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Issue 682, Sunday October 27, 2019
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New Madrid Begins

The Zetas predicted that the New Madrid adjustment would start in the soft rock that runs from the southern border of Illinois to the Gulf. They describe the process as unzipping along the Fault Line, from its weakest point where the crust is thin and drooping at the Gulf. This is also the region where the sinkhole at Bayou Corne developed. There are many fault lines that branch from the lower New Madrid, which runs along the Mississippi River.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: As can be seen by an analysis of the rock strata to the east and west of the Mississippi, the Mississippi is following the curve of solid rock just to the east. The potential for a greatly widened Mississippi occurs south of the Illinois border. To the south of this point the sea level elevation is lower and the rock strata is of a different nature than that above or to the east of this point. This is where the Mississippi will spread, to the west between the Illinois border and the Mississippi delta. We estimate the Mississippi will widen by 50 miles.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: The New Madrid adjustment is most devastating to land to the west of the Mississippi, which will drop slightly in elevation along the river and slide to the SW.

On October 12 the Hard Rock Hotel collapsed, on the west side of the Mississippi river in New Orleans. A video of the collapse shows that the upper deck started collapsing, followed by a swaying crane which was apparently reacting to the collapse, followed by the upper floors sliding toward the street. The media consistently reported that the cause of the collapse was unknown.

2 People Killed, 1 Trapped Inside Hard Rock Hotel that Partially Collapsed
October 12, 2019
It's not clear what caused the collapse, which affected the sixth to eighth floors.
Hard Rock Hotel Collapses on Canal Street
October 12, 2019
Several construction workers had to run to safety on Saturday morning as a large portion of the Hard Rock Hotel, which has been under construction for the last several months, came crashing down suddenly. It was not immediately clear what caused the collapse.
Hard Rock Hotel Collapse in New Orleans Kills One and Injures at Least 18
October 12, 2019
Parts of a Hard Rock Hotel under construction in New Orleans collapsed. The New Orleans Fire Department received reports of a collapsed building around 9:12 am. The top six to eight floors of the building were affected.

The collapse was quickly followed on the same day - October 12 - by a water main break nearby, also on the west side of the Mississippi River. The S American roll has been relentless lately, forcing the Caribbean Plate to push westward, and by this pushing the tip of Mexico to the west. This intensifies the bow in the N American Continent, which is what will cause the New Madrid Fault Line to slip, ripping the N American Plate in a diagonal manner. The Zetas explain.

Water Gushes out of Uptown Broken Water Main; Boil Water Advisory Issued
October 12, 2019
A 48-inch diameter water main broke near the corner of Lowerline and Panola streets, causing water pressure to fall below 20 psi in the areas bounded by Carrollton Avenue, Interstate 10, the Pontchartrain Expressway, Calliope Street and the Mississippi River. Residents in the affected area are advised to use bottled or boiled tap water to drink, cook, clean food or brush teeth until further notice.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/31/2019: The New Madrid Fault Line will first rip open where it touches the Gulf of Mexico. This is where the New Madrid Fault Line connects with the East Coast Fault Line running up the East Coast and others branching to the west and into the Gulf. The soft rock strata is also widest at this point, narrowing as it rises toward Memphis. As the New Madrid Fault Line separates and pulls apart in a diagonal manner, it will give way at its weakest point, which is under the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Mississippi. Rivers flow along the lowest points in the crust, which is where the crust is thin and thus has drooped.

What is the significance of the Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans, just a few blocks from the Mississippi? Though under construction, several stories had been built and no signs of weakness had been noted. Cracks in other buildings in New Orleans to the west of the Mississippi are likely to be discovered, as the ground is dropping and pulling away from the center of the Mississippi River, as we predicted. This is the start of the New Madrid adjustment.

Earthquake swarms had been registered in the New Madrid region, in southeast Missouri. On September 30 a swarm of six quakes was recorded centered in the New Madrid region. And on that fateful day - October 12 – yet another reported as magnitude 3.3. The unzipping of the New Madrid Fault Line climbs through the soft rock at the Gulf, climbing up to the hard rock at New Madrid where the heavy jolts will begin. New Madrid was the epicenter of the large quakes in 1811 and 1812. This is clearly coming next.

