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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 30, 2018

A few years ago I was watching some Jeffrey Dahmer interviews and I was absolutely shocked by how many women were so attracted to him, made excuses for him and in many cases showed anger to people who didn't like him. (Before the internet the vibe/expectation was how horrifying it was that he was so matter of fact in the way he described the crimes.) And today I read about all the fan mail that Nikolas Cruz has been getting from teenage girls who support him. Could the Zetas say anything about the mentality of these girls? Perhaps it's similar to what they've have said about those weak minded people who joined and admired Isis. And are a large number of people susceptible to this, or just really weak minded people. This might lead to more STS to commit mass murder. [and from another]

The trend, especially among women, to desire the tough guy as a mate is not new. It has as a basis mankind’s cave man past, where the brute could keep the tribe safe and hunt with success. It has an equivalent among young men, who desire to join a gang, and the worse the reputation of the gang, the better. Ruthless, so that those who would oppose them step aside and give them no challenge. This has the equivalent in the corporate world, where job seekers hope to be respected by association. A failing company seldom gets this enthusiasm. Certainly the military has this image, strength by association.

Is the psychopath, like Jeffrey Dahmer or Nikolas Cruz, any different? They are not strong, or tough, as their early life shows. They picked on the weak, torturing and dissecting living animals as children. Their victims were smaller and weaker than they, or not armed. They only appear strong because they show no remorse in court for the pain and death they caused. It is the lack of emotion or remorse that gives a false illusion of strength. ISIS has the same persona, setting prisoners on fire, for instance. When they brag about taking territory, they appear strong, a false illusion.

Relations between countries are getting worse. The US introduces duties on goods for China and the EU. The EU and China promise to respond symmetrically. Inside the EU, disagreements are raging. Inside the North American continent too. This is already called a trade war! The war between the Puppet Masters is unfolding? The policy of protectionism is gaining momentum. [and from another] China warns it will 'fight to the end' in a trade war. [and from another] A way of buying and selling products that makes certain that the people who produce the goods receive a fair price.

Trade wars and treaties have been used for eons to reward or punish another country for their cooperation or abuses. The true reality is seldom what is seen on the surface, as this has little to do with fair trade or price stabilization or encouraging industry to develop. The controlling hands in these matters are almost always the wealthy, in the form of corporations who stand to benefit. This is true regardless of the prevailing religion or ideology in the country.  Where an industry flourishes or is headquartered matters, and where the wealthy receive favorable treatment also matters.

Under President Trump’s Junta the US appears to have gone into an isolationist stance. The Paris Accord was rejected by Trump, despite howls from Europe and Global warming advocates. NATO members have been told to shoulder their fair share of the cost. Russia has been accused of poisoning their former spies living in the UK, despite the obvious evidence that the UK itself did this poisoning, and now diplomats on all sides are being expelled. The US is building a wall between itself and Mexico, and Trump threatens to reject or amend former trade treaties.

What is driving these changing circumstances is the awareness that the public is on the verge of realizing that Nibiru is real and rapidly approaching for a passage. Panic and migration is anticipated to explode. Banking failures, regardless of what banking network is in charge, will occur with the wealthy suddenly finding their holdings worthless. The citizenry will either be led to be self-sufficient and grow strong in the Aftertime or degenerate into starvation and chaos, as Venezuela is today. There are opportunists, like the Soros network, who are trying to sow chaos as they hope to seize power during the confusion.

The US under Trump’s Junta is trying to strengthen its military and borders with the Pole Shift and Aftertime in mind. Rather than cooperate with the cover-up, they have rejected the Paris Accord, and seek to make US industry independent from other countries. Russia has led in this regard, establishing a new Russia in its Far East and partnering with China, and frankly sees any spitting contest over diplomats as no more important than a sneeze. China is very self sufficient and immensely powerful among all countries, its role in the recently tamed N Korea has yet to be known by the public. Europe has yet to adapt and prepare.

Is it true that most of the high-ranking positions in the countries/corporations/banks of the world are occupied by weak personalities? If you look at history, you will see that the same Putin came to power, solely thanks to the PR of the then acting government (Yeltsin - who has the reputation of an inadequate person). Although we see Putin who opposes the West as a hero. This is certainly not the case, inside the country, Putin is not effective. Just the interests of the elite of Russia and the government coincided. The recent elections in Russia have shown the power of the media. A week before the election, 3 documentary films about Putin were published! The remaining candidates participated in the format of "disgusting debates". Who is Trump? Billionaire, showman, etc. Is such a person worthy to hold the office of president (to imagine an ideal situation)? Surely, no.

