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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 31, 2021

The photographer says it's like metallic particle attracting each other, and regrouping in a bundle. He also says that they are not mosquito larvae. It's just after the rain, it comes from skies. [and from another] Rainfall on France this material appears in some areas.

These peculiar blue-gray clumps that appeared just after a rain and quickly evaporated are not frantic ants or tadpoles or any life form. It is notable that the material seems to dissipate under direct sunlight, and appears to be encased in an opaque whitish material similar to Star Jelly. It is also notable that the particles seem to be attracted to each other, as though having a magnetic quality. Where the magnetized Red Dust in the tail of Nibiru is dominant, other fine dust particles also exist and can cast the color to be other than red. Star Jelly will melt, leaving what appears to be merely dust behind. 

Balcones Fault area. [and from another] Buoy in event mode off the coast of BC and Haida Gwai. [and from another] Hazardous Chemical Leak Contained after train Derailment in Smithville September 26, 2021 Tanker cars leaked hydrochloric acid after a Union Pacific train carrying hazardous cargo derailed in Smithville. The tanker cars were empty, but some were leaking residual acid. Around seven cars were involved in the derailment. The cause of the incident is still under investigation. [and from another] Investigators Probe deadly Amtrak Derailment in Montana September 27, 2021 The westbound Empire Builder was en route from Chicago to Seattle when it left the tracks. The train was carrying about 141 passengers and 16 crew members and had two locomotives and 10 cars, eight of which derailed. Law enforcement said the officials from the NTSB, Amtrak and BNSF had arrived at the accident scene just west of Joplin, where the tracks cut through vast, golden brown wheat fields that were recently harvested. The derailment occurred at or near a switch, which is where the railway goes from a single track to a double track. The two locomotives and two cars at the front of the train reached the split and continued on the main track, but the remaining eight cars derailed. He said it was unclear if some of the last cars moved onto the second track.

We have described the New Madrid Adjustment as a fracturing of the N American Continent such that the land to the East of the Mississippi moves up while the land to the West of the Mississippi moves down into the Southwest. Thus, the diagonal rip. This separation is caused by the SE Portion of the US remaining in place in its attachments to Africa and Caribbean Plates, while the Mainland Portion slides toward the SW. By this slide toward the SW, the Mainland Portion is relaxing the extreme bowing tension that has been imposed on the N American Plate.

This slide is not without trauma, as can be seen by the number of inland quakes that the SW United States is enduring. The Mainland Portion changes shape to some degree during this relaxing of the bow, just as it changed shape when the bow was imposed. The train derailment at Smithville, Texas is significant because it is located at the rigid Balcones Fault region. The throbbing buoy off Vancouver is significant because it indicates a slide pushing into the Juan de Fuca platelet. The main adjustment of the New Madrid Fault Line will occur when this slide causes enough stress to create the unzipping we have predicted.

Has there been a change at NBC in regards to the cover up? Was this done by the Junta? NBC had previously threatened Jon Stewart's family to force him into retirement, but now he is coming back with a new show. Also, there is new leadership at MSNBC, where they have decided to release Rachel Maddow, and move toward more "hard news" over opinion/editorial. [and from another] Staff at MSNBC are panicking over network's direction under Rashida Jones September 26, 2021 MSNBC staffers are panicking over the direction of the left-leaning news network under newly minted President Rashida Jones, fearing that she's gearing up for a costly and potentially disastrous battle with CNN. That makes some employees nervous that MSNBC isn't adequately focused on shoring up its primetime lineup of opinion-focused shows that draw in the most loyal viewers. Rachel Maddow recently renegotiated an expansive contract that will see her eventually step away from her primetime show. [and from another] Jon Stewart's new show gets a premiere date August 30, 2021 "The Problem with Jon Stewart," the comedian's new current affairs series, debuts on Apple TV+ on September 30. It will be the first time that Stewart will host his own show since leaving Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" in 2015.

Are some major media outlets being pressured to tell the truth about Nibiru? Clues that this is in process are the return of John Stewart, who resigned in 2015 due to threats to his family.  He had been considered a truth teller, who would admit the approach of Nibiru. During this time Drudge of the Drudge Report also resigned, another truther gone. Maddow has been a puppet of the elite, a voice now silenced. Where these changes are visible to the public, what is not seen is the change in management at the top, or changes among the editors in charge of content.

There are two approaches to reporting Nibiru. One would be to deny until the bitter end, when the Last Weeks are upon mankind. This is what the elite and Satanists want. Another would be to admit the signs in the skies, even featuring documentaries about the various prophecies relating to the End Times, and discuss the relationship of the rise in volcanic activity and earthquakes to these prophecies. The Junta and the White Hats in other countries want the latter. Due to the arrests of Satanists associated with top control of the media, the media is changing its policies. 

Lights out in China? [and from another] China Panics: Beijing Orders Energy Firms to "Secure Supplies at All Costs"; Oil Soars September 30, 2021 Bloomberg reports that China's central government officials "ordered the country's top state-owned energy companies to secure supplies for this winter at all costs." Translation: Beijing is no longer willing to risk social anger and going forward China will be subsidizing coal and nat gas, which will lead to even higher prices, which will lead to even higher prices for other "substitute" commodities such as oil, which is why oil surged on the news. [and from another] Column: China's Widening Electricity Crisis Caused by Coal Shortage September 25, 2021 China has traditionally purchased nearly all of its coal supplies from producers within Asia, but that changed last year when'it stopped buying from Australia amid a political dispute between the once-close trading partners, leading to sporadic shortages. [and from another] China Power Crisis: Thermal Coal Inventory nears Record Low as Country Suffers Worst Outages in a Decade September 29, 2021 China consumes more than 3 billion tonnes of thermal coal annually, but only about 7 per cent of that is imported. Before Beijing'unofficially banned all Australian coal in October, almost 2 per cent of China's total consumed thermal coal came from Australia due to its reasonable price and high quality.

The cost of keeping the lights on will increase, as shortages in the fuel industries develop. This is blamed on the Covid-19 pandemic but industrial slowdowns are imposed by the establishment which fears a restless public becoming aware of the presence of Nibiru. Thus their priorities are to impose endless shutdowns and now termination of employees who refuse to be vaccinated. It is not just the UK which has a petrol shortage or the US where delivery trucks cannot move fast enough to free LA ports. China, the dominant industrial country in Asia, is also afflicted.

