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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 19, 2011

I had a few questions about the dynamics of the New Madrid adjustment. Considering the diagonal pull on the North American continent where the western half is pulled to the southwest and the eastern half is pulled to the northeast, it would seem that the area with the greatest resistance to this diagonal movement would be the point in the New Madrid fault where it turns from the Mississippi River towards the St. Lawrence Seaway since this creates a bulge in the middle of the continent. This is the same area where the New Madrid quakes in 1811-12 occurred along this bend in the fault. From prior Zetatalk, this will be the area where the sudden release of pressure occurs for the major New Madrid adjustment. My question concerns the part of the fault line running from this area to the St. Lawrence Seaway. Will there also be the potential for 8 to 9 magnitude epicenters along the fault line all the way to the St. Lawrence Seaway? The effects of earthquakes on the eastern half of the continent travel great distances, so 8 to 9 magnitude epicenters further east would cause an even wider area of major damage further away from the fault line affecting more people. I know there are going to be large earthquakes all along the fault during the New Madrid adjustment, but I would like to know if we need to prepare for and be expecting earthquake epicenters in the 8 to 9 magnitude range further east.

It would seem that the fault line running from the New Madrid area to the Seaway would be more of a slip-slide adjustment with the diagonal movement occurring with the continent, but the Zetas have also said that Ohio will be pulled apart in places and that these are vertical adjustments. Does this mean one side of the fault line going toward the Seaway will be rising or dropping in elevation vertically or is this just due to land being pulled apart and dropping down or sinking in places? Does pulled apart mean more of a slip-slide tearing apart along the fault line or is it more of a stretching apart away from the fault line? If this is a stretching apart, would this affect mainly the fault area or could this be spread out sporadically over an area as large as a state away from the fault line? If this would be a slip-slide adjustment, I think there would be potential for greater magnitude earthquakes in these areas since once the resistance is released in the New Madrid area it will allow the plates to suddenly move past each other diagonally along the fault line all the way up to the Seaway. If the fault line will be more stretching apart in these areas then the quakes probably wouldn't be as extreme, as a stretch zone is more silent, but the destruction to infrastructure will still be great. I'm guessing it would be more of a stretch adjustment the closer you get to the Seaway along the fault.

I am planning to sleep outside in tents, out in the open and away from falling objects, after the major Japan earthquakes occur signaling the New Madrid adjustment is near. You normally don't have notice that a major earthquake is eminent to allow you to take precautions like this, so you can avoid being in buildings which are the cause of most earthquake injuries and deaths.
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As both sides of the New Madrid Fault Line are pulled in opposite directions, the entire fault line operates as a slip-slide fault line. In that the land just to the west of the Mississippi River moves the greatest distance, to ease the pressure on the bow currently formed by the N American continent, this creates a void, a stretch zone void, causing the land there to drop, as we have explained. This is the region currently experiencing precursor earthquakes, the region considered the New Madrid region. But the movement is not yet happening, the void not yet being created. Instead, occasional slight slip-slide adjustments are being made, deep within the rock strata, causing minor quake swarms or sympathetic jolts in neighboring areas. The rock fingers are slipping, but not losing their grip.

When the plate tearing starts in earnest, these slip-slide jolts will be huge, and rise up to the magnitude 8-9 range, as we have stated. These quakes will ride up to the bend in the fault line just south of Lake Michigan. Earthquake damage is primarily done when the rock close to the surface is affected, as is known by man. The quality of the rock along the fault line thus affects the shaking and resulting damage to the surface. A glance at a map of the geology of the fault line shows that the rock along the Mississippi at Arkansas and Missouri is younger, laid down by sediment, and tends to fracture broadly, thus relaying earthquake jolts over a vast area. Broad fractures also cause post quake adjustments, so the quake includes rock shuffling, all of which translates to a larger magnitude for the area. Thus, the worst of the New Madrid adjustment will be felt in this area.

The rock strata that hold Illinois and Indiana is older, and more solid. Fracturing of the rock tends to be a single jolt, not the multiple ricocheting jolts that magnify any adjustment in the rock strata experienced by the rock strata in Arkansas and Missouri. The magnitude will still be considered high, perhaps an 8, but the shaking will not last as long, and the damage therefore not as great. Were the bend in the fault line just south of Lake Michigan not at a point where the southeastern part of the US is dropping away from the Seaway, the damage along the Seaway would be much greater. The Equator is expanding in the center of the Atlantic, and has already, by this time, ripped open between S America and Africa. The southeast thus drops toward this void, relieving pressure and friction along the slip-slide in the fault line as it runs under the Seaway.