We have stated that since the Fall of 2015, when Jade Helm ended without Obama informing the people that Nibiru was a real and present danger, that the US has been under a form of martial law, run by a Junta. Trump inherited this setup, and has an excellent working relationship with the Junta. It has been said that a King only has power if the military supports him, and this is certainly true in China and Russia, though in both those countries the military is a partner, not a boss. China is very consensus oriented, run by committees, but Xi is very much its leader, as the vote to remove term limits shows.  Putin has immense popularity, and is seen by all as a stable leader with the welfare of his country his top priority.

If the US, China, and Russia are positioned to go into the Last Weeks with strong leadership, the same cannot be said of many other countries around the world. The Queen has failed to lead, preferring to seek refuge for herself and family, leaving her charges to flounder during the ravages to come. The Commonwealth countries are thus formulating their own approach. Venezuela shows what will happen to those countries who do not have a plan, or a weak leader. Germany under Merkel has pushed to establish what might be termed a 4th Reich, using ISIS sleeper cells as her secret militia and partnering with Erdogan in Turkey. The new Saudi King shows new promise for leadership in the Middle East, showing that change can be transformative.  

A strange light display recently appeared in China with a large geometric design and at the 4 o'clock position another smaller light.  Could this be a UFO warning, and if so what is the message? [and from another] March 30, 2018 [and from another] [and from another] And this footage we see a huge hexagon shaped object next to the ISS but if you think that’s it watch closely around the 2 min mark as another UFO comes into view for a very short time. [and from another] February 8, 2015 [and from another] No. 8 has long been regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture. With pronunciation of 'Ba' in Chinese, no. 8 sounds similar to the word 'Fa', which means to make a fortune. It contains meanings of prosperity, success and high social status too, so all business men favor it very much. [and from another]

What is the significance of an octagonal UFO seen over a Chinese city? On March 15, 2018 a hexagon UFO was filmed next to the ISS. A hexagon UFO was also present next to the ISS in February, 2015. Distinct geometric shapes, especially where displayed where they will be recorded on film, are used to convey a message to a broad audience, as they are rare and undeniable.  The ISS has sleeping quarters for 6, though it can for a short time host more astronauts. The hexagon UFOs that have visited the ISS are telepathically warning those aboard that they are in danger from the debris in the tail of Nibiru.

For the Chinese, 8 is the most lucky number. It represents prosperity and success. We have recently mentioned that China’s role in intervening in the N Korea crisis is not yet known by the world. The resolution of this nuclear threat, amid the burgeoning confrontation between Kim and Trump, was not due to Kim suddenly becoming realistic or intimidated by Trump. When the world learns of China’s full role, China’s status in the world will rise. Where the US dollar has always been considered the stable and reliable currency, the yuan is overtaking it. This UFO display is congratulating China. 

Could you comment on this anomaly noted on google earth in the Antarctic? [and from another] Strange find on Google Earth - Huge underwater "cylinders”. [and from another] I used the 72 S and 79 W to get close and then look around. Take a look around Antarctica in Google Earth?

As the ice of Antarctica melts, more and more revelations of life in the past, and in particular alien life settlements, will be exposed. Evidence of an alien city was purportedly discovered in 2017. A space ship sized port was discovered on Google Earth in 2012. Metal was detected under the ice near the fresh water Lake Vostok in 2011, indicative of a civilization there in the past. And now a tube assembly on the very edge of the land mass of Antarctica, just under the waves in the sea level of today. In the past, this tube assembly might have been at the water’s edge.

Where Lake Vostok is fresh water, it is easier to gain fresh water from a desalination process than to port fresh water over many miles. Water flows down a series of tubes, ejecting salty water at juncture points while the increasingly fresh water flows through to the end. This is not a process used by man today, which focuses on condensing steam. As we mentioned, the Annunaki and their alien contacts were both resident in Antarctica in the past. This desalination device will not be the last discovery, as Antarctica will tip out of the water as the eastern edge is lifted during plate movements.

