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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 22, 2014

There are two upcoming apocalyptic movies. One is NOAH, releasing April 4th and second will be EXODUS. Both are high budget movies. I believe this is the hidden warning/pre-announcement to aware public about the upcoming events. This is the link to NOAH official site  and Wikipedia link for exodus  An announcement scene was also a part of movie "2012" by the US president.  Will there be a proper announcement by the world leaders or they use mainstream media to aware public about the coming big change? [and from another]  [and from another]

The story of Noah and the Exodus are both Biblical stories, though the Egyptian historical records in the Kolbrin also include them, and include more detail and accuracy. The Bible has been altered, portions that offended leadership omitted, where the Egyptians stuck to the facts. That both these movies are emerging in 2014, the year the announcement admitting the pending passage of Nibiru is anticipated, is not an accident.  Many have already become suspicious that the End Times have arrived based on droughts, dead fish and birds, signs in the skies, and a perceived increased in the battle between good and evil.

The Bible is expected to become a virtual reference manual by many following the announcement, and the stories of Noah and the Exodus are clear examples of prior passages. The Book of Revelations also has a parallel in the Kolbrin, in describing the forthcoming passage. Beyond wanting to make a profit in the movie making business, the promoters of these two 2014 films hope to educate the public. Noah planned for flooding in a practical manner, building a water tight boat for his family and livestock. The message of the Exodus is that the good hearted will be assisted, while those intent on enslaving others will not. 

How many seconds is the cycle when the earthquake of M9 in the island of the south in Japan will happen and when M9+ quake at the time of a pole shift will happen? How many minutes do earth shake at the time of a pole shift?  Does the earthquake at the time of a Pole Shift occur on the boundary line of a plate? Does the earthquake at the time of a Pole Shift will happen at epicenter earthquake (underneath generated )? How many Mt. Fuji go up?

How will the earthquakes and plate movements during the hour of the Pole Shift differ from what occurs leading up to the Pole Shift. The Pole Shift involves movement in all plates, at once, though during the hour of the Pole Shift the drama will roll in a domino fashion, as we have described, as a Scripted Drama. Even as the first effect, the tearing of the Atlantic, occurs, the Earth continues to pull toward the East  due to the normal rotation impulse, and as the crust has been torn from the core, all plates move freely.

The great Eurasian Plate virtually heaves eastward, this pressure felt all the way to Japan. All volcanoes affected will begin erupting, if they have not already done so during the Last Weeks. Due to the Atlantic yawing open, Africa finds it can roll freely and does so. Existing weak points in the crust, such as the St. Lawrence Seaway and the African Rift, tear further. But throughout there is unrelenting pressure toward the East on the Eurasian Plate, forcing a compression in the Pacific. The new inland bay to the west of India occurs because the Indo-Australian Plate is being rammed up under the Himalayas, in a clockwise manner, tearing southeast Asia away from the body of the great Eurasian Plate as the central Pacific compresses.

What does this do to Japan? Caught between unrelenting pressure from the west and intense subduction on the north Pacific Plates from the East, it is repeatedly jolted, the land rising or crumbling as the rock layers slide over each other. The Scripted Drama proceeds as we have outlined because the passing Planet X grabs the S Pole of Earth, dragging it along the path of the magnetized Atlantic Rift. It grips these locations while the plates of the world adjust to the new yaw in the Atlantic. This involved the Americas acting like a block while the plates to the west pile up on each other. Unrelenting subduction around the Ring of Fire.

Were the Zetas referring to 2014 when they answered the first question re Courtney Brown's Announcement or were they referring to different year? Mid-Winter 2014 is long over. Were they referring to the winter in the northern or the southern hemisphere?

What happened to the announcement? We implied in private ZetaTalk to Nancy in early December that it would occur “mid Winter” and after the Chinese New Year. She then included this in a MUFON interview on December 7, 2013. Then we allowed this to become public ZetaTalk on February 8, 2014 in reference to Courtney Brown’s announcement claims. We then inferred on February 22, 2014 that Courtney’s mid-March date was too far “into the future”. Now that future date has come and gone, and no announcement as yet. What’s going on?

We have repeatedly referring to the game the announcement team has been forced to play as bait and switch. What does this mean? It means putting out false dates, and providing lots of action that indicates the false date is a real date, and then when the cover-up crowd tries to create mayhem to prevent the announcement, catching the culprits. This has happened dozens of times during the past year and a half since Obama determined to admit the presence of Nibiru. It was no accident that General Allen resigned two days after Obama’s Florida golf trip nor was it an accident that Deputy CIA Director Michael Morell resigned within days of the Santa Monica shootout. Most bait and switch traps have no public flags, but they are equally important.