By the time the New Madrid adjustment reaches the bend, land to the west of the Mississippi has already dropped, pulled away, but this actually puts more pressure on the fault line as it runs under Michigan. This holds, momentarily, while the southeast starts to drop toward the Atlantic Rift, and then pulls apart sharply. Here, beneath Michigan, the jolts will also not last for long, and will also be considered up to magnitude 8. The fault line thence along the Seaway will unzip, along rock strata borders already established. Where stretch zones such as this normally have adjustments that are basically silent, they do much damage. The unzipping creates crevasses and landslides and sinkholes, and when this occurs under cities is devastating. The quakes will be considered much less than magnitude 8 but the damage will be greater, with consequent lost of life and infrastructure. A building that has collapsed because of a large jolt is no different than one that has collapsed because the ground beneath it sank.

Today's M8.9 big EQ is not South Island. M9 that Zetas predict?

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As horrific as this quake has been for Japan, it is not the start of the Japan 7 of 10 events we have described. For the 7 of 10 events, Japan must experience a series of quakes, starting on the South Island and then proceeding to the North Island. This quake is of that size, but not in the correct sequence, not yet. The sinking of Indonesia was predicted to occur without significant quakes there, what we called a silent adjustment. The rolling of S America is predicted to have a series of significant quakes in the 8-9 range. The African roll and drop will again be silent and the adjustment of the New Madrid again involving significant quakes in the 8-9 magnitude range. The New Madrid adjustment in particular will be confusing to many, as quakes will increased in frequency and severity, so that quakes of magnitude 6-7 are not uncommon in the New Madrid area before the large 9+ quake that accompanies the tearing of the fault line occurs. Thus quakes can occur before the 7 of 10 adjustment, but not be an indication that the 7 of 10 sequence has jumped ahead.

When earthquakes come from plate movement, then I would expect to see them along the whole plate boarder. Not just in a small area. How is this possible? What is moving which way and how far? [and from another] Can Zetas say reason of this sudden mega-earthquake happened in Japan? Because of what? NASA said that this earthquake in Japan results in shift if earth axis about 15cm and shortenage of earth days like in Chile earthquake. What cause this earthquake? [and from another] Can Moon perigee (closes position to the Earth) cause natural disasters? Many people think that this big EQ in Japan caused by Moon Perigee? Is it true, can Zetas tell?
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Plate tectonics involves various dramas on the plate borders - clash or subduction bounaries, slip-slide boundaries, and stretch zones boundaries. Where plate borders clash, one plate pushing against another, this most often has one of the plates either riding over or pushing under the other. Such border clashes are invariably accompanied by massive quakes in the range of magnitude 8-10. Japan, the Andes, the West Coast of the N American continent, and the Himalayas are examples of such border clashes. During such clashes there will be a point where the pressure is greatest, and that will be the spot where a quake will occur.

The Pacific is currently compressing, in step with a widening Atlantic, all caused by the jerking around that planet Earth is enduring during the daily Earth wobble caused by the magnetic push/pull from Planet X. The position of the Moon and its resultant gravity pull has scant influence on the matter. The parts of the Pacific Plate are themselves folding, down along the island chain that forms the Hawaiian Islands and on down to the Society Islands. These adjustments are primarily silent, for man, who does not have seismographs located on the deep ocean floor, but can be detected on occasion by the ocean buoys which show heaping water from one end of the Pacific to the other.

The Philippine Plate is tilting, plunging under the Philippine Islands and lifting slightly on the other end near the Mariana Islands. The Mariana Plate is also tilting and plunging under the Mariana Islands. Thus, pressure from the central Pacific is being relieved by this movement, where pressure on the north Pacific requires adjustments at Japan. A glance at a plate tectonic map shows that the recent quake in Japan happened at precisely the point where the pressure from the compressing Pacific would be the greatest. Now that an adjustment has been made at this point, further folding of the Philippine and Mariana Plates can occur. This may be iterative, returning to the Japanese coast on occasion, or to New Zealand, which is lifting. The pressure point will move, and result in a quake.

Are the governments that are "in the know" starting to take ZetaTalk more seriously?