Voyager thrusters responds after 37 years. [and from another] Voyager 1, NASA's farthest and fastest spacecraft, is the only human-made object in interstellar space, the environment between the stars. The spacecraft, which has been flying for 40 years, relies on small devices called thrusters to orient itself so it can communicate with Earth. These thrusters fire in tiny pulses, or "puffs," lasting mere milliseconds, to subtly rotate the spacecraft so that its antenna points at our planet.  Since 2014, engineers have noticed that the thrusters Voyager 1 has been using to orient the spacecraft, called "attitude control thrusters," have been degrading. Now, the Voyager team is able to use a set of four backup thrusters, dormant since 1980. [and from another] It’s currently over 13 billion miles away from our planet and passed into interstellar space back in 2012. Data still flows from Voyager to Earth, though it takes around 19 hours to make the trip. That trickle of information will stop in 2025 when the radioisotope thermoelectric generators cease to provide enough power to run any instruments. But for the moment, we’re still in contact with humanity’s most distant envoy. [and from another] Voyager 1 is currently 13 billion miles away from Earth, traveling northward through space. Meanwhile, Voyager 2 is now 11 billion miles from Earth, traveling south towards the interstellar region.

Voyager 1 has been floating outbound to the northern edge of the Solar System since 1977, and in combination with Voyager 2 (which has been outbound to the southern edge of the Solar System), they have been able to triangulate the location of Nibiru as it prepared for another passage.  But since 2014, Voyager 1’s main thrusters have been dying, and fearing they would lose their optimum view of Nibiru during its passage, NASA in desperation tried to access the backup thrusters, finding them operational.  

Why is this in the news? Why is the public being informed? The establishment, in particular NASA, is looking for an explanation of why they delayed informing the public about Nibiru lo these many years. Nibiru is heavily shrouded by red dust. Where the Moon Swirls form into long tubes and can focus light down the tube like a flashlight, Nibiru itself is so shrouded it looks like a dim fuzz ball. The Second Sun happens only on occasion, and Moon Swirl orbs, though brilliant, likewise fade quickly. Thus NASA hopes to claim that they only now have been able to discern Nibiru, due to Voyager 1 regaining functionality. 

The situation in the world economy now resembles 2008, although it seems that it is even worse than the great depression. Some have already started talking about the fact that we are in a bear market and not in a correction, as the corporate media are shouting. Another question is why now. There is an opinion that they (deep state, bankers and etc) want to accuse Trump of all economic failures. Trump started the trade war with China and therefore the stock market is collapsing. But we know the real culprits. (Fed, other Central Banks, IMF and etc). The Zetas also stated that the elite is blackmailing Trump to stop the persecution. But they also stated that the stock market is overvalued. Or they just lost control as in 2008? [and from another] 2 April, 2018. Stocks' Second-Quarter Start Is the Worst Since the Great Depression  [and from another] 6 April, 2018. Peter Schiff: We Are In A Bear Market, All News Is Bad News  [and from another] 4 April, 2018. "This Is The Breaking Point" - Manhattan Home Sales Plunge Most Since 2009  [and from another] 27 March, 2018. Global debt is fast approaching a quarter of quadrillion dollars  [and from another] 6 April, 2018. "We May Take A Hit": Trump Warns Investors To Prepare For "Pain" In The Market   [and from another] Todd Brassner, 67, who was in apartment 50C on the 50th floor of Trump Tower, in Manhattan, died in hospital after the unit was engulfed by the blaze. Brassner was an art dealer who had purchased his 50th-floor unit in 1996. He was friends with Andy Warhol, and is mentioned multiple times in Warhol's autobiography. The deceased tenant of the posh Trump Tower pad filed for bankruptcy in 2015. In the bankruptcy filing it says the apartment he lived is worth $2.5million. Four firefighters suffered 'non-life-threatening injuries' in the blaze - the cause of which is not yet known. [and from another] Seven U.S. service members have died in this week due to accidental aircraft crashes, according to news reports. Four Marines were killed earlier this week in a helicopter crash in California, and a day later an Air Force Thunderbird pilot died in a crash in Nevada.

We have described the Stock Markets as a gambling casino, where the public is encouraged to come and invest on the promise that they will leave as millionaires. Then they lose everything. The wealthy, who know when stocks are about to plunge, sell before the plunge and thus steal from the little man. It is a historical fact that before a crash, the markets swing wildly, and the DOW is doing that at present. This is due to a milking action, where the wealthy pump up a stock to entice the little man to invest, and then arrange to sell off just ahead of the stock plunging.

Most of the secret war between Trump’s Junta and the Deep State is hidden from the public. CIA headquarters were invaded by Dunford’s Marines. Tens of thousands of pedophiles and their brokers have sealed indictments being served and will likely be prosecuted in sealed military tribunals. Funds have been taken from the Clinton Foundation and the Queen, and countless others. The Cabal wanting to enslave mankind by denying them the truth about Nibiru and encouraging debt slavery via Jewish banks and the IMF is now fighting for their lives.

