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Issue 770, Sunday July 4, 2021
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Eclipse Reveals

Solar Eclipses have always been a nervous time for the Nibiru cover-up crowd, because the glare of the Sun is reduced so the Nibiru Complex nearby can stand out. The establishment has many maneuvers to prevent the public from seeing the obvious. NASA and JPL have their cameras focus on the side of the Sun where Nibiru will not make an appearance, as occurred in 2010. By 2015 the Nibiru Complex – the Moon Swirls and Nibiru itself - was showing up. NASA blamed SunSpot activity, though this activity did not line up with the visible orbs.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/17/2010: Nibiru was at a perfect angle for a dramatic appearance during the July 11, 2010 eclipse. The establishment, desperate to maintain the cover-up during such a well watched event, was frantic, as live feed from several sources had been promised. As anyone watching the event from several webcams noted, the lead-up to the event was played for almost an hour prior to the full eclipse. This was not a worry because the establishment knew that Nibiru would only make its appearance as the eclipse was waning, pulling away from the spot where Nibiru could shine without competition from the glare of the Sun. The order went out to cut all cams as soon as the total eclipse was ended, and remarkably, worldwide, on all cams, this occurred.

The June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse, however, showed more than a peek of light on the edge when the Sun came out from hiding. It showed a massive notch in the Sun at the 4 o’clock position, with a visible orb at the notch point. This notch lined up with a recent photo of Nibiru captured by Alberto. Mario noted that the orb visible during the eclipse had a shadow on the shade side, and Alberto’s photos did too. Even the Circle Makers agreed, laying down a Crop Circle design on Mud Lane on June 9 which was clearly encouraging the public to look at the coming eclipse. 

ZetaTalk Comment 6/30/2021: Eclipse photos are not designed to reveal the Nibiru complex, as taking photos of the Sun requires that a heavy filter be used to protect the camera lens. Thus, the sky during an eclipse that takes place during the day seems to be black. Hardly the appearance of the sky during the day. Nevertheless, several photos clearly show Nibiru at approximately the 4 o’clock position to the Sun. The Crop Circle design laid the day before at Mud Lane pointed the public to look for the Planet of the Crossing just outside the area assumed by the Sun and Moon

Further analysis of the Mud Lane Crop Circle, when compared against a June 12 photo from Alberto, shows yet more correlation. The Crop Circle design shows a large object at the 2 o’clock position to the Sun, and Alberto’s photo likewise has this large object. This is an object with a new appearance! And what does that periphery line in the Crop Circle represent?  The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/30/2021: Alberto’s latest photo on June 12 shows many aspects of the Nibiru Complex, and they compare almost exactly to the Mud Lane Crop Circle laid on June 9 - the day before the Solar Eclipse on June 10. The Circle Makers showed the anticipated location of Nibiru – the Planet of the Crossing – with an X, and indeed a notch appeared at that location in Eclipse photos. Alberto shows Nibiru as a solid object, with a shadow on the shade side, and other photographers noted that shadow too.

There is a remarkable correlation of this Crop Circle to the location of objects captured on film during the time of the Eclipse. In Alberto’s photo there is a curious large orb at the 2 o’clock position. This object has a pattern, like Bubble Wrap, across its surface. A smaller Bubble Wrap orb can be seen near Nibiru, and others are also faintly seen nearby. The perimeter circle in the Crop Circle is the orbit of Venus, to give perspective on distance. Nibiru has not yet crossed the orbit of Venus.

Petrol Bubbles have been seen as individual small bubbles, then Petrol Masses as they merge, and eventually Petrol Monsters. They darkened when they absorbed the charged Red Dust. The Bubble Wrap is showing a Petrol Monster that has absorbed the moons and debris in the tail of Nibiru! These stand apart from each other due to the gravity Repulsion Force, so along with the Surface Tension present in any Petrol Mass, they produce the Bubble Wrap appearance.

Nibiru is making its presence known in a number of ways lately. Mr MBB333 caught an image of Venus on May 12 in the wrong place, due to the manipulation of the SOHO images that NASA does. SOHO is given so many overlays to disguise the reality of Nibiru, that they slipped up and presented a Venus in the wrong place. But, despite Mr MBB333’s confusion, the coverup lives on.

ZetaTalk Insight 5/30/2021: What the reluctant Mr MBB333 has discovered in the SOHO image appears to be a planet as large as Venus on the edge of the Sun or slightly behind the Sun. Though Venus is supposed to be well to the West in its expected orbit, it is caught in the eddy flow of particles coming round behind Nibiru and thus has been moved back and forth in front of the Sun to simulate an orbit in accordance with the Element of Doubt rule. Venus is not far to the West at present but clustered close by with the Dark Twin and Earth.

