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Issue 736, Sunday November 8, 2020
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Election Surprise

Despite President Trump’s rallies being attended by thousands of enthusiastic supporters, compared to the limp Biden rallies which can barely muster a dozen supporters, the media has claimed that Biden was ahead in the polls. They claimed his advantage was increasing, too, though the increases often seemed to be a result of more Democrats being included among those polled. But the pollsters claimed their tried and true methods, to call registered voters and assume the future would be like the past, were reliable. But are they?

Positive Trump Polls Spark Polling Circle Debate
October 30, 2020
Most pollsters show Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a sturdy and stable lead over President Trump.  Some well-known political analysts have dismissed polls that show Trump leading Biden. The Trafalgar Group, which was the only nonpartisan outlet in 2016 to find Trump leading in Michigan and Pennsylvania on Election Day, show Trump with small leads in both states, which would be keys to another Trump win in the Electoral College.
Another Pollster Sees a Trump Win
October 27, 2020
The Trafalgar Group’s Robert Cahaly is an outlier among pollsters in that he thinks President Trump will carry Michigan, Pennsylvania, or both, and hence be reelected with roughly 280 electoral votes. Lee goes further than some other analysts in suggesting that pollsters may be deliberately overstating the strength of Democratic candidates in order to dampen Republican turnout.
Are Democrats Heading for a 2020 Bloodbath?
October 28, 2020
Right now, it looks like Democrats are heading for an Electoral College bloodbath viewing the early vote totals. I can’t take anyone seriously who still uses registered voter samples because they don’t want to guess what the electorate might look like this cycle. We’re expecting to see one million fewer young people vote. Suburban GOP voters are oversampled due to their hostility towards Trump. Trump Democrat and rural GOP zip codes are bypassed, and about a quarter of all Trump rally attendees didn’t vote in 2016. To boot, some polls have college-educated voters representing over half of the respondents. That’s not an accurate gauge on anything within the sociopolitical realm.

The universal mail-in ballots being pushed by the Democrats seem almost designed to support election fraud. No voter ID required, no signature verification required or easily forged, and the ballots themselves can be printed up en masse by the fraudsters. Stories about fraud are mounting. Typically, Democrats like to vote by mail, so the fact that 2/3 of the mail-in ballots are from Democrats is not a surprise. But what lies inside cannot be counted as yet. Now there are troubling signs for the Biden campaign.

Panic! MSNBC Only Finds One Biden Voter Out of 50 in Arizona
October 28, 2020
Lake Havasu, Kingman, Bullhead City. I went to one early voting location, and one, only one person out of 50 said they were voting for Joe Biden!
Trumpmentum Rolling toward Election Day
October 30, 2020
Start with the polls, wrong four years ago and likely again wrong this year. Earlier this month, Biden had 16-point lead nationally in CNN poll. Even Rasmussen, one of the most accurate 2016 pollsters, gave Biden a 12-point lead a few weeks ago. But now it’s Trumpmentum season, erasing a Biden lead and this week Rasmussen has Trump up by a point over Biden.
The Polls Shift toward Trump
October 29, 2020
A Zogby poll from late August indicated 36% of Black voters approved of President Trump’s job performance, along with 37% of Hispanic voters. The Rasmussen Tracking poll showed a surge in approval for the President by likely Black voters between October 19-23 of 21 points, from 25% to 46%. Ditto a Zia poll, taken in Michigan and released October 20, which showed Trump getting the support of 46% of Black voters and almost 40% of Hispanics. Considering Trump won only 8% of the Black vote and 28% of the Hispanic vote in 2016, this has to be considered a major plus.

Last August, when the Junta secretly took over the Biden campaign due to the extensive election fraud being conducted, there were several options open to the Junta. Since the Junta does not want the public to realize, quite yet, that the US is under Martial Law, they do not want to reveal their status. The Junta in fact is in control with a White Hat Double for Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer well in hand. They write the script for this 2020 election movie. Nonetheless the outcome of the 2020 election is to be in accordance with the public’s wishes.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/31/2020: This leaves the Junta with the outstanding problem of public perception, as they do not yet want to have the public aware that the US is and has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015. To have full control of the Biden campaign, the Junta inserted their own White Hat Biden into the basement in Delaware and directed him to choose the White Hat Harris as his running mate. Yes, this is yet another Biden Double. The election will proceed as the voter intends. Those in the media who have been fraudulently claiming that Biden was ahead will adjust their claims gradually so as not to be embarrassed on November 3.