JFK was killed by MJ12 because he intended to inform the public about the alien presence. 911 was an inside job by the Bush family and their cohorts, but the public will never be told the truth. And does anyone think the establishment is casual about an announcement informing the public about the pending passage of Nibiru? Obama has had to deal with several assassination attempts. For those impatient to have the announcement happen, impatient to have proof to convince family and friends that planning for a survival camp in a safe location must be given priority, we say that their first item of concern should be that the announcement happen at all! If bait and switch requires that Nancy truly believe the date is at hand, or even that official ZetaTalk hint at that, then that’s what will be provided. Or should you, like a child, feel that your impatience is all that matters. 

6 frame with an object ellipsoidal always present. Ciao Alberto

Alberto’s photos have recently displayed a dramatic String of Pearls. Two days later his photos displayed an odd ellipsoid shaped cloud in the vast tail of Planet X wafting across the face of the Sun. Why has this changed? The String of Pearls formation is visible because it is a series of Moon Swirl tubes turned so that their ends face the Earth. Each captures sunlight at the end pointed toward the Sun, intensifies this when the sunlight bounces down the tube, and emerges at the end facing the Earth as bright light, focused like a flashlight. When the dynamics in the tail change such that the String of Pearls formation points off to the side, no longer toward the Earth, all the dust and debris and moons in the swirls is now a cluster seen from the side. Thus, the ellipsoid.

Zetas have told us that public reactions to the pending announcement will be surprisingly calm where they will continue attending their jobs, kids going to school and paying their bills because majorities of common man simply can't afford to move.  Now, if the severe wobble during the Last Weeks will generate 200-300 tides assaulting all coastlines around the world, Wouldn't half of the world's population living along the coastlines would be dead by then? For people to have any chance to survive or the last minute chance to make any spiritual decisions until the last day, wouldn't there be any obvious physical precursors before the beginning of 9/10 scenario? How do we know that Last Weeks is approaching and now is the time running towards the mountains?  [and from another]  About 44 percent of the world’s population lives within 150 kilometres of the sea.

Many are anxious because of the 7 of 10 and 8 of 10 overlap. They fear the 8 of 10 will near its end, and the Last Weeks begin, with little warning. We have always stated that the 8 of 10 will be a long phase, where the 7 of 10 was expected to be rapid. We will not be pushed into an elaborate or comprehensive description of what mankind can expect during the 8 of 10 phase by the anxiety of humans wanting a timeline for their personal plans. The games being played with the elite, who would enslave the common man, are far more important. That the Last Weeks are not about to begin is clear from the mere fact that the 7 of 10 plate movements have not completed!

I found the report from RT news "Modern Civilization headed for Collapse, Says NASA-Funded Study".
This seems a very peculiar topic coming from NASA, as it has nothing to do with space. Is this perhaps another pre-announcement release to get people to begin thinking about "lower" standards of living? 
[and from another] Just saw this in the news today. Question for the Zetas, is this new initiative by Obama aimed at helping citizens get more informed and manage the 7/10 and 8/10 effects? [and from another],0,5276497.story#ixzz2wPuFpBZR  White House announces new climate change data website. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are spearheading the new Climate Data Initiative, the White House said in a statement. The beta version of will provide data sets of sea-level rise and coastal flooding. The White House also said the site would eventually provide information about the effects of climate change on the food supply, public health and energy sources. [and from another]  Here you can find data related to climate change that can help inform and prepare America’s communities, businesses, and citizens. Initially, in this pilot phase, you can find data and resources related to coastal flooding, sea level rise, and their impacts. Over time, you will be able to find additional data and tools relevant to other important climate-related impacts, including risks to human health, the food supply, and energy infrastructure. [and from another]

Suddenly, ahead of the announcement admitting the near presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, and its pending passage, the Obama administration has created a real time website to inform the public about the pace of change. The rising sea level, coastal flooding, and impact of the weather on food shortages will be featured. Almost simultaneously, NASA has leapt into making predictions on sociological trends, warning that by allowing the rich to get richer at the expense of the poor, the collapse of civilization may follow. Government is expected to lead in times of crisis, and certainly the coming times will test such leadership. Government is also expected to plan, and implement plans. Is this to follow?

Obama issued Executive Order 13575, in 2011, which allowed many federal agencies to develop rural areas in the US. Since this EO was not followed by any related action, it appears to be preparing for the movement of refugees within the US to rural settlements, a situation that would certainly occur after a massive New Madrid adjustment. Russia’s President Medvedev has started to move state offices in Russia to their far eastern lands. Plans are thus being laid, but providing news about trends is not what is needed. This is akin to putting a bandage on a hemorrhage.