In the short term prices will rise, but placing a higher price on an item does not change its delivery date. Are the employees reluctant to come to work? Is the factory disabled?  Manufacturing or delivery is not stalled because of a lack of funds. It has been affected by a stalled supply chain, which is directly related to the insistence in many countries that lockdowns so the public cannot riot takes precedence. This will only change when Nibiru is acknowledged, so the elite in power go on the defensive. At this point the elite will have another problem because the public will want to desert their bills and mortgages to prepare for survival.

There has been much speculation over the Kaimanawa Wall, a rock structure deep in the bush. A vertical wall sectioned by straight horizontal and vertical rock fissures. It looks too straight & perpendicular to be natural. There appears to be no local or traditional knowledge on the source or origin of this wall. Is it a former civilization? With help from visitors? Are there Nibiru sighting devices to be uncovered in this area? [and from another]

During prior passage of Nibiru, New Zealand did not have the height above sea level that it enjoys today. Each passage caused the Indo-Australian Plate to push under the Himalayas with a consequent tilt of the plate to push the N Island of New Zealand higher. The Annunaki, who erected the Easter Island heads and the Great Pyramids, had an alliance with aliens in the 4th Density who had the ability to levitate great stones. Why was the wall erected? To block and divert tidal waves coming from the Pacific.

Check this document out from the Minister of the province of Saskatchewan (Sep 13). Looks like they are going into, or are ready to go into full martial law. Can the Zeta's comment if t they are reading Zetatalk regarding the coming New Madrid rip? [and from another] [and from another] Saskatchewan Issues New Provincial Emergency Order to Address Labour Mobility in the Healthcare System September 13, 2021 The Government of Saskatchewan has issued a new Provincial Emergency Order to once again provide for health system labour mobility through greater flexibility in scheduling and redirecting health care workers to areas experiencing capacity pressures and in the use of supplementary resources. The provisions are effective immediately. [and from another] Sask. Uses Emergency Powers to Move Health Staff, Quashing Union Talks September 13, 2021 Public health teams face unprecedented case counts without the full force of the health-care system helping them, and emergency room staff say they're faced with a wave of patients as chronic fatigue contributes to understaffing. [and from another] COVID-19: Saskatchewan's Case Numbers Skyrocket through September 2021 September 30, 2021 This monthly total makes up for 18 per cent of the total COVID cases seen in Saskatchewan to date. [and from another] Sweden Becomes Third Nordic Country to Lift COVID Restrictions September 29, 2021 Officials in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark have lifted almost all lockdowns, and the countries are seeing few new COVID-19 deaths per day, especially compared with earlier in the pandemic.

Herd Immunity for the Covid flu and its variants has become established. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark have lifted restrictions. Ivermectin has allowed most of the Uttar Pradesh province in India to become Covid free. Meanwhile the statistics on death and injury from the vaccinations hastily produced to counter Covid show that the vaccinated have a higher mortality and injury rate than those affected by the virus. Increasingly, the vaccinations are being questioned and outlawed. There is a palpable pushback against mandatory vaccination rules and lockdowns because the public is in revolt and is protesting.

Why then, at this time, are some of the Commonwealth countries claiming an increase in Covid cases and taking lockdown steps that include Martial Law restrictions?  In June it emerged that the Imperial College in the UK had a plan to reduce the aging population in the UK, to ease the migration of the elite to Australia when the Pole Shift had devastated the islands in the UK.  The UK has no plan to assist their citizens through the Pole Shift and into the Aftertime, other than death.

Thus the current petrol crisis, where there is not enough fuel for the cars. The UK is expected to be assaulted by high waves, the European tsunami we have predicted during the final New Madrid Fault Line unzipping. Is it coincidence that this fuel shortage comes just when this unzipping is due to occur? The Queen's Court has long been packed with elite who have a colonial mindset. They lost India but Australia and Canada are still under the Commonwealth thumb. The lockdowns in Australia were a test and are considered a success. They have now spread to Canada.

Last August the Zetas predicted that potentially "revolution will erupt on a tsunami of truth." What would that tsunami and revolution look like? [and from another]

Is there likely to be revolution, in any country, over the Covid lies and lockdowns? As Gandhi proved, passive resistance is just as effective as combat, and results in fewer casualties. How would this battle be won? By insisting that employers fire those who resist the vax, the arrogant establishment assumes they have the winning card. Workers will capitulate. But what if instead the workers start new extemporaneous enterprises, using the barter system for a free-wheeling exchange of goods and services?

Seeing their draconian lockdowns only succeeding in a crashed economy and loss of political control, the establishment would be the side to relent. Though the Commonwealth countries, under the thumb of the Queen's Court, are pressing forward with draconian lockdowns, the truth about vax dangers is in the news now. It is inevitable that the Covid wars will resolve to a restless herd immunity acceptance. But the "tsunami of truth" about Nibiru would take a different course. This would result in Martial Law, rather than control via lockdowns.

Essentially, the public would not accept an excuse from the establishment that they were unaware of Nibiru's approach or presence. This would not even be debatable. No amount of talking heads or lectures by experts or pointing to the Sun's solar emissions would suffice. We have predicted that half the population would promptly go into denial. But the other half, already alienated by the Covid lies, would abandon their debts and jobs and establish survival camps.

In that soul longevity and past life experience lie with this group, the establishment would be losing its best workers. Imagine half the world's workers abandoning their debts and jobs. The banks would crash. Heads of State would continue to print devalued money but this would not prevent a crash. It would be the lack of goods and services, the infrastructure failing. There would be no Central Bank or Central Government in most countries, with no amount of rage in the corridors of power reversing this trend. Is this not revolution?