Despite the election fraudsters under investigation and arrest, given the millions upon millions of mail-in ballot blanks sent forth, how to counteract the fraud that lies within? Millions of fraudulent votes can indeed swing an election. By September, insider leaks hinted that the Junta had another option – having the Biden Double withdraw from the campaign for some reason, thus invalidating all those mail-in ballots that had his name on the ballot. Certainly, Biden’s history of aneurisms and the Hunter laptop scandal seemed to both be handy excuses for a withdrawal.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2020: Whatever the outcome of the 2020 election, the public should conclude that it was a lawful process. Existing law states that should Biden withdraw the DNC must nominate a replacement, so any early ballot already mailed in has been spoiled and cannot assume the write-in of another candidate. 

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2020: Is this rumor a revelation? It is a possible outcome for the 2020 elections. Per the public eye this would be a choice by Biden, who is at present a White Hat Double. His Democrat entourage would have to go along with any publically announced decision. Legally the DNC would have to replace Biden with another nominee, and this would be the choice of the DNC. Any ballots received prior to Biden’s announcement would be spoiled and must be discarded. Any ballots received after Biden’s announcement and prior to November 3 must have a write-in for the DNC replacement. Thus, substitution on the ballot would not be automatic, and the Democrat Party will sustain a severe loss.

Going into the crucial Halloween weekend Biden looked healthy and was out campaigning. Media outlets, at least the alternative media, were starting to explain how the pollsters got it wrong. Black and Hispanic voters were turning to President Trump in surprising double digit numbers. New voters were registering, also in surprising numbers, but were never polled by the pollsters. Will the Junta risk the valid votes countering the mail-in fraud? The weekend prior to November 3, Biden began slurring his words on stage. Is he having strokes or another aneurism? Ready or not, here come the November 3 election results!

Joe Biden Rambles Incoherently In Pennsylvania Speech Just Days Before Election
October 30, 2020
2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden illustrated another concerning display of incoherence Saturday, just days out from the November election during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania. “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure,” Biden said, following the words with, “isolated punish China.”
Brain Freeze: Joe Biden Says Americans have a Right to ‘Badakathcare’
October 31, 2020
Former Vice President Joe Biden suffered yet another brain freeze, proclaiming he and former President Barack Obama believe Americans have a right to “badakathcare” during a rally in Flint, Michigan.

ZetaTalk Update 10/31/2020: As we have stated, the Junta has many options available to negate voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential election. The universal mail-in ballot process has flooded ballots in many states, most not requiring voter verification, so that the mail-in ballot count has been hopelessly compromised. As we detailed, this could be resolved by endless court cases with the potential that the Pelosi Double assumes the Presidency for a period of time on January 21 due to an uncertain outcome. Another option is for the Biden Double to withdraw from the campaign just prior to November 3. There are signs that the fraudsters are recognizing that they have lost the game. We predicted in August that those in the media declaring false polls would gradually adjust their claims to avoid embarrassment. They have started to do this. If the defrauded universal mail-in ballots are insufficient to counter the valid early voting and voting at the polls on November 3, then tying the outcome up in court may not be an option for the Democrats.

Debt Relief Programs

The New World Order crowd is frantic over their loss of control over their realm. The New World Order crowd stems from Europe to their colonies in the Americas. Royalty, colonialism, the Illuminati in Europe – all these form the basis of the New World Order crowd. This crowd utilizes the Khazarian banking networks - the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund - who sprang from the Moloch worshiping Satanists. Thus this has truly become a battle of good vs evil. Should we look upon their debt relief programs for Canada and Australia with suspicion?

World Bank Calls for Debt Relief Programme as Amounts Owed hit Record Levels
October 12, 2020
The World Bank has stepped up its call for a comprehensive programme of debt relief after revealing that the amount owed by the poorest countries was at record levels even before the onset of the Covid-19 crisis. The World Bank and the IMF have been pressing the G20 group of leading developing and developed nations to extend the debt suspension initiative for a further 12-month period while a long-term plan is worked out.
World Bank says Financial Crisis Likely from Pandemic
October 17, 2020
The World Bank has warned that the coronavirus outbreak is turning into a major economic crisis and could likely see the emergence of a financial crisis from the pandemic.
Canadian Politician Leaks new COVID Lockdown Plan and ‘Great Reset’ Dictatorship – Australia is Part of It
October 16, 2020
While pressure is mounting in Australia through the courts, at protests and from some media for lockdowns to end, the “deadly virus is stalking you” narrative is being held firmly by Labor, Green, Coalition and LNP parties, the public health bureaucracy and most media in the same ‘Five Eyes’ nations. This narrative presents the SARS-Cov2 virus or “COVID-19” as something that must be avoided and contained at all cost, despite the widespread immunity and medical studies showing it is lethal for less than 1% (0.06%) of those who are infected.