ZetaTalk has always been taken seriously, since its inception in 1995. This is because the 2000 or so MJ12 members, the wealthy and politically powerful, were aware that we, the Service-to-Others Zetas, were speaking through Nancy. The issue was whether our description of the coming pole shift was accurate, as mankind lies to promote its agenda and thus these men assumed the same of ourselves. In truth, those Zetas who were of the Service-to-Self orientation had lied regularly to MJ12, and most humans struggle with how to differentiate the orientations, not being, in the main, mature and wise souls. We stated that Planet X would enter the solar system in early 2003 and pass. It tracked in precisely according to our coordinates but did not pass, so skepticism on our predictions still held.

But all our other predictions have been so remarkably accurate, though there are still skeptics that assume Indonesia will not sink to the degree we described. The approach of the establishment in those countries to be affected by the sinking was to blame rain and a sea rise caused by Global Warming. This was the approach, in the press, with a de rigor mention of heavy rain, even when no rain had been present for days and weeks. Few in their public were suspicious, but when flooding failed to drain and clearly came from the sea, alarms went off. The public is now demanding compensation for lost crops and an inability to go to sea to fish in waters so choppy their boats are swamped. The smiling faces of the placid Indonesians have now been replaced by grim faces.

Meanwhile, the Pacific compresses against Japan, New Zealand lifts up, pouring water up the rivers along the east coast of Australia, and the Indus River valley has clearly sunk the 10 feet we predicted for the western border of the Indo-Australian Plate. Cold fear is gripping the bellies of the elite, as they watch this progress, on schedule and in the sequence we described. They are casting a nervous eye on S America, where mountain building along the N Andes Fault Line and preliminary sinking on the Caribbean Plate in areas such as Panama show that once again, our predictions are on target. What will happen when this has progressed fully, and in accordance with our predictions, is not written, and is very much in the hands of man. These sociological and political dramas are part of the 8 of 10 scenarios, as well as geological and astronomical features. This is the next chapter.

In the past, the zetas have addressed sources of information that don't necessarily have a "prediction track record", including such sources as the Urantia Book, among others. While I understand the rule involved, which could otherwise drag them into commenting on every sect, cult, religion and personality that has an opinion, there are some sources that have such a grip on large segments of what I would term the "truth-seeking population" that understanding whether they are 'legitimate' or not can be very important in helping to reach out to others who may be tempted by the metaphysical logic contained within. One such source is the Cassiopaeian material, which is referred to by so many in the "truth-seeking population". I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that often people want to compare that material to ZT, and even try to compare Laura Knight-Jadczyk to Nancy. What makes it tricky is that the so-called 'Cassiopaeans' do not make physical predictions, preferring to focus on metaphysical issues as mentioned, and one of their primary tenets has to do with this concept that by merely envisioning the poleshift scenario, we run the risk of experiencing it. This nefarious concept is also evident in the paradigm expressed by the post-2005 Burisch crowd, which is to avoid even thinking about physical cataclysms in order to 'ascend' to 4D and avoid experiencing the poleshift, particularly with others of like mind. As I often put it, when I suggest people should look at the "destiny of the message", this message is quite STS in that it encourages people NOT to prepare, thus leaving the world stage even more amenable to the elite's plans to 'become kings in the aftertime'. There is a difference between this message and the "power of positive thinking", and I suspect the entities behind the Cassiopaean material are not as STO as they intimate, despite making many truthful comments. The zetas have addressed this somewhat in the past, in the "Wishful Thinking" article about New Age efforts to think only positive thoughts, hold hands and "wish the bad things away", but can they tell us whether the source (for the Cassiopaean transcripts) is a legitimate one, or whether it is "high-grade hogwash" as I call it? Since the Burisch claim - that the zetas are "us", from the future - is similar, it may well spring from the same source, and may help to address this same issue for the many truth-seekers who may make the mistake of equating his personal sincerity with truthfulness (or lack thereof) of message. [and from another] The concept that "our thoughts create" has been around for a long time and is the core message of the "New Thought" movement and promulgated by "spiritual" organizations such as Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living, and Unitarian Universalists. This idea even had some mainstream success with the release of the documentary, The Secret, and the concept being able to move into the next dimension by changing how you perceive the world around you was presented in The Celestine Prophecy.

