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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 3, 2013

The famed hacker Barnaby Jack dies a week before hacking convention. Just curious if there was any foul play? [and from another]  The New Zealand-born Jack, 35, was found dead at an apartment in San Francisco's Nob Hill neighborhood. Police had ruled out foul play. Jack had planned to demonstrate his techniques to hack into pacemakers and implanted defibrillators at the Black Hat hackers convention in Las Vegas. He told Reuters that he could kill a man from 30 feet away by attacking an implanted heart device.

Whatever is ultimately announced as the official cause of death, Barnaby Jack was assassinated. Why the secrecy on what was discovered at Jack’s home, along with his body? There was apparently no visible sign of trauma. He was a young man in good health. Beloved in his profession and with many friends, he was not pondering suicide. Professional assassins can produce a heart attack by an injection in the arm pit or groin that leaves no marks, and cannot be discerned later from the body. Seizures also can be incited, sufficient to cause death and like a heart attack, be discerned as the cause of death upon autopsy.

Barnaby Jack’s cause of death is likely to be masked, as prosecuting the perpetrators will be impossible. Who would want him dead prior to his anticipated presentation on how to give those with pace makers a heart attack from 30 paces away? Those with pace makers who have many enemies are high on the list. How safe would someone like Dick Cheney have been, had this been public knowledge? It would be considered the perfect murder weapon. Corporations  who manufacture pace makers and doctors and hospitals who install and maintain pace makers would likewise be anticipating a flood of lawsuits over the publicity.

This article appeared today at talking about a rare occurrance of nacreous or mother-of-pearl clouds in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.  It goes on to explain how rare is it for them to occur in the southern hemisphere let alone so far from the South Pole.  I couldn't help but notice that is occurred on the same day that a rare snow was recorded in southern Brazil as shared on the Wild Weather, the Wobble Effect part of this Ning.  Is this related to the wobble's effects on the upper atmosphere?  Is this perhaps part of the signs in the skies we were told to look out for as we get closer to the Shift?  Is man correct in his understanding of what causes these clouds?  These clouds, also known as "mother of pearl clouds," form in the stratosphere far above the usual realm of weather. Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley explains the special conditions required to create such a cloud: "Take an unusually cold lower stratosphere (15-25km high), use some gravity waves generated by high winds and storms in the troposphere to stir in some water vapour, and -- voilà! You get these clouds made of tiny ice crystals shining after sunset with unforgettably bright iridescent colors." [and from another]  They form at temperatures of around minus 85ºC, colder than average lower stratophere temperatures, and are comprised of ice particles ~10µm across. The clouds must be composed of similar sized crystals to produce the characteristic bright iridescent colours by diffraction and interference. [and from another]  The waves occur between any stable layers of fluids of different density. When the fluid boundary is disturbed, buoyancy forces try to restore the equilibrium. The fluid returns to its original shape, overshoots and oscillations then set in which propagate as waves. Gravity or buoyancy is the restoring force hence the term - gravity waves.

Undulating pearl colored clouds, high in the stratosphere, are no mystery as to their cause, but they are lately presenting a puzzle as they are occurring more frequently and with a broader range. They are formed of ice crystals, unlike noctilucent clouds which have a greasy chemical glow. Of course the upper atmosphere is in more turmoil as the Earth wobble worsens. The lower atmosphere clings to the Earth, moves with the Earth in the main during the wobble, and the upper atmosphere clings to that below, also. Undulating nacreous mother-of-pearl clouds proliferating is just one more sign of the wobble, which will only be properly explained after the presence of Planet X is admitted.

Is Hillary's meeting today with Obama announcement related?

What will Hillary’s role be, after the announcement? We know that Bill Clinton and George W Bush have been assigned to act as Obama’s envoys in Africa, on a mission to help this continent get ready for the influx of immigrants expected from Europe and India. We know that Kerry could use all the help he could get when the press from other countries for US assistance heats up. We know that Biden has likewise been traveling extensively, and just returned from Asia. Whether officially a State Department employee or representative or not, Hillary has great respect around the globe, and it is in this capacity that she  has offered to help Obama and Kerry with incessant and intense demands from other countries after the announcement.