Missouri sees Earthquake Swarm along New Madrid Fault Monday
September 30, 2019
A swarm of medium-sized earthquakes in Missouri’s New Madrid region has residents on edge. This area experienced six quakes on Monday, September 30 according to officials with the United States Geological Survey. All six recorded earthquakes include: 2.6 magnitude earthquake southwest of Lilbourn; 1.1 magnitude earthquake south, southwest of Lilbourn; 2.7 magnitude earthquake southwest of Lilbourn; 1.8 magnitude earthquake south, southwest of Lilbourn; 2.7 magnitude earthquake west of Lilbourn; 2.5 magnitude earthquake southwest of Lilbourn.
Magnitude    mb 3.3
Date time    2019-10-12 13:55:25.5 UTC
Location    36.57 N ; 89.65 W
Depth        10 km
Distances    611 km S of Chicago, United States
       261 km W of Nashville, United States
       11 km W of New Madrid, United States
       4 km SW of Lilbourn, United States

Turkey Attacks

Turkey may be a member of NATO and by this supposedly an ally of the US, but Erdogan was not to be trusted, nor are those who profited by his dictatorship to be trusted. Turkey’s perpetual conflict with the Kurds, who live in northern Syria and have ties to Kurds living in Turkey, is based on the oil and gas resources in the Kurdish lands in Syria. Thus, as soon as President Trump announced a troop withdrawal from Syria, Turkey attacked. Assad of Syria soon rushed to defend the Kurds in Syria.

ZetaTalk Opinion 7/31/2019: Despite being a NATO member, Erdogan and his son have been caught smuggling Syrian oil for ISIS. Where the Kurds are most effective at fighting ISIS, Erdogan tried to eliminate them. Erdogan certainly rigged elections and when a military coup was attempted, survived due to arranged street protests. Dictators always suppress opposition by brutal means. We recently reported that Erdogan damaged oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz to drive business through his oil pipeline to Europe. He had naked ambitions to recreate the Ottoman Empire, flooding refugees into Europe. Erdogan was a double dealer, a NATO member buying weapons from Russia, playing whatever side was advantageous for him.

Erdogan says Turkey will Not Back Down from Syria Offensive
October 14, 2019
Turkey will not back down from its offensive against Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria “no matter what anyone says”, President Tayyip Erdogan said, adding that the battle would continue until “ultimate victory” is achieved. He also slammed the European Union and Arab League for their criticism of Turkey’s operation and asked for international funds for Ankara’s “safe zone” plans in northeast Syria.
Syrian Forces Step In to Thwart Turkish Onslaught
October 14, 2019
Russia-backed Syrian forces wasted no time in taking advantage of an abrupt U.S. retreat from Syria on Monday, deploying deep inside Kurdish-held territory south of the Turkish frontier less than 24 hours after Washington announced a full withdrawal.
US Troops ‘Leave’ Kobani as Turkish Incursion Advances and Kurds make Deal with Damascus
October 14, 2019
The Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria said it had reached an agreement with Damascus for Syrian government troops to be deployed along the border with Turkey. With the Syrian Army on the move, pressure is mounting on Turkey. The Syrian government is going to try to go across and get the oilfields. They also want to take control over prime agricultural land and the Tabqa Dam, which the Americans and the Kurds have held. Ankara’s move has been condemned internationally, and several Western countries have halted their military supplies to Turkey in retaliation.

But wait! Didn’t Erdogan have a fatal heart attack last July? After several days, a Double appeared at that time, identified by several “tells”.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2019: Is Erdogan dead? Yes, but Turkey is reluctant to admit this. A dictator is always surrounded by those who benefit from his iron grip, and they do not want their control and influence to be lost. They are seeking a double, and although many have been lined up in the past, at the ready, none are perfect. There is always a “tell”, a clue. Erdogan had many enemies, both within and without Turkey.

Thus it was the Double who came to confer with President Trump in October. From US politicians to the European Union to NATO members and throughout the Middle East, Turkey’s attack on the Kurds was condemned, with sanctions threatened. Turkey countered by threatening to pour refugees into Europe or release ISIS prisoners, or perhaps confiscate the NATO nukes kept at the US air base in Turkey. Now what?