These are several web sites with problems according to Downdetector. [and from another] Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down in Global Outage October 4, 2021 Facebook Inc's suite of apps, including popular photo-sharing platform Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp, were down for tens of thousands of users, according to outage tracking website Reuters could not immediately confirm the issue affecting the services. However, the error message on Facebook's webpage suggested a Domain Name System (DNS) error. DNS allows web addresses to take users to their destinations. A similar outage at cloud company Akamai Technologies Inc took down multiple websites in July. [and from another] FaceBook, Instagram and WhatsApp all Go Down in Major Outage October 4, 2021 WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have all gone down in a major outage. The three apps - which are all owned by Facebook, and run on shared infrastructure - all completely stopped working shortly before 5pm. Other products that are part of the same family of apps, such as Facebook Workplace, also stopped working. Visitors to the Facebook website simply saw an error page or a message that their browser could not connect. The WhatsApp and Instagram apps continued to work, but did not show new content, including any messages sent or received during the problems. [and from another] [and from another]

We warned in July when the Akamai DNS went down that this outage was not by human hand, and was a warning. The coverup over Nibiru has been running for decades, supported by major media outlets and social media giants like FaceBook and Twitter. It is not just the truth about the near presence and pending passage of Nibiru that is being silenced, it is any truth threatening the Satanists. Thus the truth about the 2020 election is banned on FaceBook and President Trump is banned on Twitter. The facts about Covid vaccine dangers are also banned on FaceBook.

Though Zuckerberg is no longer in charge of FaceBook, his allies and associates are in control. The Council of Worlds gave warning, repeatedly and in a pointed manner, to cease suppressing the truth. When the king of social media goes down and cannot recover, alternative social media outlets will slip into the void. Repeated instances of these outages will shape the information the public hears. The rules giving mankind free will allows for the Council of Worlds to manipulate things, but not impede the decisions that people make. FaceBook's DNS are just a thing.

I was wondering if the Zetas would like to say something about the Pandora papers. Are the elite being exposed? [and from another] Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerful October 3, 2021 They expose the secret offshore affairs of 35 world leaders, including current and former presidents, prime ministers and heads of state. They also shine a light on the secret finances of more than 300 other public officials such as government ministers, judges, mayors and military generals in more than 90 countries. The files were leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in Washington. It shared access to the leaked data with select media partners including the Guardian, BBC Panorama, Le Monde and the Washington Post. More than 600 journalists have sifted through the files as part of a massive global investigation.

In 2016 when the Panama Papers were exposed by investigative journalists, the only surprise was that the journalists had not been silenced before they were able to publish. Part of their success was having more than 100 investigators involved. Now years later the Pandora Papers are published, and the army of investigators has swollen to 600 journalists. There is strength in numbers in these matters, as the guilty cannot chase them fast enough nor silence them completely. True karma is resulting.

Comments on this as far as Earth Changes are concerned? [and from another] Pipeline From Calif. Oil Spill Was Moved 105 Feet Along Sea Floor October 5, 2021 A section of the oil pipeline that burst off the Southern California coast was displaced 105 feet (32 meters) across the ocean floor. The oil appears to have leaked through a 13-inch (33-cm) gash in the pipe, which was "pulled like a bowstring" about 105 feet from where it should have been. In all a 4,000-foot (1.2-km) section of the 17.7-mile (28.5 km) pipeline was displaced laterally. There were 63 container ships in San Pedro Bay waiting to unload at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Satellite imagery from Oct. 1, the day before the spill was reported, shows cargo ships anchored near the area where the pipeline runs. The closest, however, was about 450 meters from the pipeline. [and from another] California's massive offshore oil spill: What we know October 5, 2021 A pipeline connecting the Elly offshore oil platform to shore ruptured, spilling as much as 3,100 barrels of crude oil into the waters off the coast of Los Angeles. The Elly platform is one of three operated by Amplify in federal waters roughly 9 miles from the coast, in an oil field that's been drilled for decades.

The N America bow stress was included as part of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements we predicted to start in 2010. This bow stress was caused by the flat top of the N American Plate where the border passes through the Arctic - a virtual straight line from Japan to Iceland - preventing the N American Plate from rolling. Thus it eventually rips in a diagonal manner up along the New Madrid Fault Line. During the bowing tension, the Aleutian Islands are pulled toward the tip of Mexico, causing bursting water mains and splitting deep crevasses in Mexico and releasing CO from fractured rock along the West Coast.

As we have recently detailed, the New Madrid adjustment involves the SE Portion of the US remaining in place, attached to Africa and the Caribbean Plate, while the Mainland Portion of the US slides to the southwest. This is the reason for the large number of quakes in Texas, Oklahoma, and throughout the western half of the US. The bow is relaxing during this process, allowed to return to its original shape. We have described San Diego as the center of the bow. What happens when the bow at the San Pedro Bay relaxes? Any pipeline laid or adjusted since 2010 or snagged between rocks will be pulled taut.

Subaquatic pipelines are laid without slack. Dropping to the bottom, they adjust to any rock structures that emerge from the sand. They thus have many points between snag points where they can be pulled taut. The reports are that a 13" gash was found in the pipeline, as it has been dragged. If the pipeline is dragged over a protruding rock that has snagged the pipeline, this would leave a gash. There will be more such bow relaxing incidents across the US as the time of the big New Madrid adjustment approaches, and even more such incidents after the adjustment.

Is there an explanation for this? Very disturbing! [and from another] Pandemic Babies. Babies Born from Mothers Who Had the mRNA Jab. [and from another] Black Eyed Babies of Jabbed Parents with Crazy Abilities! [and from another] Baby's First Year: How Infants Develop There's a fairly wide window for when it is normal for a baby to reach a particular developmental stage. Some babies may say their first word at eight months, while others don't talk until a little after the one-year mark. And walking may start anytime between nine and 18 months. [and from another] A New Hybrid Is Born? 70 Million Black-Eyed Covid Babies Born Every Year Latest Reasonable Estimate!! October 6, 2021 What if they put extraterrestrial DNA in the vaxxes, and then people are mixing human DNA, and altered human DNA with extraterrestrial DNA? What if it's possible there is no soul connection in hybrids to God?

In that the results of the mRNA vaccines are unknown, lots of speculation has arisen about how this might affect humans, and how long this effect will last. It is known that a protein needed for mother's milk and placenta development is affected by the mRNA, so abortions and even stillborn full-term babies can be the result. Another effect is an ingredient in the vaccine that causes red blood cells to temporarily shed their iron, thus magnets sticking to the vaccine site. Variants are also created by the Antibody Dependent Enhancement route. But all these effects are not permanent.

