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Issue 642, Sunday January 20, 2019
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N Pole Migration

The Magnetic N Pole of Earth has been drifting from a location in the Arctic near Canada toward Siberia, at an increasing pace. Mankind’s devices reliant on pointing to True North have had to be tweaked periodically, else GPS does not work and pilots land in the wrong airport. Your compass will point to magnetic North, so depending upon where you live, you must tweak it in order to get it to point to Geographic N Pole.

How to Adjust the Declination on a Compass
What we think of as the top of the globe is referred to as “True North.” Magnetic North (where your compass needle actually points) is a function of Earth’s magnetic fields and its core elements, which fluctuate in complicated ways. Currently, Magnetic North is roughly north of Hudson Bay in Canada.
OA Guide to Map & Compass
True North is the Geographic North Pole where all longitude lines meet. All maps are laid out with True North directly at the top. Unfortunately for the wilderness traveler, True North is not at the same point on the earth as the Magnetic North Pole which is where your compass points.
Magnetic Declination
By convention, declination is positive when magnetic north is east of True North, and negative when it is to the west.

And of course those articles quoted above, one dated 1998, are no longer correct as the Magnetic N Pole of Earth has packed up and moved to Siberia. Now one of those tweaks is coming early, and scientists are at a loss to explain why the drift to Siberia is increasing. But the Zetas, as usual, explain.

Earth’s Magnetic Field is Mysteriously Acting up, pushing North Pole towards Siberia
January 11, 2019
The field changes as the molten metals surrounding the earth’s solid iron core churn and flow, creating electric currents and a corresponding magnetic field. As a result, the magnetic poles tend to shift slightly as a matter of course. However, researchers don’t know what’s causing the magnetic field to now move so quickly. It’s moving away from Canada and approaching Siberia. Scientists think a high-speed jet of liquid iron under Canada could be responsible for the pole’s movement, weakening the magnetic field below and allowing Siberia to draw over the pole.
Earth’s Magnetic Field is Acting Up and Geologists Don’t Know Why
January 9, 2019
Earth’s north magnetic pole has been skittering away from Canada and towards Siberia, driven by liquid iron sloshing within the planet’s core. The magnetic pole is moving so quickly that it has forced the world’s geomagnetism experts into a rare move. On 15 January, they are set to update the World Magnetic Model, which describes the planet’s magnetic field and underlies all modern navigation.
Scientists Warn Earth's Magnetic North Pole has Begun Moving 'Erratically' at Speeds so Fast they are having to Issue an Emergency Update to Maps used by Electronic Navigation Systems
January 10, 2019
The charts, known as the World Magnetic Model (WMM), are used to convert between compass measurements of magnetic north and true north and can be found in the navigation systems of ships and airplanes as well as geological applications (such as drilling and mining). The WMM is also part of map applications in smartphones, including the Google Maps App. Researchers from the U.S.'s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) maintain the WMM.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/31/2019: Where magnetospheres are most often depicted as circular, they are in fact most often twisted into odd shapes by the strong magnets in their vicinity. Earth’s magnetosphere itself is twisted by forces from the Sun, so that there is a tight nub of magnetic flow lines sunside, but long streaming wings out behind the Earth. Where these twists are depicted out in space, the core of the Earth and its surface are assumed to be immune, resistant to these blasts from the Sun, as no records from the past during prior Pole Shifts exist to guide mankind in this matter.  

Enter the monster planetary magnet, Nibiru, which is now positioned sunside and pointing its Magnetic N Pole toward the Earth. Thus, for several years, the Magnetic N Pole of Earth has been drifting toward Siberia, forcing periodic adjustments in navigational systems. How far will the twisting of the Earth’s magnetosphere go, prior to the Pole Shift itself? From the core to the surface, the Earth’s magnetosphere is no longer a circle. The Magnetic S Pole too, has drifted. Both of Earth’s poles are now approaching the shape of the magnetic wings depicted for Earth’s magnetosphere in space.  

Will mankind’s magnetic navigational systems need to point directly behind the Earth, out into space, to operate? This of course is an untenable situation, and long before this state arrives, man will find alternative ways to determine “True North”. But in the meantime, and for those systems that cannot adapt as they are tied to the magnetosphere itself, chaos will reign. Satellites systems such as GPS will fail to be reliable. Airplanes will land so far from where intended the pilots will be shocked. And until Nibiru is admitted, the public will be confused.  

