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Issue 600, Sunday April 1, 2018
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Planet 9 Revived

Why is Planet 9 suddenly back in the news when nothing has changed? The Prong approach to announcing the presence of Nibiru seems to have stalled a year ago. Per the Zetas at that time, the worst case scenario is that no official admission would occur, but a threshold would be reached, where the public would realize on their own that Nibiru was real and approaching, and act to save themselves.

ZetaTalk Opinion 4/1/2017: When Obama failed to announce the presence of Nibiru by the Fall of 2015, we stated that the Council of Worlds would arrange for the common man to learn of the nearby presence of Nibiru and the approaching time of the passage by one means or another. The multi-prong’d approach ensued during 2016, but after arriving at Prong 3, with all the pieces in place for a “discovery” of Nibiru, it stalled. Since all the astronomers involved in the Prongs are under constraints, how then will the announcement proceed?

The best way to describe this is to say that a threshold will be reached, at which point there will be an essential announcement. Over half the world is already learning the truth from their alien contacts. They know the establishment has been lying to them. Add to this the increasing visibility of Nibiru and its tail components. People will begin to leave their jobs, leave their homes and mortgages, go to safe places. It is an essential announcement only because it has become undeniable.

What changed during this past year that Planet 9 is now back in the news? The Planet 9 gravity tug aligned with the spot the Zetas pinpointed for Nibiru’s approach.

Nibiru Shock: Physicist says Planet X DOES exist, Challenging NASA Prove Otherwise
March 19, 2018
A scientist who believes the Nibiru doomsday theory has challenged NASA to prove it does not exist and poses no threat to Earth. The Nibiru, or Planet X, theory is that a mini solar system consisting of a sun, planets and moons is lurking on the edge of our solar system with a huge orbit of the sun. Nibiru believers are convinced the "rogue system" is making its way from the outer solar system inwards, where it will wreak havoc on Earth as it passes at about four million miles away, but causes the poles to switch and great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. None of these theories are backed by mainstream scientists. Dr Albers resigned from the university last June. University bosses have since moved to distance themselves from her theories.
Looking for Planet Nine, Astronomers Gaze into the Abyss
March 22, 2018
As astronomers use new telescopes and other instruments to rapidly map this last frontier of the solar system, they keep finding what seems to be a Planet Nine–shaped hole in it. Planet Nine’s gravitational influence could even serve as a solution to the long-standing mystery of why the sun’s axis of spin is tilted six degrees askew to the orbits of the inner planets. A team led by astronomer David Gerdes at the University of Michigan is taking a different approach: looking for the planet within the accumulated images from the Dark Energy Survey (DES), a project now in its fifth and final year. Designed to map an eighth of the night sky, DES’s view coincidentally overlaps with Brown and Batygin’s best guess for Planet Nine’s approximate celestial location.

Per the Zetas, Putin won his election. He no longer needs to fear being voted out for being outlandish. The cover-up wanted Hillary in charge in the US, firmly maintaining the cover-up. The Queen likewise is a staunch cover-up advocate, thus the Steele Dossier produced in the UK. Putin and Russia are forever being demonized by the West. Why? They fear what he might be about to say. They want to put the West in a position to be in charge of the announcement, should that happen.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/31/2018: It has been a year since we stated that Prong 3 had stalled, despite the matter being revisited in the press with NASA offering their WISE images to the public to examine. WISE looks in the wrong places, as they knew. It is the Dark Energy Survey which has the images that show Nibiru in infrared, entering the Solar System in 2003 and moving ever closer to the Earth. None of the issues have changed, yet now we are having yet another blitz of articles about Planet 9. What has changed, that Planet 9 is now being revived?

As we mentioned a year ago, the public will inevitably learn of Nibiru by one means or another. The Nibiru complex is often visible, without special lenses, and even if not admitted by experts the public has heard the chatter and knows what they are seeing. Then there is the erratic weather, the Sun out of place, and the collapse of the discredited Global Warming theory. The establishment is faced with maintaining the cover-up until the last possible minute, to delay the riots and exodus from the coastlines they fear, or allowing the truth to emerge.