In that the elite are in a panic over the public becoming broadly aware of Nibiru's presence and pending passage, and are using the Covid lockdowns as an excuse to impose an early Martial Law status, these effects of the mRNA vaccines are denied and suppressed in the media. Thus speculation runs rampant and one of these speculative theories is that the mRNA will produce a type of hybrid child with special abilities. All of the so-called evidence of this shows only normal babies and eye color. Very dark brown eyes that look black are normal. Even newborn babies will try to walk if held upright.

This event seems related to the Pacific plates adjusting.  Would the Zetas care to comment? [and from another] Attack Submarine USS Connecticut Suffers Underwater Collision in South China Sea October 7, 2021 The Seawolf-class nuclear attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN-22) suffered an underwater collision while operating in international waters on Oct. 2 and is returning to port in U.S. The attack boat is now headed to Guam and is expected to pull in within the next day, the official said. The underwater strike occurred in the South China Sea and the attack boat has been making its way to Guam on the surface. [and from another] A US Navy Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine was Damaged after Striking an Object in an Underwater Collision October 7 A US Navy nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine was involved in an underwater collision with an object earlier this month. PACFLEET declined to say what the submarine collided with during the incident. The topography of the area did not indicate the presence of a land mass in the submarine's path. [and from another] Several Sailors Injured after Submarine USS Connecticut "Struck an Object" Underwater earlier this Month October 7, 2021 The area's topography at the time did not indicate there was a land mass in front of the boat. There are also no indications that the mishap was hostile or that the sub collided with another vessel.[and from another] U.S. Nuclear Submarine USS Connecticut Damaged in Underwater Collision with Unknown "Object" in South China Sea October 8, 2021 U.S. defense officials told CBS News correspondent David Martin the collision occurred in the South China Sea. A U.S. nuclear submarine sustained damage and some crew members were injured when it "struck an object" while operating at depth a week ago in one of the most sensitive bodies of water on the planet, the South China Sea.

Guam is on the eastern edge of the lifting portion of the Philippine Plate, which has been tilting steadily in concert with the tilting Mariana Plate since the 7 of 10 Plate Movements began. These tilts collapse the Mariana Trench on the eastern edge of the Mariana Plate, so are accompanied by violent adjustments in the rock strata. It is not just the topography of the region that changes to present a danger. It can be rocks ejected upward during the trench collapse process that can be an immediate and temporary danger. This is what struck the USS Connecticut.

This is horrific news! Vaccinated people lose their immune capability within months. I cannot say if this source is a good or not. Or if this truly is the case (I sure hope it is not). This is why comment from the Zetas would be nice to have. Is this situation really this bad, or will/have Council of the Worlds interfered this already? I remember Zetas saying that the spike protein will lose its power steadily as time goes by. However this ongoing jab after jab after jab is not allowing spike protein to vanish. I kinda understand that this is also a karmic teaching for the hard to start thinking and waking up. It still is a very grim way to do it. Are Zetas willing to say anything about the possible outcome of this whole thing? Is this genocide allowed to continue, or is everything truly in a hands of a man? [and from another] A Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest the Fully Vaccinated are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome October 10, 2021 Latest UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report figures on Covid cases show that doubly vaccinated 40-70 year olds have lost 40% of their immune system capability compared to unvaccinated people. Their immune systems are deteriorating at around 5% per week. [and from another] SARS-CoV-2 Infection aided by Antibody-Dependent Enhancement September 30, 2021 The researchers propose that their results prove that SARS-CoV-2 infection induces antibodies that can cause ADE-induced infection, and that these antibodies persist for six months post-infection at a minimum. [and from another] How HIV Infects the Body and the Lifecycle of HIV First, the virus attaches itself to the T-helper cell; it then fuses with it, takes control of its DNA, creates copies of itself and releases more HIV into the blood. HIV infects a type of white blood cell in the body's immune system called a T-helper cell (also called a CD4 cell). HIV cannot reproduce on its own. Instead, the virus attaches itself to a T-helper cell and fuses with it (joins together). It then takes control of the cell's DNA, makes copies of itself inside the cell, and finally releases more HIV into the blood.

HIV destroys the immune system by invading it and using it for replication of itself. HIV cannot replicate by any other means. The Covid-19 virus does not have this need as it can invade and use many different types of cells for replication. But destruction of the immune system can and does occur with Covid-19, albeit only temporarily. The ADE concerns with Covid-19 vaccines are legitimate. The mRNA vaccines do not completely destroy the Covid-19 virus, so a weakened viral part can become incorporated into the immune system in the same manner that HIV invades the immune system. Thus sheltered, Covid-19 variants are developed.

Why are repeated boosters of the Covid-19 vaccinations weakening the immune system? Comparing the immune system response to a human battlefield, first we have immune cells that meet the enemy on the front lines. Both the enemy and the soldiers take losses, but even though the battle appears to be won, there are the wounded to care for. The wounded soldiers are carried back and amongst these wounded are hidden enemy soldiers, who have embedded themselves. So the battle has weakened the response by exhausting the supply of soldiers and inviting the enemy to embed itself.

During an ADE invasion of the immune system, eventually, the immune system recovers. Immune cells replicate and a cleanup of virus pieces occurs. The mRNA vaccines slow this process because they generate spike protein pieces. Thus repeated booster shots with the mRNA vaccines perpetuate the ADE reaction. We mentioned early in these discussions that a worry was exhausting the immune system because the mRNA starts a process that does not have an off switch. This has now been well documented. This constant activation of an exhausted immune system can also incite auto-immune reactions.

This spiral is posted on the ZetaTalk Followers sites and came from a post on the Space Mysteries site. Country of origin not stated, but date is October 1, 2021. Looks genuine. But why are there dark section in the spiral waves? [and from another] October 10, 2021 Space Mysteries [and from another]

Neon spirals discharging electrons from the center are more prevalent in countries bordering the Magnetic N Pole where magnetons emerge and are more crowded as a result. They are presented as a spiral, growing outward from the center. Why then is this most recent spiral contorted? There are distinct sections of the sky that are blocked off, darkened and not participating in the spiral. Is something blocking the magnetic spew in these sections? Magnetized Petrol Monsters are relatively new in the skies, and because they are charged do indeed alter the shape of the spirals.