Mankind’s staunch reliance on the compass has increasingly caused problems. In 2005 the Zetas stated that mankind is rigid in this regard, and will cling to the compass.  By 2011 the busy Denver International Airport reported near-misses had almost doubled in one year, due to old-timers among the FAA retiring. Why would that cause compass failures? Per the Zetas, the old timers knew the compass was not reliable, but the procedures had never been formally changed. By 2014 airports were painting lanes on their landing strips, as the compass was no longer a trusted guide.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/13/2005: Everyone proceeded as thought cataclysmic changes to the Earth, such as we were describing, would not occur. Despite the fact that magnetism has been weakening, the compass has remained a staunch tool for navigation.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/26/2011: The problem is not that the new controllers lack experience but that they are going by the book, following procedures rather than understanding the "new" rules needed for safety. The compass is no longer reliable, a fact not put into writing but acknowledged by the old timers.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/18/2014: Air navigation has been having increasing problems since 2003, when the magnetic bully Planet X arrived in the inner solar system. First the compass became erratic, pointing toward Siberia as the magnetic N Pole instead of its established location north of Canada. Airports responded by painting directions on their runways, a fact which hit the press.

Nibiru Excuses

It’s hard to believe that in less than 3 months since Nibiru excuses were covered in Issue 629, more excuses would be proffered. One of the first Nibiru excuses was the Global Warming fraud. The IPCC under the auspices of the UN was found to be manufacturing fraudulent data but the fraud is still running strong. Only Trump had the courage to stand up to the Paris Accord. Has hot air above caused the rise in volcanic activity from below? Has fracking caused the increase in earthquakes, worldwide?   

Slowing of the Earth, long predicted by the Zetas as Nibiru comes closer, is supposedly the fault of the Moon. And oh, by the way, that pesty Moon is causing earthquakes too. And the Sun is blamed for Electro-Magnetic-Pulse, even when there is no sunspot activity at all on the sleepy Sun. Red dust on the increase? It’s just NASA dusting of the ionosphere, to check the jet stream there.  The red dust from the vast tail of Nibiru has been variously excused as industrial pollution or more often, dust from the Sahara. Now a new study has shown that the Sahara explanation cannot hold! But this is not expected to change the constant excuses being proffered.

Giant Dust Is Spreading Across the World, Defying the Laws of Physics
December 20, 201
For nearly 30 years, scientists have known that small particles of dust, kicked up in the Sahara, often ride on global winds to the Caribbean, 3,500 kilometres away from home. Originally, this foreign cloud of desert dust was thought to contain particles no bigger than 0.01 to 0.02 millimetres in diameter. But recently, when scientists began collecting samples of dust from floating buoys and underwater traps in the Atlantic Ocean, the sheer size of the particles defied their expectations. Between 2013 and 2016, the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) found some dust particles measuring 0.45 millimetres in diameter, nearly 50 times bigger than what global winds were once thought capable of carrying.

Now we have a couple new dramas to be used during the cover-up for the Earth changes brought about by the approaching Nibiru. The constant chemtrailing of the skies, to hide the view of the Nibiru complex, comes and goes, but for those at the helm of the cover-up the thought of the populace seeing Nibiru in the skies is too horrific. People will realize the truth! So an excuse for the chemtrails has been invented. They are shielding the Earth from the heat of the Sun! Never mind that Europe and Persia and Lebanon have had record snowfall this month.

Scientists have New Plan to fight Global Warming: Dimming the Sun
November 24, 2018
Scientists have come up with a new and ingenious way of fighting global warming: use chemicals to blot out the sun. Whether we’ll then have to fight (and do everything else) in the shade, the research doesn’t quite spell out.
Mini-ice Age Underway
January 7, 2018
Istanbul and the region of Thrace in Turkey’s northwest were hit by heavy snowfall and strong wind. Snow swept across 17 provinces of Iran. Normal life in Indian-controlled Kashmir was disrupted by heavy snowfall that lashed the region.

Global Warming needs to be stopped!  It’s going to drown the coasts! Oh wait, that’s caused by Nibiru nearby, roiling up the core and heating the oceans from the bottom up. The real danger from rising seas will be the Nibiru Pole Shift, when the crust slides and the heat from friction causes a gradual rise in sea level to 675 feet above present within two years of the Pole Shift. Meanwhile, the coastlines will have to worry about 500 foot high tidal waves during the hour of the shift.

Sea Level Rise
January 13, 2017
Most predictions say the warming of the planet will continue and is likely to accelerate. Oceans will likely continue to rise as well, but predicting the degree to which they will rise is an inexact science. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we can expect the oceans to rise between 11 and 38 inches by 2100, enough to swamp many of the cities along the U.S. East Coast. More dire estimates, including a complete meltdown of the Greenland ice sheet, place sea level rise to 23 feet, enough to submerge London.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1995: How is it that the oceans, so very deep and so very cold, have warmed up? Is it the almost imperceptible rise in the temperature of the air, a degree or so, as reported to date? Since heat rises, why would this slight rise affect the oceans? Meteorologists will tell you that the effect of air warming is air turbulence, not warmer oceans. The Oceans are Warmer because the core of the Earth has heated up, and it does so in response to its brother coming closer. This will continue, and increase, until sometime after the cataclysms are past.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2002: It has been estimated by mankind’s scientists that the melting, completely, of the Antarctic ice would cause the oceans of the world to rise in sea level by 200 feet. This is measuring the effect of ice above the water line melting and returning to the body of water, and leveling out.  Most of the surface of the Earth is covered by the great oceans, which warm completely, without cold spots, after the shift, and do not return to having cold spots until some centuries have passed. This warmer water accounts for the rise in sea level, in the main.