As we carefully pointed out at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, wishful thinking will not avert the pole shift, nor will those who hope to avoid the pole shift simply shift to 4th density by any mechanism they can control. We have explained that those solidly in the Service-to-Others are offered a Lift during the hour of the pole shift, in order to survive the shift and thus be able to help others during the Aftertime. This is not an escape from the horrors, but rather a desire on the part of these highly Service-to-Others humans to be intensely of service at a time of great need. Most refuse this offer of a Lift, as the hour of the pole shift is one where they will also be needed by others. Organized religions have twisted the concept of the Lift to be an Ascension of the faithful, a reward for regular church attendance and following the rules. We have explained that such rules are at base Service-to-Self, and serve only humans who wish to control others.

Beyond the issue of the intent of the Lift vs how it was twisted into the concept of the Ascension are very similar messages about being able to alter physical reality by wishful thinking. Such theories are beyond ridiculous, as if man were able to do this, then this would be in process today! What are they waiting for? Cure cancer, melt away birth defects, eliminate starvation and quell disease and crime. All of these scourges continue unabated. Are the wishes of those affected not fervent enough? It is obvious that wishing a physical situation away does not work! Beyond this argument is the one examining why such scourges would be in place in the first place. Have all those stumbling about like sticks in sub-Sahara Africa, starving to death, envisioning the same reality, that they have created this hell for themselves? Clearly they are envisioning an alternative, longing for it, constantly. So why has their salvation not emerged?

That said, what is the purpose of such organizations as the Cassiopaeians, who purport that an Ascension into 4th density to avoid the pole shift is possible. If this were possible, then surely there is solid proof, where the media attends an Ascension, an escape into 4th density, and those adhering to the Cassiopaeian belief disappear into thin air in front of the cameras. Prove it, is our statement! They have zero credibility, a zero track record on truthfulness on any of their pronouncements. Why is such a ridiculous theory even contemplated by the public? This is a form of denial, and won't be the last such ridiculous belief that will arise as the Earth changes become more threatening. It sells. It gains converts.

Denial in its hardest form is such that even the fact of the Earth changes and presence of Planet X is denied. There stands the planet in the skies, but it is not there. The roads heaved by earthquakes such that even a bike cannot wend its way, not acknowledged. Mother sends father out to go get some more groceries, and when he reports the situation, she does not believe it can be true. If he takes her to the road, she shakes her head and walks away dazed, and later asks him to go for groceries again, taking an alternate route. Most in denial will not go into hard denial, but some alternate version. Our predictions on the scope of disaster will not come true. Perhaps we are wrong or misguided. Even if it does occur, the government will rescue its citizens. But best of all is to simply imagine that one can avoid the horror altogether. Close your eyes, click your heels together, and make a wish! Like Dorothy, wanting to go home from Oz. All Dorothy needed was the knowledge and some red shoes! Enter the Cassiopaeians!

I have a question about the STO ET groups. The Zetas said there are 1000 such races/civilizations working together in 40 working groups which have divided up the world so that efforts are not duplicated. They have been very clear that they are responsible for the USA. Have the Zetas taken all of North America or just the USA? Are the working groups divided by political boundaries for their efforts, or religions, or races? Can the Zetas say? But that is just the preliminary part of the question. We are instructed to make the call if we are STO, and the call will be answered. In the US we know the call will be answered by Zetas. Can the Zetas tell us or make a list of what groups are in charge of what areas? I had a friend in Norway ask who would answer if he called. And Australia, and Asia. Is it ok for those in every area to know who to contact? I could guess there are Arcturans, Andromedians, Sirians, Pleiadians, Orions, Lyrans, but there is no way for me to list 1000 star systems that are here, let alone the working groups. Groups implies several, even in the USA, but all they have mentioned is themselves. Is it helpful to know who you are calling, or who is answering, or is it better to assume that is not important and someday we will all know the answers. I am sure that ETs who are not humanoid would be in a group that has some humanoids. I am assuming some of the groups are actually humans. Could you discuss this, if possible. I was wondering who is in charge of Japan, for instance. I will bet they have rescued some STO who were washed out to sea alive but would not ever be seen again. So that would make them very busy right now. I would think that the Zetas would not just be part of a group but also have supervisory roles as this will be their home too in the aftertime. I am sure anything the Zetas can add to these thoughts would be welcomed by our worldwide Zeta followers.