Is this news flash yet another cover up story? [and from another] Huge Solar Storm Set to Hit Earth with Aurora Lights Visible from Australia October 12, 2021 A huge solar storm is set to hit Earth, potentially causing major issues for power grids. The storm was also expected to spark a Northern Lights-like aurora display above the north of England and New York, and southern parts of Australia. [and from another] Solar Storm Hits Earth, Bringing Northern Lights to New York October 13, 2021 A massive solar flare, or coronal mass ejection (CME), was spotted on the sun Saturday (Oct. 9) on its Earth-facing side and the flare hit our planet yesterday (Oct. 11). [and from another] G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storm Watch Extended into 12 Oct, 2021 October 13, 2021 The G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storm watch continues for the remainder of 11 October, 2021, and is now in effect for 12 October, 2021. The G2 Watches are in place due to the anticipated arrival of the 09 October full halo CME that was associated with an M1/2B flare from Region 2882 (N17, L=157) on 09 October at 0638 UTC. Latest analysis and model guidance shows CME arrival likely late on the 11 October into early 12 October UTC-days. Continue to follow our SWPC webpage for the latest information and updates.

Early in the day on October 9 at 6:56 UTC NOAA did not report the CME, but later in the day at 18:29 UTC they raised the alert. But the intense EMP blast from Nibiru was in process on October 8 at 13:00 UTC, so this was not from the Sun as claimed by NASA but was caused by Nibiru. One has only to check the NOAA site for their alerts and the publication dates on articles announcing that a CME was about to arrive. One can make fake claims and publish doctored images, but the cover-up over Nibiru has not yet reached the level of changing publication dates, once an article has been published.

I found this interesting tweet. There are eye witness reports of helicopters leaving DC in droves. Surely, if true, they preparing for the tsunami that will assault the East Coast right after the New Madrid fault line ruptures. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] 10/14: I'm just wondering if it is just me. Midwest seems to be flooded with military choppers pairing up over major cities for some reason. I've never seen the flight tracker like this before. ...  The past three days I have seen multiple chinooks and other military helicopters, which is unusual for where I live. I live about 15 minutes outside of downtown Columbus, Ohio. ... Military helicopters moving quite a bit more than usual here in N Georgia. We're outside of training season, wonder what's up. ... At one point they were all congregating at the capital city of each midwest state. ... Military copters flying over the VA suburbs of DC. Not at all normal. ... Yep, middle of Oklahoma - they've been out all day. [and from another] A foreshock is an earthquake that occurs before a larger seismic event (the mainshock) and is related to it in both time and space. The designation of an earthquake as foreshock, mainshock or aftershock is only possible after the full sequence of events has happened.

Certainly the Junta knows that the New Madrid has started to unzip, and where this is leading. Beyond the extensive ZetaTalk on this issue the Military has its own geologists providing data. The public is aware of the concept of aftershocks but likely is unfamiliar with the concept of foreshocks. The number of quakes along the path of the New Madrid Fault Line unzipping and their relationship to each other are factored in, as well as trembling ground and booms. We have stated that the big New Madrid event will likely happen toward the end of 2021 or shortly thereafter in 2022.

We have stated that the African Roll will likely go hand-in-hand with the New Madrid Adjustment, as both plates connect in the center of the Atlantic. Thus the Canary Islands are active and the public assumes any tsunami fears to be due to this possibility. Why would military helicopter activity increase along the East Coast and under the Seaway where the New Madrid Fault Line runs?  This chopper activity is also evident just to the West of the Mississippi River where sinking and consequent flooding land is expected. The choppers are measuring ground tension, and reporting this to the Military scientists.

William Shatner who just recently took a space flight mentions a coming catastrophic event! Did he peek at Nibiru? Is he in the know? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Prince William Slams Space Trips Following William Shatner's Orbit Flight: We Should Be Trying to Repair This Planet October 15, 2021 "The fragility of this planet - the coming catastrophic event, and we all need to clean this act up now." [and from another] William Shatner struck by 'fragility of this planet' during flight to edge of space October 14, 2021 "It's so fragile," Shatner, who played Capt. James T. Kirk on the original "Star Trek" series, said on NBC's "TODAY" show. "There's this little tiny blue skin that's 50 miles wide," he said. "And we pollute it, and it's our means of living. And I was struck so profoundly by it." "The fragility of this planet - the coming catastrophic event, and we all need to clean this act up now," he added. [and from another] In psychoanalysis, a Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought. Classical examples involve slips of the tongue, but psychoanalytic theory also embraces misreadings, mishearings, mistypings, temporary forgettings, and the mislaying and losing of objects.

Shatner was instructed to talk about Global Warming and to avoid any mention of the obvious Nibiru Complex that can be clearly seen when above the atmosphere. But at 90 years of age, control of his tongue was slipping and he made a Freudian Slip. Global Warming can hardly be called a catastrophic event as it is a process. However, the coming crustal shift caused by the passage of Nibiru and happening within the span of an hour could indeed be called an event. Putting celebrities into space is a deliberate ploy so that the cover-up over Nibiru can claim that there is nothing to be seen. But a slip of the tongue went against the plan this time.

Was Shatner in the know about what is coming? This is why he was eager to go up into space, despite the discomforts of space flight. He wanted to see it with his own eyes. How did he learn about Nibiru when there is a cover-up?  Wealthy people learned after Roswell as they were invited to join MJ12, as were politicians and media heads in control of any message the public might get. Heads of State were informed by then President Bush in 2003. Certainly astronomers and the NASA employees who have to doctor the images know. And talking heads in the media know because they are told what not to say.

Can only ask if you can comment on the chart that was posted on "the Expose"? Since it sounds like a dark future for many. A comparison of official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Since it appears that those who have been vaccinated don't stand much of a chance since their immune system has been compromised by the vaccine. Can only "guess" that they'll attribute the deaths to Covid? [and from another] Latest UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report figures on Covid cases show that doubly vaccinated 40-70 year olds have lost 40% of their immune system capability compared to unvaccinated people.