The Zetas have long predicted that all banks will fail going into the Pole Shift. There will be a process whereby weak banks will be absorbed by stronger banks, and currency will be churned out by the printing presses until it becomes worthless. Finally, the public will resort to the barter system. Comparing the IMF and World Bank to the BRICS system, it is the Western banks in Europe and the US that are being crushed by debt. So it is peculiar that the IMF is offering to help citizens from Canada and Australia - Commonwealth countries – escape their personal debt. India and S Africa – BRICS members – do not seem included.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/1996: In the face of lack of faith in the paper money system the world banking community has come to rely upon, there will be a return to the simple method of barter - you give me a bushel of apples and I’ll give you two gallons of milk. People long reliant upon credit and shopping will begin to lower their debt and begin to rely upon themselves, leaving the banking industry without customers. This will of course create a panic of sorts within the banking industry. One can expect anxious maneuvers like forced participation and alliance with various large corporations, but this is only a stop-gap measure and such maneuvers will be challenged. During the Great Depression and Stock Market crash, people in fact did not die because of the lack of strength in the economy, but lived more simply.

ZetaTalk Conclusion 11/30/2019: How do banks fail, softly or with a hard crash? Central Banks are at present pumping more liquidity into their banks. This process can continue until the Central Bank can no longer risk running the currency at its base into insolvency. As foreclosures increase, banks will find they do not have the resources to monitor these properties, and they will be repossessed by their former owners or by strangers. Stocks and bonds will lose their value, with the Stock Markets being considered a joke.

Now a plan by the IMF has been leaked via a Canadian insider who participated in a Strategic Planning committee meeting. If true, and it has the ring of truth, then it shows a diabolical plan to enslave the common man, not with debt slavery but by being bereft of possessions such as homes and cars and farms and businesses. To be fed and sheltered, they would have to utterly cooperate. This is End Times control and slavery and has nothing to do with debt relief. The Zetas explain.

World Lockdown Plan Leaked
October 16, 2020
What is really going on, according to high-level sources, is that there are two factions fighting at the highest levels of world power. One faction connected to the Rockefeller and Rothschild families exercises power through the IMF, World Bank, and many of the fortune 500 companies. They are the people pushing the vaccine agenda combined with digital currency. They want to enslave humanity for the benefit of the members of their Satanic cult.
Viral! World Lockdown Plan Leaked
October 14, 2020
In order to offset what was essentially an economic collapse on an international scale, the federal government was going to offer Canadians a total debt relief. The federal government will offer to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc) which all funding will be provided to Canada by the IMF under what will become known as the World Debt Reset program. In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness, the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever.
World Leaders are Planning New Lock Downs to Introduce “The World Debt Reset Program” which includes Universal Basic Income and Vaccination Requirements
October 19, 2020
The Prime Minister’s National covid-19 Advisory Commission (established in lockstep in March 2020) is now advising and pushing the Canadian PMO and the Department of Prime Ministers and Cabinet in Canberra to carry out these totalitarian plans.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/31/2020: Is the Canadian Strategic Planning committee talking about Martial Law under the guise of Debt Relief and a Covid-19 vaccination program? They dare not utter the word “Nibiru”, but must prepare. It is no secret that the western banks - the IMF and the World Bank - are going bankrupt. They forced debt slavery in the past by pumping money to poor nations and now find repayment of these loans falling short. Of course, all central banks can simply print more money, and thus the IMF and World Bank have forgiven debts in the past. So what has changed that Martial Law tactics are now being discussed?

This Strategic Planning committee is talking about taking over all private ownership – homes, lands, businesses – and assigning them to a government or Commonwealth agency. Of course this means that control of these assets is also in the hands of this government agency. This in fact is a step beyond Martial Law, which only mandates law and order and distribution and growing of food stuffs. Martial Law directs private industry, but this Strategic Plan is taking away private ownership. Who and what is forcing this?