They controlled the US Federal Reserve and lost that when Dunford took over the Fed. They wanted Hillary in the White House, so they could control the US Military, and failed utterly. Their insurance policy was to impeach Trump for supposedly colluding with the Russians to throw the election his way but now a year later Mueller has nothing. Instead, Sessions has been quietly preparing to prosecute the Hillary crowd for FISA and Uranium One and mishandling of classified email. The chances for the Democrats to retake the House fades as illegal immigrants, their voter base, increasingly come under attack.

Frantic, the Cabal is acting like a cornered animal. They derailed a train full of Republicans going to Greenbrier, attempted to nuke Hawaii, and sent an Anthrax threat to the Trump household. We mentioned that Obama held back from a Nibiru announcement because of dirty nuke threats, but Trump’s Junta has engaged the Cabal in a full war and is cleaning out their underground bunkers in Denver and the Channel Islands.  Now they are pointedly bringing down US Military helicopters within the continental US, and to make their point crystal clear, have set Trump Towers ablaze.  

What will become of the wealthy if Nibiru is announced? We have predicted that the common man will abandon their debt slavery, their Credit Card payments and mortgages, and leave their jobs for the safety of rural areas. This trend will force the wealthy elite to retreat to their bunkers early, fearing attack from angry mobs. Seeing an admission that Nibiru exists soon, the elite are thus trying to increase their wealth, as though this will be a bulwark against loss of control. As we have predicted, the wealthy elite will fail in all their efforts, and the common man, the least of them, will succeed the best.

Zuckerberg and Facebook are under attack. The Zetas have stated that Zuckerberg is a well-connected and powerful member of the global elite, so I'm wondering if the severity of the attacks and accusations are another indication of a great reduction in power and influence of the STS establishment in general, or perhaps just for Zuckerberg. The fact that he has been hauled in front of Congress and remains a top news story seems significant.  His power, influence and connections are apparently not strong enough to prevent such things. I also noticed that some other notable elites are coming down on him. Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, to name two. I'm wondering if this is just typical rats-deserting-a-sinking-ship type of behaviour, or if there has been a more concerted effort to throw Zuckerberg under the bus for some reason. Perhaps they're just annoyed with Facebook for reasons given and all the other reasons why we all complain about Facebook. [and from another]  Facebook's Zuckerberg apologizes to U.S. Congress, vows to do better. April 10, 2018. Hearings follow news that data mining firm obtained info on 87 million users to influence U.S. election. Facebook revealed last month that political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica (CA), which had ties to Donald Trump's presidential campaign, may have harvested data of 87 million users without their knowledge. Facebook granted the researcher at the centre of the Cambridge Analytica scandal permission to sell data collected from Facebook users through a survey. Facebook has claimed it was deceived by the researcher, whose survey was used to collect data on up to 87 million users. [and from another] Tech entrepreneur Steve Wozniak says he's quitting Facebook. Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs, is abandoning the social media giant, joining the #DeleteFacebook movement in which Facebook users are shutting down their accounts over concerns about the use of their personal information. Elon Musk had the Tesla and SpaceX pages removed from Facebook. [and from another] CRUZ: Mr. Zuckerberg, I will say there are a great many Americans who I think are deeply concerned that that Facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship.  Facebook has initially shut down the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day page, has blocked a post of a Fox News reporter, has blocked over two dozen Catholic pages, and most recently blocked Trump supporters Diamond and Silk's page, with 1.2 million Facebook followers, after determining their content and brand were, quote, “unsafe to the community.”

Is there more to the FaceBook brouhaha than data security and data mining for political purposes? Certainly, in Washington DC, it is the season for campaign accusations, with Special Investigator Mueller investigating the Trump Campaign for Russian collusion and Hillary’s funding of the Russian Dossier not even needing an investigation to show her Russian collusion. Zuckerberg allowed Cambridge Analytica to examine FaceBook trends, reportedly to assist the Trump campaign. If private data could be harvested for such examinations, what other mischief might be going on?

Internet users share personal data via email, so email hosts are aware of these conversation, as are governments. Phone companies keep archives of phone conversations, logs of who talks to whom and at what date and time, and this is available to law enforcement too. Twitter is free but hardly private. And Google knows your search trends, and what you seek from the Internet, and likewise makes this available to law enforcement. Most free services are not a charity, as the hosts make money by advertisements.

