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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 30, 2022

A particularly large quake swarm happened late March 30 and rolling into March 31 at the Loyalty Islands. Looks like 18 large quakes, all reported by the reluctant USGS as over 5 and a couple at magnitude 7+. All the heliplots basically went black, worldwide. What next?

The Indo-Australian Plate is considered the “brake” as its reluctance to push under the Himalayas holds back all other plate movements. The Indo-Australian Plate lifts the eastern edge above New Zealand, and this allows the Pacific Plate to slide under that edge. There of course will be a reaction in the posture of S America, which eases westward along with the Caribbean Plate which is firmly attached to the S America Plate. This will intensify the Mainland Portion of the N American Plate’s slide to the SW.

By the Caribbean and Central America easing into the Pacific, the tip of Mexico is being pushed into the Pacific. This will accelerate the Mainland Portion’s slide to the SW, as any motion will result in this dominant drama in the scripted drama taking place. It is as though a loud singer in a choir dominates so any other cannot be heard. Thus within a day or two at most the large quake swarm at the Loyalty Islands will translate into this scripted drama, and the New Madrid finale will again take center stage.

Are we watching the orchestrated collapse of the US dollar? Putin said he wants something of value, gold, land, food, no more funny money. Zetas predict barter system, Zetas right again [and from another] The Dollar will Die… and the Ruble will Dominate as “Commodities-Based” Currencies make Paper Fiat Obsolete March 24, 2022 Based on things that have been set into motion right now, the US dollar goes to zero. And the Russian Ruble emerges as a dominant, commodity-backed world currency that gives Russia long-term economic strength and competitiveness.  the Russian Ruble is suddenly backed by hydrocarbons. That’s because Russia is now demanding payment in Rubles for natural gas sales to most countries. That’s the ruble backed by hydrocarbons in natural gas. These hydrocarbons not only run Europe’s cities and industries, they are also used to create nitrogen-based fertilizers that literally feed about half the world population. Every nation on Earth needs hydrocarbons. If you don’t get them, your economies collapse and your people starve. [and from another]  Will Joe Biden Oversee the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar? March 17, 2022 Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell appears to think it’s a possibility, based on his recent quip: “It’s possible to have more than one reserve currency.”  Given the $30 trillion-and-counting federal debt, Powell’s comment should come as no surprise. Reserve currency status means central banks around the world hold dollars in reserve, as an enormous amount of global trade is priced and conducted in dollars.  Reserve currency status also gives the United States a great amount of power and influence over world affairs.  For decades, reserve status has helped allow the Fed to inflate the supply of dollars. These are dollars backed by nothing, as President Richard Nixon severed the dollar’s convertibility to gold in 1971. [and from another]  A New World Financial Order is Coming and the West won’t have much to Say Anymore March 30, 2022 After the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine in late February, the US and EU froze nearly half of Russia’s foreign currency reserves, worth $300 billion. Washington created a special Task Force, KleptoCapture, to oversee the implementation of sanctions against Moscow and seize the assets of individuals and entities who violate them. Russia said that from March 31, it will only accept payments for gas in rubles from “unfriendly countries,” which include the US and EU. Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the process of switching to ruble payments for Russian gas export deliveries will take time and won’t begin immediately this week. China and Saudi Arabia have been discussing switching to the yuan in their oil trade. [and from another] Gold-backed Ruble could be a Gamechanger April 2, 2022 The Bank of Russia has resumed gold purchases this week, but more importantly, the regulator is doing so at a fixed price of 5,000 rubles ($59) per 1 gram between March 28 and June 30, raising the possibility of Russia returning to the gold standard for the first time in over a century. [and from another] China, Russia Stand Firm In ‘New, Fair, Multipolar World Order’ March 30, 2022 The two sides also made very specific comments about a ‘new world order’, hinting that the Ukraine conflict and the sanctioning of Russia is going to have farther-reaching consequences than previously thought.

We have long predicted that the world will return to the barter system as a result of the Pole Shift devastation. We have described the concept of a currency or the banking industry as a Paper Promise, wherein moving figures around on a Spread Sheet constitutes worth. A country may print money endlessly and float it out under their flag, but unless confident in their ability to stand behind their dollar, it can quickly become worthless.

