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Issue 739, Sunday November 29, 2020
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Black Sea Worries

The Safe Locations info on the ZetaTalk website attempts to address the entire inhabited world and what will happen to each region during the 7 of 10 plate movements, the stopped rotation during the Last Weeks, and the crustal shift itself during the hour of the Pole Shift. Then there are the assaults that can be expected to occur in the Aftertime, the years after the Pole Shift when the Earth’s oceans are due to rise by 675 feet. There is a lot that can affect any given location, but when asked about the Hydrogen Sulfide at the bottom of the Black Sea, it was clear that clarification was needed. How could such a reservoir of poison not be a worry?

ZetaTalk Comment 2010: For the Black Sea, which is deep, as there is a line of river beds that stretch from the Black Sea all the way to the Arctic. Where such deep lakes exist, there are openings to volcanic vents. Thus, such deep lakes, where normally cold, can have their own heat sources. Since the Eurasian Plate will be pulling apart, building a new seaway at Karachi, and even the twisting of the Arabian Plate at Iraq in essence relieving pressure above Iraq, this should not cause problems for those living around the Black Sea. Other than the flooding in of sea water as the sea level rises to 675 feet above today's level, those living on her shores should not experience problems.

Black Sea
While the net flow of water through the Bosporus and Dardanelles (known collectively as the Turkish Straits) is out of the Black Sea, generally water is flowing in both directions simultaneously. Denser, more saline water from the Aegean flows into the Black Sea underneath the less dense, fresher outflowing water from the Black Sea. This creates a significant and permanent layer of deep water which does not drain or mix and is therefore anoxic.
Why are the Seas named Black, White, and Yellow?
The Black Sea has a depth of over 150 meters, and its waters are filled with hydrogen sulfide for almost two kilometers. Therefore, in the deepest layers of its water there are no living things except sulfur bacteria.
Black Sea
During the last of the great glaciations, the Black Sea became a large freshwater lake. The present connection to the Mediterranean Sea—and to salt water—is believed to have emerged some 6,500 to 7,500 years ago.
Hydrogen Sulfide
It is a colorless chalcogen hydride gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. It is poisonous, corrosive, and flammable. H2S also occurs in volcanic gases, natural gas, and in some sources of well water.

ZetaTalk Overview 10/31/2020: At present the Black Sea has a drainage problem, which traps the heavy Hydrogen Sulfide saturated deep water in the sea. Fresh water from the rivers that feed into the Black Sea drain out to the Mediterranean, and some salt water flows back into the Black Sea, but none of this activity affects the Hydrogen Sulfide level. This setup has been in place since 2 Pole Shifts back, approximately 7,200 years ago, when an African Roll caused mountain building in what is now North Turkey to block the entrance from the Mediterranean.

What will occur during this forthcoming Pole Shift will radically transform the region around the Black Sea. During the hour of the Pole Shift a new inland bay will rip into the Eurasian Plate through Persia up toward the Ural Mountains. This will traverse the rivers that feed the Black Sea, flushing them with water from the Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, the African Roll will complete, dropping the continent into the Indian Ocean and pulling it away from the Mediterranean. This relieves pressure on the Turkish Straits, which again allows the Black Sea to be flushed with water, this time from the Mediterranean.

None of this activity will flush out the Hydrogen Sulfide, but it will dilute this poison pool and begin the cleansing process. Now comes the sea level rise to 675 feet, which happens over the next 2 years as the bottom of the oceans, heated by friction during the crustal shift, heat the cold water of the ocean deep so that it swells. This will flood the Black Sea once again, this time flushing the Hydrogen Sulfide completely because once diluted it mingles more readily and is caught in the undertow.

What will this mean for those fishing on the shores of the Black Sea? Other than having to scramble for higher ground during the hour of the Pole Shift, they will not notice this changeover. The Hydrogen Sulfide will not explode into the air, but will rather be increasingly submersed and diluted. When the Hydrogen Sulfide is flowing in the undertow it will always be at a lower level. The nature of the fish living in the Black Sea will change due to new arrivals from the Indian Ocean and from the Mediterranean.

B-52 Sniffers

Global Thunder exercises with B-52s happen every year, but for this year they are being conducted over the town of New Madrid. Scanners tracking the whereabouts of these giant B-52s show they are over Little Rock in the Ozarks and on the other side of the Mississippi in Tennessee south of Memphis. Eight behemoths were engaged in this New Madrid exercise. What were they up to? The answer lies in the B-52 detection capabilities. They scan in infrared, which might include the ability to detect Carbon Monoxide emissions. They scan with radar and state they have various electro-optical scans, which implies the ability to detect microwave and magnetic fields.