For FaceBook, the advertisements are pointed, based on the information the user provides. If you talk about your trip to the zoo with toddlers, you are likely to see ads for toddler outfits and zoo animal toys.  Even those who do not use FaceBook have noticed that after they shop on the Internet for an item, these ads pop up when they log in to check their email. Is there a central database of users and shopping preferences, and what else might that database contain? We have stated that Zuckerberg is a member of the elite who hope to enslave survivors after the Pole Shift, and seek information on the populace to that end.

FaceBook was spanked in September, 2016 for trying to dominate Internet access in Africa for rural areas. His goal was to track survival camps by their Internet communications, but the Council of Worlds blew up his satellite. He likewise was caught in July, 2017 trying a similar gambit in S America, tracking migrants via Disaster Maps showing their routes. How would FaceBook be any different? Given that this is Zuckerberg’s goal, can he be stopped by hearings in Congress?

To the extent that the elite make their plans among themselves, the Council of Worlds will not interfere, as the Rule of Non-Interference allows young souls to explore their options and learn by making choices and making mistakes. But the Council has made it clear, by taking down any satellites that seeks to track migration that it will not tolerate this. Beyond satellite outage, what can be done? The Transformation Team, which includes General Dunford, can limit the use of private data by Zuckerberg and others by engaging Congress and the White House, limiting these practices, by law.

Any backstory behind the mainstream nonsense? [and from another] Damascus has come under attack by the US, France and the UK at a time when Syria is returning to peaceful life, after battling a terrorist aggression for years, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, as it condemned the attack.  The US, the UK and France launched a coordinated attack on Syria on Friday against what they claim are research, military and storage facilities involved in the production of chemical weapons. The White House argued that “a significant body of information” suggests that the Syrian government used chlorine in an alleged attack on Syria’s Douma, which was then a rebel-held town, on April 7. The additional information, it added, indicated that sarin might have been used as well. [and from another] Syria comes under military attack on Trump's orders, 13 missiles shot down. Multiple places in Syria have come under attack by US, British and French military forces after President Donald Trump ordered a military strike against the country despite international warnings against further escalation of the situation. [and from another] Damascus skies erupt with anti-aircraft fire as the U.S. launches an attack on Syria targeting different parts of the Syrian capital Damascus. AP. [and from another] [and from another] Multiple targets in Syria were bombarded by the US, UK, and France in retaliation to what they said was an Assad-orchestrated chemical attack near Damascus.  Washington approved "precision strikes" against Syria early on Saturday, alongside British and French forces that also took part in the bombing.  Syrian air defense units were scrambled to thwart the aerial invasion, intercepting 71 out of 103 of the missiles, the Russian Ministry of Defense said.  The timing of the American-British-French attack is noteworthy. It came just hours before the UN's Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) experts were set to visit the Damascus suburb of Douma on Saturday to establish whether chemical weapons had been used there last week. [and from another] Red Sparrow

Who released poison gas in Syria and why did the US finally rain missiles down on chemical depots in Syria? The UK’s PM May had her doubts about who was responsible. Even Defense Secretary General Mattis said he was not sure. But John McCain, who supports the anti-Assad rebels in Syria and visited them just days before the chemical attack, supposedly to deliver medical supplies for his wife’s charity, has no doubts. McCain, as suspected by many, did indeed deliver the poison gas supplies, and the bombing days later by the US, UK, and France were to wipe out the remaining poison depots.

The public will not learn the full truth of this matter, except from the enigmatic Q who has become immensely popular on the Internet, and even gets a mention in the major media from time to time. As we have stated all along, Russia and Trump and his Junta are not adversaries but partners, meeting frequently. It was a Russian double agent that helped the US and their allies pinpoint McCain’s locations. McCain was already under surveillance and had been under House Arrest but was released so he would lead the authorities to his cronies.

Will he and the Cabal trying to incite World War III succeed? This war between the Bush/Clinton/Soros/Netanyahu Cabal and the forces of good is in the final, intense battles. Unlike Fukushima, which was a nuke causing a massive Japan earthquake and tsunami, the attempt to nuke Hawaii failed. The attempt to incite a war with N Korea, despite all the nuclear material both the Bush and Clinton administrations had provided to N Korea in the past, failed. The Cabal still wants to impeach Trump and counter the 2nd Amendment and start World War III, but they are failing on all fronts.