The accuracy of our prediction is being demonstrated by the Russia/Ukraine conflict. The Satanist Cabal in Europe attempted to capture Ukraine in 2014 and proceeded to murder any Russia sympathizers. Corrupt to the core, they anticipated pushing into Russian oil and gas fields when the Earth changes unsettled the region. Russia pre-empted this and has now won that war. The arrogance of the Cabal can be seen in their expectation that payment for the gas and oil they need for survival can continue to be provided in western Euros or US Dollars.

Russia is demanding payment in Rubles or demanding payment in a “thing” of substance, such as Gold.  This thus increases the value of a Ruble as it will be held by other countries as part of their currency reserve. Any attempt to blackmail Russia by seizing its reserves will backfire. Russia and China have stated that the future is not the New World Order anticipated by the Cabal, but a Fair World Order. In that both are members of BRICS, one can see where this is leading. The old banking system is kaput.

During the Junta's New Madrid rupture watch, has the Junta allowed the price of petroleum/gasoline to rise significantly so that now, before the rupture, the Junta can have the Biden Administration claim consumer relief and empty out the Louisiana and Texas salt domes containing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Will this keep the fuel useable at safer locations throughout the U.S. and also reduce explosions, fires and pollution caused by the fracturing of the salt domes during the New Madrid adjustment? [and from another] Biden Announces Plan to Lower Gasoline Cost, Release 1 Million Barrels of Oil Per Day for Next Six Months From Strategic Petroleum Reserve March 31, 2022 The White House occupant took to the literal stage today to gaslight the American people and state it is not his energy policy that has created massive increases in gas prices.  Instead, chief of staff Ron Klain has convinced the puppet to claim Vladimir Putin is to blame for the increase in oil costs. [and from another] Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America: March 31, 2022 So after 50 years of being virtually empty, I built up our oil reserves during my administration, and low energy prices, to 100% full. It’s called the Strategic National Reserves, and it hasn’t been full for many decades. In fact, it’s been mostly empty. It’s supposed to only be used for large-scale emergency or conflict. Now I see where Biden has just announced he’s going to take what we so carefully and magically built, and what will be a futile attempt to reduce oil and gasoline prices. They will soon bring it down to empty again. It just never ends!

We have been warning about moving the Petroleum Reserves since 2012 when the Bayou Borne sinkhole revealed that the Salt Dome reserves stored near New Orleans were leaking. As a result of our warning it is our understanding that the Junta moved the majority of the reserves to another secret location. The remaining Salt Dome reserves are now being pulled to create the façade that the Biden Administration is responding to the current price of oil and gas by doing so, and President Trump's comments are just icing on the top of that cake. Biden takes the blame thus while President Trump returns to power.

April 1st 2022 SE Idaho - Not sure what I'm seeing here. Perhaps the Zetas would like to comment on it. Could it be Venus or perhaps an oil blob?
[and from another]

What is that dark orb in the center of the Nibiru Complex? This is not an April Fool joke by any means, but a chance to gauge the actual size of Nibiru when seen from Earth at this time. So often shrouded in Petrol so that the distinct shape cannot be seen, Nibiru is also surrounded by its two dominant Moon Swirls both of which are the size of Earth or Venus. In these April 1st photos, Nibiru is too large to be the size of Earth or Venus. This rare glimpse of the unshrouded image of Nibiru will likely not be repeated often.

Airline flights being canceled! This seems to include Southwest, American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit, and Alaska Airlines among others. [and from another] [and from another] Alaska Airlines Continues to see 'Significant' Flight Cancellations as Pilots Picket April 1, 2022 More than 100 Alaska Airlines flights were canceled by the airline, including 66 in Seattle, 20 in Portland, Oregon, 10 in Los Angeles and seven in San Francisco, according to the flight tracking website Pilots held a rally and picket line in all those cities, according to a union website. [and from another] Total delays today:  6,155. Total delays within, into, or out of the United States today:  1,520. Total cancellations today:  2,985. Total cancellations within, into, or out of the United States today:  1,282.

Airlines in the US are suddenly canceling flights. A map from the FlightAware site shows that the preponderance of canceled flights worldwide are within the US, and by airport the preponderance is at airports that would be affected by the New Madrid rupture – Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and DC. The airlines are putting up excuses but all the major airlines in the US are canceling flights. What’s up? The Junta and their puppet Biden Administration have issued a cautionary order to ground flights that may go over the New Madrid area.

