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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 30, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

New Aurora Mystery: What is going on in the skies over Norway!? [Jan 28] In one of the photographs taken by Mikalsen was an "object" that couldn't be identified. Although Mikalsen had taken several images at the same location, just one photo showed a mysterious green parachute-like object hanging with the main aurora. (This time, it appears that the Russian military was not involved in the making of this strange shape in the sky.) At first it seemed easy to dismiss the object as a lens flare or a spot on the camera lens, but after further study it became clear that the answer wasn't that simple. Also, Mikalsen is no stranger to aurorae, having worked on Andøya Rocket Range (on the island of Andøya) for many years. He's seen aurorae of all shapes and sizes, but he'd never before seen a structure like this hanging in the sky.

If neon clouds have been on the increase, since Planet X and its vast wafting tail arrived in the vicinity in 2003, auroras likewise have been seen in regions not used to these displays. We have explained auroras as light rays bending toward Earth due to its gravity pull, not visible at the Equator due to the light pollution there. What happens, then, if the aurora display is affected by the increasing greasy chemicals in the tail of Planet X? Certainly odd shapes may emerge, such as the light blue luminescent corkscrew that emerged from the center of the Norway swirl. Why a parachute shape? If the lack of magnetons returning to the Earth's S Pole have created opportunities for particle flows there to create odd radar circles in Australia, the imbalance of magnetons emerging from the N Pole likewise changes the nature of particle flows there. Light bends through water, through a glass prism, and is thus obviously affected by matter. Particle flows are matter, even if they are matter man cannot see with his limited eye. The parachute is simply an aurora where the light rays are blocked and then delimited into the strings of the parachute.

Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn [March 27, 2007] Pasadena, Calif. - An odd, six-sided, honeycomb-shaped feature circling the entire north pole of Saturn has captured the interest of scientists with NASA's Cassini mission. NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged the feature over two decades ago. The fact that it has appeared in Cassini images indicates that it is a long-lived feature. A second hexagon, significantly darker than the brighter historical feature, is also visible in the Cassini pictures.

Saturn is a gaseous planet and thus like Jupiter does not have magnetic poles, but rather acts as a conduit for the return of magnetons from the Sun's N pole to its S Pole, like a funnel. When these magnetons pour into the supposed N Pole of Saturn, they are coming from all directions, and sort out in a geometric fashion. It is not just magnetons flowing in such a manner, but thousands of different particle flows that mankind is unaware of. We have mentioned that particles of like kind seek to clump with each other, attracted, but likewise seek to avoid crowding, thus are constantly in motion. When rushing into a conduit such as the opportunity of a gaseous planet presents, these many particles want to clump and avoid the crowding at the same time. The point where crowding is not too extreme are the sides of the hexagram, and between these points where crowding is less are the points. Any geometric structure might have evolved, depending upon the sensitivity of the particles being forced into the conduit.

How high will the tides or storm surge might be, if the Netherlands gets hit prior to the last weeks.

During the hour of the pole shift we have predicted that coastlines can anticipate tides up to 500-600 feet due to the sloshing of the oceans. This is due to the exceptionally rapid movement of the globe, a 90° turn within the span of an hour. The severe wobble and lean to the left do not bring that rapid movement, but bring their own problems. The severe wobble will bring a twice a day swing, which is not the hour of the pole shift but is a 12 hour movement. These tides can be expected to be hundreds of feet high, 200-300 feet, the worst being where a normal tide under the influence of the Moon is in process during the wobble. The lean to the left will bring a pooling of water toward the poles because the orbit of the Moon will continue, crossing over the poles rather than round the Ecliptic. This will be slight, only a dozen or more feet of difference. The tearing of the Atlantic, where there is a sudden void to be filled by water which will then clash and rebound, will cause something like a tsunami for the UK and the countries along the mainland. This tsunami will mostly strike Europe due to the Gulf stream which is already in motion, pushing water from the west to the east. We would anticipate a tide of perhaps 100 feet reaching the Netherlands during any such tsunami.