Humans, those who are highly Service-to-Others and rescued from certain death if this would not disrupt the Element of Doubt, do not answer the Call. These humans are considered to be in 3rd density, spiritually, as they will not graduate until their next incarnation, regardless of their living circumstances. The Call is given and answered almost immediately, by the relevant spiritual orientation. If the Call is given in the spirit of Service-to-Others, it is answered by visitors in that orientation, who are in close communication with each other as to workload distribution and any prior contacts by this particular contactee. This is likewise true of Calls given from a selfish motive, which is answered by ambassadors from the Service-to-Self. Just what their arrangements are we decline to detail, as we are the Service-to-Others Zetas and do not steep ourselves in their practices.

Most visitors in attendance during Earth's Transformation are not hominoid. That humans want to know what hominoids they would be getting, if giving the Call, is frankly laughable. That's not how it works! This is not like choosing one's healthcare provider, in human society. Most responses to the Call are from a variety of life forms, an extreme minority being in the hominoid category. It is the issues that matter, the orientation that prevails, and the advice is relevant regardless of the particular life form giving the advice. Care is taken to separate the contactee and visitor or to screen the appearance of the visitor if this is likely to interfere with the visit. The contactee may find their visitor covered in a sheet, or behind a screen, or in a fog, or may think they are speaking to an owl, some creature considered wise in human mythology.

It is irrelevant what life form responds to the Call. Those who are protesting that they must meet with a hominoid, and more particularly a hominoid from a particular star system, are simply throwing up roadblocks. One of two things are happening here. Either they have already given the Call, and had their first contact, but are not consciously aware of it, or they backed away from giving the Call altogether. In either case, pretending that a human can control the attendees at a visitation is a desire on the part of the human to control more than they do. They have control over one aspect of the Call. They can refuse visitation. They can give the Call and then change their mind. They can refuse to give the Call at all. They can be engaged in visitation and then cancel out, declining all further visitations. This they control, but it is all they control.

Will earthquakes from the New Madrid adjustment affect those living in cities in the New England area?

As is known, there is a fault line running up along the East Coast of the US that attaches to the New Madrid fault line in the Gulf. Both fault lines touch there, in the Gulf, and when the New Madrid adjusts there is a sympathetic adjustment up along this fault line. During the last New Madrid adjustment, church bells rang in Boston and cracks appeared in buildings in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. These changes are caused by earthquakes equivalent to a magnitude 4-5 or less, not serious.

Will the zetas allow a nuclear disaster in japan or will they stop it? [and from another] Radioactive Releases in Japan Could Last Months, Experts Say [Mar 13] The central problem arises from a series of failures that began after the tsunami. It easily overcame the sea walls surrounding the Fukushima plant. It swamped the diesel generators, which were placed in a low-lying area, apparently because of misplaced confidence that the sea walls would protect them. At 3:41 p.m. Friday, roughly an hour after the quake and just around the time the region would have been struck by the giant waves, the generators shut down. According to Tokyo Electric Power Company, the plant switched to an emergency cooling system that operates on batteries, but these were soon depleted. The problem was compounded because gauges in the reactor seemed to have been damaged in the earthquake or tsunami, making it impossible to know just how much water is in the core. [and from another] ZT has mentioned 3rd Density to 4th Density transformations on other planets, with other civilizations. If and when such transformations involved massive physical change threats to a planet and its civilization, such as in the impact on earth by the upcoming Pole Shift, is it sometimes, often or always the case that there are 'timely and very public precursor opportunities' prior to the mainstream of the massive planetary transformation events for such civilizations to 'clean up their act' and 'right their ship' with regard to their most dangerous, most threatening technologies? (aka "the early bird catches the worm") In other words, if and when there are 7/10, 8/10 and 9/10 type of event sequences and physical change threats to such planets, have the Zetas observed in other transformation cases across the Milky Way Galaxy that God seems often to use a beneficent, yet stern hand to enable early and uniquely public opportunities during 7/10 type of "precursor" events on such planets for said planet's civilization to "get their act together" and mitigate "excessive" planetary transformation induced damage by breaking down the technologies that constitute the gravest threats to their civilization prior to catastrophic failures of such threatening technologies during a massive planetary physical transformation?

Have benign aliens been allowed to interfere with the Japanese power plant meltdown, limiting the damage? Yes, but they have not interfered to the degree possible, for the following reasons. Mankind, especially the elite in charge of running planet Earth, have been arrogant in the face of our predictions about the cataclysmic changes facing Earth. The elite have been aware of our predictions since the time of Roswell, yet their reactions were only to save their own sorry skins, not to protect the Earth or its inhabitants. The elite seek power and wealth, and thus pollute with impunity and seek only to establish safe areas for themselves. Despite our documented track record on prediction accuracy, the elite are still making every attempt to keep our predictions from the common man, choosing instead to maintain a cover-up over the coming cataclysms. They prefer to hope that our predictions are extreme, and thus they can go on with their plans, ignoring our warnings.