What happened again? 'Deep state' in military? At what point in history did it happen that the intelligence agencies and the military became more powerful than the official authorities? Many call the CIA useless. Combating terrorism? They created it themselves. Drug trafficking? No comments. Bureaucracy in its pure manifestation. But this is not the most interesting part of the question. Here's what happens in Russia. This incredibly cool article shows that not only the US has problems with this. It's worth saying that the list should be updated since it does not include recent deaths. Only three died a natural death! Possibly! I also made a small graph. After the fire in Kemerovo, there were reports of fires in nine other shopping centers. [and from another] One knows about the Russian generals who die pretty often and it is not always a death by natural causes. Here the InformNapalm volunteers try to create the most complete list of strange deaths and not-so-strange ones of the Russian generals and admirals so often happened in a contemporary history of the Russian Federation. Their death particulars have remains unclear in many cases and all secrets are buried. [and from another] Vladimir Putin has fired 11 generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Ministry for Emergency Situations and the UK. April 6, 2018.

It should certainly be no surprise that Russia has Deep State problems, at least as pressing as those afflicting the US. The US has erupted into a Civil War in the past, due to divisions, but most often internal divisions are conducted covertly, using bribery and blackmail and assassination to achieve their ends. China in the past had Mao’s purge, called a Cultural Revolution restoring communist principles, and then this was reversed when the Gang of Four was arrested. Saudi Arabia just underwent a massive purge at the hand of King Salman, stopping the looting of the Saudi treasury.

Russia is under attack from the West, from the US and Europe, because they offer the world an alternative to the IMF and an alternative vehicle for space exploration. It was Russia who launched the first satellite, the Sputnik, and rescued the US when they could not shuttle to the ISS. China and Russia are key members of the BRICS consortium, providing an alternative to the IMF’s attempt to impose debt slavery. Soros, along with a number of European nations, is ambitious to seize Russian oil and gas fields, and has fomented trouble for Russia in the Ukraine and in the Middle East, and lately by numerous fires in shopping malls.

If the US Deep State problems center around trying to depose Trump and reverse the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, in order to turn the US into a slave nation in the Aftertime, what are the issues in Russia? Corruption usually involves a financial or power position advantage for the one being bribed. They allow certain activity, look the other way, perhaps even facilitate. Russia has a very muscular Mafia, the largest in the world. There are also rebels such as Chechen rebels who have loyalists in the Russian military. And the Cabal trying to establish Hillary in the White House has funds from Jewish bankers and Soros to use for bribery.

But primarily Russia is demonized in the western media because the truth about Nibiru is coming from Russia, and the West has led the cover-up over Nibiru. One can see in the chart on accidental deaths of Russian generals a spike in 2002, when Nibiru was becoming visible in the night skies. That Putin has succeeded in his determination to empower the people of Earth with the truth is a testament to his political skills. One should note that lately he is merely retiring recalcitrant or corrupt generals, as he, like Trump and Trump’s Junta, have won their Deep State battles!

My question is about the DNA collection push by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and DNA collection service.  Is this active DNA collection part of an elite plan to sculpt the population by targeting specific ethnic groups?  Would the Zetas care to confirm this, and if so which groups are they after? [and from another] Amazon, Google race to get your DNA into the cloud. June 5, 2015.  [and from another] Google, the NSA & DHS are creating a global DNA database. October 15, 2015.,_the_NSA_%26amp%3B_DHS_are_creating_a_global_DNA_database/46695/0/38/38/Y/M.html  [and from another] 23andMe Is Terrifying, but Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks. November 23, 2013.  [and from another] Mass Surveillance: DNA. October 30, 2015.

Tracking criminals has been a long accepted practice which the common man understands. Wanted posters showing the face of the criminal, a fingerprint database shared among law enforcement agencies, and DNA samples collected at the crime. Facial recognition software and retinal scans have been featured in and futuristic movies, but have been in use among the elite and government agencies wanting a failsafe means of identifying the owner of assets or an undercover agent. Implanting chips in humans was a scheme that never took off among the public.

The wealthy elite of the world have long known about the approach of Nibiru and the predicted End Times, as Nibiru’s history has been known by the ancients in Mesopotamia and by those who had contact with the Anunnaki. We have often mentioned the desire of the elite to sculpt the population so that those who survive the coming Pole Shift are the least troublesome, and are the hardiest slaves. This requires culling out the sick and aged, and to this end the Bush Administration planned to use vaccines in 2004, and tried to re-create the 1957 Bird Flu epidemic worldwide in 2005.

