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Issue 604, Sunday April 29, 2018
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Announcement via Eric Trump

Eric Trump (@EricTrump), one of President Trump’s sons, has tweeted about golf tournaments frequently, but why would he post a photo TWICE – on March 23 and April 11 - about a tournament at Washington DC? The tournament lasted 4 days, not two weeks. But look closely at the Sun overhead. There at the 4 o’clock position to the Sun is Nibiru, in clear view. There is a streak of sunlight coming down, but the orb of Nibiru can clearly be seen, particularly when color enhanced. Bring it on Eric! And a salute to Q, too.

Compare that with the list of excuses NASA and the cover-up over Nibiru has produced. HAARP and fracking are excuses for the increase in earthquakes. Fracking has been in use since 1903 in the US, but this claim that it causes quakes has only been made since 2009. HAARP is claimed for man-made earthquakes, erratic weather, booms and hums and groaning from distressed rock, and atmospheric changes.

ZetaTalk Expose 11/15/1995: MJ12 cooked up the HAARP mystique. As secret programs cannot be proved or disproved, this issue will never be settled. Since the public has given credence to HAARP, it is likely to take on extra baggage, becoming, on paper anyway, a larger program. But like the Wizard of Oz, it is not at all what it seems.

In 2017 the cover-up came up with a new excuse – leap seconds are causing earthquakes. Every time the Earth slows down a tad, which it has regularly been doing as the Leap Second chart shows, this apparently causes earthquakes, or so says a theory presented to the Geological Society. The data does not comply however, in fact it shows the opposite trend – fewer Leap Seconds, but more earthquakes.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/30/2017: Leap seconds have been regularly added to the world’s clock, less frequently in recent years, yet now we are to believe that 2018 will be a year of increased earthquakes due to such a slight slowdown. To date we have had the earthquake increase due to fracking or more sensitive seismographs, the Earth wobble due to the Arctic being more ice free than the Antarctic so the globe spins like a top out of balance, red dust in the skies due to NASA sending up such dust clouds into the ionosphere to measure the jet stream, and anything not covered by those lies due to claims about the Sun or Global Warming. Anything but Nibiru.

Then there is the daily Earth wobble. In 2016 a theory was purported that the wobble was due to uneven ice on the poles. Ah, Global Warming to the rescue! The Arctic has been freed of ice, while the Antarctic is gaining ice, and somehow this is all the fault of Global Warming, causing the top part of the globe to wobble about like a top that has lost its balance.

Melting Ice Sheets Changing the way the Earth Wobbles on its Axis, says NASA
April 8, 2016
Global warming is changing the way the Earth wobbles on its polar axis, a new Nasa study has found. Melting ice sheets, especially in Greenland, are changing the distribution of weight on Earth. And that has caused both the North Pole and the wobble, which is called polar motion, to change course, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances.

Desperate to explain the increasing red dust landing on Earth from the tail of Nibiru, a 2017 NASA scheme claimed that the red dust was due to cloud seeding of the ionosphere to study the jet stream there.

NASA Experiment to Color the Skies Over the U.S. East Coast
June 11, 2017
A high-flying science experiment may color the skies above the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast with bluish green and red clouds on Sunday evening, as NASA seeks to learn more about charged particles at the top of Earth's atmosphere. The luminescent colors are due to sunlight interacting with the chemicals barium, strontium and cupric-oxide. Although the flight will last about eight minutes, the colorful clouds could linger for 20 minutes. Scientists want to learn more about how the ionosphere interacts with other layers of the atmosphere.

To explain the increasing sightings of Nibiru itself, a long planned disinformation scheme was deployed in 2017 - Solar Simulators. In 1966 NASA funded research that resulted in a patent for a solar simulator - Patent US3247367. The excuse given at that time was that it was to test space suits and equipment for durability outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Now they have appeared in the skies and been captured on film in 2017!

ZetaTalk Insight 12/31/2017: Why would a solar simulator NASA contracted to patent and develop in 1966 be seen in the skies today, in more than one location? NASA knew the day would arrive when Nibiru would appear in the skies, looming large, and an excuse to confuse the public would be needed. They knew the dust that clung to Nibiru, long of legend, would reflect sunlight. The plan was to claim that any such sightings were of this device, being tested in the skies by NASA.

DNA Tracking

Aren’t you curious about your ancestry or what your genetics foretell about your potential? 23andMe and Ancestry promise to tell you just that, for a mere $100-$300 you can learn all! But is there a darker side to exploiting your natural curiosity about yourself and your family? Per the Zetas, this is a means of establishing the ultimate personal tracking device – your DNA. Your identity can be stolen and your passport forged, but your DNA is definitive. Per the Zetas, the elite have figured out a way to collect your DNA and get you to pay for it!

