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Issue 788, Sunday November 7, 2021
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Immune Exhaustion

The mRNA vaccine horror stories are many. The spike protein included will exhaust the immune system by endlessly simulating the Covid-19 virus, thus being an on-switch that has no off-switch. Per the Zetas, the Covid-19 pandemic is being used as an excuse to impose a type of Martial Law early and on the cheap. Thus the fact that the mRNA vaccines was known to cause horrific side effects were ignored. And because the spike protein seems to be perpetual as it embeds into the Messenger System, the excuse the establishment needs will be handy forever too.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2021: There is worry that the unproven mRNA vaccines would start an immune system process that cannot be turned off. The virus spike, in essence, is incorporated into the body’s production system, thus the immune system is perpetually nudged and activated.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/31/2021: As has been reported and documented, the mRNA vaccines turn an on switch for production of the spike protein that simulates the Covid-19 virus but does not provide an off switch. The worry is that this perpetual war in the body might incite auto-immune reactions.

Now a report from the UK confirms that the mRNA vaccine and its boosters are doing just that – exhausting the immune system. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) creates AIDS by such a process. HIV cannot replicate on its own, but must invade a cell in the immune system - embed and consume that cell - in order to replicate. Thus it steadily depletes the immune system until opportunistic infections kill the patients, via the process known as AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).

How HIV Infects the Body and the Lifecycle of HIV
First, the virus attaches itself to the T-helper cell; it then fuses with it, takes control of its DNA, creates copies of itself and releases more HIV into the blood. HIV infects a type of white blood cell in the body’s immune system called a T-helper cell (also called a CD4 cell). HIV cannot reproduce on its own. Instead, the virus attaches itself to a T-helper cell and fuses with it (joins together). It then takes control of the cell’s DNA, makes copies of itself inside the cell, and finally releases more HIV into the blood.
A Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest the Fully Vaccinated are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
October 10, 2021
Latest UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report figures on Covid cases show that doubly vaccinated 40-70 year olds have lost 40% of their immune system capability compared to unvaccinated people. Their immune systems are deteriorating at around 5% per week.
SARS-CoV-2 Infection aided by Antibody-Dependent Enhancement
September 30, 2021
The researchers propose that their results prove that SARS-CoV-2 infection induces antibodies that can cause ADE-induced infection, and that these antibodies persist for six months post-infection at a minimum.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/31/2021: HIV destroys the immune system by invading it and using it for replication of itself. HIV cannot replicate by any other means. The Covid-19 virus does not have this need as it can invade and use many different types of cells for replication. But destruction of the immune system can and does occur with Covid-19, albeit only temporarily. The ADE concerns with Covid-19 vaccines are legitimate. The mRNA vaccines do not completely destroy the Covid-19 virus, so a weakened viral part can become incorporated into the immune system in the same manner that HIV invades the immune system. Thus sheltered, Covid-19 variants are developed.

Why are repeated boosters of the Covid-19 vaccinations weakening the immune system? Comparing the immune system response to a human battlefield, first we have immune cells that meet the enemy on the front lines. Both the enemy and the soldiers take losses, but even though the battle appears to be won, there are the wounded to care for. The wounded soldiers are carried back and amongst these wounded are hidden enemy soldiers, who have embedded themselves. So the battle has weakened the response by exhausting the supply of soldiers and inviting the enemy to embed itself.

During an ADE invasion of the immune system, eventually, the immune system recovers. Immune cells replicate and a cleanup of virus pieces occurs. The mRNA vaccines slow this process because they generate spike protein pieces. Thus repeated booster shots with the mRNA vaccines perpetuate the ADE reaction. We mentioned early in these discussions that a worry was exhausting the immune system because the mRNA starts a process that does not have an off switch. This has now been well documented. This constant activation of an exhausted immune system can also incite auto-immune reactions.

Per the Zetas, the Cabal of Satanists saw an opportunity to effect an early Martial Law on the cheap by forcing the mNRA vaccine on the public. Via the politicians they control and the Main Stream Media they control and even the Pope whom they controlled – they hammered this message home. In the past, President Trump was concerned that the lockdowns were going to destroy more lives by crime and drug addiction and suicide. Now that the facts are in about reducing the immune system and horrific side effects, those priorities should change.  President Trump did recommend the Zelenko Protocol using HCQ as the solution. Ivermectin has proved just as useful.