As we have explained, we are not allowed to warn of specific pending earthquakes or tidal waves, by the rule of non-interference. We have only been allowed to explain the sequence of events, which we have done for the 7 of 10 and the last weeks, in exacting detail. We knew this earthquake was pending for the North Island of Japan, but could say nothing. We also knew that the nuclear power plants would be put at risk, and their safeguards would fail. Just what steps benign aliens were allowed to take to minimize any meltdown at these plants we are not allowed to detail, but suffice it to say that the meltdowns would have been violent and extreme, and would have occurred in more plants than experienced them, had intervention not occurred. It would have been beyond a Chernobyl, affecting not only the islands of Japan but also anywhere the winds would drift, including Hawaii and the West Coast of the US and beyond.

The failure of the elite in Japan and elsewhere around the world to take our message seriously resulted in a situation where the Japanese assumed that the sea would not breach their seawalls, and thus their backup generators would be dry. This failed, the generators swamped by seawater. They assumed no failures in any electrical devices or cooling rods, a highly na´ve assumption in light of what a magnitude 9+ earthquake can do. Unless nuclear power plants are shut down well ahead of time, so the cooling rods are inserted fully and the plant safe regardless of any quake activity, such accidents can and will happen elsewhere in the world, as they will at Japan's other nuclear plants. Man must do without his electricity, if this is the choice. Do we expect the elite, who want to placate the sheeple and garner wealth though industrial development, to listen? No, but we anticipate the pressure from the public to increase. The rest is in the hand of man!

None of the maps on that page even show Newfoundland. Nova Scotia is the furthest east they show.
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Newfoundland, as with Quebec and Nova Scotia, will have much of its landmass above the waves after the pole shift and the 675 foot rise in sea level expected within two years after the pole shift. Being hardy folk, with sea faring skills, the survivors will also do well, feeding themselves from the sea as well as gardening in a climate that will be much warmer than at present. The splitting of the Seaway during the pole shift will result in Newfoundland gaining an extra 50 feet in elevation, as the region will bounce up when the Seaway rips. Housed on the same rock strata and Nova Scotia, Newfoundland will find it is further from Quebec, after the split, as the Seaway will broaden along the rock strata boundaries that runs along the Seaway and thence north of Newfoundland.

As with the New England states, and eastern Canada in general, Newfoundland will find its greatest burden after the pole shift to be migrants from the crowded East Coast of the US. Boatloads of these noisy and demanding migrants will arrive and refuse to be turned away. A firm immigration policy should be established, with houseboat living presented as the alternative. Container gardening can be done on a houseboat, and fishing and housekeeping also. Force these immigrants to do their own work, and refuse to be turned into a servant class. Houseboats can migrate along the new coastline, through what is now northern Canada (which will become flooded lands) and thence to Alaska, a very tropical target. Expelling the selfish, on their houseboats, is thus not cruel, but merely a means of forcing them to take care of themselves.

Will the M.9 earthquake of Japan affect the sinking pace of Indonesia?
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If the pressure on the point where the Pacific Plate noses into Japan was immense enough to cause the recent 9.1 quake there, what do you suppose the pressure is on the edge of the Philippine Plate, and the vulnerable Mariana Trench? This is why in our 7 of 10 scenarios we predicted that these plates would fold. The Mariana Trench collapses, tilting the Mariana Plate and pushing it under the Mariana Islands, and the Philippine Plate tilts and pushes under the Philippine Islands. This process has sarted, but hardly completed as yet. Then look at the point where the Pacific Plate noses into the plate tongue holding Indonesia. This again is a pressure point, and the fracture of small platelets there shows how much pressure has been applied in the past.

The reason the Japan quake happened at this time is because the points south have been compressing, making the Japan point the point of greatest pressure. The Indo-Australian Plate had been tilting in mid-2010, sinking the Indus River valley on the Pakistan/India border by 10 feet. This plate is also rising at the New Zealand end, as the recent quakes in Christchurch show. Indonesia has been folding like an accordion and sinking since December, 2010. And on occasion the buoys show that the Mariana and Philippine Plates have folded, somewhat. What now? Since subduction under Japan has eased the pressure, the pressure will return to points south again. This will prove to be iterative to some degree, until the 7 of 10 scenarios in Asia have completed.

