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Issue 618, Sunday August 5, 2018
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FaceBook Crash

Under the direction of its founder, Zuckerberg, FaceBook has been up to mischief. On September 1, 2016 Zuckerberg tried to launch a satellite that was to establish an internet connection for those in Africa currently without a connection. Per the Zetas, this was to spy on and track migrant groups during the Earth changes to come. Space X, which had been successful on previous launches, was the vehicle. Israel was Zuckerberg’s partner in this enterprise. The launch exploded, and UFO’s flying about the launch pad could clearly be seen in photos.

Then, per the Zetas, Zuckerberg tried to go covert, and masquerade as a humanitarian. His next venture in tracking migration was exposed in S America on June 17, 2017, hosting Disaster Maps that showed where migrants drifted based on their use of FaceBook messages. “Aggregated, anonymized Facebook data” is used to paint maps, so where the migrants have settled, in safe locations, can be easily identified during their messages to family and friends. The Zetas predicted “true karma” awaited Zuckerberg.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/17/2017: The Council of Worlds slapped Zuckerberg down in 2016 over his ambitions to control survivors in Africa with his drone based Internet. He is now trying to be covert. His cover is to masquerade as an assist to disaster recovery providers. Zuckerberg is hardly a humanitarian. As a member of the elite he wishes to limit and control the starving masses after the Pole Shift, to enslave them, and to eliminate those who will not be useful to he and his ilk. He seeks information. True karma awaits.

Then during the course of investigations in DC, it came to light that FaceBook allowed Cambridge Analytica in the UK to mine FaceBook user data for political purposes. All this unbeknownst to FaceBook users, who presumed their personal data was secure. This resulted in Congressional hearings on April 9, 2018 where Zuckerberg offered weak excuses and promised to do better. Strangely, instead of lawmakers mustering forth with new laws, the matter seemed to die. Per Q, members of the Deep State were bribed to let the matter drop.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2018: FaceBook stock is suddenly in a massive sell-off, supposedly due to analysts anticipating poor performance in the future. But is there more to this picture? Zuckerberg and the FaceBook enterprise are hand in hand with the elite intention to track migration in the future, and enslave mankind for the elite. We, the Zetas, have pointed this out in 2016 when a FaceBook satellite intent on establishing an Internet access for Africa was blown up on launch, and again in 2017 when Zuckerberg’s Disaster Maps were caught trying to track migration in S America. None of the chiding on ZetaTalk seemed to affect FaceBook earnings, but the Cambridge Analytica scandal in April, 2018 set off a bomb.

What emerged during this period of scrutiny was that FaceBook had been incorporated on February 4, 2004, the exact day that the Pentagon project LifeLog was dissolved. Did the collection of data on unsuspecting citizens move from the Pentagon to FaceBook? Per the Zetas, this is yet more mischief by Zuckerberg and his elite partners. They want to create a slave labor force from survivors of the Pole Shift, and are snooping on and categorizing people in preparation for this. Think your DNA and private thoughts are sacred? Think again.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2018: During all the investigations into supposed Trump collusion with Russia, the fact that FaceBook allowed Cambridge Analytica to comb through private FaceBook data was revealed. Congress held hearings. Qanon analysts noted that a former Pentagon program called LifeLog, which kept a database on numerous people, closed down on February 4, 2004, the same day that FaceBook incorporated. None of this seemed to affect FaceBook earnings or stock price. But the enigmatic Q implied that Zuckerberg had bribed Congressmen to hold off on legislation for a 6 month period, and now implies that the markets moved faster than Congress.

ZetaTalk Comment 4/30/2018: Zuckerberg allowed Cambridge Analytica to examine FaceBook trends. If private data could be harvested for such examinations, what other mischief might be going on? Internet users share personal data via email, so email hosts are aware of these conversation, as are governments. We have stated that Zuckerberg is a member of the elite who hope to enslave survivors after the Pole Shift, and seek information on the populace to that end. Given that this is Zuckerberg’s goal, can he be stopped by hearings in Congress?

Now we have FaceBook in a sudden stock crash, one of Wall Street’s biggest. Is this related to revelations in the media that FaceBook has supported kiddy porn? The BBC reported this matter in 2016, and FaceBook responded by running a survey in March, 2018 asking users if they thought “sexually explicit photographs” of children were appropriate and even if they were OK with pedophiles seeking to “proposition underage girls“. Per the Zetas, this survey revealed a nefarious plot by Zuckerberg and his partners. Blackmail material was being gathered.