We have stated that the elite are terrified of the riots and demands the populace will make when they realize that a Nibiru cover-up has been in place for decades. Meanwhile the elite stocked their enclaves and prepared. Covid-19 like so many flu variants emerged from the drains in the wet markets of China, but the elite quickly snatched the opportunity to force Martial Law early and on the cheap. Perpetual and draconian lockdowns required more than just false reports of Covid-19 deaths. When it became evident that the mRNA vaccines produced variants, then perpetual booster shots were the means to continue the pandemic.

Now it is apparent that more than false death reports and new variants are in the arsenal of the elite. The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome that the spike proteins produce can be enhanced and continued by booster shots. We have stated that all ill effects from the mRNA are temporary, wearing off during the passage of months or perhaps years, but the elite would prefer that the populace be too sick to think about migration or riot. With a weakened immune system, this would certainly be the case. Thus in those countries where the elite are in control, there is the push to have 100% of the populace vaccinated.

Why does Russia make a film on the ISS? Is this to provide evidence of the approach of Nibiru? The selection of candidates and their preparing for the flight took a matter of months, and on October 5 Peresild and Shipenko successfully docked with the ISS. In order to send the creative group into space in a short time, Rogozin changed the flight program. Why such a rush now when Putin put the resolution yet on January 26, 2021? The premiere of the film "Challenge" is scheduled for April 12, 2022, Cosmonautics Day in Russia. This correlates with the completion of the New Madrid when the US Junta solves this issue. NASA and SpaceX also plan to shoot a film on the ISS in 2022 with the participation of actor Tom Cruise and Crew Dragon. Why suddenly civilians began to be allowed to the ISS to make films there? [and from another] Back to Earth: Soyuz Capsule with Russian Crew behind first Space Movie Successfully Lands in Kazakhstan October 17, 2021 Peresild and Shipenko spent 12 days on board the ISS after traveling to it on the Soyuz MS-19 ship earlier this month. The duo worked on the film The Challenge, a feature-length drama produced by Russia's television Channel 1 in collaboration with Roscosmos. The plot of the first movie ever shot in space involves a female medic who has to urgently travel to the International Space Station to treat a sick cosmonaut, who can't be transported to Earth. It's intended that the scenes filmed aboard the ISS will account for 30 to 40 minutes of the movie's running time.

Is there a Nibiru announcement race developing between Russia and the US? These productions require a lot of pre-planning and booking celebrities must also be done well ahead of time. That Putin accomplished the Russia filming on the ISS in less than 9 months indeed makes this a rush job. And that the US is planning to release their version in 2022 likewise shows that the race is on. Seeing the approaching Nibiru in the Russian film would not be a surprise given that Russia has led in admitting Nibiru, from the Patriarch Kirill's statement on the Book of Revelations to the development of the Far East.

Nibiru is so obvious in the many signs in the skies now, that world powers have turned from constant denial to planning how to make an admission. What are called disaster movies have been produced by Hollywood for years, from the crustal shift depicted in the movie 2012 to the references to the Flood in Russell Crowe's movie Noah. There is private and public ISS filming being made, with the private portion depicting the ISS sighting a planet like Nibiru approaching for a pass, with frantic communications to the ground crews. But Nibiru will likely announce itself before any of the ISS films can be released. 

If you and Zetas are not very busy, could we get comment of the Covid-19 death of Colin Powell? I assume that Covid had nothing to do with it. Was this just removing the actor/puppet from the scene? Was the real Powel executed by Tribunals earlier? What was his crime? [and from another] In the name of TRUTH, Mr. Colin Powell was NOT in service to evil a soul "Service-to-Self" meaning 95% racist wicked! Yes some serious missteps were made by him associated while under stressful military command mostly regarding the evil unnecessary Vietnam and Iraq wars US and UN conquest. I posed this question to the space Zetas: "Was Covid 19 having been so-call FULLY VACCINATED the major cause of his death"??? [and from another] Colin Powell, First Black US Secretary of State, Dies of Covid-19 Complications Amid Cancer Battle October 18, 2021 He was 84. Powell had multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells that suppresses the body's immune response, as well as Parkinson's, Peggy Cifrino, Powell's longtime chief of staff, confirmed to CNN. Even if fully vaccinated against Covid-19, those who are immunocompromised are at greater risk from the virus. Powell was vaccinated early on and received his second shot in February. He was scheduled to get his booster shot this past week but that was when he fell ill so he wasn't able to receive it. Covid-19 vaccines are a highly effective tool in preventing severe disease and death, but no vaccine is 100% effective. More than 7,000 breakthrough cases of Covid-19 that have resulted in death have been reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [and from another] June 16, 2021 Multiple myeloma is a cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell. Healthy plasma cells help you fight infections by making antibodies that recognize and attack germs. In multiple myeloma, cancerous plasma cells accumulate in the bone marrow and crowd out healthy blood cells. Rather than produce helpful antibodies, the cancer cells produce abnormal proteins that can cause complications.

The death of an 84-year-old man with blood cancer is not surprising, but what is surprising is the admission that his death was caused by the Covid-19 virus, despite his being vaccinated and having booster shots. These are called breakthrough instances but in truth statistics show the vax increases the incidence of death and injury from Covid-19 or its variants. Is this admission that he died from the Covid-19 virus a sign that the media is sliding toward the truth? 

It is rather an attempt to set the stage for blaming pre-existing conditions for any Covid-19 related death. From the start, pre-existing conditions have been asserted as a reason for the higher death rate among the elderly. The Covid-19 flu had almost no effect on the young, who scarcely knew they were infected. But in truth the elite in many countries allowed their elderly to die with the Covid-19 flu, thus using the pandemic as an opportunity to suppress travel and reduce the number of useless eaters that the elite found a burden.

Now that the data on how deadly the mRNA vax itself has proven to be is published, how to keep the kill shot going?  The Powell death shows that the Cabal and the media will begin to claim every breakthrough or death from the vax or its boosters is due to pre-existing conditions.  Thus the blame for any death or injury will be switched from the kill shot to the victim. Powell died from blood cancer at 84 years of age, and his death could be ascribed to organ failure or even old age. Covid-19 was not the cause.