People are asking about real intention of this man and his offer. In English here video in Russian here Could you ask Zetas about this?

Sterligoff is acutely aware of the coming pole shift, being a wealthy man with contacts, and is attempting to form a viable survival community for himself by this means. He takes applications. He decides who joins. The skill sets and personality match is something he can control. When the pole shift is approaching, the last weeks, the group will move by horseback and by wagon to the southeast, to lands that will not be flooded. The possibility also exists to take the group, complete with livestock and seeds and tools, via a cargo plane. He understands that going into a bunker is a death trap, and simply stocking up on food is an eventual death trap as one must emerge to grow one's own food.

While reading through some of the Hopi prophecies, I saw them mention that "beasts which the Earth has not seen since the last age will return." Additionally, the Zetas have said they would make themselves known to STO groups of humans, who may interact with them and the hybrids. Also, that some humans may be taken, in human form, to prison planets. Can we assume that the rules of non-interference with alien lifeforms will be lifted after the PS? The Bible refers to a "giant army of 200 million" who will come to Earth to wipe out a third of men (going by memory, so might not be exact quote here). Speculation has been that this is some multi-national evil army, probably including China, Iran, and/or Russia, but could it possibly mean a literal "giant army" as in, an "army of giants" numbering 200 million? These giants being the Annunaki?

The Annunaki have fascinated mankind, and are still a fascination as they are in human cultural memory - those giants who enslaved mankind. Despite rumors to the contrary, the quarantine keeping the Annunaki from Earth will remain in place. There are many prophecies predicting war during the end times, as it is so likely that countries dealing with starvation would try to invade one another, but our prediction has been that no war of any scale such as a world war would break out. It is also not true that the rules of engagement would be altered simply because the Earth were experiencing a pole shift. Many creatures become restless when the rock is under stress, and emerge. Dinosaurs live in inland lakes and in rivers, as the Nessie legends show. Australia has large lizards that have been sighted on occasion, and the oceans bring up ancient fish types considered extinct.

By the time where the Planet X will be visible enough to clearly see it (naked eye) on the sky, how much time left for the poleshift?

It is already being seen, on occasion, as a Second Sun, so this question is moot.

Can the Zetas tell us what George H W Bush discussed with President Obama during their recent meeting?

Without revealing what Obama said, or what he was thinking, George Herbert Bush wanted to primarily get an assurance that he and his family would be protected from angry mobs.

You cannot indicate the date of PX's passage, but can you say whether the framework for the date is fixed or variable? That is, is the date established via celestial mechanics in the same way that mathematicians can reliably predict the timing of eclipses, etc, or is it subject to some "elasticity" depending on variables such as solar activity, particle flows, random events, or any number of other possible factors? And if the timing is elastic, how much might these variables alter the ultimate date of passage: by years, or only by days?

You would consider it fixed, though some weeks or days of variance might occur due to many factors. It is celestial mechanics, yes.

How do the Zetas feel about their colossal undertaking to assist humans through the coming cataclysms? Is the work a labor of love, or is it just a job? Do Zetas get emotionally attached to the humans they work with?

How would you feel, given you had worked closely with various contactees, for decades, their entire life in many cases, and were limited in your ability to assist them due to the rules which you perforce had to follow. Imagine a child, whom you watch go out into the world at large but are unable to intervene if danger were to present. You can counsel this child, but if they choose otherwise, you can do nothing! You can watch this child in agony and do little but comfort them from the side, verbally. That's our situation.

Representative Boehner has always struck me as a hard core "Bush Republican" as he has been in the thick of much of the neocon rise in power. Under the current circumstances, I can't help but be suspicious of his long time chief-of-staff's death. Was this a natural death?


Some of the PX moons appearing around and in front of the Sun are stable or approaching the sun slowly. There are two of them at 9 o'clock in images, What are those? Why they don't swirl like the others?