Do they have this choice? Without the cooperation of the US, admitting it was Reagan’s Executive Order that enforced the cover-up since 1983, any other country would have the burden of proof. Why do you suppose that Russia is always made to be the boogyman? Russia has been the most truthful, from admissions by their astronomers to the words from their Patriach Kirill declaring the End Times have arrived. These revived articles in the media about Planet 9 are trying to get ahead of a possible announcement by Putin that Nibiru does indeed exist! Why now? Putin just won his election, and is now free to act.

Ode to Putin

A new documentary about Putin’s life has put him in the spotlight in Russia to counter the fake news trying to demonize him in the West. The latest, that the Russians poisoned Skripal in the UK, when it was clearly those who tried to frame Trump with the Steele Dossier, a product of the UK intelligence service and Hillary Clinton funds. What is most compelling, though not surprising, is the discussion (about 15 minutes into the 2 hour video) where Putin is asked what he considers the most important thing, and replies “love”. He gets very specific.

It's Here! 'Putin' - the Extraordinary New Documentary with English Subtitles (Video)
March 25, 2018
The creation and timing of this film could not be more deliberate, and sources have told us that it was rushed to released as world events appear to be spiraling out of control. It is a very deliberate effort to counter the incredible deluge of slander and character assassination hurled at Putin by BBC, PBS, and other biographies, and the entire Jewish mainstream media, that are flat-out lies.

Putin has matched his actions to meet his words. To prepare the people of Russia for the coming Pole Shift, he has encouraged settlement in Russia's Far East, which will be almost tropical in the Aftertime, and located a new Naval Base in the Arctic above the Far East. He is participating with China on the transcontinental new Silk Road railroad, stretching from Beijing to Europe. And most important for mankind, during this era when the truth about Nibiru is being suppressed in the West, is his support of the truth. Russian astronomers can refer to Nibiru, and the Patriarch Kirill openly declares we are in the End Times. No wonder Edgar Cayce said Russia would be the hope of humanity. The Zetas agreed.

Russia: “The Hope of the World”~Edgar Cayce
September 8, 2012
Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism – no! But of freedom – true freedom, that each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

Now, in the latest example of Putin’s honesty, the orange snow in Sochi is called for what it is. It is greasy, oily, has a foul smell, and has an iron content that is four times above what should be found. Clearly, this is the greasy tail of Nibiru, wafting about.

Freak Weather: Orange Snowstorm Submerges Tourist Resorts with Eerie 'Apocalyptic' Scenes
March 25, 2018
Cities around Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania have all reported the bizarre orange snow phenomenon, videos of which have quickly gone viral. Tourist destinations, including ski resorts, have been blanketed by the orange snow, which has turned snowy mountains into sand dunes. The snow phenomenon has been compared to a similar incident that took place in Siberia in 2007 when orange-tinted snowfall covered 1,500 square kilometres. According to Russia's environmental watchdog at the time, the snow was reported to be "malodorous, oily and contain four times the normal level of iron".

Hillary Flounders

Hillary Clinton is rarely seen these days, with months going by between public appearances, though a few tweets have emerged. Being under House Arrest, she is only let out on a very tight leash to prove, presumably, that she is not dead. Her trial by a Military Tribunal cannot yet be admitted, as it would raise too many questions, so meanwhile, we pretend that she is still a free woman.

Hillary Clinton: Trump "Undermined" Presidency to Enrich Family, Erratic Behavior Undermining Global Order
March 20, 2018
Hillary Clinton said President Trump has "undermined" the office of the presidency to "enrich himself and his family." In an interview on March 13, 2018, Clinton, the failed 2016 Democratic nominee for U.S. president, also said that Trump's "erratic" behavior is undermining the stability of the global order” Clinton said in an interview with KRO-NCRV, a Dutch news network.