The major rupture we have been predicting is anticipated momentarily. The Junta has installed underwater seismographs and they indicate that the separation and rupture has moved through the Gulf all the way to New Orleans. The airlines are sworn to silence because they do not want to prematurely alarm the public. But flights in the air must land, and to land they need a stable airport and smooth landing strip. We recently predicted that the quake swarm in the Loyalty Islands would result in a compressed Pacific with S America and the Caribbean given enough room to slide West, so that in 1-2 days the action would return to the New Madrid rupture. That time is now.

Was this a UFO warning? [and from another] U.S. warship USS Kearsarge was chased by two car-sized ‘balls of light’ UFOs that dodged anti-drone weapons USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) is a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship commissioned in 1993 and remains in active service. The Wasp class is a class of landing helicopter dock (LHD) amphibious assault ships operated by the United States Navy. Based on the Tarawa class, with modifications to operate more advanced aircraft and landing craft, the Wasp class is capable of transporting almost the full strength of a United States Marine Corps Marine. [and from another] UFO hunter claims Navy warship USS Kearsarge was chased by 'two car-sized balls of light' during training exercise off the East Coast April 4, 2022 Marines onboard becoming shocked when the Navy's anti-drone 'ghostbusters' did not deter the balls of light. The USS Kearsarge had been preparing for an overseas deployment before the sighting in October 2021. Marines had been training with anti-drone weapons to target potential enemies. [and from another] USS Kearsage April 4, 2022 Documentary filmmaker Dave C. Beaty revealed the reported sighting from October 2021. At least two objects are said to have lurked near the 40,500 ton amphibious assault ships for several nights while it was on a training exercise off the east coast of the US. [and from another] US warship was chased by two car-size ‘balls of light’ UFOs April 4, 2022 A US Navy warship was shadowed by two car-size balls of light that were unaffected by anti-drone weapons, it is claimed. The objects are said to have been spotted at night by the deck watch — who could not gain a thermal targeting lock on them.  Marines onboard are said to have believed at first the unexplained objects were part of a surprise training exercise for the new anti-drone weapons. However, they discovered the countermeasures did not disrupt the objects — which were doing swooping maneuvers as they followed the ship.

UFOs have frequently been reported haunting military jet fighters or warships. The conversation revolves around whether they are real or a hologram, or whether the report has been silenced by the authorities, and on occasion whether aliens from outer space exist. Seldom does the discussion revolve around what the agenda might be. Why do aliens haunt the military in this way?  The USS Kearsarge exercise in October 2021 was to train “with anti-drone weapons to target potential enemies” and indeed, anti-drone weapons were deployed against these large UFO balls of light. This accomplished nothing. Anti-drone capability is not anti-UFO capability apparently.

In October, 2021 the fraudulent Biden Administration was still claiming leadership over the US Military. That Biden is a White Hat Double and the Junta in charge, and that President Trump was considered by the US Military to be the valid winner of the stolen 2020 election mattered little to some in the fraudulent Biden Administration, who were more allied with the New World Order quest to dominate the world. The USS Kearsarge warning included a telepathic message to forgo those ambitions - else benign aliens would cancel their quest.

The Dark Judge is sharing this on Gab. It makes no sense since Musk is in trouble with the special forces for his boring of tunnels for the deep state. If this is the double, is this a white hat move to take over twitter? [and from another]Twitter employees TRIGGERED by Elon Musk buying ownership stake in platform April 4, 2022 Twitter employees are speaking out after it was revealed on Monday that tech billionaire Elon Musk is now one of the largest shareholders in the platform, with 9.2 percent ownership. This comes after it was rumored that Musk might be in the market to buy Twitter and secure the holding for free speech in America.

We mentioned in March 2020 that Musk was before the Tribunals for allowing his Boring machines to assist those interested in Moloch worship. Anything for money, was his philosophy. Musk’s face showed the look of fear then, and since then has changed. Musk is not needed for technical leadership of SpaceX, so has been held at Gitmo while trying to bargain himself out by agreeing to do tasks for the Junta. His ill-gotten funds were seized, but in that the public thinks of him as a very wealthy man he had plenty to buy a controlling interest in Twitter, which the Junta now controls.