Moon Swirls can be distance or close at hand. Thus, what is appearing in the Stereo Behind and Ahead images cannot be assumed to be close to the Sun or near at hand. Likewise, there are dominant and submissive moons in a swirl. The dominant moon, often a large moon, is at ease at the head of the swirl, while the others are vying for position.

What was the main reason that contacts went from openly done, to be recorded only in the subconscious. And aren't members of MJ12 still having face to face contacts?

We have explained in the body of ZetaTalk that this rule was imposed shortly after the Earth took a vote on whether to be Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. This vote occurred around the time of Roswell. Once it was established that the Earth was to be a Service-to-Other world in the future, the Council of Worlds ruled that fear and anxiety over contact was to be reduced as much as possible, and this included recording contact only in the subconscious. Awakening worlds have been known to attack and savage their contactees, during their awakening process. MJ12 was given an exemption, as just before the ruling the Omipotent Krlll, a Service-to-Self alien, made contact with the US military in their conscious. Thus, Service-to-Other aliens were allowed a similar arrangement, to maintain a balance. Those humans who were part of the old MJ12 were thus having conscious contact, and continue to do so.

I guess the 1-10 scale can not be continued by Zetas as it will give hints to STS as we go higher in scale. So NASA track Planet X since the first view. Trying to estimate timings. These days the PX is very near and they have the technology to see compare and estimate the arrival time inside an approximate time period of days or weeks. So it is not fair for the simple people, who have about 23 months the most for poleshift without a clue about if the poleshift hits in 2 months or 20! It will be important for many people who their loving and family members are in denial, and time is very limited already. Will Zetas balance that knowledge gap in future if needed?

NASA is clueless about the timing. They have constantly tried to estimate the trajectory and speed of Planet X and been wrong, utterly, every time. They are now posting every utterance made by Nancy on the wall, looking for clues. The only pronosticators who have been right are ourselves.

Are the recent earthquake swarms indicative of a pending West Coast bow as the Zetas have mentioned or a New Madrid rip? Or are both of these future events manifestations of the same root cause?

We have firmly stated that we anticipate the New Madrid to adjust first, with the West Coast following. This does not mean that the West Coast will cease burping around, as it constantly does, or even have significant quakes. We are talking here about big adjustments.

Obama seems ready to confront banks, NASA, the Supreme Court recently. Any comment on any of this?

His advisors have concluded that the words he says behind closed doors do not reach the public, and the GOP continually lies. Thus, a more public venue will at least get the truth out about what is said.

The economy is clearly not recovering, as the zetas have mentioned that it would not. Any chance for the introduction of local currencies or non debt based currencies to stimulate economic activity? We are at the classic liquidity trap now for debt based economies as there is little appetite for anyone that is willing to "borrow new money" into existence by going into debt and even less appetite for banks to risk their rebuilding capital to lend new money into existence. Or is all of this a moot point with the imminent disasters? It would seem useful to keep the world economies at least somewhat elevated until the shift.

As we said, it will not improve prior to the pole shift. The reasons we gave were disasters creating setbacks, bankrupt insurance companies, bankrupt countries, cautious corporations trying to stay afloat until better times, cautious consumers, and crop shortages among others.

