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Issue 777, Sunday August 22, 2021
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Turkey Squeeze

Massive fires were in process in Turkey and Sardinia in late July. Why the massive wildfires? Note the location above the portion of the Africa Plate unable to drop at present. The Africa Plate has a hook there, preventing movement. It is being hammered against Turkey and Greece, creating the heat that unrelenting pressure will produce. This issue came up last March when the Ever Given was squeezed in the Suez Canal. The Zetas explain.

Bathing Tourists Calmly look on as Firefighting Aircraft Scoop Water from the Sea to Tackle Raging Turkish Forest Inferno
July 28, 2012
The provincial authority in Manavgat confirmed that officials are in the process of “trying to take control of a massive fire,” as footage circulating on social media shows the blaze sending smoke into the air above residential properties.
Most Forest Fires Contained as PKK-Linked Group Vows Arson Attacks
August 1, 2021
The number of forest fires that have gripped the country since last week dropped to five from 107. Meanwhile, Turkey continues to suspect the fires may be linked to arson by the terrorist group PKK, whose affiliate threatened arson attacks. Turkish people on social media were quick to put the blame on the PKK-linked "Children of Fire Initiative" for a series of fires that have hit Turkey recently, as PKK sympathizers also hailed the fires on Twitter. The PKK has a long history of burning Turkey's forests as a method of "vengeance" against the Turkish state, causing civilian deaths and environmental destruction in the process.

Sardinia is Burning like a Torch – Thousands Evacuated – Across California and Nevada too
July 27, 2021
Massive wildfires have ravaged tens of thousands of hectares on the Italian island of Sardinia. Firefighters are struggling to contain the blaze as it rages for a third day straight, with Rome asking the EU for help. No deaths or injuries have been reported so far but hundreds of sheep, goats, cows and pigs died in the blaze as they were trapped in barns at farms in the wildfires’ path. On Monday, the fires that raged over the weekend were still raging close to at least 13 Sardinian towns, despite the efforts of at least 11 firefighting aircraft and fire crews on the ground.

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/31/2021: The shape of the Africa Plate is such that there is a hook above Syria where it abuts Greece and Turkey. This prevents the Africa Plate from dropping toward the Indian Ocean as it rolls. The Africa Plate must turn in place, separating where it connects to the Eurasian Plate across the Mediterranean, pulling the northeast side of the Africa Plate down and scraping it past Israel and the Saudi Plate. During this process, it applies much pressure against Turkey, and at times squeezes the Suez Canal as the episode with the trapped Ever Given showed.

Two things cause hot earth. One is subduction as is occurring along the Andes and West Coast of the US. One plate sliding under another creates heat from friction. The second cause of hot earth is compression, being pressed together. This likewise causes heat particles to become crowded and want to escape. Turkey and Sardinia are affected by the Africa Roll press to the East, which will not be relieved until that corner of the Africa Plate drops and pulls apart at the Sinai. Meanwhile, Turkey must fight endless wildfires, scarcely any of which are caused by arson.

ZetaTalk Analysis 3/31/2021: The Eurasian Plate is clearly being stretched above the Mediterranean, with the top part of the African Plate being pushed against Greece. As the African Plate drops, it will pull the Sinai Peninsula away from its prior moorings, so that travel between Israel and Egypt will be disrupted.

ZetaTalk Analysis 3/31/2021: The African Plate has a notch at Syria which holds the African Plate in place. Thus to drop into the Indian Ocean, the African Plate must scrape past Syria and Israel, squeezing the Red Sea during this drop. Once past this squeeze, the African Plate will be free to pull apart the Mediterranean and many other dramas will emerge. The Ever Given became stuck in the Suez Canal not due to wind but due to a shifting canal floor.

ZetaTalk Analysis 3/31/2021: There is a rock spur between the coastline of Syria and Israel and the coastline of Turkey that prevents the top nob of the African Plate from dropping into the Indian Ocean. Thus at present the roll presses aggressively toward the East, and is now resulting in a squeezed Suez Canal.

The pressure on Turkey and Greece also has been evident down along the Saudi Plate, near the Gulf of Oman where the Saudi Plate has a rock point jabbing into Iran. EMP caused a blackout of the Earth’s Magnetosphere monitoring equipment, as can clearly be seen on the charts for August 3-4. Up to 8 tankers passing through the Straits of Hormuz on those days lost control of their steering mechanisms. Britain quickly claimed Iran was up to mischief, but per the Zetas it was EMP arcing from rock pressure.

