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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 7, 2011

The space shuttle was set to launch last Friday for it's second to last flight into space but was delayed when two heaters for the auxiliary power unit failed just 3.5 hours before take off. A tentative launch for early this week was also scrubbed after a fuse box began to have problems and it is expected to be a least May 8 before the shuttle will have another chance at a launch. Are these failures further warnings to NASA in its continuing cover-up of PX and it's attempts to retrieve PX related data from the ISS?

Two back-to-back technical problems, both electrical in nature, are certainly not normal, even for NASA launches. Those at NASA are arrogant, confidently continuing with their denial of the presence of Planet X - their lies about what is appearing on the SOHO and Stereo images, and their claim of asteroid collisions as an explanation for the Moon Swirls of Planet X. Meanwhile, they themselves have prepared well-stocked bunkers. Every probe they have sent forth is spying on Planet X, as is the ISS. They are desperate to figure out the timeframe, but fail on every attempt. Were these recent failures in the shuttle launch deliberately done to send a message? Surprisingly, this is incompetence at NASA, as the knowledge that they will be the scapegoats when the truth about the presence of Planet X is revealed has them in a tizzy. They are distracted!

As I type this, Obama is announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden and the fact the US has his dead body in their possession. The Zetas have told us on several occasions that the CIA has manufactured audio and video tapes of his speeches, even though he has supposedly been alive, so is this legitimate? Is there a reason for the timing, or was everything just as is being reported from the White House?

When last asked, some years ago in 2002, about Bin Laden's whereabouts, we countered the then rumor that he was dead. We declined to give his whereabouts as at that time this would have enhanced the Bush administrations prestige. He was, for some years, in the mountainous regions of Iran and the bordering regions of Russia, among friends who resented the Bush invasion of Iraq for oil. Is this latest capture and death of Bin Laden legitimate? The body was buried at sea almost before it was cold, so where this may be a lingering debate, it cannot generate additional inquiries. The proof is in the hands of the US forces, who hold all the evidence they supposedly collected from the site and the body.

Nevertheless, this is the real Bin Laden, hiding almost in plain sight among those in Pakistan sympathetic to his cause and his plight. He was not at the helm of the 911 attacks, as we have repeatedly stated, but was the chosen scapegoat of the Bush administration who in fact were at the helm of the 911 attacks. What will his capture mean for the Obama administration? Obama himself, who made the call for the home invasion without involving the Pakistani forces, will benefit and gain prestige among the military. A wise choice, bold, and going with the recommendations of his top brass. The US will have an excuse to reduce their military presence in Afghanistan, which they dearly need to do in order to reassign their troops to the US where disasters will soon emerge. And the losers are primarily those who were planning on running against Obama in the general election, with many of their poisoned darts now removed from their arsenal.

This footage was recently uploaded. Interesting. What do you think?
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Would former MJ12 members release a video of an alien apparently in their custody? The presumption is that this is the surviving member from the Roswell crash. A grainy video, showing age, and a Zeta head not unlike the face on the ZetaTalk page, with a tiny almost vertical nose, a mere slit of a mouth, high cheekbones and thin neck. Nancy has done more than one graphic of ourselves, from her memory, showing the very thin body and the face both frontal and in profile. The fact that this video matches in many ways her memory and description is not an accident or deliberate copy, as this is a real video. The US government, former MJ12 members included, are being pressed by other countries to get with the program and engage in disclosure. Rather than release their UFO files they are jumping ahead, showing proof of the alien presence with alien bodies. This is a test run to see how the public reacts.

Does the announcement of Osama bin Laden's "death" clear the path for the US/world governments to embark on a new contrived global threat? This time not extremist terrorists but a technologically more advanced "enemy" - the extraterrestrials? I recall a speech from Carol Rosin who worked together with Werner von Braun who worked for NASA - already decades ago Dr. von Braun warned her for this: 1) Russian threat in the 70's, 2) terrorists, 3) asteroids, 4) ET's. And is this also a possible reason why NASA has her secret space flights, and the moon bombing last summer? Are they up to something to fool us - again? Are they (NASA and others) trying to harm you (Zeta's and other STO aliens)? How can we find out what info is wrong and what is right, apart from our heart guidance and a healthy use of our human intelligence and off course, ZetaTalk - because I can imagine STS ET's might play tricks on us?