Why does this object appear to be caught in the flames of the Sun’s Corona if it is not perched upon the edge of the Sun? The perfectly circular sphere of Venus is only possible because what SOHO sees is 2D, without depth.  And the SOHO images are composites, especially at this time when Nibiru must be air brushed out of the images. This is an automated process. Some portions of an image may be allowed to create authenticity, and the Sun is captured on film by many amateurs.

It is primarily the objects closer to Earth that are excluded – where Nibiru would be found or slinging up to the left where the moon laden tail would be found. These regions are primarily replaced by older SOHO images. But this Venus is not far enough to the left to be replaced in the composite. First the upper quadrants as they are today are put in place. Then the lower quadrants from older SOHO images are put in place. Then the Sun with its Corona. NASA will invent a Solar Flare to explain this stumble, and the cover-up over Nibiru lives on.

Then there are the EMP outages, striking without apparent reason on the island of Puerto Rico. This is quickly blamed on cyber attacks or ghosts in the control room. But the Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center site shows a massive EMP attack occurred. The Zetas explain.

Puerto Rico Probes Fire that left 900K Clients without Power
June 10, 2021
Luma Energy was already struggling with thousands of outages. People are seen walking in a street in darkness by a power outage due to a cyberattack in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 10, 2021. Officials don’t know what caused a transformer to blow in a secured area monitored by cameras.
Giant Explosion and Cyberattack cause Major Blackouts across Puerto Rico
June 12, 2021
A large fire at an electrical substation for Puerto Rico’s new electricity provider, Luma Energy, knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of the island’s residents. Earlier that day, the company announced its client portal and mobile app fell victim to a cyberattack that disrupted customer access to its online services.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/30/2021: During the S America Roll, the Caribbean Plate is pushed down on its southern edge while lifting on its northern edge. The S America Roll is finalizing, with many quakes in Central America and down along the Andes as a result. Thus the Caribbean is lifting on its northern edge and has been hammered with quakes in the Leeward Islands. Rock stress is a known attractant for EMP, the electronic screech in the rock wanting to arc up to a screech in the atmosphere. Thus during a strong EMP blast from Nibiru, Puerto Rico was caught in the crosshairs.

Aftertime Control

While we at ZetaTalk are encouraging the common man to prepare for self-sufficiency in the Aftertime, the elite are planning to be Kings and treating the common man as Serfs. We have a wealth class system now, where the 1% consider themselves to be Kings, but they hope for more control in the Aftertime – frankly running slave labor camps. Last January, 2021 it was noted that those managing the Gates fortune were buying up all the farmland in the US. Now this trend has been identified for the housing market.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 01/31/2021: A quick check of trends over the past decade indicates consolidation of US farmland from small family farms into corporate hands. This consolidation is taking place in all sectors of food production. Though Gates and his wife Melinda are now Doubles, their massive wealth still resides in the hands of others who have a like mindset. They know what is coming, massive Earth changes driving the residents in cities into the countryside. Starving, they will be forced to work as slaves for their corporate masters. This is the plan being implemented. 

If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension Fund
April 21, 2021
From individuals with smartphones and a few thousand dollars to pensions and private-equity firms with billions, yield-chasing investors are snapping up single-family houses to rent out or flip. They are competing for houses with ordinary Americans, who are armed with the cheapest mortgage financing ever, and driving up home prices.
If You Can’t Beat Institutional Real Estate Investors, Join Them
June 9, 2021
Competition is heating up for single family homes due to demand from institutional real estate investors. There has been rapidly growing demand for single family rentals across the country, particularly in the South and Southeast. Demand is driven primarily by demographic changes, i.e. millennials starting families. There are also affordability constraints as there are more people moving away from small apartments in expensive cities to larger homes with yards.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/30/2021: Why has the US housing market suddenly become popular? The Gates foundation only recently started to buy up all US farmland available. Now pension funds are buying up tract housing projects and attempting to capture the housing market. The wealthy have always anticipated being in control during the Aftertime, after the Pole Shift has ravaged the Earth. They envision the common man will have no choice but to work their slave farms in order to be fed and housed. For this utopia for the wealthy to happen, they would need the cooperation of the US Military.  

What in fact will happen in the US as the Pole Shift approaches will be Martial Law. Under Martial Law property can be confiscated, with fair compensation of the property owner the least concern. If there are millions of citizens out in the rain because cities have been leveled by earthquakes or the citizenry forcibly moved due to erupting volcanoes, the US Military will simply confiscate housing and set the citizens to work in work camps growing crops and tending domestic animals. Will today’s wealthy be in charge? No.

Media Wars

The most frustrating aspect of the media wars is that the Cabal owns the media, and thus can spew falsehoods and deny the truth. Any attempt to use the EBS by the Trump Administration to inform the public that Biden’s inauguration was illegal was blocked by the Cabal’s control of the airways, despite the fact that this was illegal interference. The plan to give a comprehensive explanation to the public was put on hold. By silencing the EBS, the Cabal ensured that only lies would be allowed to get through to the public.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks
January 19, 2021
The media is going down first in a few hours because they are not sharing the truth and Project Oden will take over via Star link. This will be parallel with EO 13959. EBS will be used. This will be a global. EBS likely to occur on Monday the 18th along with blackout of major TV news sites, etc.

