal was that, with the plant shuttered and the plutonium under the close watch of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), North Korea would not be able to produce a bomb. There were also vague references in the text to improving relations and commerce. Clinton structured the agreement so that it was not considered a treaty that would have required ratification by the Senate. Former Clinton administration officials have said they knew North Korea was cheating on the uranium enrichment front dating back to 1998 and planned to use that intelligence as leverage to keep the Agreed Framework in place and the plutonium under lock and key.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/31/2018: Why has the Clinton cabal encouraged chaos, as has Soros, a friend and supporter of Hillary Clinton? It is not just Bill Clinton as President ensuring that N Korea had nuclear material, the stuff of nuclear bombs.

ZetaTalk Analysis 9/30/2017: What is N Korea’s chubby dictator Kim trying to achieve by pushing forward with his nuclear program? He is seeking to become powerful enough that no other country, including the US and his immediate neighbors China and Russia, can control him.

The threat of nuclear taunts from N Korea have continued and increased over the past few months. Kim openly threatened to bomb US territories. Trump was not intimidated, but likewise did not invade N Korea. On April 15, 2017 Kim’s ICBM missile test blew up, which the Zetas attributed to intervention by the Council of Worlds. By September, 2017 Kim’s nuclear program had reached the point of being able to deliver a bomb to neighboring countries. China nervously watched the destabilized Mt. Mantap where Kim did his nuclear testing. Putin evacuated Vladivostok at one point.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/22/2017: The Council of Worlds does step in to make a point, as they did with the FaceBook launch, but in the case of Korea, the emphasis was on demonstrating to the world Kim’s incompetence.

Suddenly N Korea seems to have capitulated! While the Zetas cannot comment, we can connect the dots. The relationship in time to Trump’s most recent EO allowing Military Tribunals to take place in civilian courts, using civilian lawyers, is key. It was just a week later that negotiations were announced. It is not just Hillary and McCain wearing ankle boots these days, under House Arrest or held at Gitmo. There are tens of thousands of arrests pending. The Deep State is in Deep Dodo. If Kim still wants his Twinkies and girl toys, to avoid living like his starving citizens, he has to capitulate.

ZetaTalk EO of 3/1: The Deep State wanting to wrest control of the US from Trump and his Junta has become vicious, like a trapped animal. It has been rumored that there are 1,400 sealed indictments allowing arrests of the Deep State and the Bush/Clinton cabal, and this is true though the number is multiples higher. Arrests and interrogations have garnered more names. But how to take those under House Arrest out of circulation? How to inform the public?

Wobble Flip

The weather wobbles have gotten extreme. In Issue 589 of this Newsletter we detailed what the Zetas described as a tilt into opposition in late December, the magnetic N Pole of Earth pointing TOWARD the magnetic N Pole of Nibiru, rather than pointing away. Bitter cold descended on Canada and the Midwest and the New England region. Yet Europe and all across Siberia (where the magnetic N Pole of Earth currently resides) had temps that were surprisingly warm. The weatherman, as usual, struggled to explain.

A time and location watcher in central Wisconsin, who keeps daily track of the sunrise variance from official times and the Azimuth of the rising Sun, saw the time and location of the sunrise temporarily stabilize by late December. This move toward stability was evident in November too. November and December were the months of extreme cold over N America. The tilt into opposition was a forced, though temporary, stability.

Then things switched about by February, and where it was cold it became warm, and where it was warm it was plunged into cold. The weatherman’s explanations became more and more contorted. It was the warmth of the Arctic causing the cold over eastern Europe. Huh?

This showed up in the sunrise readings from Wisconsin too, with the sunrise returning to being up to 24 minutes late by late January. The Zetas describe this as a temporary over-reaction to the prior tilt into opposition. This lurch, the over-reaction, showed up as a tsunami warning off NYC on February 6 and empty canals in Venice on February 1, as detailed in Issue 593 of this Newsletter.