Rumor has it that the Cold War with Russia was arranged, as those countries wanting a military buildup need a threat to convince their citizens that such a buildup is necessary. Wernher von Braun was brought to the US after WW II to work on rocket and space travel technology. He was certainly in a position to be an insider, an MJ12 asset, and as such participated in many discussions that resulted from the Roswell incident. What did the alien presence mean for mankind, and in particular, what did the alien presence mean for those in power, the establishment? MJ12 in those days was composed of high ranking members of the intelligence agencies in the US and Russia, the very wealthy elite, and politically powerful leaders of the big industrial countries. They were all concerned their perch would be threatened.

Given the tendency of those who desire wealth and power to assume that ALL share their greed, these humans naturally assumed the aliens MJ12 had encountered were out to conquer planet Earth. They prepared accordingly. The Cold War was not created to meet this need, it was taken advantage of for this purpose. It would be too difficult to generate animosity and suspicion sufficient to explain the need for an arms buildup, so one that was already handy was utilized. Communism and capitalism are polar opposites, and were already fomenting polarized emotions, and when an excuse for an arms buildup was needed, these were the buttons that were pushed. The going theory among MJ12 members in both the US and Russia was that if a war with the aliens erupted, these arms would be needed.

It is obviously only a step away to plan for a replacement, in case either communism or capitalism failed and the inherent battle was no longer handy as an excuse. This is fact happened when Russia imploded and had to divest of her satellite countries. Since all countries have what might be called terrorists, those who resent the current government and plot a coup or a rebellion, this was deemed a secondary reason for a strong military presence. Cuba had Castro, Israel had the Palestinians, colonial India had Ghandi, and the US had their native American tribes. Resentment is everywhere, and the Bush family, long ensconced in MJ12, used this excuse in order to invade Iraq for its oil reserves. This excuse likewise has fallen out of favor, especially with the death of Bin Ladin, long used as the centerpiece of the terrorism excuse.

We have warned for over a decade that asteroid swarms would be used as an explanation for the moons of Planet X, which are already so visible to private citizens as Moon Swirls and on SOHO and Stereo images. Even von Braun was aware of Planet X, inbound and presumed to arrive in 2003. MJ12 learned of the pending passage early in its lifetime. If the military buildup was to be sustained by the Cold War and terrorism threat, then asteroids would be used to explain the need for Star Wars technology. Reagan pushed this hard, and George W. Bush tried to revive it. This failed because the technology could not be perfected, and other countries opposed the US having a laser in space as a weapon.

This leaves as a threat for a military buildup or protection from space the ET threat itself. Certainly the movie industry has promoted this, with an alien invasion always thwarted by either man's technology, as in the movie ID4 or, in the case of the movie Signs, by man's faith in God. Since the Earth has not been invaded or colonized by aliens, this is proving to be a hard sell. If this was the alien intent, then what is holding them back? Why has this not occurred already? But this group, intent upon holding their perch over the common man, will not give up. Expect the barage to continue, as without a global threat, their prestige and position of power will not continue.

I'm sure there must be many people who have a home in an undesirable location and wish to sell the home to prepare for a possible pole shift but would have a guilty conscience knowing/feeling that the new owner's lives would be at risk. This would also be true of someone feeling uneasy about wanting to warn others to sell their property and move to higher ground inland. And can only assume it will become harder as the poleshift gets closer and there are more and greater catastrophic events unfolding and more lives being lost. Some home owners may be able to use the home as collateral for a second home but many would have to sell outright in order to have the funds to make a move. What to do?

For those who cannot afford to move unless they unload real estate in an area they know will prove to be unsafe, this is an ethical dilemma. What should be born in mind is that the buyer would be purchasing a home in the area even if your house were not on the market. You are not, thus, arranging their death or locking them into a financial bind. Even in the instance of a first time home owner, where they were previously free to move about and now have their funds invested into the home, this does not prevent the buyers from leaving. Bankruptcies will be so common in the future, as the Earth changes virtually wipe out commerce and employment, that financial obligations will be irrelevant. In the end, the property falls into the hands of the bank or, if damaged, into the hands of an insurance company. These are likewise on the verge of bankruptcy. And money, as a medium of exchange, is also soon to be replaced by the barter system. You are moving to a safe location, where you will presumably be a staunch member of a survival community, being there for these people when they see the light and themselves move. Think of it in those terms.