Experience your ancestry in a new way! Get a breakdown of your global ancestry by percentages, connect with DNA relatives and more. Receive 75+ online reports on your ancestry, traits and health - and more.
23andMe Is Terrifying, but Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks
November 23, 2013
Since late 2007, 23andMe has been known for offering cut-rate genetic testing. Spit in a vial, send it in, and the company will look at thousands of regions in your DNA that are known to vary from human to human—and which are responsible for some of our traits. The Personal Genome Service isn’t primarily intended to be a medical device. It is a mechanism meant to be a front end for a massive information-gathering operation against an unwitting public.

Discover what makes you uniquely you. Uncover your ethnic mix, distant relatives, and even new ancestors with AncestryDNA. Trace your family story with a family tree – we make it easy.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/20/2018: Tracking criminals has been a long accepted practice which the common man understands. Wanted posters showing the face of the criminal, a fingerprint database shared among law enforcement agencies, and DNA samples collected at the crime. Facial recognition software and retinal scans have been featured in and futuristic movies, but have been in use among the elite and government agencies wanting a failsafe means of identifying the owner of assets or an undercover agent. Implanting chips in humans was a scheme that never took off among the public.

The wealthy elite of the world have long known about the approach of Nibiru and the predicted End Times, as Nibiru’s history has been known by the ancients in Mesopotamia and by those who had contact with the Anunnaki. We have often mentioned the desire of the elite to sculpt the population so that those who survive the coming Pole Shift are the least troublesome, and are the hardiest slaves. This requires culling out the sick and aged, and to this end the Bush Administration planned to use vaccines in 2004, and tried to re-create the 1957 Bird Flu epidemic worldwide in 2005.

Controlling migration as the Last Weeks approach is another desire of the elite, as we mentioned, the reason for FaceBook being spanked repeatedly by the Council of Worlds and some Russian satellites failing to launch. The push by many countries to move to a cashless society is another technique to prevent the populace from migrating. But if Credit Cards and even Driver’s Licenses can be stolen and transferred, DNA is the ultimate proof of identity. Those with DNA defects resulting in physical or mental illness, those with criminal tendencies such as double or triple X DNA, or those whose ancestry makes them otherwise undesirable can be identified.

Does this effort to create a database containing personal info on you and your ancestry go beyond the stockholders of 23andMe and Ancestry? Is the government involved, as the relationship between DARPA and Facebook shows. The DARPA program, LifeLog, closed down on the very day that FaceBook began – February 4, 2004. Then there is the relationship to Internet collection sites, like Google and YouTube. They are not just business partners, they are family and marital partners! How close is close!

Amazon, Google Race to get your DNA into the Cloud
June 5, 2015
Academic institutions and healthcare companies are picking sides between their cloud computing offerings - Google Genomics or Amazon Web Services - spurring the two to one-up each other as they win high-profile genomics business.
Google, the NSA & DHS are Creating a Global DNA Database
October 15, 2015,_the_NSA_%26amp%3B_DHS_are_creating_a_global_DNA_database/
Would it shock you to know that Google, the NSA and DHS are using "front companies" to create a GLOBAL DNA database?
Mass Surveillance: DNA
October 30, 2015
DNA, the code of life, can also be analyzed, synthesized, and applied in innumerable contexts for a range of political and corporate ends.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/20/2018: Have the elite formed a database to aid them in their population sculpting? The enigmatic Q has hinted as much, and this is indeed the case. DARPA under the Bush and Clinton administrations collected data, and shifted this to private individuals when FaceBook went live. The association of DARPA executors and Google and YouTube managers, by marriage and family, is not an accident. But where this provides official government data such as Social Security numbers or Driver’s License numbers and banking data, all that can be used by identity thieves. DNA is the ultimate proof of identity. How to get the public to provide this DNA? Thus the push to get the public to not only provide this DNA, but to pay for the processing!

This trend may or may not succeed in gaining a large data pool, but what is collected from such promotions, combined with Blood Bank and hospital samples, will provide general guidelines in addition to individual signatures. Thus the families of a criminal may be marked, as well as the criminal. Will all this get the elite where they want to go? We have described 50% of the populace going into denial about the coming Pole Shift, 43% of survivors going insane from PTSD, and all mankind’s infrastructure being smashed during the crustal shift and tidal waves. The hired militias will go rogue. The elite will emerge from their bunkers, starving and deranged, going like beggars among the common man they so distain.