6 Ships in Gulf of Oman lose Control, Days after Vessel Attacked by Drones
August 3, 2021
Reports say Iranian-backed forces may have seized Asphalt Princess tanker; British military calls it a ‘potential hijack’. At least six ships off the coast of the United Arab Emirates broadcast warnings that they had lost control of their steering under unclear circumstances as British authorities reported “a potential hijack” was underway in the area. The six vessels announced around the same time via their Automatic Identification System trackers that they were “not under command,” according to That typically means a vessel has lost power and can no longer steer.
Iranian-Backed Forces Believed to have Seized Tanker - Maritime Security Sources
August 3, 2021
Iranian-backed forces are believed to have seized an oil tanker in the Gulf off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. Iran’s foreign ministry said reports of security incidents involving several ships near the UAE coast were “suspicious” and warned against any effort to create a “false atmosphere” against Tehran.
Troubled Ship off UAE Coast is ‘Safe’ after Boarders Leave, UK Navy Agency says amid Reports about Iranian Hijacking
August 4, 2021
The Panama-flagged asphalt and bitumen tanker Asphalt Princess was hijacked by a group of armed men, which were believed to have been acting on behalf of Iran. According to the vessel-tracking website, the ship changed course and began heading towards Iranian waters off the port of Jask, but later stopped and changed course back towards Oman. The reported incident comes amid heightened tensions in the region, as international shipping has repeatedly become hostage to the conflict between Iran and the West. The US, UK, and Israel blamed Iran for a drone attack on the Israeli-operated oil tanker Mercer Street off the coast of Oman, which killed two crew members. Tehran denied any involvement.

Cover-up Games Magnetosphere Data Hide and Seek
Almost 6 hours of BATSRUS Y-Cut and other ISWA Magnetosphere cygnet omissions Aug 4, 2021.
The Y-cut last image 01:32 and first return image 07:27 UTC following omission period. The 07:27 image also recording a Polarity Increase. 24 hour ACE Magnetic Field readings. ISWA KP Index and solar wind speeds/velocity. The daytime forward Sun facing portion of Earth's Magnetosphere. Even SWPC is showing omissions, with the KP Index well within the range of normal in the hours before and after omissions. Must of been one hell of a magnetic blast (last night was a tough night for me to sleep).

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/31/2021: The African Roll involves pressure on the Saudi Plate, as the NE corner of the African Plate slides down from a hook at Turkey, thence scrapes past Syria and Israel, and finally scrapes past Saudi Arabia. This at first pushes the top of the Saudi boot to the East, then later to the West, creating turmoil in the oil fields of Iraq. Since the Saudi Plate has a point at the UAE that would experience pressure during any movement of the Saudi Plate, did the geology of this region play a role in the early August tanker incident in the Gulf of Oman?

When Electro-Magnetic Pulse arcs from compressed rock to the charged atmosphere above it certainly knocks out mankind’s electronics. The EMP was so strong going into August 4 that all of mankind’s instruments to the Magnetosphere were knocked out of commission. Would this likewise cause tankers to lose their steering control? Despite claims by Britain that this was caused by Iranian terrorists boarding the tankers, there is no evidence of this claim. Nor does the number of tankers involved (up to 8) support the British claim. This was EMP.

Announcing Nibiru

The struggle to make a general announcement about Nibiru’s pending Passage has been long running, filled with assassinated astronomers and arguments in smoke filled rooms. When Obama was incarnated with the soul of Lincoln, he determined to inform the people of the world, but after General Dunford had the US prepared for riots during the Jade Helm exercises, Obama “lost courage” in the words of the Zetas, and failed to step forward.

Then for a time a means of making the announcement emerged called the Prongs, as per the Zetas it would be a multi-pronged effort. This started in January, 2016 with the announcement of a discovery called Planet 9 out in the direction of Orion. Lund University described a gravity tug out in the direction of Orion, which is of course the direction and path for the inbound Nibiru. The Prong effort failed because of threats and pressure on the astronomers and observatories involved.

Meanwhile, as the Zetas predicted, Nibiru visibility increased by January 2021 to the point where its presence was undeniable. The Earth wobble was palpable with the Sun rising and setting in the wrong place. The String of Pearls had been repeatedly seen and captured on film, and the Petrol in the tail of Nibiru has been descending upon Earth for months. The Earth Orientation Charts showed the increasing wobble, and the magnetic blasts from Nibiru were recorded by the Schuman Resonance blackouts.

Per the Zetas, due to the stalemate among mankind’s leaders on Earth, the Council of Worlds plans to take steps. This would include a Severe Wobble and blocking Fake News. The DNS failure on the Akamai servers was to be an example of what the Council could accomplish. But is there more? The ZetaTalk website is linked in a Google search for the word Nibiru, and is internationally known. But the Junta would be dealing with a double disclosure as the ZetaTalk accuracy forces an admission that the alien presence as well as the Nibiru presence is real.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/31/2021: The problem the Junta faces is the interconnection between the Alien Presence and Nibiru. Thus, to admit one is to admit the other, potentially causing a double panic.

But for some reason, in early August, we are finding trusted and true voices speaking out! Ann Eller, who was Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s administrative assistant up to the time of his death in 1986, is the real deal. Her book Dragon in the Sky speaks to the arrival of Nibiru, and in that Dr. Hynek was an advisor for the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, you can believe that she has insights into the reality of the alien presence. Why has her new website only been assisted to get back onto the web now, on August 2?