Art Bell is returning to the radio with a program called "dark matter", has been hired by Sirius XM Radio (SIRI), which started from: September 16, 2013. Can The Zetas have comments about what are the real reasons for Art and his new radio show? 
[and from another]  Art Bell, radio's master of the paranormal and outward edges of science, will return to the microphone on Sept. 16 with a new nighttime show on Sirius XM Radio. Bell was one of radio's top syndicated voices in the 1990s before walking away from his nightly show in 2002 due to family issues. He worked occasionally after that but hasn't been on the air since Halloween 2010. "I missed it terribly," said Bell, 68, whose weeknight show will air live from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET. Sirius is building a studio at Bell's rural Nevada home where he will work. A Sirius representative contacted Bell through social media a few months ago, leading to the formation of his show, "Art Bell's Dark Matter." He'll talk about things like UFOs, ghosts, near-death experiences and weird aspects of science. He'll do interviews and take calls from viewers. Scott Greenstein, Sirius XM president and chief content officer, said the show will be "uncensored, unrestricted, uncluttered and utterly unique."

Art Bell will be returning to a time slot that puts him into direct competition with George Noory, his replacement on the Coast-to-Coast radio show. Is this by design? Offering commercial free listening for a subscription fee, Sirius utilizes the Internet as Netflix does, and can be accessed by portable devices. Art Bell will certainly be a prize for Sirius that will increase subscriptions, but beyond this, are there other agendas afoot? We have often mentioned that Nancy is banned on Coast-to-Coast, as the owner is ultra-right and frankly hates the ZetaTalk message, nor is ZetaTalk alone in this regard. Art Bell found himself in a tug-of-war between the disinformation agenda of the right and the road he wanted to walk. Thus, he left, but under Sirius he will be free to choose his own subject matter. He will be wildly popular!

They are saying that a large chunk of the sun is gone in the following Video from America News Room. Does it has anything to do with Nibiru, is Nibiru by any chance crossing over our sun?   [and from another]  A NASA space telescope has spotted a giant coronal hole in the sun. The dark spot covers almost a quarter of Earth's closest star, and is shooting solar material and gas into space. The hole in the solar atmosphere is over the sun's north pole. The dark spot came into view between July 13 and 18 and was observed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO. Coronal holes are darker, cooler regions of the sun's atmosphere, or corona, containing little solar material. [and from another]  It’s the largest coronal hole to be observed in the sun’s atmosphere for over a year. [and from another]  January 11, 2011: Holes in the sun's corona – NASA, August 28, 2010: Hole in the sun – APOD, September 27, 2007: Hole in the Sun – APOD, March 18, 2003: Coronal holes on the Sun -- NASA GSFC APOD, February 7, 2002: Coronal hole -- NASA GSFC APOD [and from another]  The solar wind consists of charged particles, mainly protons and electrons, emanating from the Sun in all directions.

Coronal holes are noted by man as regions where x-rays and ultraviolet light are either absent or low. Man has observed that the solar wind seems to blow from these “holes”, and speculates that coronal holes also spew magnetic particles into space, lacking a loop-back into the Sun. Man does not understand the processes within the Sun, and almost all of his speculations are incorrect because he is unaware of over 99% of the particle types that exist. He sees the boiling on the surface, mass ejections or sunspots, and makes assumptions. What can be assumed from the observations that x-rays and ultraviolet light are not emitted from coronal holes, but the solar wind is, and the solar wind is composed of highly charged material, a positive electron outflow?

X-rays are easily blocked, so their absence in coronal holes is not surprising. Photons, light, is also easily bent by gravity or blocked by almost any substance, so its absence is not surprising. Electrons and magnetons often flow together, the electro-magnetic relationship, so that some magnetons are bursting forth along with a positive electron flow is also not surprising. So what is causing the coronal holes that x-rays and light are blocked and an electromagnetic flow is escaping? When the dense material inside the core of the Sun moves toward the surface, it brings its electromagnetic flow with it, and with little to block this flow, it escapes.