Pentagon to ‘Press NATO Allies to Sanction Turkey’ over Syrian Op, Blames Erdogan for Potential ‘War Crimes & ISIS Resurgence’
October 14, 2010
Turkey’s operation in northeast Syria has “undermined” the US-led campaign against Islamic State terrorists, the Pentagon has claimed, warning that Washington will be “pressing” their NATO allies to sanction Ankara. Germany and France have already halted weapons sales to the country, and it’s unlikely other members of the alliance will defy Washington's “pressure.”
Merkel Tells Erdogan to Immediately Stop Syrian Op – but why Should he Care what Europe Says?
October 13, 2019
Merkel demanded that Erdogan bring his military operation against Kurdish militias in northern Syria to an “immediate end”. Merkel’s admonishment comes as EU leaders prepare to meet in Luxembourg this week to plot a joint response to Erdogan’s ‘Operation Peace Spring’. It also comes after Germany, France, Norway and the Netherlands suspended arms sales to Ankara and across the Atlantic US President Donald Trump threatened to hit the Turkish economy with “powerful sanctions.”
Trump Followed His Gut on Syria. Calamity Came Fast
October 14, 2019
State and Energy Department officials were quietly reviewing plans for evacuating roughly 50 tactical nuclear weapons that the United States had long stored, under American control, at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, about 250 miles from the Syrian border. To fly them out of Incirlik would be to mark the de facto end of the Turkish-American alliance.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/31/2019: Since his fatal heart attack last July, Erdogan has not been leading Turkey, but the group surrounding him when he was in power has taken his place. It was the Double who met with Trump recently. President Trump is pulling the US troops scattered around the world back home, anticipating the New Madrid adjustment and the domino effect that will run up along the San Andreas. As we stated early in the ZetaTalk saga, the troops will be needed back home. The mission in Iraq, to defeat ISIS, was accomplished.

As will be inevitable when the Pole Shift occurs, each country must deal with its neighbors. The Kurds, in northern Syria, have already allied with Assad of Syria and by extension with Russia, who is an ally of Assad. The region the Kurds occupy in northern Syria, is where the oil and gas deposits lie. Will Turkey succeed in invading this region and seizing these assets? The West will impose sanctions, and likely kick Turkey out of NATO. This will involve removing the nukes the US stored at Incirlik Air Base. But temper tantrums by the dictators in control of Turkey are unlikely to end soon.

PG&E Outages

PG&E opted to face public wrath for cutting power in Northern California to avoid being sued for damages from potential fires that might emerge during an onslaught of Diablo winds. The winds came and went, but it was not PG&E territory in Northern California that burned, it was Southern California. Per the Zetas, until Nibiru is admitted, the heat from subduction of the Pacific plates under California will be blamed on the wrong factors.

PG&E Cut Power for Hundreds of Thousands in Northern California
October 9, 2019
In an attempt to avoid sparking a wildfire, California's largest utility intentionally cut power to hundreds of thousands of customers, and power isn't likely to be restored for days. Diablo winds sweeping across arid Northern California "historically are the events that cause the most destructive wildfires in California history," said PG&E meteorologist Scott Strenfel. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo urged residents to prepare to be without power for as long as seven days.
Map: PG&E’s Power Shutoffs Wednesday in Bay Area, Northern California
October 8, 2019
Pacific Gas & Electric began shutting off power in 34 California counties Oct. 9.
PG&E Power Outage Shut Off: List of Counties, Cities Affected by PG&E Power Outage in Bay Area, Rest of California
September 9, 2019
PG&E has begun power outages that could impact nearly 800,000 customers across Northern and Central California.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/31/2019: The pattern for California wildfires in 2018 showed they occurred along the San Andreas Fault Line during the Carr Fire in July due to tension along the fault line caused by the tightening of the N American bow. Then again in Paradise in October due to heat from plate subduction. The ground in both cases was hot to the melting point due to heat from pressure and friction. Hot and melting Earth is legend in some parts of the globe during prior Pole Shifts, and the West Coast of the US is one such locale.

PG&E was blamed for the Paradise fire, and forced to pay a huge fine. Thus it should not be a surprise that PG&E is taking defensive steps to avoid such lawsuits in the future. Nibiru and the 7 of 10 Plate Movements were at fault for both these 2018 fires. But since Nibiru is at present a forbidden word, its presence and pending passage not admitted by the authorities, PG&E anticipates being blamed for all future 2019 fires, and thus is taking every possible step to appear blame free.

Hot dry Diablo winds, the Santa Anna winds coming from the East, are notorious for encouraging dry underbrush to burn. This is the primary excuse being used by PG&E, but they are monitoring other factors and are likely to repeat blackouts whenever hot Earth is detected. Anticipate fires springing up in the blackout regions, even during the blackouts. Until Nibiru is admitted, the blame will shift from PG&E to the usual suspects – arson, camp fires, tossed cigarettes, or lightning strikes.

Dunford’s Farewell

Nibiru, and the letter Q were clearly visible and included in the photo shots of Dunford’s farewell. In the mirror image, one sees both Nibiru at the 4 o’clock position and the letter Q.

Nibiru has been shown in photos by Eric Trump in March and April of 2018 and during a President Trump salute by the Blue Angels in May of 2018.

The public is capturing Nibiru on film regularly these days, as the blog on the Pole Shift ning dedicated to these photos shows. Reddit reports two Sun’s rising over Cincinnati on October 1. And Alberto, using various filters to enhance light in the red spectrum, is capturing a huge dust shrouded Nibiru complex these days.