The First Nation/Native American peoples believe the earth to be a living breathing organism. The old Elders spoke of the dangers of damming up and stopping the natural flow of the rivers, which they understood as the arteries of Mother Earth. They believed that clogging this natural flow would affect their physical bodies as well. The Black Hills are sacred to many First Nation peoples because this region is considered to be the Heart of Everything That Is. The Dine'/Navajo people understand Black Mesa, AZ, as Mother Earth's liver; which purifies the waters, air, and land. The Aborigine in Australia believes the Great Coral Reefs are the earth's blood cleaner. We've known for many years now that the coral reefs are in great danger due to man-made pollution. During the aftermath of Katrina we were reminded that marsh and wetlands serve a purpose and filling them in and paving them over [by greedy land developers] needs to stop! The indigenous of the Amazon Rain Forests believe the lungs of Mother Earth suffer, yet we're doing nothing to stop the destruction. And there are yet other Peoples that consider the Ozone Layer to be the aura of Mother Earth; her Spiritual embodiment. All of that said, my question has to do with the worlds that are chosen to be Prison Planets. If there is any kind of spiritual Essence and Will to a world, is permission required before such a high concentration of STS malice is deposited? Or do you choose an already hardened or dying world to absorb all of the foolishness?

The latter. And it is not we who choose.

How long ago did the Zetas first visit earth, and what was the planet and people like at that time?

We were here before man was genetically engineered from the ape. We were here when the intelligent species was reptilian. For a long time.

What is the root cause of tinnitus? Are there any remedies to reduce the severity of the sound and is there a cure? If so, could you please explain?

This is nerve damage to the ear, and has many causes and many cures depending upon the reason for nerve damage. Your doctors are aware of these.

I have read article "Sharper Axis" ../xtime/x32.htm I understand that at expected passage of the Planet X there will be bigger slope of an axis of the Earth than now because there will be longer passage of the Planet X with unitary poleshift that the Earth will have time to make magnetic alignment on lines of an external magnetic field earlier than its core will renew rotation. The Zetas can tell what angle of slope of an axis the Earth will to have after the poleshift?

What we stated in the article you mention was as follows "However, normally, rotation is much more aligned with the magnetic alignment than at present. A tilt does occur, so seasons such as winter and summer do occur, in fact, a bit more extreme than at present." This states that the geographic and magnetic poles will be close together, and as the magnetic alignment is always the same, for the solar system, this implies a larger tilt and more extreme seasons. You can compute the angle. We also stated: "But as those humans incarnated, alive at present, will find the Earth cooling down for some time, due to the friction of the core and heated land masses, they will not find the winters extreme to the point of freezing in colder climes. And due to the increasing ocean surface, where the moderating effect of ocean currents can condition the air above land, they will likewise not find themselves frying. The future, for the hybrids and the new cities of the future, will take into account the changed seasons, so not to worry."

Here is a link to the article hinting at recent discovery of Sun's Dark Twin. Was it really found by scientists ? If no, then can it be found with our earthy accessories soon ?

We have stated that the Sun's binary twin, an unlit sun, is some 18.74 sun-Pluto distances away, in the direction from which Planet X emerges to sling through the solar system. This is out toward Orion, at an angle approximately 11 degrees below the Ecliptic. If the NASA article is talking about this direction, and this distance, then it is the same, but we doubt this.

Can you say if we are proceeding to/through a 7 yet and if not how much longer would you say until we hit a 7?

As we have stated ad naseum, we will not give a timeline. We are also not yet at a 7.

Do you see Yellowstone calming or becoming more active?

Yellowstone reacts to stress periodically by quake swarms and the like, so may enter quiet periods again. However, as with all Earth changes, we predict a steady uptick.

Will inhabitants of Planet X or its satellite objects experience changes as well as Planet Earth? Or, have they devised ways to avoid the upheavals?

As we have mentioned in the body of ZetaTalk, the residents of Planet X do not experience any turmoil as a result of the passage. Planet X is the bully magnet, and Earth is litter along the roadside.

