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Issue 685, Sunday November 17, 2019
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

New Madrid Heaving

The signs that the New Madrid adjustment is heating up are many. One of them is heaving of the hard rock on either side of New Madrid. It was reported in 1812 that the Mississippi River ran backward for a short period. Waterfalls were formed where the ground had been thrust up, but soon these up-thrusts were worn down by the flow of water to allow barges on the river to proceed again. The violent up-thrust created the blockage that formed the Reel Foot Lake. Temporary heaving of the Mississippi River above Memphis happened in 2017 too.

ZetaTalk Analysis 10/31/2017: Heaving land was noted during the last major New Madrid adjustment, when the river was reported to run backward. Rock strata being asked to rip on a diagonal will resist, and during this resistance will bunch up to create a heave. When the pressure to rip at a diagonal is eased, due to land elsewhere moving instead, then the heave relaxes and seemingly goes back to normal.

Now we have heaving under the Missouri River, such that the river is backed up and not draining the March/April Spring floods that occurred in the Mid-West. As the Zetas point out, after 7 months this should have drained. Does this not occur during the Winter thaw, each Spring? This begs the question, what caused the mountains of the Ozarks to form in the first place? Was this due to heaving during prior New Madrid adjustments? The Zetas explain.

Prolonged Missouri River Flooding could Last all Winter: 'No End in Sight'
October 28, 2019
Flooding along the Missouri River has stretched on for seven months. There are several reasons for the flooding, including high levels along the river, saturated ground and broken levees. Similar conditions exist in places along the lower Missouri River.

ZetaTalk Insight 10/31/2019: Certainly the Mid-West was flooded in late March, early April of 2019, but after 7 months these regions should have drained. Do these regions remain flooded every Spring after the Winter snows have melted? They drain. Thus there is another reason the waters are backed up. It is of record that when the New Madrid Fault Line ruptured in 1811-1812 that the Mississippi River briefly ran backward. The ground heaves, and heaved just two years ago in October 2017 just above the New Madrid region.

It is the Missouri River this time. Such heaving indicates pressure on hard rock layers. The New Madrid Fault Line ruptures at New Madrid because this is where the soft rock that rises up from the Gulf comes to a point, and meets hard rock. The current quake swarms at New Madrid, though small, show the same pattern as occurred in 1811-1812, bouncing from one side of the Mississippi to the other. As we said on October 12 when the Hard Rock Hotel collapsed, the New Madrid adjustment has begun.

In prior months, above and below New Madrid, the quake swarms had been predominantly on the west side of the Mississippi River. Since the Zetas have detailed how the land to the west of the Mississippi sinks as it pulled to the southwest, these quakes in the soft rock on the west of the Mississippi River seem logical. This is also where the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans was located. But in late October the quake swarms at New Madrid jumped from the west side of the Mississippi River to the east side. Why the jump to the east at New Madrid?

ZetaTalk Insight 10/31/2019: The hard rock above and to either side of New Madrid does not stretch, but the rock layers overlap to relieve the pressure. Thus the heaving in Missouri, causing a backwash up the Missouri River. This can cause a permanent elevation increase in Missouri, as the Ozark Mountains attest. When these adjustments do not suffice, the stress switches to the east side of the Mississippi, which is why the quake swarms have now switched to the Tennessee side. The east side is being pulled upward and toward the northeast, and heaving may occur in Tennessee for this reason.

Now the tug both to the southwest and to the northeast are in place, and intensifying. When the hard rock above New Madrid can no longer adjust by rock layers overlapping, the New Madrid Fault Line will begin to tear the hard rock. The soft rock below New Madrid will likewise rip, rather than stretch. Each segment of the fault line will be put under intense stress, and quickly fail in a domino fashion. The New Madrid Fault Line will rapidly unzip toward Chicago and then East under the Seaway.

Then further unzipping at the start of the New Madrid Fault Line at the Gulf occurred, showing that this unzipping is rising up along the fault line. Where the Hard Rock Hotel collapse and 48” water main burst happened on October 12 in New Orleans, another accident happened on November 3 just upriver at Baton Rouge. A fitting at a vessel at the DOW petrochemical plant just to the west of the Mississippi River gave way, releasing steam. The breaking soft rock shook houses 35 miles away, and a loud boom was heard.

Explosion at Dow in Plaquemine, but No Injuries Reported
November 3, 2019
A vessel ruptured around 8 a.m., creating a loud explosion that shook homes and rattled the windows of residents in the area. The explosion was heard up to 35 miles away in Prairieville and Zachary.
Bridge Repairs on Mississippi River Spell Trouble across Baton Rouge Area: 'It's a Real Mess'
March 28, 2019
The traffic woes in Baton Rouge stem largely from two problems on the west side of the river. One is a state project to reinforce joints on the half-century-old I-10 bridge over the Mississippi River, which is used by about 95,000 cars and trucks daily.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/30/2019: The loud boom that shook homes in Baton Rouge near Plaquemine was not due to a vessel rupture at the DOW factory, as this would account for noise due to air vibrations but not ground movement. This was the soft rock along the west side of the Mississippi River pulling down and to the southwest, as we predicted. The rock is in a stretch, but when stretched too far will snap, and this is what occurred. The DOW petrochemical plant escaped virtually unscathed, but the larger concern is the bridge across the Mississippi River at I-10 and any pipelines transporting gas across the Mississippi.