Facebook Asked Users if Pedophiles should be able to Ask Kids for 'Sexual Pictures'
March 5, 2018
International attention to how pedophiles use social media to target and prey on children has grown in recent years. An investigation by the BBC in 2016 uncovered numerous private Facebook groups by and for men with a sexual interest in children to share images, with one run by a convicted pedophile. Photos of children taken from their parents' Facebook accounts have also been found on pedophile sites. Facebook faced criticism again in 2017 when the BBC flagged dozens of images and pages containing child pornography. Of the 100 reported images, 18 were removed by Facebook, according to the BBC. At the time, the BBC said Facebook asked to be sent examples of the images and then reported the broadcaster to the child exploitation unit of Britain’s National Crime Agency.
Facebook Asked Users if Pedophiles should be able to Ask Kids for 'Sexual Pictures'
March 5, 2018
Facebook is under fire for asking users whether pedophiles should be able to proposition underage girls for sexually explicit photographs on the giant social network. The survey is the latest in a series of missteps by the Silicon Valley company, which has been criticized for allowing content that exploits children. Facebook scrapped the survey that posed questions about teens being groomed by older men after it was spotted by media outlets in the United Kingdom. It now says the survey could have been better "designed."

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2018: Why would such a class action lawsuit be justified? Who was harmed by the Cambridge Analytica matter, which seemed to blow over quickly? It is not shopping trends and political inclinations that are the worry. It is FaceBook supplying photos of young children, as the BBC reported in 2017, and identifying pedophiles during a March, 2018 survey. Pedophilia is used for blackmail purposes, an old CIA trick. Thus the enigmatic and highly accurate Q predicted a FaceBook collapse as far back as March, when these activities came into the spotlight.

This resulted, per Q, in threat of a class action lawsuit and per the Zetas, insider trading to dump the stock at a profit for Zuckerberg and his partners has resulted. Thus when the July 26 FaceBook crash occurred, the very wealthy had already dumped their stock at a high price, leaving the public to take the loss. This is a common trick used by insiders, to pump up the price of the stock just before it crashes. They buy low and sell high, but the rapid rise in stock prices has been manipulated from the start.

Zuckerberg Loses more than $15 Billion in Record Facebook Fall
July 26, 2018
Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune took a more than $15 billion hit as the social media company suffered the biggest one-day wipeout in U.S. stock market history a day after executives forecast years of lower profit margins. Chief Financial Officer David Wehner startled an otherwise routine call with analysts by saying the company faced a multi-year squeeze on its business margins. That “bombshell,” as one analyst termed it, played into concerns on Wall Street that Facebook’s model could be under threat after a year dominated by efforts to head off concerns over privacy and its role in global news flow.
Facebook Stock Drops Roughly 20%, loses $120 Billion in Value after Warning that Revenue Growth will take a Hit
July 26, 2018
The stock closed down 19% Thursday to $176.26, which means that investors erased the entirety of the company’s 2018 gains. Its market capitalization as of Wednesday: $630 billion. By the end of trading Thursday, it was worth $510 billion after close and 170 million shares had changed hands.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2018: What is going on behind the scenes? Insider trading is often noted when the stock suddenly rises ahead of an anticipated crash. Meanwhile insiders unload their overpriced stock to unsuspecting buyers, who then take the loss when the crash arrives. FaceBook stock charts show this manipulation. Thus the bribes to those in the Deep State in Congress to hold off on legislation re FaceBook activities. There is more than dropping stock prices to fear, as the enigmatic Q implies. Potentially a class action lawsuit which would bankrupt the company could emerge.

Pole Shift Blues

Suicide rates seem to be on the increase, and the World Health Organization reports the number of depressed people worldwide is increased 20% since 2005. Is this merely a statistical quirk or is depression truly on the rise, and if so, why? Per the Zetas, it is not that life on Planet Earth is any different than in the past. It is due to what contactees have learned from their contact with the visitors. Depressing news.

20% increase in Global Depression in a Decade
April 3, 2017
Cases of depression have ballooned almost 20% in a decade, making the debilitating disorder linked to suicide the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). By 2015, the number of people globally living with depression, according to a revised definition, had reached 322 million, up 18.4% since 2005, the UN agency said.
Depression is on the Rise in the US, especially among Young Teens
October 30, 2017
The increase in rates of depression was most rapid among the youngest and oldest age groups, whites, the lowest income and highest income groups, and those with the highest education levels. These results are in line with recent findings on increases in drug use, deaths due to drug overdose, and suicide.
From Fatigue to Anger: the Hidden ‘Faces’ of Depression
November 6, 2017
Depression is a constellation of symptoms present during a defined period and people can present differently as a result of gender, age and other defining characteristics. In a child, it might be through a failure to thrive, in a teenager through the onset of behavioural problems, while an adult may become very sensitive and irritable.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2018: We have stated that depression is almost always caused by anger turned inward, and the antidote to depression is to take action. Exercise, and the mental mindset to take action to set things right, is a great cure for depression. Life today is no different than life decades ago, so why the increase in depression? Suicide to escape work demands or captivity, or among students pressed to excel by their parents, or among the aging or disabled lonely and with pain ridden lives is common, and has been common throughout mankind’s history.  

That said, why is depression on the increase? Awareness of the Earth changes, and where this is leading, has increased. We have stated that over half of humanity are now contactees, having given The Call for counseling due to awareness of the Earth Wobble and signs in the skies. Thus, they know what is coming, and are aware that the establishment is lying to them. How is this to be interpreted by the common man, most of whom are extremely immature young souls? Trust is shattered. Confidence in their leadership is shattered. They feel they are on their own, and uncertain how to proceed.