And this set of Qs will be about Earth's Twin. Wikipedia proves 2 arguments why it can not be located against the Earth. I would like Zetas to comment them please. Dark Twin had to be detectable from Earth because of its gravitational influence upon the other planets of the Solar System. No such influence has been detected, and indeed space probes sent to Venus, Mars and other places could not have successfully flown by or landed on their targets if DT existed, as it was not accounted for in navigational calculation. As for the Lagrangian points (L)… Any planetary sized body at Earth's L3 point should have been visible by STEREO coronagraphs during the first half of 2007. The separation of the STEREO spacecraft from Earth would give them a view of the L3 point during the early phase of the mission. Later, as the spacecraft continued to separate, the L3 point drifted out of the field of view. Given the sensitivity of STEREO's COR2 coronagraph, anything larger than 100 km in diameter should have been detected. And this is my Q - Zetas stated DT is not strictly against the Earth now, did not they? In this case it had to be seen alread. [and from another] The Dark Twin was seen by naked eye and photographed as it came around in the shared orbit after the Earth halted.

A few centuries ago, mankind assumed the Earth to be flat. Not much progress has been made since that time. The Dark Twin is a black hunk of rock, that absorbs almost all light spectrums entirely, as is stated in ZetaTalk.

What do the Zeta's think of Obama's question and answer with Republicans? Judging by many of the comments on youtube it seems to have put Obama in a good light with many Republicans.

Our evaluation is not necessary. Fox News told you how things were going. They ended their coverage early to bring you non-news.

Zetatalk has mentioned that in previous pole shifts Aliens have modified the destruction to make it more severe in certain areas in order to keep a better balance of tyranical to benevolent forces on earth. For example the destruction of Atlantis was an assisted destruction. Question is, will there be this type of assist this time around and in what areas.

No, on both counts.

This one is an Annunaki skull ../theword/tword07y.gif But who is this one ../theword/tword07z.gif? It has different shape.

Neither are Annunaki skulls, and it does not matter what life form they represent.

This report of three missile like objects seen over the sky in Newfoundland?

A single woman reports a bollide, which she assumes to be a missile, and this is news? Fireballs are on the increase!

Zetatalk has references to the polarization going on and getting worse, between those in denial and those that see the signs and recognize they aren't being told the truth (i.e. global warming, man-made earthquake machines, etc.). While maintaining the best answer is simply to prepare as that is all anyone can do anyway, there have recently been articles in the mainstream media accusing anyone preaching "2012 doomsday" is doing a disservice to the public. A reporter for the Denver Post even went so far as to suggest last November that 4th-graders were emailing a local astronomer saying they were "afraid to die" and asking if it's "all true". Naturally no-one wants to unnecessarily frighten young children, but when these claims are made - to help silence those that are trying to bring a possible poleshift to their neighbors' attention - what would the Zetas say is an appropriate response?

Nancy has had this argument thrown at her for years, and responds with an analogy. If you see someone standing in the middle of the road where a truck is bearing down on them, would you fail to call out a warning because it might momentarily frighten them? Which is the greater service? To warn them so they can get out of the way or to say nothing so as not to alarm them?

With the vast number of alien forms, was it a huge coincidence that the Anunaki had DNA and form capable of being attracted to and able to reproduce with humans? I guess I'm thinking a species would only be attracted to their own kind, like we would not find the Sasquatch attractive at all.

How do you know? Have you met a Sasquatch? Both the Annunaki and humans were genetically engineered, so the coincidence is not all that surprising. Similar engineers were involved.

Is planet x currently moving away from the sun or is it still being rather firmly held in the cusp?

Planet X is moving outbound from the Sun, approximately mid-way between the Earth and the Sun, and slightly to the right of the Sun in the view from Earth.

When one talks about being concerned about humanity in general to ones friends, and they ponder upon it, are they not essentially giving the call?

Yes, but this depends upon the person who is pondering. Some ponder and are open to a visit, others ponder and are closed.

The New Madrid rip is supposedly a series of quakes well before the pole shift. Can you say how long these series of quakes will last? Would it all be within a trimester, starting from the first "major quake" in eastern US?

We are not allowed to be that specific, as we have often stated.

What kind of info do contactees learn through counselling from outside visitors? For instance are contactees given more information then what's provided through ZetaTalk? Or when a contactee is planning on their plans for the future? Are they hinted on what to expect and when more precisely than what ZetaTalk alludes regarding a timeline?