This Strategic Plan is assuming that banking failure will be complete at some point in the near future. That due to panic rioting (i.e. Nibiru awareness) and geologic and climate disasters (i.e. the pending Pole Shift) that there will be no cash flow, no collection of taxes, and no payment of debts of any kind. They are hoping to pre-empt this situation by debt forgiveness in exchange for property forfeiture. In fact, all properties would be seized, by one means or another. Then when disaster strikes, those in the government can run labor and slave camps as they please.

Doubling Up

Most people only have a vague feeling about an individual who has been Doubled. Proof is hard to find. For instance, who looks at whether an ear is placed higher on the head as on the Biden Double. The original Kamala had stunning teeth but her Double was perhaps rushed to the stage as she appeared to need some dental work at first. The real Chuck Schumer was a big mouth, but the Double not so much. The real Pelosi had an indented lower tooth but apparently at almost 80 years of age she decided to get that straightened as the Double now has straight lower teeth.

The Don Lemon Double suddenly has a narrow bridge of the nose. Plastic surgery? John Kerry also apparently had dental work done, and suddenly looks younger. Boris Johnson changed the shape of his face, with the Double having a more narrow face. And Justin Trudeau, who always flashed his upper teeth, no longer does that and has become more of a lowbrow. Merkel got a squashed face and a bent finger, and poor Hunter Biden has entirely changed the shape of his face. But most people would not discern these things. Their replacement with a Double in the main is very effective. The Zetas explain how it’s done.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/31/2020: How is it that with hundreds of Doubles already replacing their real counterparts, no Doubles have come forth with an exposé? Most criminals arrested and/or executed do not receive a Double but simply disappear from public view. Perhaps they issue tweets or comments by email, but this does not require a Double. They announce early retirement, or a decision to travel abroad, or simply are not heard from anymore. But for politicians at the helm of government or a handful of celebrities closely watched by the public, Doubles are sought.

What is the requirement for selection as a Double? Facial structure, body size, and audio check for a similar voice. Out of 7 billion plus humans on Earth, every Double requirement has tens of thousands of candidates. Plastic surgery can align the individual with the original, and steps like hair color and makeup can be applied. All Doubles out in public view are given a team to assist them, so can evade awkward questions or be prepared with answers.

The Doubles selected are, as we have mentioned, primarily out of work actors. They are also socially isolated, introverts rather than extroverts, and are selected because they are without mates or family connections. They are paid immensely well so that the possibility of a book deal is not tempting. They also must sign papers stating that if they reveal their status before the “end of the engagement” that they agree to being restrained, imprisoned, and to the loss of all their compensation and benefits.

The danger in exposing a Double comes not from the Double but those with a vested interest in the original being replaced. Since criminal behavior is involved, those with a vested interest are threatened with arrest and imprisonment or perhaps being sent to Gitmo with a grim outcome such as execution. They choose silence. They assume that in time there will be a change in government and they can speak out, write a book, and even sue for damages. They comfort themselves that all these Tribunals are just due to President Trump in power, and campaign for the Democrat candidates.

Antarctica Reveals

As the ice in Antarctica continues to melt, more and more of the technology of its former inhabitants are revealed. Most are artifacts of the Annunaki. Desalination devices, launching pads, space ports, and now a newly revealed landing pad are all Annunaki devices. Recently discovered cities under the ice are still inhabited by the evil Pointy Head aliens. But per the Zetas, this new landing pad device is clearly Annunaki as they did not have control over gravity, so used shuttles as mankind does today.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/31/2020: A flat metal disc, 60 foot in diameter, is the latest reveal in Antarctica as the ice continues to melt. Clearly several feet thick and not a pond of ice as some speculate, this disc was not used for space travel or flight but as a landing pad. The area around the disc is rumpled and irregular, not offering a flat surface to disembark and unload. This was an Annunaki landing pad, as they used rocket ships similar to the shuttles used by mankind today. Visitors such as the Pointy Heads had control of gravity and could land anywhere. 

Antarctica has not always been frozen, and in the past was ice free. The Piri Reis map, dated to a time 4,000 years ago, is an example. After this forthcoming Pole Shift Antarctica will be land on the new Equator, and certainly will reveal many more artifacts.