We have predicted that all bridges crossing the Mississippi will fail by the time the New Madrid is done adjusting. Rivers historically have attracted industry due to river barges and thus cities spring up along rivers. Thus the economy is vested in bridges that cross the Mississippi, and the establishment is reluctant to shut the bridges down or close off the porting of oil and gas via pipelines across the river. Until a breach occurs, no action will be taken. Meanwhile bridges will find their footings shifting and the pavement on either side rumpled. Petrol explosions should be anticipated.

Cash Crunch

What would cause a world-wide economic collapse such that banking failures and even the collapse of currencies might occur? Printing money like a banana republic results in inflation and eventually a worthless currency. Cause? How about the onslaught of crop failures, infrastructure damage, accidents caused by EMP, weather extremes causing flooding and high wind damage, insurance company failures, corporate bankruptcies with consequent job loss - all resulting in a lack of revenue for both banks and tax collectors. Fat cat bankers are used to the good life. How will they react to a cash crunch?

The Fed has been Injecting Hundreds of Billions into Markets since September's Rate Crisis
October 30, 2019
The central bank is looking to boosting liquidity after the short-term funding rate spiked to 10% from 2% overnight in mid-September. The rate dictates how expensive it is for banks to access quick capital, and the unexpected jump symbolizes volatility in the usually-stable lending market.
World Record in Negative Rates has Bankers Testing No-Man's Land
October 31, 2019
After more than seven years of negative rates, some of Denmark's biggest banks are resorting to uncharted territory in order to cope with the extreme monetary regime. Life below zero makes it increasingly difficult to run a bank. It's already led to dramatic adjustments in the banking world, with more lenders relying on other revenue streams besides traditional lending to stay profitable.
The Real "Helicopter Money": Since 2009, China Has Created $21 Trillion of New Money, More than Double the US
August 31, 2019
Over the past decade, Chinese banks have been on a credit and money creation binge, and have created RMB144Tn ($21Tn) of new money since 2009, more than twice the amount of money supply created in the US, the Eurozone and Japan combined over the same period.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/30/2019: How do banks fail, softly or with a hard crash? Politicians and the wealthy would prefer the system survive the coming passage of Nibiru, and thus will do all they can to disguise the distress that banks are experiencing. They hope for the common man to learn of Nibiru late, preferably during the Last Weeks, so they have no time to stop paying their mortgage, else foreclosures would increase. This is anticipated to be a temporary burden on the banks, though they can then auction the properties off.

We have long predicted banking failures going into the Pole Shift, due to a worldwide economic collapse from crop failures, earthquake damage to the infrastructure, insurance company bankruptcy, and consequent job loss with loss of income to the individual and to the GDP. Governments will at first respond by printing or producing more money, though fragile countries will be forced to declare bankruptcy. Weak banks will be closed to be absorbed by larger and stronger banks, but this process does have an end point.

Central Banks are at present pumping more liquidity into their banks. Banks make their money when the loans they make are paid back with interest, but if loan failures occur, or the public fails to make new loans, then the banks do not have their anticipated income. Fat cat bankers and their stockholders are distressed. By pumping liquidity, the banks have more funds to loan and more funds for their expenses. This process can continue until the Central Bank can no longer risk running the currency at its base into insolvency.

We have predicted that the world will go into the barter system as the Pole Shift approaches. As foreclosures increase, banks will find they do not have the resources to monitor these properties, and they will be repossessed by their former owners or by strangers. Stocks and bonds will lose their value, with the Stock Markets being considered a joke. Tricks like a negative interest rate is already considered a joke. Why would someone buy a bond when it will cost them money? A currency, such as the Yuan or US dollar, or Euro will continue to be used as a medium of exchange on the street and in shops, however.

Western banks – the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group (WBG) – are struggling, and with them the Jewish bankers who have successfully run the largest banks for decades if not hundreds of years. The signs are there. In October 2015 the site went down, indicating the private arm of the US Federal Reserve had been taken over by General Dunford. Money laundering investigations by the US Junta further disrupted the cash flow, and with it the fate of Bibi Netanyahu of Israel. Israeli embassies had a cash crunch.

Israeli Embassies around the World Shut as Diplomats Strike
October 29, 2019
Due to the decision of the Ministry of Finance to breach understandings and to alter a protocol that has been in place for several decades, we are forced to close our Embassy.
‘Walk of shame’: Banks Beg the Fed for Money & May all Fall in Domino Effect
November 2, 2019
The rapidly increasing intervention into the repo market indicates that there is “obviously some insolvency”. Banks are required to have a certain reserve of cash on hand and if they don’t, they have to borrow overnight to meet this requirement. They may go to other banks to make their books square, but if other lenders turn them away, they have to ask the Fed as a last resort. Given that this could happen multiple times and because all the lenders are interconnected, the fall of one of the banks could cause a domino effect.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/30/2019: We have often mentioned the hand that Bibi Netanyahu had in mischief around the world. From the Charlie Hebdo attack in France to the attempted assassination of President Trump via a missile from an Israeli sub to the attack on the Russian sub Losharik, to name but a few. As the head of the Khazarian bankers, Bibi relied upon the funds flowing from illegal drug running, debt slavery imposed by Western banks, and the cooperation of pedo blackmailed politicians. Western banks are failing, forced to pump liquidity into the banks because their operations are no longer profitable. Mossad operations require funds, and agents insist on being well paid. Fat cats everywhere are feeling the pinch, and objecting.