Ode to Alberto

Alberto is considered the premiere expert on photographing the Nibiru complex. Most of the photos on the Pole Shift ning blog dedicated to photos of Nibiru are his. He has been at this since 2003, when Nibiru first arrived in the inner Solar System, then became almost lost in the glare of the Sun. Alberto set out to hone his skills, practicing with various filters – sun glare screens, welder’s lens, and finally in 2012 the red filter inserts found in all floppy discs.  Alberto was truly the father of the Red Filter Revolution.

Nibiru is normally shrouded by dense red dust, but on occasion its location at 4 o’clock to the Sun is clearly seen. In a 2014 capture, Alberto caught it outlined by halo lines. This 4 o’clock position applies for people in the Northern Hemisphere, but in the Southern Hemisphere, such as in Brazil, it is seen at the 10 o’clock position because people there essentially stand upside down. The String of Pearls is also another distinctive Nibiru complex entity, and was likewise caught in 2014 by one of Alberto’s mylar filtered photos.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/19/2014: Mankind is familiar with the halos around light caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere. When the angle from the light to the camera or viewers eye is right, a diffraction of the light rays can form a circle.  The shroud of dust clings closely, but rapidly becomes less thick at a distance from the corpus. At various points where the composition of this shroud changes, a ring is formed that will reflect and diffract light outbound from the corpus of Planet X.

ZetaTalk Commen3/22/2014: The String of Pearls formation is visible because it is a series of Moon Swirl tubes turned so that their ends face the Earth. Each captures sunlight at the end pointed toward the Sun, intensifies this when the sunlight bounces down the tube, and emerges at the end facing the Earth as bright light, focused like a flashlight.

Nibiru has a distinctive entourage in what is called the Double Helix formation, major Moon Swirls on either side that look like shoulder pads. This was seen in 2003 when Nibiru first approached the inner Solar System and could be seen in the night sky, and was photographed in telescopic lens. But after being lost in the glare of the Sun, Nibiru looked primarily like a dim fuzz ball. But Alberto captured the shoulder pads in 2017, amidst a close hugging String of Pearls.  By the end of 2017 Alberto was also able to capture the amount of debris and minor moons within the vast wafting tail of Nibiru, including the distinctive Check Mark, a Moon Swirl complex.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/12/2010: Planet X itself has two primary Moon Swirls that flare out on either side, like shoulder pads. This is the source of the Winged Globe shape, and the double helix shape on some photos of Planet X. These Moon Swirls keep apart from each other, though compete to be the closest Moon Swirl to the body of Planet X itself. Fairly equal in mass, they both cling close to the body of Planet X and both refuse to be displaced, thus the wings.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/31/2018: Now one sees both arms of the Check-Mark in their full glory, with all the moons visible. This arrangement of moons formed due to one dominant moon having two sub-dominant moons on either side, an arrangement that Nibiru itself has with its shoulder pad appearance, the double helix. Each sub-dominant moon of the Check-Mark then finds smaller moons attracted to it trailing behind. This is a gravity dance.

Moving into 2017, as Nibiru moved closer, Alberto was able to capture detail via zoom. An odd waffle board pattern was identified by the Zetas as a magnetic field forming around Moon Swirls. Then in early 2018 Alberto was able to capture the face of the cloud shrouded Nibiru itself, with 8X zoom, as it slowly rotated. This remarkable photo confirmed what Nancy had learned during a trip with the Zetas – Nibiru itself is covered with cream colored clouds. In 2018 Nibiru also was in a position, briefly, to bend light rays such that they formed a spotlight down to Earth.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2017: Moon Swirls are seen from the side as a long tube or a String of Pearls, or at the end of the tube as a brilliant focus of light. The new waffle pattern is neither, but it has been generated from the tail. The waffle is magnetic field lines that have formed around the dominant moon in a Moon Swirl.

ZetaTalk Revelation 3/31/2018: This is indeed the face of Nibiru, enhanced by the known phenomena of a Monster Persona, which we have explained pulls the light rays spreading outward back in toward Earth, thus making the object seem larger. It is notable that the features change over the four day period between photo shots, showing that Nibiru rotates and thus presents a different face. Where Nibiru is primarily a water planet, with much less land mass than the Earth, it is densely shrouded by cream colored clouds.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/30/2018: As light easily bends toward gravity sinks, the sunlight coming close to Nibiru and its dominant moons actually bends toward these gravity sinks. Bent slightly, they refract like light passing through water, to bend and focus the light toward Earth! This phenomena may linger or repeat, coming and going, during the ongoing drama of Nibiru’s approach for a passage.

Whatever the opportunities for image capture of the Nibiru complex, we can be sure that Alberto will be at the forefront!