Has Planet X influenced the size or incidence of coronal holes in the past decade, since it arrived in 2003? Coronal holes existed before it arrived, and are part of the normal solar cycles. We stated during the period of low sunspot activity in 2008 that when Planet X points its S Pole toward the Sun, it can have a quieting effect on the Sun’s surface by pulling magnetons into its S Pole, the intake. Likewise when Planet X pointed its N Pole toward the Sun, as during 2003, it ruffled the Sun’s surface. The large coronal hole observed in 2013 is equivalent in size, when total area is computed, to others during this past solar cycle such as the 2002 coronal hole. Planet X did not cause this, nor even influence this.

Wonder if the Zetas would care to comment on the recent cow mutilations in Missouri? It is well documented in ZT that STS aliens have done this in the past to inspire fear. ZT says this effort backfired and people were more curious than scared. Question: So why would they pick now to do a mutilation in the middle of the American heartland? The timing seems curious, and I wonder if the Zetas can tell us if this is a possible sign that the American government is preparing for very near-term disclosure of the ET presence, and the STS know this and want to put their two cents in? [and from another]  Its tongue was missing. The cow’s udders, anus, reproductive organs, and ears had all been removed. The vet told Mitchell that the cuts were extremely precise, almost surgically so. Despite the grievous injuries to the cows, no blood was found. Underneath the third cow, there was a mysteriously charred outline of the cow itself. Its heart had also been cut from its body but left to hang outside the cow.

This is a well-documented case, showing the classic mutilation adjuncts. In the past humans participated, working with Service-top-Self aliens, but this newest spate is being conducted entirely by humans using lazar scalpels to surgically remove body parts of the cows. The human motives have not changed. They seek to cast blame on aliens to incite fear and reluctance in the populace. They seek to limit the burgeoning role of contactees who are eagerly giving The Call.  

The mutilations are at the hand of the elite, wealthy and powerful individuals who feel they are in charge of the world and want the status quo to continue. In that the cattle mutilation campaign was a failure in the past, in this regard, they show their desperation. They are losing the PR campaign, losing the common man who is giving The Call in such numbers that fully half the population has already made contact. Since the Service-to-Self aliens who were assisting in the past have abandoned these efforts and are in the process of even abandoning the Earth as a lost cause to them, these humans are likely to be caught, making error and leaving tracks.

The State Department spokeswoman said Thursday it will close an undetermined number of embassies around the world for the day Sunday, due to safety concerns.  In my view might expect protests and anger of many to know the truth.  If you can The Zetas comment on this news? [and from another]  The United States said it would close an unspecified number of embassies around the world on Sunday [August 4] over security concerns. After Sunday, the government would reassess its options, without specifying the particular threat to the embassies concerned. [and from another]  The United States is shuttering its embassies and consulates throughout the Muslim world on Sunday after receiving an unspecified threat. They were taking action out of an "abundance of caution." Some diplomatic facilities may stay closed for more than a day. The threat was in the Muslim world, where Sunday is a workday. American diplomatic missions in Europe, Latin America and many other places are closed on Sunday. [and from another]  The United States will temporarily shut down its embassies and consulates around the world Sunday, including those in Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt, as a precautionary measure. [and from another]  An al Qaeda group claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks on two Iraqi prisons that freed more than 500 inmates, including some senior members of the militant group. [and from another]  In an operation carried out with military-like precision, Taliban fighters disguised as police and armed with bombs broke 250 prisoners out of a Pakistan jail with the help of what appeared to be insider informants.

Terror threats are being implied, as the closures are occurring in Muslim countries. Iraq has had massive prison breaks recently with 500 released, as has Pakistan with 250 released, and Egypt is in turmoil. The State Department has been endlessly criticized over the Benghazi incident. The issue will not die because the Republicans are in attack mode against Hillary, whom they see as the likely 2016 presidential candidate. Benghazi security was underfunded by the Republican House, and the sequester forced more cuts. Yet the House is going on August vacation without correcting this situation. The Obama administration is making the point: fund our embassies or deal with these embarrassing closures!