ZetaTalk Advice 5/31/2021: Luc Montagnier has explained the process as the vaccine itself incites variants, by failing to effectively eliminate the original virus. During the process of killing pathogens, the white cells consume the pathogens, and if this process is not complete, the pathogen lives on within the white blood cell. This is a process that happens in HIV, where the T-helper cells carry the virus - the immune system itself infected. Covid-19 is not HIV, but when any Covid-19 virus is not completely killed but lives on within the immune system, the possibility of a mutant emerging exists. Crippled, changed, but like Frankenstein’s monster - still alive. The mutations around the world are in great part due to the mRNA vaccination program, which is not an effective Covid-19 killer.

Seeing this process, the elite wishing to sculpt the population and continue the lockdowns jumped at the opportunity to encourage mutations. The lockdowns prevent the populace from leaving the coastlines, where they will soon be drown during the passage of Nibiru. By insisting on endless booster shots from the mRNA vaccines, the process of spiking Covid-19 deaths continues. It is a self-perpetuating process that benefits the elite and their desire for control. The solution is to stop the vaccines, and allow herd immunity to develop. This is the natural way.

Blame the Sun

Early in the ZetaTalk saga the Zetas indicated a prime Nibiru coverup technique would be to blame the Sun. NASA has control of the images provided by SOHO and can lie about  Solar Emissions. They are the source of this information and thus can alter it. In 2009 NASA laid the groundwork for this excuse by describing hypothetical EMP blackouts and grid damage.  In 2017 NASA announced they were puffing red dust into the ionosphere, so if the public sees red dust it is just the NASA experiment.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/15/1998: Alarms about solar flares are exaggerations. Solar flares will increase as the time of the passage approaches, but are in and of themselves not devastating. They, like the earthquakes that are on the increase, will increase in number, and plague electronic communications, but have little effect on the tides, growing seasons, or the weather.

As part of their coverup over the near presence of Nibiru, NASA would try to time their announcements about Solar Emissions to match what was expected in a blast from Nibiru. Now they have bungled this, as their reports came after the Schumann Resonance blackout started.  The Schumann Resonance blackout caused by Nibiru started on October 8 at 13:00. NOAA was late to notice this as on October 9 at 6:56 they only reported a potential CME. But later in the day at 18:29 NOAA stepped up its warning. The Schumann Resonance blackout that followed lasted until October 11 at 10:00, a full 3 days.

Huge Solar Storm Set to Hit Earth with Aurora Lights Visible from Australia
October 12, 2021
A huge solar storm is set to hit Earth, potentially causing major issues for power grids. The storm was also expected to spark a Northern Lights-like aurora display above the north of England and New York, and southern parts of Australia.
Solar Storm Hits Earth, Bringing Northern Lights to New York
October 13, 2021
A massive solar flare, or coronal mass ejection (CME), was spotted on the sun Saturday (Oct. 9) on its Earth-facing side and the flare hit our planet yesterday (Oct. 11).
G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storm Watch Extended into 12 Oct, 2021
October 13, 2021
The G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storm watch continues for the remainder of 11 October, 2021, and is now in effect for 12 October, 2021. The G2 Watches are in place due to the anticipated arrival of the 09 October full halo CME that was associated with an M1/2B flare from Region 2882 (N17, L=157) on 09 October at 0638 UTC. Latest analysis and model guidance shows CME arrival likely late on the 11 October into early 12 October UTC-days. Continue to follow our SWPC webpage for the latest information and updates.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/31/2021: Early in the day on October 9 at 6:56 UTC NOAA did not report the CME, but later in the day at 18:29 UTC they raised the alert. But the intense EMP blast from Nibiru was in process on October 8 at 13:00 UTC, so this was not from the Sun as claimed by NASA but was caused by Nibiru. One has only to check the NOAA site for their alerts and the publication dates on articles announcing that a CME was about to arrive. One can make fake claims and publish doctored images, but the cover-up over Nibiru has not yet reached the level of changing publication dates, once an article has been published.