Global Thunder: Bombers Practice for Nuclear War
October 22, 2020
U.S. Strategic Command forces, including bombers such as the B-52 Stratofortress, began the annual nuclear command and control exercise known as Global Thunder. Portions of the exercise are taking place at multiple locations, including STRATCOM’s headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and Barksdale Air Base in Louisiana.
Global Thunder
Airmen from Barksdale AFB, Louisiana; Minot AFB, North Dakota; Whiteman AFB, Missouri; F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming; and Malmstrom AFB, Montana, trained in responding to simulated strategic threats against the United States and its allies.

B-52H Stratofortress
December 16, 2015
All B-52s can be equipped with two electro-optical viewing sensors, a forward-looking infrared and advanced targeting pods to augment targeting, battle assessment and flight safety, further improving its combat ability.
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress
Dragon's Eye contains an advanced electronically-scanned array radar that will allow B-52s to quickly scan vast Pacific Ocean areas, so finding and sinking enemy ships will be easier for them. This radar will complement Litening infrared targeting pod already used by B-52s for inspecting ships.

The electronic screech that the Zetas frequently mention increases as rock is under pressure either from being pulled apart or compressed. This pressure squeezes air bubbles out of the rock, allowing electricity to pass through the rock more readily. It is well known that radio will have a lot of static at the epicenter of a pending quake in the days before the quake. Radar shows many of these signatures, from the radar circles that manifested in 2010 from magneton clumping in Australia to the MIMIC microwave particle flows arching from the crunch point of Africa to the Antarctic Plate. 

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/31/2020: The annual Global Thunder exercise has been directed to pass over the New Madrid region this year for obvious reasons. The tension in the rock, which has been shown to be emitting microwaves in the soft rock south of New Madrid and Sulphur Dioxide at Saint Louis, is alarming. Missouri, Louisiana, and Tennessee were targeted for surveillance by the B-52 Stratofortress. These planes are outfitted with radar and infrared and related electronic scans. The Stratofortress B-52s were scanning the hard rock on either side of New Madrid in Missouri and Tennessee.

Beyond the microwave hot spots recorded recently, the tension shows up on Carbon Monoxide charts. In early 2017 the CO readings showed the Ramapo Fault Line fracturing. Now in late 2020 this same fault line is again showing a high reading, with related fracture points on the San Andreas along the West Coast, at the Continental Divide in Colorado, and the Tennessee/Alabama region likewise show stress. As we have stated, the New Madrid rupture is going to start before the end of 2020, and all signs point to this!

Indeed, in 2017 the Ramapo Fault Line on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey was emitting a tremendous amount of Carbon Monoxide. Per the Zetas, this was showing stress on the New Madrid, as the Ramapo and New Madrid parallel each other in this region. Now once again we have heavy CO emissions in that same area. A CO release also occurred in western Kansas in 2020 where heaving from the New Madrid pressure occurred.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/28/2017: The Ramapo Fault Line parallels the New Madrid Fault Line, so would indeed be an indication of the amount of stress the New Madrid is experiencing at this time. The continental rip at the Chesapeake Bay is due to this area absorbing the bulk of the ripping action during the bow stress, as this is a thin crust region.

Why is the New Madrid adjustment significant? As can be noted by an examination of earthquakes worldwide, the N America Plate cannot relieve its stress. It has a flat top – a straight line from northern Japan across the Far East and through the Arctic over to Greenland. It cannot roll. The arm going across the Aleutian Islands refuses to snap. Except for the creep of the San Andreas, N America seems to be quake free. But the New Madrid adjustment will be devastating for the interior. Tearing all the bridges that cross the Mississippi and carry gas and oil pipelines from the Gulf to the East Coast. 

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/26/2006: What does this do to the N. American plate? It pulls it at a diagonal, ripping the rock fingers along the New Madrid fault such that the land to the East of the Mississippi moves up and to the East, toward New England, and the land to the West of the Mississippi moves down and to the West. This does more than tear most of the bridges along the Mississippi.

Unlike the West Coast of the US, the East Coast is not prepared for earthquakes. Cities from the Gulf up along the New Madrid Fault Line to Chicago and thence under the Seaway through Illinois and Indiana and Ohio will be devastated. Then there are the associated fault lines – the East Coast Fault Line that comes across Alabama and up through Georgia and the Carolinas all the way to the New England states. This adjustment will be sudden and ruthless and affect the entire eastern half of the US.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: It is known by man that the New Madrid Fault line runs beyond the immediate area of New Madrid. When we stated that "Chicago will rupture and adjust" and "Ohio will be pulled in places" this should not be news to man. The New Madrid runs up along the Seaway, to the mouth of the Seaway, and thus will rupture any land it passes through. Plot its course and consider that more than the fault line itself will be disrupted. The areas to be affected have already been experiencing quake swarms, buckling roadways, sinkholes, breaking dams, and unsettling jigging which is unexplained by the authorities. When the primary blockage gives, there will be a huge jolt, with little warning. Aftershocks will continue until the time of the pole shift itself.