Permaculture Salute

I often think of permaculture as benign neglect. Don’t till the soil if you don’t have to, thus avoiding Dust Bowl situations, ie dry blowing soil. Water the garden with your bath water as soap is a nutrient. Oh, and composting toilets and using urine in the garden helps with the sewage bill. Green compost is earthworm food and builds soil. Plus one can eat the earthworms. Weeds can be your friend as many are edible and high in vitamins and minerals. Chickens are a natural bug eradicator as they eat them, then produce eggs and meat. Permaculture farms often look messy, due to this benign neglect, but are highly productive!

Everything should be recycled so that nothing becomes trash. Trash is part of the cycle, and eventually becomes food or a usable raw material. Any vegetables not eaten should be fed to chickens or rabbits or other small animals raised for food. Compost piles are an example of permaculture. Worms, egg shells, and garbage can go into this soil compost pile. Soil erosion in farming is reduced if one uses plants as ground cover or otherwise avoids turning over the soil in windy places. Alfalfa returns nitrogen to the soil. The water from washing dishes or clothes or bathing could be poured into the gardens as the soap in essence makes a fertilizer and the water also does not go to waste. Urine can be used for the gardens in such a way that it does not burn the plants. There are certain plants like bulrushes that cleanse sewage effluent, which create a pleasant marsh area housing ducks and fish or other edible wildlife.
The Dirt Rich School
No Till Raised Beds: prevents compaction, concentrates nutrient and protects soil structure and micro biology. Overflow Ponds: catch excess water, reflect light, and to stabilize heat and humidity. Complex Poly Cultures: including annual and perennial fruits, vegetables, weed, herbs and flowers.

Permaculture Garden Produces 7000 Pounds of Organic Food
December 23, 2017
A fifth acre lot, minus the house, garage and driveway, the family has converted the remaining tenth of an acre into a tiny food forest that produces 7000 pounds of food per year with no synthetic fertilizers. What’s the secret to their abundance? Permaculture methods that mimic Mother Nature to create nutrient-and-bacteria-rich soil.
Farm for the Future, What is Permaculture?
Growing Power in Detroit is one of the most famous examples of urban permaculture in the U.S. and produces 87,000 pounds of food every year (including fish, honey, eggs and milk) on less than 2 acres in the heart of Detroit!

We have often featured self-sufficiency and the simple steps one needs to take in this newsletter and on the Zeta Report YouTube channel, as when delivery of goods and services falters going into the Last Weeks and the hour of the Pole Shift, it will be a shock to city dwellers. Those who can keep a small garden or keep free ranging chickens in the neighborhood should get started right away. Survival tips were featured on the Zeta Report in September, 2015 and January, 2016. Survival Tips were featured on a Pole Shift ning blog in September, 2013. It’s timeless info.

Highly nutritious weeds are right at hand, such as duckweed and kudzu. Everyday weeds such as plantain and dandelion have vitamins and minerals, as well as calories. The list is almost endless, and no need to tend the garden. These are hardy vegies! One of the best kept secrets is meatless meals, possible if you have lysine rich vegies in your diet. Amaranth and corn combined provide the equivalent of red meat! These are grains that can be stored and keep well, as do buckwheat and various legumes. Why haven’t you heard about this on TV? It’s all about the latest big burgers, making you think you could not survive without them. Where is the amaranth and corn combo PR campaign?

And don’t forget that saving seed is of prime importance. If you don’t properly save seed, you will have a one-time garden. There will be no running to the store for those little packets. Mother Nature wants her seeds dry and cool, so most seed only needs that preparation and protection. Many seeds will not spout unless gathered from a ripe fruit, so those peppers and squash and melons should be ripe before harvesting. Very ripe, almost to the point of rotting. Tomatoes too, need to have white mold eat away their slime, or the seed thinks it is still in the tomato and simply won’t sprout!

Are you stuck in the city and despairing? You can certainly garden and learn to save seed, and unless zoning laws forbid can keep chickens! Urban gardens are becoming very popular, and can be done even on patios and above ground. Urban farming is even commercially viable.

Keeping Chickens and Goats are a delight and a challenge, so get started as soon as possible so you put your learning curve behind you.  Chickens free range, eating bugs and worms and seeds from weeds. Goats eat anything, even poison ivy, and their milk and cheese are superior to cow’s milk. And when your herd and flock get large enough, invest in natural farm guards – geese and donkeys and roosters. They will guard fearlessly against coyotes, wolves, and wildcats.

Looking for protein and tired of a vegetarian diet? Wildlife such as deer and fish scarfed up and scarce? Be resourceful! Rats and squirrels are certainly edible. Remember the movie the Hunger Games? Bugs and earthworms are some of the best nutrition the world has to offer, and are another greatly overlooked resource. They can be farmed -  nurtured and grown. Bugs are high in fat and protein. Locusts can be roasted on a stick, and earthworms are 82% protein.