Handbag of the Gods

We recently learned that the Annunaki have a 25-26 hour day on their home planet Nibiru, though since they spend most of their time out in dark space, and are shrouded from any view of space or a nearby Sun because of their dense dust cloud, how this might affect their sleep cycle is a puzzle. The Zetas have also stated that the Annunaki do not sleep, but instead have rest periods. So how would the Annunaki react when stationed on the Earth, which has bright sunlight? Per the Zetas, they use Melatonin from the Pineal glands of animals to induce their rest periods.

ZetaTalk Statement 7/15/1995: They do not sleep, because they do not have a rising and setting sun. They have a dimmer day. The glow in their atmosphere comes from rifts within their ocean. They are inhabiting a brown dwarf that is in a slow smolder. Therefore they have a continuous light, equivalent perhaps to late in your day or very early in the morning. They do have their quiet times.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2018: It is notable that the features change over the four day period between photo shots, showing that Nibiru rotates and thus presents a different face. Where Nibiru is primarily a water planet, with much less land mass than the Earth, it is densely shrouded by cream colored clouds.

What is the Mysterious Handbag Seen in Ancient Carvings across Cultures and Countries?
January 25, 2017
One of the more mysterious symbols that has been found in ancient carvings is an image that looks uncannily like a handbag. The shape appears in depictions made by the Sumerians of Iraq, in the ruins of ancient Turkish temples, in decorations of the Maori of New Zealand, and in crafts made by the Olmecs of Central America. Handbags can be seen in the art of disparate cultures from around the world and throughout time, with the first known instance of a handbag appearing at the end of the Ice Age. What is this mysterious symbol that can be found throughout the ancient world?
Ancient Handbags in Stone and Art – True Origin and Meaning Revealed
February 8, 2017
Sumerian handbags, Olmec handbags, Maori handbags, Egyptian handbags, Indian handbags and handbags at Gobekli Tepe, in rock art from the Americas and Australia. Members of the archaeological research community have been left scratching their heads.
Pineal Gland
The pineal gland produces melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles. The shape of the gland resembles a pine cone from which it derived its name.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/30/2019: The Handbag of the Gods has appeared in ancient caveman drawings, on Mayan and Egyptian statues and walls, and is depicted for Shiva in India. Clearly associated with the Annunaki, and with alien visitors. There is also an association with the symbol for the Pineal gland, which has a pine cone shape. Many humans today take Melatonin to induce sleep. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the Pineal gland, thus babies are induced to sleep a lot during their early growth period.

But what would a visitor, such as the Annunaki, experience? Their day on Nibiru is not a 24 hour day, but somewhat longer. They also do not sleep, per se, but rest. Thus they would be in a perpetual jet lag on Earth, and out of synch with life on Earth. To force their rest periods to synch with the times when their human slaves would be sleeping, the Annunaki took melatonin extracted from the Pineal gland of animals, and carried this in a handbag when traveling.

Obama’s Double

Since Obama was executed on September 29 by the Tribunals, his Double has been busy. When the Double first emerged in front of the White House on May 22, 2014, the outstanding tell was his lack of a fleshy region below his lower lip. The real Obama also has a scar running up over his head from his right ear. With such an obvious tell, the Double needed some plastic surgery. Injecting Botox or body fat was obviously done, with the resulting new Obama Double emerging from a bar in Manhattan on October 21.

Facial Fillers and Cosmetic Injections Are the Biggest Trends in Plastic Surgery
April 12, 2017
Also known as fat grafting, this procedure involves moving fat tissue from one part of the body to another. This procedure has been used since the 1990s, predominantly for reconstructive surgeries like adding back breast tissue after a mastectomy, and it's the secret sauce behind the famous Brazilian Butt Lift.
Wise Guys! Barack Obama meets Robert De Niro and Apple CEO Tim Cook for Dinner in New York after the Ex-President Signed Netflix Deal
October 22, 2019
The former US leader looked smart in a black suit and sunglasses in Greenwich Village while holding a takeaway coffee as he arrived at the hotel. He was pictured chatting with his companions and gave a wave to waiting photographers before he ducked into the building.

On October 21, the fat injection had apparently been recently done, with the Double showing a jagged perimeter under his lower lip, likely from needle insertions - pursing his mouth in discomfort, and sticking out his tongue. But after a couple more days at the Cummings funeral on October 24, the Double looked comfortable with his mouth. It appears the injection had smoothed out, the jagged perimeter gone. But wait! The classic tell for the real Obama, the scar on the right side of his head, is missing in the Double.