Interesting things are looming in Mariupol. Who do the Ukrainian military so zealously want to evacuate from the Azovstal plant surrounded by Russian troops? arrive unsuccessfully? Russian troops have already shot down more than one helicopter that tried to take people or some evidence out of there. Note the skyrocketing calls from Macron and others to Putin demanding humanitarian corridors under the auspices of the Red Cross. Ukraine has also revived - Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk announced plans for the Kyiv authorities on Thursday to evacuate three humanitarian corridors from Mariupol, although before that the Russians had not been able to agree with Ukraine on humanitarian corridors, they were constantly under fire. My opinion is that among those surrounded in the workshops of Azovstal there are advisers from NATO countries. But that's not what matters. I suspect that in the underground floors of this plant (up to 8 floors down) there is a biological laboratory in which experiments were carried out on living people who disappeared somewhere from the Library prison at the Mariupol airport. And this is tens of thousands of people. Prisoners of the "Library" claim that they were regularly frightened by some kind of pit, from which they do not return. Many people think that this is a kind of pit. I think that we are talking about the dungeons of "Azovstal" - a whole underground city, where even diesel locomotives travel. Apparently, these laboratories in Ukraine are not purely American - specialists from all over NATO worked in them, and all the presidents of these countries that supported globalism are involved in this. Everything is much more serious. If it was not difficult to remove the samples of infection from other laboratories in Ukraine - the volumes are not large, then how to hide this testing center and mountains of corpses? It becomes clear to me the excitement of the owner of Azovstal Rinat Akhmetov and his outright panic, I also guess the reasons that the West does not see fascism in Ukraine and why the nationalist regiment "Azov" was based in Mariupol. It is clear why Russia, which could have taken Mariupol at the beginning of the events, suddenly abruptly stopped the offensive of the DPR rebels - the situation was studied. And finally, why exactly now the RF Ministry of Defense took up the topic of biological laboratories and began the assault on Mariupol. It is not for nothing that there are statements that the Nuremberg Trial-2 is coming soon and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is massively collecting materials for the indictment case. It looks like there will be information about the "pit" soon. What do you or the Zetas think about this? [and from another]  Re: What is really going on in Ukraine? Ukrainians have been dropping artillery on people of the Donbass region for over 8 years now. Ukrainians have tried to ban people from speaking Russian for a while now. … The Russians would not have anymore tanks at that rate! It's estimated that the Russians had about 12,400 tanks before they started losing 3000 a day. … Do we suddenly think Mr. Putin is a stupid man when he has previously been described as a cunning adversary? Sooner or later one of the news sources will break ranks and broadcast something that is true but not yet I guess. … In a nutshell, the same Satanic Deep State that persecutes Trump, created a fake pandemic, promotes critical race theory and drag queen story hour, is pro-pedophilia, pushes the globe/heliocentric lie, etc. also staged a coup in Ukraine in 2014 and has been using it for money laundering and bioweapons manufacturing. … Twitter is actively suspending any account that doesn't proclaim that the Ukrainian army is decimating the Russian army, that the Russians are killing civilians indiscriminately, and the Russians are shelling civilian areas. … In other words, Twitter is full-on promoting the Ukrainian cause, even if the facts don't bear that out. … From what I understand, the goal of the West, which prominently includes the US, desires to collapse Russia economically, break it up and plunder the included natural resources. Once that goal is attained, the plan includes doing the same to China. … Zelensky is bombing his own people and blaming Putin, who was simply getting rid of the bioweapon labs and the child molesters.

Is there any truth amidst the lies spread by the Cabal controlled Western Media? It is clear from reports on the ground in Ukraine that Zelensky was preventing the citizens of Mariupol from leaving the city when it was under attack, using them as human shields. There have also been reports from volunteers and mercenaries that Zelensky’s forces were taking their guns away and killing them to add to the body count blamed on Russia. It is of record that the Zelensky criminals were killing the Russian speaking Donbass citizens by the tens of thousands since 2014.

We have explained the Ukraine conflict as Putin pre-empting a push into Russia to gain their gas and oil fields when the Earth changes – the New Madrid tsunami – created chaos in Europe. As we have addressed, Putin was shown this plan, in writing, and took action. This leaked plan is a rare piece of evidence for the accusations and claims being thrown at Russia, or the reports of horrors from the Ukraine. We have stated that the intent of the US biolabs in the Ukraine, as elsewhere around the world, was to check for antibodies which give indication of what pathogens might be loose in the region.

But Ukraine under control of the Satanists has been a den of evil, so what else might have occurred under Zelensky’s direction? One can see from the evidence of Hunter Biden’s sudden wealth that Ukraine was a money laundering hub. Certainly given the need for Adrenochrome collected from raped and terrified young children, the Satanists would have been active in Moloch worship and traffic in young children. Certainly experimenting on the citizens of Ukraine in biolabs would be possible and even likely, given the Satanist agenda.