Freak Warming in the Arctic is to Blame for the Big Chill over Europe
February 27, 2018
Europe has been buffeted by freezing temperatures in recent days and experts say this is the result of freak warming in the Arctic. The Arctic is experiencing one of its hottest winters on record, with temperatures at the North Pole surging above freezing. These unusual conditions, which scientists say have 'never been this extreme', are causing a disruption to the Arctic polar jet stream.
Upside Down Weather!
February 26, 2018
Upside down weather! As parts of Europe drop to -27 deg C (-17 deg F) and 8 dead in Poland with temperatures above 0 on the Arctic circle. The reason for the brutally cold weather is that a particular atmospheric phenomenon will appear in the next few days. In Northeast Europe, a massive, high-pressure anticyclone will emerge that will change the airflow in most parts of the continent. Instead of the general westerly flow, the wind will blow from the East on the Southern border of the anticyclone.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2018: The weather maps at the end of December, 2017 showed that the Polar Push had turned into opposition, where the magnetic N Pole of Earth in Siberia was temporarily facing the Sun more directly. This forced the opposite side of the Northern Hemisphere - Canada and the US – to suffer less sunlight, thus the extreme record breaking cold. Over the past two months, January and February, the temporary turn into opposition has ended and seems to have reversed.

Where at the end of December the Siberian side of the Northern Hemisphere was too hot, with the Americas side too cold, this has now reversed. The magnetic N Pole of Earth is now being aggressively pushed away by the N Pole of Nibiru. This is in part a reaction to the temporary lean into opposition, the swing back into the normal Polar Push wobble pattern an over-reaction, reverberating. During both of these flip flops, the Arctic has received more sunlight than usual, and the melting is obvious. The establishment, as usual, struggles to explain.

But the daily wobble goes on, as noted on this Pole Shift ning blog. On March 2 rivers draining into the Atlantic in N Carolina went virtually dry, due to low tides. Yet the N Carolina coast was not in a drought. The wobble will shift water, pulling it away from beaches and out of rivers and canals, but the weatherman blamed record N Carolina dry rivers on wind. Meanwhile, at the same time, the central US was devastated by floods from the erratic weather.

Water Disappears in the Pamlico and Neuse Rivers in North Carolina!
March 2, 2018
On March 2, 2018, the water disappeared in the Pamlico and Neuse rivers in North Carolina setting new record for lowest tides. Two tidal rivers that flow into Pamlico Sound in North Carolina in the United States, almost completely dry. Strong northeast winds across Eastern Carolina are causing some river banks to become high and dry. In Washington, the Pamlico River has set a new record for the lowest water level. The river stands at -3.81 feet, breaking the old 1989 record of -3.70 feet.
Potomac River Disappears in ‘Blowout’ Tide
March 3, 2018
The phenomena, known as a “blowout tide” happened due to sustained northwesterly winds blowing the water out of the river, into the Chesapeake Bay and eventually to the Atlantic Ocean, according to the National Weather Service.
Flood fears rise as Wicked Storm System tears across Southern, Central U.S.
February 25, 2018
A violent storm system with relentless rains and fierce winds that pounded the southern and central U.S. over the weekend could lead to treacherous flooding in the days ahead. The system that stretched from Texas to the Canadian maritime provinces left a path of destruction as it cut eastward. Emergency crews struggled to keep up with calls from drivers stranded by rising floodwaters in many locations.

Watch the Water

On a recent Newsletter, Issue 595, I noted my analysis of a standalone post of Q's - an image titled Just Waiting. Most people thought it had something to do with Gitmo or Palm Sunday, but by changing the Saturation of the photo, out popped the Sun behind clouds and out popped Nibiru with its dominant Moon Swirls. But Q has been making another hint - Watch the Water. At first I thought this might refer to the NYC tsunami warning, and the suddenly dry beaches around the world caused by the daily Earth Wobble.

The Watch the Water posts were standalone comments by Q, without context, as was the Just Waiting photo, except for one dropped on March 6. Someone alerted me to the fact that there were two suns above Kim in the photo, reflecting off the water, and he was spot on. This time Watch the Water was in the context of N Korea. Kim has been a puppet of the Bush/Clinton/Soros criminal cabal, which wants the cover-up over Nibiru to continue. The cabal is losing, Kim’s handlers no longer in control, the truth about Nibiru ascendant.