This just in from NASA: "May 4, 2011: Einstein was right again. There is a space-time vortex around Earth, and its shape precisely matches the predictions of Einstein's theory of gravity." They call it an "epic" experiment. Would the Zetas care to comment? [and from another] Put a spinning gyroscope into orbit around the Earth, with the spin axis pointed toward some distant star as a fixed reference point. Free from external forces, the gyroscope's axis should continue pointing at the star--forever. But if space is twisted, the direction of the gyroscope's axis should drift over time. By noting this change in direction relative to the star, the twists of space-time could be measured. Pulling off the experiment was an exceptional challenge. But after a year of data-taking and nearly five years of analysis, the GP-B scientists appear to have done it. We measured a geodetic precession of 6.600 plus or minus 0.017 arcseconds and a frame dragging effect of 0.039 plus or minus 0.007 arcseconds. Geodetic precession is the amount of wobble caused by the static mass of the Earth (the dimple in spacetime) and the frame dragging effect is the amount of wobble caused by the spin of the Earth (the twist in spacetime). Both values are in precise accord with Einstein's predictions.
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NASA's conclusions, and experiment, are laughable! They are desperate for success on some front, having failed miserably on so many fronts lately. If this NASA experiment.was in "precise accord with Einstein's predictions" it would not have taken the crew 5 years to analyze the data. The gyro is either static and not moving over time, or they are moving. When they discovered movement in what should have been a satellite unaffected by Earth gravity (or so they presumed) they set about, as most mathematicians do, to make the data line up with Einstein's theory. Of course the fact that Earth rotates affects objects in the vicinity, due to the massive number of particle flows affected by the rotation! Earth's gravity also has a reach far beyond where mankind assumes, as they scarcely understand gravity or the anti-gravity force that exists when large gravity bodies approach each other.

Einstein's description of gravity operating like a dimple causing drag are simplistic, because Einstein as a Star Child who understood the wider Universe well was speaking to simpletons. We have explained when trying to explain time travel that time is just a factor in what mankind would call equations, though they could hardly understand the math. Time travel is possible but not at all what mankind assumes. And it is not a toy, but rather strictly controlled by the firm hand of the Council of Worlds. What caused the gyroscope to drift, if not the dimple effect? The rotation of Earth creates voids in the magma of Earth, as clumps of stuff pull toward attractions, miss their mark, and are sent round again. The clumps and the voids are themselves sources of attraction or repulsion, as matter likes to clump but also wants to avoid crowding, the perpetual dance.

What would have been astonishing would have been if the gyroscope did not move at all, given the whirlwind of particle flows affecting the satellite holding the gyroscope. Congradulations to NASA, that after only 5 years of manipulating the data, they finally found a correlation to Einstein's theory. What did they have to exclude, or modify, to make this happen, one wonders. As we said about NASA, they give you the conclusion, but not the data. Or they provide so much data that one drowns in it and must spend 5 years to even categorize it. This does not sound like success. It sounds like the self congratulation of desperate people trying to fool the world into thinking that they know what they are talking about, like the Wizard of Oz. Go back behind the curtain. You are fooling no one.

The Zetas said that the Earth is stopped on her path around the Sun and also that after the shift "during an adjustment period that may last several months or even years, rotation may be a bit erratic. One should not set the clock on a 24 hour day, at least not at first". Since we will have to grow our own food, and everyone who tried to grow some plants knows that every plant has it's time for planting, I think it is of the great importance to know how long "the year" would last i.e. will the Earth resume her orbit around the Sun at the same speed as it did before, or we can expect some significant disturbances. We can roughly plant our food when we see that the weather is warmer, but some plants (like peppers or tomato) must be planted in February when it is still winter. On the other hand, this year in my country March was very warm so a lot of people planted potatoes and other vegetables in March although they were doing it for years at the beginning of May. Now they have frozen potatoes! Since the day would be longer, I presume that it wouldn't be accurate to count 365 days, but we can count hours and I would like to know will the Earth's revolution after the shift last again around 8760 hours or more or less.