Hillary provided an interview to a Dutch TV show on March 13 and while in India on March 12 slipped several times going down stairs. Then she later slipped in the bath tub in India on March 15 and broke her wrist. Why do they allow such a sick Hillary to traipse about, in India of all places. For one thing, a surveillance anklet can be placed elsewhere on the body. For another, India is a country that would support extradition to the US, should Hillary manage to bolt and run away. But the Zetas have yet another explanation.

Hillary Slips down Stairs in India — Despite Two Men Holding Her Up
March 12, 2018
While visiting Jahaz Mahal in Dhar’s Mandu, Clinton was attempting to descend about 15 stairs. She was holding the arm of an aide. With Huma Abedin following behind, Clinton slipped about halfway down the descent, nearly tumbling down. A man walking in front of her jumped to grab her as she reached for him.

Now Hillary Clinton Fractures her Wrist after Slipping in a Palace Bathtub during Trip to India
March 15, 2018
Hillary Clinton concealed her injured wrist under a navy shawl three days after fracturing it during a fall in India.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/31/2018: Hillary has multiple health problems including MS, vascular dementia, and heart failure. She was filmed having seizures while campaigning and collapsing during a 911 memorial, and had endless coughing fits from her lungs filling with water, a symptom of end stage heart failure. By early January, 2017 she was under House Arrest and was filmed a year later with an ankle boot. That said, why is she out and about tripping down a long staircase in India, no signs of House Arrest?

Electronic restraints can be worn on more than the ankle, and Hillary certainly was not about to run or climb out of a window. Her trip to India was ostensibly to promote her book, and certainly she hopes to blunt the impact of pending prosecution under Sessions for her involvement in the Uranium One sale and classified data on her unsecured server. Does she think public sympathy will keep her out of prison? Yes. But her jailers had another reason for allowing this trip, and the convenient filming of her stumbles down the stairs. They expect she will die soon, and relieve them of the need for trials. This trip was to document the current state of her health, so this would not be a surprise.

Indeed, more than Hillary’s defiance and excuses for why she lost the 2016 election were on display. Her failing health was on display. Her multiple health problems include MS, which causes her to lose her balance and go cross eye’d, thus needing special Fensel glasses at times; heart failure, which causes edema, the belly bloat; vascular dementia, which causes her to lose control of her emotions and have memory problems; and Parkinson’s. She showed many of these various symptoms during her trip to India.


ZetaTalk Statement 9/17/2016: Hillary’s health problems are like a perfect storm. She is heavily medicated, with steroids to suppress her MS and blood thinners to control her genetic propensity to clot. She has vascular dementia, brain death from clogged arteries in the brain, which is deadly and rapidly progresses and has no cure. Her brain death includes Parkinson’s symptoms and an incontinent bladder.

ZetaTalk Statement 7/2/2016: What is the cause of Hillary’s mysterious cough, her reported fatigue, and on-and-off bloat and edema? She has heart failure, a result of her almost constant anger over the years. The major symptoms of heart failure are edema, a cough as the failing heart puts fluid into the lungs, and fatigue.

Nessie on Film

The elusive Loch Ness Monster – Nessie – has never been successfully captured on film, nor a body retrieved, but a cousin seems to have washed up on the brackish shore of the State of Georgia in the US. A Nessie type critter has been reported in the broad rivers in Australia, too. Reports have likened it to a Plesiosaur, considered extinct but like crocs and cockroaches, many dinosaur era critters have survived to the present day. That this is a Plesiosaur and not some kind of shark can be seen by the small head atop a long neck. Cause of death is obviously a left rear fin bitten away by a shark, the pink bone stub still remaining.