Controlling migration as the Last Weeks approach is another desire of the elite, as we mentioned, the reason for FaceBook being spanked repeatedly by the Council of Worlds and some Russian satellites failing to launch. The push by many countries to move to a cashless society is another technique to prevent the populace from migrating. But if Credit Cards and even Driver’s Licenses can be stolen and transferred, DNA is the ultimate proof of identity. Those with DNA defects resulting in physical or mental illness, those with criminal tendencies such as double or triple X DNA, or those whose ancestry makes them otherwise undesirable can be identified.  

Have the elite formed a database to aid them in their population sculpting? The enigmatic Q has hinted as much, and this is indeed the case. DARPA under the Bush and Clinton administrations collected data, and shifted this to private individuals when FaceBook went live. The association of DARPA executives and Google and YouTube managers, by marriage and family, is not an accident. But where this provides official government data such as Social Security numbers or Driver’s License numbers and banking data, all that can be used by identity thieves. DNA is the ultimate proof of identity. How to get the public to provide this DNA? Thus the push to get the public to not only provide this DNA, but to pay for the processing!

This trend may or may not succeed in gaining a large data pool, but what is collected from such promotions, combined with Blood Bank and hospital samples, will provide general guidelines in addition to individual signatures. Thus the families of a criminal may be marked, as well as the criminal. Will all this get the elite where they want to go? We have described 50% of the populace going into denial about the coming Pole Shift, 43% of survivors going insane from PTSD, and all mankind’s infrastructure being smashed during the crustal shift and tidal waves. The hired militias will go rogue. The elite will emerge from their bunkers, starving and deranged, going like beggars among the common man they so distain. 

Clearly the recent imagery of peace and tranquility at the funeral of Barbara Bush was a staged presentation.  It seems that an unholy alliance is in place to maintain the peace, to avoid a Civil War, and to avoid panic and rioting in the populace, as the truth about #Planet_X and the #Poleshift becomes clear to all. The Zetas have predicted leveling wars headed towards the PS, and so far it's been a Silent War behind the scenes, where few even notice.  Can we expect this smooth transition to continue, or is this the Calm before the Storm? [and from another] Admitted to Houston Methodist after infection spread to blood. This coming just days after former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral. [and from another] Blood infections typically come from a specific source, such as a bowel infection, pneumonia or a skin infection — but it's not immediately clear what led to Bush's condition, though he has had pneumonia in the past. [and from another] The photo was striking: Four past presidents and three first ladies - as well as current first lady Melania Trump - standing together. The image quickly went viral - a symbol of the strength and continuity of American democracy.

During the secret war with the Deep State, the public is shielded from the truth. The prevailing logic is that the public would not cooperate with its government if it knew of the corruption that has and continues to occur. On occasion, some politician is accused of embezzlement or accepting bribes, but the big picture, that famous political families such as the Bush and Clinton families, are criminal Cabals are kept out of the press. Those with their hands at the helm do not want the public refusing to pay taxes, to abide by regulations, or to honor the law.

Instead, the public is told stories about pets and sports and endearing characteristics, to humanize public figures. Herbert Bush was overseeing the CIA when drug addiction began its grip on the US, and as is known the CIA and DOD during this era brought plane loads of drugs in from Colombia and Vietnam. Trump and his Junta are just today stopping this cash flow from Colombia and Afghanistan into Herbert’s coffers. Did Barbara know this? She was the steady hand on the operation when Herbert began to slip into senility.

The Clinton’s need no introduction. Their crimes are more broadly known, due to the many deaths of associates such as Vince Foster and Seth Rich, and reports of anger among Haitians about how their devastating earthquake resulted solely in profits for the Clinton Foundation, which gives only 5% of its intake to charity and pockets the rest. The depths of depravity that followed Hillary will never be publicly known as Satanic human sacrifice and pedophilia are at the heart of it. Could the common man, having faith that their government is doing the right thing, handle this, or would they openly rebel?
Where George Bush won the presidency in 2000 and 2004 by election fraud, the most the public learned of this was during the hanging chad coverage. That Hillary intended to win in 2016 by election fraud was only covered by the news that the nation was in shock over the results. Trump informs the public that fake news is rampant, so a subliminal education of the public is in process.  Does the public know the truth about 911 being an inside job? About who really killed JFK? At most the public will get a hint, so that those with eyes to see and psychics that can handle the truth will sort it out. But most will not. 