Another with valid insider information source is John Moore, who is on the web as the Liberty Man and has a regular broadcast on Rumble. An abbreviated quote from an August 1 article in Natural News about a new Moore insider leak is below. Why is this information only now being revealed? On January 11, 2012 Moore broadcast info he received from a caller about a planet entering the Solar System, due per this caller to cause chaos during a passage in 3-4 months. Per the Zetas, this was to discredit Moore. The question again becomes, why has he now received new info on August 1?

ZetaTalk Opinion 7/21/2012: John Moore’s source was provided false information to embarrass John Moore, and discredit him. The cover-up wants to be the voice that is listened to, in control of the message, and thus these other human sources of information are being taken down, ahead of time.

John Moore Reveals Military Knowledge of Civilization-Ending Global Event
August 1, 2021
The coming events have been known since at least 1979, Moore explains, and the governments of the world have kept this secret from the public in order to keep society running until the very last day before the cataclysm arrives. The event that John Moore refers to is a “tenth planet” fly-by where a, dark large planetary mass (that can only be seen with infra-red telescopes) passes near Earth’s orbital plane around the sun.
The gravitational effects alone, warned former top Navy scientists, will cause cataclysmic Earth changes consisting of unprecedented earthquakes, volcanoes and even a “pole shift” that will reportedly reorient the physical polar axis of the planet (not just the magnetic poles), thereby shifting the equator and unleashing unimaginable ocean “slosh” that will inundate coastal areas on every continent. On that day, global winds will be sustained at 200 mph for a full day. Your next challenge will be surviving the complete collapse of human civilization, as there will be no functioning farms, power grids, internet, transportation infrastructure, fuel refineries, etc.

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/31/2021: John Moore was in the news in 2012 predicting that the cataclysms caused by Nibiru would occur within months. We stated that he was deliberately sabotaged by the Nibiru cover-up to reduce his credibility. He has legitimate credentials and many contacts within the US Military, so has a well-earned following. What is to be made of his very specific description of the Passage and its effect on mankind’s infrastructure? That this is dated information from 1979 can be seen from the description.

Moore states it can only be seen by infra-red, whi ch was true in 1979 but now the common man can see it naked eye when the Sun’s glare is reduced, and the Red Dust and String of Pearls and other components of the Nibiru Complex are apparent likewise. We, the Zetas of ZetaTalk, were not on the web until 1995 but were chatting with MJ12 via Nancy much before 1979, so the description of the hurricane force winds and shattered infrastructure are essentially from ZetaTalk. So why is John Moore being allowed to share this information at this time?

The Junta in charge of the US at the current time is struggling with the urge to alert the public about the coming passage and the fear that such knowledge would incite riots and chaos in society. The Junta wants to reinstate President Trump but fears civil war, so a Nibiru admission would compound this worry. It is not just the looting and likely heart attacks, but arguments within families that would rip them apart. Workers would leave essential jobs to head for the hills, and bank failure would be certain when creditors stop making Credit Card or mortgage payments.

The US Military will soon be overwhelmed with refugees when the New Madrid unzips and would once again be forced to operate on several fronts at once. Thus the Junta seeks a way to gradually inform the public, so steps toward self-sufficiency and family planning are taken, and the shock of what the Nibiru Passage will bring is lessened. They hope the public will gradually absorb and adjust to this shock. John Moore’s leaked information will not be the only such leak, as astronomers are being primed to make reveals also.

Crop Circle Simplicity

Two new 2021 Crop Circles appear to show the Daily Earth Wobble and the Passage, in simple terms. The design at Spiers Lane in Hampshire on August 1st shows the degree of the Daily Earth Wobble at present, and how far a Severe Wobble or the Pole Shift itself would take the globe. The design at Tidcombe in Wiltshire on June 28 shows the entry and exit of Nibiru from the Solar System, and how it is pulled close to the Sun at one point.

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/31/2021: This genuine Crop Circle design at Spiers Lane shows aspects of the Daily Earth Wobble. The North and South Poles are shown in the center, with a range of motion to either side of 22.5 degrees, so that the Pole might be expected to deviate 45 degrees in total during the Wobble. It does indeed vary by that much, as many have observed. The next variance is for a pole to swing 45 degrees to one side or the other, for a total of 90 degrees, which would occur during the Severe Wobble which has been predicted. Next step is a swing of 90 degrees to either side, for a total of 180 degrees, which has been predicted to occur by the globe temporarily upside down.

This genuine Crop Circle design at Tidcombe shows the telescoping nature of Nbiru’s interaction with Earth during its Passage. This design is not a timeline as it takes Nibiru a long time to effect a Passage because it is at first fighting the backwash of particles returning to the Sun at the Ecliptic, but after crossing the Ecliptic this battle has been won and Nibiru speeds out of the Solar System. Nibiru is drawn close to the Sun during its Passage, but then the Solar System returns to its pre-Passage state after Nibiru’s exit.