A strange 'Sea Creature' appeared on a Georgia Beach. Is the Mystery Solved?
March 20, 2018
An expert from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said it may have been a partially decomposed basking shark. The nearby Tybee Island Marine Science Center said it looked like it could also be a frilled shark. The creature bears a striking resemblance to the Altamaha-ha, or ‘Altie,’ a legendary creature said to live in the brackish waters of coastal Georgia.
Loch Ness Monster
The Loch Ness Monster or Nessie, is an aquatic being which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness in theScottish Highlands. It is often described as being large in size, with a long neck and one or more humps protruding from the water.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/15/1995: Nessie is no monster at all, but a gentle giant no more aggressive than Sea Cows. This species lives in numerous places around the globe, but has only come to attention in small inland lakes. Is this a fresh water creature? Yes, but one that can adapt to brackish waters. It became trapped in Loch Ness during a pole shift, where land routinely heaves up out of the sea and drops in other places below the waves. Thus trapped, the creature proceeded with its normal life, munching vegetation and fish and occasionally popping its head above the surface to sense if it's missing any munchies. Nessie is nearly blind, and relies on a sense of smell, which underwater is sensitive to chemicals in the water, but in the air catches small particles carried in the breeze.

Are dinosaurs still roaming the Earth? Without question, they have survived here and there, often only glimpsed by a few natives. But in the swamps of Arnhem land in Australia, T-Rex roams, grabbing any wayward cattle that wander into the swamps and carrying these  off into the woods. Reportedly 25 feet tall, reports of this monsters have been made by cowboys and tourists, but no photos have been captured, though footprints have been found. Expeditions into the swamps have been stymied because the horses refuse to go into the woods.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/12/2010: Dinosaurs live with man today, in the outback deserts of Australia where large lizards running on rear legs have been sighted, in the rivers of Australia where something akin to Nessie has been sighted, and of course in Scotland where Nessie lives. Extinct fish are occasionally raised from the deep, and the crocodile and cockroach are just as old. During every pole shift, there are climate changes, with surviving animals migrating afterwards to locales where the new climate and food sources suited them. The Acámbaro region was not the desert it is today, in the past. Lush, it supported dinosaurs which had been pushed to this region by changes in the surrounding terrain. When this enclave suddenly became desert, they died out, but are recorded for history by the artwork of the native peoples of that time.

Raptors in the outback of Australia. And evidence to suggest that only a few thousand years ago, dinosaurs roamed the Acambaro region of Mexico, currently a desert but in the past, before the last two Pole Shifts, a lush region. And Brontosaurus is lurking along the river banks in the Congo, per reports as recent as 1910. The Pigmies identified them from drawings, though had never been exposed to these drawings before. Reportedly, the natives killed and ate one of these monsters, but all who partook during the feast died. Not good to eat.

Is a Brontosaurus Roaming Africa’s Wilds?
February 13, 1910
The two suspected dinosaurians, Mokele-Mbembe and N’Goubou, are observed and encountered on a regular basis. I questioned an older Baka couple who work on Pierre’s plantation. Like most pigmies, they are very familiar with the flora and fauna of the region. I presented them with our book on known African animals and dinosaur illustrations. About 98% of our dinosaur illustrations were rejected, except for two which (they) picked out without hesitation they had observed a sauropod dinosaur and a Triceratops.
“Mokele-Mbembe” of the Congo
In the swampy jungles of western Africa, reports persist of an elephant-sized creature with smooth, brownish-gray skin, a long, flexible neck, a very long tail as powerful as a crocodile’s, and three-clawed feet the size of frying pans. Over the past three centuries, native Pygmies and Western explorers have told how the animals feed on the nutlike fruit of a riverbank plant and keep to the deep pools and subsurface caves of waters in this largely unexplored region. After a recent expedition there, two American researchers conclude that these stories refer to a real animal, not a myth. Fantastic as it seems, Roy Mackal [University of Chicago] and James Powell believe that this creature, called ‘Mokele Mbembe’ by the natives, may actually be a dinosaur, perhaps one resembling brontosaurus, which is thought to have died out 70 million years ago.