See that Alec Baldwin has gone postal. [and from another] Prop Gun in Alec Baldwin Accidental Movie Set Shooting had Live Rounds, Police Say October 23, 2021 Alec Baldwin was handed what was described as a safe cold gun on the set of his movie "Rust", but the prop gun contained live rounds when it was fired, according to details of the police investigation into the fatal shooting. The shot hit cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in the chest, and director Joel Souza who was behind her, in the shoulder. The assistant director who handed Baldwin the prop gun did not know it contained live rounds. Reports emerged of walk-outs on the "Rust" set earlier in the week over unsafe conditions. Production on the movie was immediately shut down. The sheriff's department said no charges had been filed and the investigation remained open. [and from another] Alec Baldwin Shooting Victim was Wife of Latham & Watkins Lawyer October 22, 2021 The husband of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who was fatally shot by actor Alec Baldwin with a prop gun, is a corporate lawyer in Latham & Watkins' Los Angeles office. [and from another] The Husband of the Woman Alec Baldwin Killed Yesterday is a Clinton Attorney with Latham & Watkins that is being Indicted by Durham October 22, 2021 Arkanacide by proxy? Michael Sussmann is the Hillary Clinton/DNC lawyer being indicted by Durham, he does not work for Latham & Watkins. But Latham & Watkins is representing Sussmann in the case.

Was Baldwin ordered to shoot Halyna Hutchins to silence her? This is obvious, as there was no reason for him to point and shoot the prop gun. They were not filming the movie at that time, and it is standard procedure to double check the bullets if that is to occur. The crew that loaded the live bullets is complicit too, but Baldwin was fully aware and complicit too. She was to be a witness against Clinton associates and had already given testimony to Durham et al. Halyna's murder is also a warning to others not to talk.

Can you or the Zetas comment on the grid like patterns the volcanic LaPalma quakes are recently displaying on the EMSC site. USGS of corse doesn't display recorded quakes there. Also nothing on Raspberryshakenet. Topic of editorial on Hal Turner's radio show as well as my own screenshots over last 2 days. [and from another] I don't know if there's anything the Zeta's would be interested to say about this but I thought it was interesting when I looked it up for myself regarding the recent earthquake activity at La Palma volcano which is coming up as a grid on the EMSC. Lots of people alarmed (still) at the possibility of it setting off a large tsunami which of course the Zeta's said would result from any collapse of that shelf. [and from another] Evidence that LaPalma Eruption & Earthquakes are Artificial Attack October 22, 2021 [and from another] Emergency Alert for La Palma! Extremely Important! This Video Could Save Millions of Lives! October 24, 2021 The volcanic eruption which began on the Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean, off the northwest coast of Africa seems to be getting some help: artificial help to make it worse!

This grid has a simple explanation, so obvious that it is astonishing that those wanting to claim quakes can be created by mankind look foolish. The Canary Islands have long been a concern because of the theories that a tsunami will race across the Atlantic and kill millions on the East Coast of the US. This is also another silly theory as we have explained because a displacement wave only create turmoil, not a tsunami. 

The EMSC is a European site and thus because the Canary Islands belong to Spain, lots of attention was paid to the potential for eruptions there. A quick glance at where the quakes reported by EMSC occur shows they are not at the same location every time. How does EMSC know this? Because a different seismograph is recording them. Thus, the grid. The seismographs were placed at a set distance apart, thus forming a grid.

From the beginning, the Zetas have emphasized that it is dangerous to give young worlds high technology. Well, I'm starting to understand why! Techno totalitarianism is coming! It's scary to imagine how far this goes in the Service-to-Self worlds. During Covid, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed to introduce global QR codes. In addition, in China itself, the so-called social rating is already operating and developing. We also have news that something like this will soon be in America but controlled by the private sector. Do you support Trump? You can't even buy a plane ticket! The ideologue of the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, talks a lot about the so-called fourth industrial revolution and seems to be a friend of China. Electronic elections have recently taken place in Russia and this is complete crap. No traces and results can not be disputed. A new ideological trend has also emerged among the elite: transhumanism. However, there is a salvation: the lack of stable energy sources. We see how the world is faced with the problem of a shortage of electricity. The imperfection of technology casts doubt on the fact that such systems will become truly massive. [and from another] Bring the World Economic Forum to China   Klaus Schwab on China's Development August 4, 2021 Dr. Schwab visited Beijing with a European business delegation that included 20 CEOs. The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing and established contact. From then on, China has never been absent from the Davos meetings. On December 10, 2018, Dr. Schwab was awarded the China Reform Friendship Medal. After receiving the medal, he said that as China further integrates with the world, the WEF will continue to work with China to make greater contributions to building a harmonious society and a community with a shared future for mankind featuring peace, prosperity and mutual understanding. [and from another] Transhumanism and Future of Humanity towards Digital Slavery June 24, 2021 In both Orwell's  1984  and Huxley's  Brave New World,  the world is ruled by a certain party, a certain class. The concept of family disappears and a socialist order dominates society. When a sufficient level of knowledge and technology is reached, the plan is for Big Data to turn into Big Brother thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the god of transhumanists that will take its place at the top of the pyramid and take control from human hands. [and from another] China's Xi Jinping is Pushing for a Global Covid QR Code. He may Struggle to Convince the World November 23, 2020 Chinese President Xi Jinping is pushing for a global Covid-19 tracking system using QR codes, to help fast-track international travel and business during the coronavirus pandemic. Several countries have introduced tracking app technology to monitor citizens' movements and potential exposure to Covid-19, including Australia, Japan and Singapore, but there is no coordination between the systems and they have had varying degrees of success. [and from another] Coming Soon: America's own Social Credit System August 3, 2021 The new domestic  War on Terror,  kicked off by the riot on Jan. 6, has prompted several web giants to unveil predecessors to what effectively could become a soft social credit system by the end of this decade. Facebook and Microsoft are working with several other web giants and the United Nations on a database to block potential extremist content. As it grows in breadth and power, what may be most surprising about our new social credit system won't be collective fear of it, but rather how quickly most people will fall in line. [and from another] China's 'Social Credit' System Ranks Citizens and Punishes them with Throttled Internet Speeds and Flight Bans if the Communist Party Deems them Untrustworthy May 9, 2021 The Chinese Communist Party has been constructing a moral ranking system for years that will monitor the behavior of its enormous population and rank them all based on their "social credit." The system can be used for individual people, but also for companies and government organizations. [and from another] AI Emotion-Detection Software Tested on Uyghurs May 26, 2021 Xinjiang is home to 12 million ethnic minority Uyghurs, most of whom are Muslim. Citizens in the province are under daily surveillance. The AI system is trained to detect and analyze even minute changes in facial expressions and skin pores. The software creates a pie chart, with the red segment representing a negative or anxious state of mind. [and from another] Largely set in a futuristic World State, whose citizens are environmentally engineered into an intelligence-based social hierarchy, the novel anticipates huge scientific advancements in reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation and classical conditioning that are combined to make a dystopian society. [and from another] Thematically, it centres on the consequences of totalitarianism, mass surveillance and repressive regimentation of people and behaviours within society. Much of the world has fallen victim to perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, historical negationism, and propaganda. Great Britain, known as Airstrip One, has become a province of the totalitarian superstate Oceania, ruled by the Party, who employ the Thought Police to persecute individuality and independent thinking. Big Brother, the dictatorial leader of Oceania, enjoys an intense cult of personality, manufactured by the party's excessive brainwashing techniques.