Why would Obama suggest nuclear power as a "alternative energy" option while at the same time being aware of the dangers of this during the coming earth changes? Is this simply politics? I recall before nuclear didn't seem to be that high on his list, then all of a sudden, he's talking about it like it's a option. I remember watching a press conference where he spoke of nuclear as a viable option (can't find video online) and in addition he included funding for nuclear power in his 2012 budget. [and from another] U.S. shows growing alarm over Japan nuclear crisis [Mar 17] The Obama administration has maintained its support for expanding U.S. use of nuclear energy despite renewed fears about its safety after the events in Japan. But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday the crisis raised questions about the use of nuclear energy in the United States. "What's happening in Japan raises questions about the costs and the risks associated with nuclear power but we have to answer those," she said in an interview with MSNBC in which she emphasized the need for a comprehensive U.S. energy policy. "We get 20 percent of our energy right now in the United States from nuclear power."

Consider the alternatives open to Obama. He inherited a country in a depression, following the housing bubble and Wall Street crash in the fall of 2008. The banking system is in collapse, barely held together via great infusions of cash from the Fed. The job market is plunging, with no sign of recovery. Homelessness is rift, repossession of homes creating communities of vacant houses while the jobless live in their cars. The Gulf oil crisis emerged, showing how vulnerable domestic oil sources can be. The pipelines from Alaska and Canada have shown they are vulnerable to the Earth changes. Meanwhile, turmoil in the Middle East raises the specter of a lack of oil from these sources. Meanwhile, Obama is surrounded by advisers who insist that our warnings are wrong. It won't be that bad, they say, and they insist that the populace should still be kept in the dark. Panic avoided at all costs.

Idealists would say Obama has but to announce the approach of the pole shift, admit that the alien presence is here and in the main benign, that MJ12 existed as a secret organization, and embrace the accuracy of our predictions. Then he would be removed as president and sent to the whacky ward, if he were even allowed to make this announcement in the first place! JFK was assassinated for such an intent, so it is not a theoretical assumption. Even if Obama were able to address the increasing Earth changes, pointing to Japan as an example of naivetÚ, the parties that would rise in opposition to any plan he would present would be overwhelming. Laws averse such a proposal would be passed by Congress, which would be assaulted by lobbyists and citizens alike. Electricity at all costs!

For instance, say Obama proposed a law whereby any earthquake of a certain magnitude would result in any nuclear power plants in the vicinity being shut down until a certain time period had passed. This is reasonable. A magnitude 5 quake occurs, the plants shut down for a month. If things were going to get worse, the plant would be on shutdown status. If not, back to normal. This law would never pass in Congress, and would be challenged in court if any state attempted to pass it. The best Obama can do is work behind the scenes, to establish these procedures without calling public attention to the issues. This is often more effective, as the glare of public attention brings with it an automatic reluctance to admit any vulnerability. Thus, to avoid panic at the present time, false reassurances are given.

Since Indonesia has been sinking relatively slowly, is it possible the tidal wave slated for Hong Kong may not happen after all? Thanks for your help and guidance.

We did predict, in our 7 of 10 predictions for the sinking of the plate tongue holding Indonesia, that tsunami would rush against the Philippine Islands and the southern coastline of China. This was predicated on the assumption that sinking would start and continue unabated, completing in 2-3 weeks. In that scenario, a void would be created in the South China Sea, pulling water in from the Bay of Bengal as Sumatra and Thailand and Malaysia sank. This would clash with water pouring in from the Pacific, and rebound northward. These waters would not rebound to the south, as water would also be pouring in from the direction of Australia, around the sinking island of Java.

We predicted the possibility of a 40 foot tsunami in the Philippines, which in any case was estimated by us to lose 40 feet in elevation. The southern coastline of China, and Hong Kong, are estimated to lose 20 feet in elevation, and presumably could expect a 20 foot tsunami. It would be less than that, as the surge would lose momentum and height as it moved north. What is the situation now that plate undulation has slowed the sinking pace? Such tsunami could still occur, as our prediction has been and still is that the sinking will increased in severity and speed as it progresses. The tsunami activity would presumably be less, given that plate undulation now regularly interrupts the process. Given the variety of factors now in play, we declined to be precise in our predictions on tsunami size for the Philippines and the coast of China. Suffice it to say that it will not be greater than our original predictions.