Blocking the Emergency Broadcast System had happened earlier too, during the Obama Administration when Obama was determined to announce the presence of Nibiru. The Cabal does not want the public to know the truth about Nibiru, and prevailed. Now the Junta and the White Hats are striking back and turning the tide! Per the Zetas, the Fastly outage was to give the Cabal a taste of what their life might soon be like if they are denied the airwaves! The Cabal had earlier tried to warn and silence Cox Media, and Congress had likewise been attacked.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/8/2014: Although the EBS system did arrive at AT&T U-verse clients, it was intended to go out to all TV stations and did not. This despite extensive checking in the months ahead of that Friday October 24. TV stations are not owned by the government, in the main, and this is certainly true in the US. They are corporate owned, and thus subject to the dictates of the wealthy elite who own them. Thus the EBS and Oval Office routes are closed to Obama, as are any pressers where he is speaking live. The fact that this block would be so complete and ruthless was frankly a surprise to the announcement team.

Hundreds of Websites Worldwide go Down - with UK Government, Spotify and Amazon all Affected
June 8, 2021
Hundreds of websites worldwide crashed following a massive internet outage – with the UK government, Amazon and Spotify among those experiencing issues. Millions of users across the globe reported problems trying to access web pages, with Netflix, Twitch and news websites including the BBC, Guardian, CNN and the New York Times hit by the problem.
Internet Down: Many of World’s Biggest Websites Crash, Including Amazon, UK Government, and Reddit
June 8, 2021
Everything from Reddit to the New York Times and the UK government’s website stopped loading around the globe, with users seeing a range of error messages.
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ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2021: Fastly, a company that bragged on its security, came crashing down on June 8 and this was not an accident. Note that many of the leading Fake News sites, notably anti-Trump, were affected – CNN and the New York Times and Twitter. Yet just days earlier some neutral news carriers such as Cox had been attacked by ransom demands. Is this a media war? We have noted repeatedly that the most difficult element of the war on truth has been control of the media. As has been noted, Twitter and FaceBook are virulently anti-Trump.

This sword cuts both ways, and that was the message being delivered by this outage. Fastly brags on their security, yet it utterly failed for a full day.  We, the Zetas, assisted in this caper, as it was clear that the media planned to block the truth about the 2020 election so the public would be confused and divided. Recounts and audits in many states are showing the degree of election fraud, yet does the public hear of this? Our teleport ability puts Junta technicians into locked rooms, and this was one aspect of the attack. Should the anti-Trump media bellow about their 1st Amendment rights, they can sue us.

Cyberattack Suspected in Cox TV and Radio Outages
June 5, 2021
A reported ransomware attack on Cox Media Group (CMG) has crippled streaming and other internal operations of dozens of radio and television stations scattered across America’s 20 broadcast markets.
60 Congress Members Hacked, Locked Out of Databases for Weeks
June 8, 2021
The ransomware attack targeted iConstituent, a tech vendor used by dozens of House offices that enables lawmakers to provide constituent outreach. It is unclear who is responsible for the latest ransomware attack amid a series of hacks that have targeted U.S. government offices in recent months.

Does this mean all truth is a hostage of the Cabal? What to do? Man has Free Will on the Earth, which is a school house for young souls to explore Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self behavior. And in the US there is freedom of speech, the 1st Amendment right, so the media can say whatever version of the facts it wants. Per the Zetas, the Council of Worlds has the power to push back against the Cabal. The tools the Council of Worlds has at its deposal include allowing a Severe Wobble to occur and allowing EMP to attack the Cabal media. Hawaii was warned about pending waves, and the Zetas explained the plan.

ZetaTalk Revelation 6/30/2021: This UFO display represents the tidal waves that will assault Hawaii during the sloshing of severe wobbles anticipated to occur soon. As detailed in prior Safe Locations warnings for Hawaii, the islands of Hawaii can anticipate the waves going around the islands, not over them. Nevertheless, it will be a terrifying experience.

Severe Wobble has been detailed for the Last Weeks but episodes could occur before then too. The Council of Worlds feels the people of Earth need to be aware of the approach of Nibiru, and have formulated a plan to force the issue past the cover-up in place. The Cabal controlled media refuses to admit Nibiru, so all who say otherwise are ridiculed.

The Council of Worlds has approved increasingly severe wobble, to increase gradually so as not to panic the people. This wobble will proceed to the extent that the Sun may rise in the North, or the globe turn upside down temporarily, with rotation seeming to move from East to West during that time. Meanwhile, those media outlets suppressing the truth and spewing lies, such as CNN and MSNBC, will be silenced. They will have no voice. Nibiru visibility is already present but will be increased during this time.