I think this is another message, the post says it's from yesterday [April 24], likely from Mexico.  The rotating orbs makes me think South America roll, what do you think?  Would the Zetas care to comment on this and on the progress of the SA Roll?  Are we due for a major shift in the very near future, and how will that affect the pending New Madrid adjustment? [and from another]

In this video capture of a true UFO display, a large bright orb suddenly appears. Then 6 smaller orbs emerge and circle the central orb in a counterclockwise motion for a full circle. Then the 6 smaller orbs return to the central orb before the central orb winks out.  This display, which was seen by all in the city below, was telling the story of the Last Weeks. Nibiru will become very large in the sky, with its dominant Moon Swirls like a String of Pearls. The globe literally turns upside down during the 3 Days of Darkness and 6 days of Sunrise West, and then returns.

What is this? Another MR MBB333 video. [and from another] Giant "antenna" found in Antarctica

Recently, with the revelation earlier this month of the desalination device discovered in Antarctica, we stated that more would be revealed by the melting ice. This structure is one of them. It is not an antenna, as presumed, but a launching pad. The Annunaki operated by shuttles, between Nibiru and Earth or between Earth and the Moon or Mars. Other than this launch platform, nothing of this launching operation remains for man to examine. When the Annunaki left Earth, having been quarantined from man, they dismantled and took with them all they could, not wanting to give mankind their technology.  

The Annunaki shuttles did not launch like mankind’s missiles, straight up into the air. They launched more like mankind’s airplanes, gaining lift as the speed increased. The launching platform was curved and tilted, as the shuttle being launched was also anchored in the curve center at the lowest point of the launch pad. The shuttle was thus guided along the launch platform, giving stability. The toothed notches laying across the platform guides was to delay launch until all was ready, then the bar that laid in the notches was dropped and the launch proceeded.

Has Kim Jong-Un changed his way? Or is something else up? [and from another] North Korea's nuclear test site will close in May. Scientists have said the site may have partially collapsed in September. The nuclear tests have taken place in a system of tunnels dug below Mount Mantap, near the Punggye-ri site. Six nuclear tests have been carried out there since 2006. After the last, in September 2017, a series of aftershocks hit the site, which seismologists believe collapsed part of the mountain's interior. [and from another] It is fair to say also that the rapidity of the thaw currently underway on the Korean peninsula has taken the world by surprise. [and from another] South Korea’s president Moon Jae In and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un met for the first time in history in an inter-Korean summit, also marking the first time a North Korean leader has crossed the border in 65 years. the two leaders agreed to announce the official end of the Korean War this year (which was on an indefinite time-out since the armistice agreement in 1953), as well as denuclearize the Korean peninsula.


Within this past year we have described Kim as having a bully mindset – a lust for power, feeling unstoppable. Our list of expected next steps did not include a peaceful reunification of Korea, but rather included draconian steps such as an assassination of Kim or military invasion of N Korea by either the US or Russia or China. The alternative was an endless spitting contest, with Kim continuing to grind down the citizens of N Korea – a long reign by an intractable dictator. What happened to afford this dramatic change?

Around the time of the Winter Olympics, when Kim’s sister represented N Korea and discussions with S Korea’s Moon occurred, there was a change in Kim’s war like stance. It was known that Kim’s nuclear testing ground – Mantap Mountain – was already destabilized but this did not preclude Kim from testing his nukes elsewhere or drilling tunnels into other parts of the mountain. This was not the trigger changing Kim’s personality. Nor was it the increased sanctions or Trump’s stance, as dictators do not give up their power that easily.

Highly Service-to-Self souls, given to being dictators who seek complete control and who have complete distain for the safety and wellbeing of others, do not tolerate loss.  We have mentioned that Xi of China is not being given the credit he deserves for stepping into the N Korea mess. He went beyond sanctions and told Kim flat out that China would invade and remove him from power unless his antics and nuclear proliferation stopped. In a war with China, Kim would lose. Faced with the humiliation of a loss on so many fronts, the soul incarnated within Kim took flight, leaving an empty body. A walk-in occurred.

Walk-ins can achieve dramatic change, such as occurred en masse during the Arab Spring, was predicted by Ruth Montgomery to occur during one of the US Presidencies, and did occur within Obama for much of his career, the soul of Lincoln being resident. Walk-ins can be temporary if the original soul dithers and wants to come back, but in Kim’s case the Council of Worlds arranged for Kim’s soul to instantly start a new incarnation elsewhere, so he cannot return. The walk-in soul is very old and wise, carefully selected for such a momentous mission. The future bodes well.