Timeline information is never revealed. Counseling is as varied as people are from one another.

Earlier, in one of the threads the Zetas had said, when asked what is it that the average man could do to help ppl around, you were mostly inspirational in saying that man only has take steps by himself to help others. But I'm looking for examples that you could cite, without lets say giving up the plans on the more secretive, and important plans ppl have for the sake of humanity.

Your actions are for you to decide. We are not here to direct your steps.

I couldn't find reference in ZT to this magnificent crop circle from 2009. Could you offer some insight as to it's meaning?

The serpentine twist is, as we have mentioned in other crop circle analysis, the magnetic dance that the Earth and Planet X have now entered. Planet X has a retrograde orbit and a retrograde rotation, and thus collides with the Earth on both those fronts during a passage.

By achieving magnetic gearing with an electromagnetic coil could free energy then be achieved thru conventional earth technology IE simple circuits and copper wire along with neodymium iron born magnets.

Man will not discover free energy, as those among mankind who are disposed to Service-to-Self are not to have this power. We have stated this repeatedly within ZetaTalk.

When Planet X first becomes visible to the naked eye, approximately 7 weeks prior to the shift, will it be noticeable just under the Sun and slightly to the right?

This is more a factor of where the Earth is at that time, as during the last weeks the Earth will be in gyrations.

How can you be certain that PX is not Jupiter? What can the Zetas provide as to valid sources of information on the location of Jupiter and PX?

This is like asking how you can be certain your foot is attached to your leg! Have you read ZetaTalk at all? Have you looked at the recent evidence of its presence between the Sun and Earth, such as the appearances on SOHO and the Stereo images and the magnetic dance where Earth on occasion is losing her S Pole? Do you think?

In reference to your above mentioned thread discussing NASA doctoring: could you look at this cyberspaceorbit page and comment whether Kent's "winged Ra" is PX?: It looks exactly like the images you've identified as valid PX images. Is Steadman's image a valid image of PX, yea or nay? [and from another] In the Fall of the year, we begin to be able to see Orion in the night sky. But up until December, this is not possible because it is in the day sky, so September 18, 2002, when Planet X was coming near to arrive naked eye visible in the evening sky by March 26, 2003, it could have been caught by the SOHO. Jupiter, after all, reflects sunlight and can be seen on SOHO when it is opposite Earth. Planet X with tail is certainly as large, as the tail is vast. Such a distant image would include the full tail, reflecting sunlight from afar. I have a page where I try to describe to the public what they are looking at in the CCD images, a stampede analogy. Now we see it up close, with only part of the tail hugging Planet X in a double helix, with the rest of the tail spread around. But in September 18, 2002 like the KidA image in April 13, 2003, when it had the tail around it, the double helix that causes the wings, the full tail is reflecting light from the Sun.

The Winged Globe at least is Planet X, yes.

Recently in the news we heard a 6 year old boy was sent to the principle's office and asked to be excused to go to the restroom and later found he hung himself in there. Was this an act of a soul knowing the earthchanges upon earth and wanting a way out? Sort of a soul depression?

6 year old children are not aware in the strict sense of what is coming. It should not be assumed that children do not commit suicide or long for this. When they succeed, it is called an accident.

As Planet X gets closer will it cause an unexpected eclipse of the Sun ?

As is well known in legend, this does occur in the last weeks but this is primarily when the Earth is drawn close to Planet X during slowing rotation. It is then that it seems to eclipse the Sun. However, the descriptions are that is appears as large as the Sun or the Moon. The sense of an eclipse is due to the dust cloud, which is engulfing Earth, and thus blocking the Sun.

The usual definition for "humane" is "marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed." The word humane has always been applied by humans about humans. The various groups of non-humans, who are presently working for the benefit of mankind, certainly fit the definition. Is there a word or phrase that humans could use to describe this compassion and sympathy on a greater scale?