This will be quickly followed by a devastating tsunami heading for Europe, with a minor kickback toward the East Coast. The Atlantic will rip open at the Azores. Is it any wonder that Europe is imposing draconian Covid-19 lockdowns at this time, when all signs from the rock affected by the New Madrid tugging are emitting Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, microwaves, and electronic screech? Whatever can snap to relieve the pressure has already snapped. It is time for the hard rock at New Madrid to start unzipping. Europe knows this.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/2010: France can anticipate a tsunami of 100 feet, Spain perhaps 30-40 feet, the UK 200-300 feet, and Norway 50-75 feet. The full brunt of the tsunami that strikes the UK will also wash through the English Channel, entering the North Sea, and clashing with any flow coming down from the Norwegian Sea. The lowlands in the North Sea can expect a tsunami an estimated 100 feet high.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/18/2010: We have stated that the Atlantic Gulf Stream will carry the tsunami primarily against the coast of the UK, so the major rip point would occur slightly south of the UK in the center of the Atlantic. The top of the rip will be west of Paris. The rip will primarily occur where the hot spots along the Atlantic Rift indicate weakness in the crust.

Intervention Rules

As has been repeatedly explained in ZetaTalk, the Earth is a schoolhouse where young souls are to be allowed to learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others. This sets as the Prime Directive that visiting aliens should not interfere with the choices being made by mankind. This is known in ZetaTalk as the Rule of Non-Interference. There are other rules too, such as the Rules of Engagement delineating how alien visitors in the Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self interact with each other. And there are rules covering Contact between aliens and the humans who become their contactees.

ZetaTalk Free Will 7/15/1995: Our visits on Earth are not to interfere with your people's choices regarding their orientation. Ambassadors from the Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self orientation can only confer with humans, what humans call close encounters or contact. We are not here to rescue you. You have free will as to your associations. 

There are rules that have been imposed since mankind voted to become a world for the Service-to-Others in the future. These rules are to smooth mankind’s transition to being aware that humans are not the only intelligent creatures in the Universe. To avoid shock and panic, the Council of Worlds imposed an Element of Doubt rule and insists that visiting aliens leave some doubt over the validity of any contact. That means that UFOs are - yes and no - real. It is debatable. This means that creatures like Dragons and the recent Chupacabra are allowed to wreck havoc on Earth, as long as proof of their existence is debatable.

ZetaTalk Earth Vote 1/10/2010: We have explained in the body of ZetaTalk that this rule was imposed shortly after the Earth took a vote on whether to be Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self. This vote occurred around the time of Roswell.

To add to the confusion are rules that guide when the Council of Worlds can direct benign aliens to interfere, selectively, with mankind’s ambitions in order to protect the Earth for the future. The general rule is to allow an intelligent species to utterly destroy their world, in accordance with the rule on Free Will learning. Why is it different for the Earth? Chernobyl and Fukushima were allowed, but the Zetas have at the same time stated that the nuclear arsenals held by the US and Russia at the end of the Cold War were dismantled on the orders of the Council of Worlds. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Overview 10/31/2020: There is much confusion among mankind about how and when the Rule of Non-Interference is applied, or when exceptions are allowed by the Council of Worlds. The Earth is mankind’s schoolhouse, where he is allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Even the mistakes made by others are a learning opportunity. Empathy and compassion are developed by experiencing pain or watching the pain of others. Despite what mankind would like, to be treated as pampered children having a pain free life, very little spiritual growth occurs in this setting.

We have stated that the nuclear arsenal built by the US and Russia during the Cold War was dismantled by ourselves and other benign aliens at the direction of the Council of Worlds. This step was taken in part because the world had already voted to be a home for those in the Service-to-Others orientation, and thus it had become a home for ourselves, the Zetas, and the hybrids. We have a vested interest. When we ruined our world in petty political fights, akin to the battles ongoing on Earth, our world was not anticipated to become a future home for the Service-to-Others.  

Exceptions are made on Earth so that lessons can be learned, or so that the Element of Doubt rule can be honored. Chernobyl was one such exception allowed to halt plans of the Russian elite. They then realized the horror of the path they had set upon. Fukushima was another exception allowed to proceed because the Khazarian network under Bibi would have proceeded with worse horrors in its stead. The Council of Worlds weighs each and every situation carefully, and there is no set outline that mankind can use as a guide.