You are attempting to micro-manage your gardening schedule for the months after the pole shift as a means of reducing your general anxiety. Where your anxiety is understandable, your approach is wrong. This is akin to planning your first meal, to the minute and to the bite of food to be eaten, after landing on a foreign and as yet unexplored land after a long and perilous journey. For instance, the situation centuries past when explorers went by ship from Europe to the coastlines of America. You would not know what season it would be, what of your supplies might still be available, or what kind of facilities you may find for shelter or a kitchen. You would not know if the natives would be friendly or hostile, would provide you with food or not, and could not imagine what the native cuisine and crops might be. You in fact would not even know if you yourselves might be lunch. Planning your first meal there would give you comfort, as it would make you think you have control over the situation.

The weather has just begun to get erratic to the extent that our statement that a blending of the seasons will occur prior to the pole shift has meaning. And this has just begun. Crop failure has become a known fact, world wide, as we predicted, due to the erratic weather. Certainly the change of climate and lack of electricity to sustain greenhouse or hydroponic crops after the pole shift will impact what gardens can be grown. We have advised to focus on your target climate, your expected climate, in choosing seeds and planning perennial gardens. Certainly, there will be mistakes made, a trial and error period, as plants not only respond to climate, they also respond to soil type and Ph and what kinds of pests might assault them in the new climate. Opportunistic weeds and pests will migrate, and often be a surprise to the planners. Remain resolute and expect to have a limited diet until this trial and error period has passed.

Attempts to be in control, despite the whirlwind of change a pole shift brings, is only one technique man will cling to as the times get tough. We have mentioned hand wringing whereby agonizing over the situation is expected to bring change. It will not. We have mentioned hand holding whereby we, the Zetas, or some human who is clutched by the throat is expected to lead the nervous one down every step they must take. This may bring comfort to the anxious one but is not a long-term solution as such demands will not be tolerated for long. Wanting to establish absolute control and insisting that others cooperate with such demands will likewise fail to bring comfort. It will not work, and will not be tolerated for long by others. Rather than bringing you security, you will find that such demands turn people from you, and ultimately you are in any case left to your own resources.

Is there one or more Alien beings, nations controlling the scenes behind the world governments, America and Britain in particular? Is there a NWO agenda via these beings? And are they against the Zetas? What is the agenda behind their activities?

A long-standing Internet rumor is that numerous individuals in politic power on Earth are in fact "shape-shifting reptilians". This goes to the extent of providing various videos purporting to show this or that politician or member of royalty with eyes morphing into the slit eyes of a lizard, momentary. Is there any truth to this at all? None.

Aliens have the capacity to suggest to humans who see them that they are in fact seeing an owl or a deer or some other such creature. This is called a screen memory. This is something the human can discard, and frequently they do discard the screen memory. The human is given something akin to a holographic vision superimposed over the actual view, so their brain is confused about the issue. But this is not what the rumors are referring to, as the myth of the shape-shifting reptilian claims that these humans are actually reptiles that have assumed the shape of humans. Where there are chameleons that can change colors to blend in with the background, this is merely a chemical in the skin. Changing the entire body to be that of another species is not possible, as any geneticist will tell you.

Another aspect of the myth is that these reptilians are out to take over the Earth, and are only morphing into human form to facilitate this takeover. This is absurd for many reasons. If such a takeover were legally allowed, then why would such aliens delay? They are technologically superior to man! The assumption that an alien takeover would be allowed is counter to everything we have described about the rules that aliens are perforce to follow, particularly the rules those in the Service-to-Self are required to follow. Counseling of young souls, akin to psychological counseling, is allowed. For an alien to insert themselves into human society is a breach of these rules, and would simply not be allowed. The same group that is spreading the myth of the shape-shifting reptilian is likewise propagating the term "abduction" in regards to contact. We have explained that contact with aliens is always in the human hands.

What is the purpose, then, of this myth? Since the early days of MJ12, when the first encounters were with aliens in the Service-to-Self, many central to the operation of MJ12 were convinced that aliens were evil and mankind should be wary. As with the Service-to-Self among humans, there are clues such as cold eyes or lack of empathy. First impressions are often lasting, and exposure to the Service-to-Other among the aliens whom MJ12 eventually met did not change this first impression. The former MJ12 members who continue to foment the shape-shifting reptilian myth are themselves wary of any takeover attempts by human elites, such as those behind the Iraq War. The Bush family, Blair and the Queen are all former MJ12 members, and the warning is that they might have been "infected" by an alien agenda. Apparently, the idea that humans in power might be Service-to-Self and needing no help from an alien agenda is unthinkable.