We think the Humane Society would take exception with your description.

Can the Zeta's please comment on whether the Starchild skull is an alien-human hybrid, pure alien or a hoax? If alien ancestry was involved, could the Zeta's discuss which one?

The Starchild skull is a legitimate alien skull.

Please can u answer my question? I bet it has already been asked before, but i just have to know it..

Can u please provide me with information about the real meaning of chemtrails? It just drives me utter and insane nuts! I get sick all the time after a heavy spraying day, just like 2 days ago, thursday morning obe the cities Leiden and Zoeterwoude in the Netherlands.. I had to call myself home sick for work the next day.. Very sore throath and lost of couching / sneezing and more flu like symptoms..

Everyone thinks i am crazy in my close surroundings, but there are so much people on the internet who give all sorts of information that i dont know what is true and not true anymore..

Is it to lower our health?
Is it to make / reduse global warming?
Is it a tool needed for HAARP?

Chemtrails originally were to sicken the populace, in order to test the ability of the wealthy to slow migration of hungry mobs toward their enclaves. This was not done by governments, but by the wealthy.When the US military discovered that the original plan was for them to participate, in essence poisoning the populace they were charged with protecting, they rebelled and refused, and the campaign changed. It is now done to fog up the view of Planet X as a Second Sun.

Can the Zeta's explain why when waking one has a sense of time passing after normal sleep, but none after undergoing general anaesthesia? Why is it a different experience ?

Even when asleep, the brain is aware of its surroundings. How would it be otherwise, when a sound or a breeze or some unfamiliar occurrence can cause one to awaken from a sound sleep? Under anaesthesia, this is suppressed.

The Zetas indicated that there will be few humans left 100 years after the shift. Assuming the surviving humans will continue to have children even under very difficult circumstances, why won't the poulation increase? Is the method used for the Neanderthals going to be applied to humans?

The difference is that only Service-to-Other souls will be reincarnating on Earth, and they will be in contact, increasingly, with high tech alien communities. It would be the desire of Service-to-Other humans to have the best for their children, who will thus be given Zeta genes so they too can have a longer life, a healthier life, etc.

While doing some research on animal rights around the world, I ran across a video of the happenings in a slaughter house in the mid-East. From the moment the animals arrived in trucks, at which point they were just pushed out onto the ground below, it was evident that none of the workers felt the slightest empathy or compassion. In fact, one worker went out of his way to cause suffering and fear in the animals he dealt with. The look on his face still haunts me. It appeared to be a combination of anger and pleasure as he stabbed the animal repeatedly, even after he cut its throat. Are certain individuals drawn to this sort of experience? Does working in any slaughter house change an individual?

It is not the slaughter house that changes an individual. It is the individual choosing to work in this environment, where such opportunities exist.

There are tons of used nuclear fuel stored and still bringing in Russia. Today those containers have all necessary maintenance, but what is going to happen to it after PS and those years later? Also the problem of "disarmed" chemical weapons exists. Needed volumes of its utilization are not achieved because of finance problems, and methods of storing are far from being safe, as I know. The amount of these "reserves" are such that can kill all the mankind. What would it be?

We have frequently been asked about nuclear materials, and the answer is as follows. This is in many hands, including human hands. The more concern there is about this matter, the more those in the Service-to-Other are considered to have given the Call about this matter, and this translates to the greater likelihood that aliens will be allowed to intervene on behalf of those making the request for mankind in general. Steps have already been taken, but you should not simply, like a child assuming parental rescue, relax. We have stated that industrial chemicals, in tanks, will explode and mix and make a terrible mess for those in the vicinity. However, the torrential rains and ocean sloshing will dissipate these cess pools, and in the Aftertime there will be cleanup efforts, as many who will be reincarnating or surviving have asked to participate in such efforts. Short of encouraging those industries who currently store these chemicals to cease such operations, there is little a citizen can do.