Will technology help tyrants create a 1984 or a Brave New World scenario in the future? The establishment is on edge because they know what is coming, that Nibiru will pass and the resulting crustal shift will tear up mankind's infrastructure, creating starvation and hordes of wandering refugees. How can the establishment remain in control during such times? Unleashing militaristic drones to gas or taser crowds or track migrants on the road is in the works, and using pandemic threats to force the population to stay at home during lockdowns is being explored at present.

Are there similarities between the political control in 1984 and Brave New World and today's societies? Certainly the lies hosted by the Main Stream Media bear a resemblance to the Ministry of Truth in 1984. Certainly China's practice of using snitches to assign Social Credits is reminiscent of similar 1984 practices. Practices such as fluoridating drinking water or chemically castrating sex offenders can be considered mood control of the populace, similar to the use of Soma in Brave New World to placate the populace. IMF and the World Bank use debt slavery as a means of control.  

Does this mean that these coercive practices will be in place in the near future? Quite the opposite. Any plan by the establishment to use the Military or hired Militia will falter because these groups will have their own agendas. The statement that a King only rules by grace of the Military means that the Military must approve of the King's agenda. In the US the Junta has chosen President Trump, the rightful winner of the 2020 election. Citizen Militias will operate in accordance with what is right for the common man, and any hired Militia the elite may pay will attempt to takeover the elite enclaves for their own pleasure.

Those elite enclaves that hope to use drones and satellite surveillance will find their plans snafoo'd by EMP blasts that destroy equipment, or in the case of satellites destroyed by the slinging debris in the tail of Nibiru. Even those guards or servants that have been promised a place to stay with provisions will not ensure the welfare of the elite, as we have predicted that 43% of survivors will go insane from Post Traumatic Stress syndrome. Then there is the tendency of those in the Service-to-Self to turn on each other, and do each other in. Meanwhile, caring and sharing survivors will be taking care of each other, in an atmosphere of love.

Do I understand correctly that this answer concerns only 10% of the population that will survive, because according to the forecast, the remaining 90% of the population will die out after the pole shift? But it seems to me that there is not one important clarification in this figure - what percentage of the population will live to see the pole shift at all? People can simply kill each other ahead of time out of fear or in a panic, arrange a mass massacre, shoot each other. Is there such a forecast for the number of people who may not live to see the pole shift? [and from another] Even if a percentage can't be put to how many people will die prior to Pole Shift, Andrey's point seems very valid.  As hunger and other desperate conditions increase, as law enforcement can't cope with it all and increasingly becomes absent, as health care becomes harder and harder to obtain, as utilities and grocery supplies fail, as mental problems increase and as many other things happen - what will be the result in many places?  Seems to me that people will be dying in droves, by violence and other causes. With so much denial, many will not go rural and live as they should, but will remain in dangerous, desperate places and circumstances, unfortunately. So, there will a stark contrast between those who living off-grid and in cooperation, and those who refuse to accept what's happening to the world and make necessary changes, or make too little too late.  Given what's coming next (New Madrid events, plus more) and all the Zetas have said, I won't be surprised if global population is soon dropping by a million per day.  However, I may be overly pessimistic, LOL.  And if this is too fear-inducing, please delete this post. [and from another] With 50% in denial, up to the point of the actual event, there is a significant shift in those numbers and 'mass massacres' or folks shooting one another out of fear or panic, ahead of time, seems unrealistic.

We were asked at the start of the ZetaTalk saga how the populace would react when Nibiru was undeniable. We have long stated our estimate that 50% of the populace will slide into denial and stay there, firmly, throughout. But the subconscious is aware, as how could it not be aware? Nibiru is already obvious in the skies, as a Second Sun and Daily Earth Wobble and Neon Clouds and smoking Petrol bombs. Those who are not courageous will look away and pretend not to notice.

We predicted at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that gaiety would be used as a distraction. Spend the rent or mortgage money, get drunk and go dancing, and even start living on the beach where the flood tides are predicted to arrive. We have stressed that the majority of mankind are without sparked souls, this being their first incarnation should their soul spark. This is because that during the Earth's population explosion more bodies were produced than could be filled with souls awaiting reincarnation. Thus to say that mankind in general is immature and naive is an understatement.

How will the majority react to the food and fuel shortages already happening? This is of course the major reason for the Covid lockdowns, to force people to stay at home and not protest. It is also the reason for government handouts, like the US stimulus checks, to delay any public rage. Inevitably there will be work camps, forced labor to farm and harvest, and when the Earth changes tear up the cities these work camps will be assigned to build bunkers in rural areas. Martial Law will be in place, so Mad Max gangs will not be tolerated.