This early awareness of what the Pole Shift will mean for human society – the electric grid crashed, delivery of groceries stopped, and no petrol for the cars – should allow those receiving the message to prepare. Now they have time to do so! They can still get gardening tools, seeds, and develop the skill sets required to build solid survival communities. But this is presuming that young and highly immature souls have the wisdom and insight to proceed. What to do with such depressed individuals? Work up an action plan for them!

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2018: We have stated that most of the 90% die-off predicted to occur as a result of the Pole Shift will be due to depression, a decision to give up. If they cannot be rescued, or their prior life cannot be re-established, then why live? These high numbers are due to the high number of highly immature souls on Earth at this time. Due to the population explosion over the past few centuries, most humans are not incarnated by established souls, but are at the point where a soul may or may not spark in that human body. They cannot rely on soul memory, or past lives. They are instead infants waiting to be rescued.

How can one help these individual? Take the lead and give them a role! After a devastating earthquake, have a list of tasks to be done and bark orders, if need be. This has several advantages. Exercise is a depression dispeller, and by moving about to fill their task, they will feel better. Tasks that require more than one person are also ideal, as this allows conversation and shared feelings to emerge. As the tasks are completed, these immature souls will note their contribution helped others, a feeling of satisfaction. Those who refuse to participate, intractably depressed and sullen, should be left to die as they have made their decision, which is their right.

Fault Line Fires

Velikovsky, in his book Worlds in Collision, describes hot earth during past Pole Shifts on the West Coast of N America and in the eastern Mediterranean. In ravines and rivers the ground would literally melt, become waxen and hot, and the waters would boil. Subduction of rock layers was the cause, per the Zetas, who state the pending Pole Shift will have these same dangers. Their advice is to stick to the high ground. Now we have super hot fires in Greece and along the West Coast. Is there a relationship? The Zetas explain.

Excerpts from Worlds in Collision, Boiling Earth and Sea
The traditions of the Indians (also) retain the memory of this boiling of the water in river and sea. The tribes of British Columbia tell: "Great clouds appeared .. and such a great heat came, that finally the water boiled. People jumped into the streams and lakes to cool themselves, and died". On the North Pacific coast of America the tribes insist that the ocean boiled: "It grew very hot .. many animals jumped into the water to save themselves, but the water began to boil". The Indians of the Southern Ute tribe in Colorado record in their legends that the rivers boiled.

Jewish tradition, as preserved in the rabbinical sources, declares that the mire at the bottom of the Sea of Passage was heated. Hesiod in his Theogony, relating the upheaval caused by a celestial collision, says: "The huge earth groaned .. A great part of the huge earth was scorched by the terrible vapor and melted as tin melts when heated by man's art .. or as iron, which is hardest of all things, is softened by glowing fire in mountain glens".

Greece Wildfires called Europe’s ‘Deadliest’ in a Century as rising Death Toll hits 91
July 30, 2018
The wildfires that devastated the southern European country last week were described as the deadliest in Europe since 1900. The Greek authorities suspect that arson may have caused the fire. Photos taken at the site of the devastating fires show buildings totally burned-out from the ground floor to the roof and turned into ruins. The soil around some of the residential areas is apparently still smoldering and plumes of smoke can still be seen over the heaps of ash. Mati witnessed many dramatic incidents earlier this week, such as when one man narrowly escaped the blaze that consumed his house in a matter of minutes.

#CarrFire in Northern California so Big it is Making it’s own Weather
July 28, 2018
The dirty part on the bottom is the smoke plume rising from the fire. The intense heating from this rising plume eventually reaches a level in the atmosphere where it can form a cumulus cloud, that’s the white part on top. It’s called a Pyrocumulus Cloud.
Deadly Carr Fire tilts away from Redding but still Spreading with Furious Cadence
July 29, 2018
The five-day-old fire’s burned area jumped from 48,000 acres Friday evening to 83,800 acres by Saturday night, a swath of 130 square miles, and was only at 5 percent containment. The Carr Fire, which was started by a vehicle mechanical failure, reached the city of Redding in full force Thursday night, blowing through western subdivisions and consuming entire blocks of homes.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2018: We have described hot earth as being a danger during the hour of the Pole Shift. This is due to friction from rapidly shifting rock layers found along plate borders or fault lines. The heat of friction was reported by both West Coast Indians and in the annals of those in the eastern Mediterranean during prior Pole Shifts. The ground seemed to become as soft as wax or molten metal.  The current wildfires in Greece and California seem to align with that premise. The fires are ultra hot, seeming to spring up from the ground, and too numerous and widespread to be caused by arson.

Fires spread by wind will find the upper levels of homes burned, and are spotty as sparks carried by the wind cause secondary fires. But in particular, the fires in Greece and California are following the plate borders or fault lines. The region in Greece is where the Aegean platelet is located. Platelets are a weak link during Plate shifting. Likewise in California where the San Andreas Fault Line is under tension due to the bowing of the N American Plate, and the Juan de Fuca Plate is pushing under the N American Plate. Thus where the ancients reported hot Earth during prior Pole Shifts, we have extremely hot fires springing up from the ground!