Meanwhile, dramatic signs in the skies are ignored by NASA and the Main Stream Media. For instance, neon clouds and spirals. When this was captured on film in Norway in 2009 it was called a rocket trail from the launch of a Russian rocket. Does that explain these spirals appearing on cave walls and in the skies around the world today? Now the Space Mysteries site has published the capture of another malformed spiral which seems to be squeezed in a pinch. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/31/2021: Neon spirals discharging electrons from the center are more prevalent in countries bordering the Magnetic N Pole where magnetons emerge and are more crowded as a result. They are presented as a spiral, growing outward from the center. Why then is this most recent spiral contorted? There are distinct sections of the sky that are blocked off, darkened and not participating in the spiral. Is something blocking the magnetic spew in these sections? Magnetized Petrol Monsters are relatively new in the skies, and because they are charged do indeed alter the shape of the spirals.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/8/2009: What has occurred over Norway is a neon cloud, a grease cloud, lit by the electrical charge from the tail of Planet X. Why the great swirl in the clouds around the swirling neon display? An electrical charge in the sky is not a static matter, as the path of lightning shows. As with all swirls that develop in nature, they start with a small movement in one place that creates a vacuum pulling matter behind it, and thus builds. Galaxies swirl. Water going down a drain swirls. And these large charged atmospheric swirls are chasing after some part of the tail waft that is more or less charged than the surrounding atmosphere. What occurs at the center of such a charged swirl is more electrical charge than the surrounding swirl, thus the center becomes a neon cloud that can be seen even at night, and wants to discharge, ground, in the Earth.

Canary Islands Partner

The La Palma volcano continues to erupt, pouring lava down its slope to the sea where it builds an underwater shelf that can create the dreaded landslide tsunami toward the East Coast of the US. The weight of the cooling lava has tilted the island so that the NW coast is 4” lower than the opposite side of the island.  This is a result of the Africa Roll squeezing the Africa Plate below the Canary Islands. Thus as Africa Rolls, this squeeze becomes worse.

La Palma Eruption Update: First Underwater Images of the New Lava Island
October 13, 2021
The river of lava increased speed in its advance down the slope of Cumbre Vieja.

Meanwhile the pending New Madrid Adjustment is making the US Military nervous. This is a twin disaster expected from the rupture in the Mid-Atlantic caused by the Africa Roll. The bulbous top of the African Plate will roll to the East, sliding down past Syria and Israel. This will open a void in the Mediterranean and rupture the Mid-Atlantic, making room for the New Madrid Adjustment to occur. Is the US Junta aware of this pending catastrophe? The flight logs of helicopter swarms on October 14 would indicate they are, as this discussion on the GodLikeProduction forum indicates.

I'm just wondering if it is just me. Midwest seems to be flooded with military choppers pairing up over major cities for some reason. I've never seen the flight tracker like this before. … the past three days I have seen multiple chinooks and other military helicopters, which is unusual for where I live. I live about 15 minutes outside of downtown Columbus, Ohio. … Military helicopters moving quite a bit more than usual here in N Georgia. We're outside of training season, wonder what's up. … At one point they were all congregating at the capital city of each midwest state. … Military copters flying over the VA suburbs of DC. Not at all normal. … Yep, middle of Oklahoma - they've been out all day.
A foreshock is an earthquake that occurs before a larger seismic event (the mainshock) and is related to it in both time and space. The designation of an earthquake as foreshock, mainshock or aftershock is only possible after the full sequence of events has happened.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/31/2021: Certainly the Junta knows that the New Madrid has started to unzip, and where this is leading. Beyond the extensive ZetaTalk on this issue the Military has its own geologists providing data. The public is aware of the concept of aftershocks but likely is unfamiliar with the concept of foreshocks. The number of quakes along the path of the New Madrid Fault Line unzipping and their relationship to each other are factored in, as well as trembling ground and booms. We have stated that the big New Madrid event will likely happen toward the end of 2021 or shortly thereafter in 2022.

We have stated that the African Roll will likely go hand-in-hand with the New Madrid Adjustment, as both plates connect in the center of the Atlantic. Thus the Canary Islands are active and the public assumes any tsunami fears to be due to this possibility. Why would military helicopter activity increase along the East Coast and under the Seaway where the New Madrid Fault Line runs?  This chopper activity is also evident just to the West of the Mississippi River where sinking and consequent flooding land is expected. The choppers are measuring ground tension, and reporting this to the Military scientists.