In demonizing Russia, the Satanists are trying to control the news, suppressing the evidence that Russia might have gathered.  Will the proof eventually be in the news? Yes, but this will be twisted to paint Russia as the perpetrators. One must take comfort that this den of evil is being disbanded. Russia will continue to gain from their victory. The Ruble is gaining in strength, and the Satanist plans to invade Russia or incite a war with Russia using US and NATO forces was foiled.

What part of the US will sustain the most damage during the upcoming New Madrid rupture?

The New Madrid quakes of 1811-1812, which we have explained were aftershocks and not truly a New Madrid Fault Line adjustment, were notable for ringing church bells in Charleston and making the Mississippi River run backwards for a time. There are few stories to tell about the Mainland Portion of the N American Plate because it was relatively unscathed. This is because the SE Portion is jerked back and forth in a tug-of-war between its attachments to the Mainland and its attachments to the Africa and Caribbean Plates.

Current reports reflect the same situation. Breaking water and gas mains, collapsing buildings, rupturing roadways – these are all happening in the SE Portion. If 1811-1812 were aftershocks, what can the US anticipate during the pending 2022 rupture? Beyond the reach of the New Madrid Fault Line, there are several fault lines in the SE Portion – the East Coast Fault Line, the Ramapo, and another running up the Appalachian Mountains. These join in the New England states at the mouth of the Seaway.

Major earthquakes can be expected along the Mississippi River even beyond the junction with the Ohio River, dropping parts of Chicago into the canals under the city. Memphis and St Louis will be devastated with collapsed houses and buildings and bridges unusable. We have predicted that all bridges crossing the Mississippi River will be broken, primarily due to sinking land to the west of the Mississippi. Beyond earthquake damage is the danger of fire in cities where water to douse the fires will be missing. The grid will surely be down, and water mains broken.

We have stated that cities along the New Madrid will be devastated also – Cleveland, Toledo, and Buffalo will be shattered. It is the cities along the East Coast Fault Line that will be unexpectedly devastated because they were unscathed during the 1811-1812 aftershocks. These are populous cities, and smug in assuming they are safe from quakes. From Boston and New York to DC, the infrastructure will be irreparable - broken beyond repair. What will FEMA say to the citizens there when the trains and public transportation do not work?      

Petroleum "spout"  I think. [and from another] Bizarre Cloud Formation over Alaska's Lazy Mountain Prompts Police Investigation April 8, 2022 The cloud garnered so much attention that Alaska State Troopers and the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center began investigating for a possible plane crash. However, officials eventually offered a far more tame explanation for the bizarre cloud, claiming it was a contrail from a commercial jet. [and from another] [and from another] Ominous Cloud Seen over Alaska Sparks Conspiracies. What’s the Official Explanation? April 9, 2022 April 8, 2022 A large worm-like cloud materialized this week over Alaska’s Lazy Mountain, igniting conspiracy theories and prompting an investigation — and explanation — from Alaska State Troopers. It happened around 7 a.m. Thursday, April 7, and photos show the streak of smoke resembled everything from a falling meteor to a burning aircraft. Social media explanations included talk of an eruption, a crashing UFO and a Russian weapon linked to the ongoing conflict over Ukraine.

This bizarre formation which appears to be heading straight for the ground shows a white object at the front of the funnel with dark smoke emerging from either side. One can see the sky in the center of the smoke, delineating the wings of the craft.  These are not commercial contrails but do represent a small plane in distress. Why did the police investigation not state that? EMP has increasingly cut into the profits that airlines have enjoyed, and they want no negative publicity.

Please comment on this development regarding 68 people (number went up to 72) - members of the media and government - contracting COVID? [and from another] UK Gov. quietly Published Data Confirming the Fully Vaccinated Accounted for 92% of all Covid-19 Deaths in March April 12, 2022 Official data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms the fully vaccinated population accounted for a shocking 92% of all Covid-19 deaths across England throughout March, but what’s even more shocking is that 82% of those deaths were among the triple vaccinated population. But something even stranger than this is also occurring. Covid-19 is currently on the rise again across the UK, but the data confirms cases, hospitalisations and deaths are only rising among the triple vaccinated population, whereas they are declining significantly among the unvaccinated population. [and from another] 72 people at High-Profile D.C. Dinner Test Positive for Covid April 10, 2022 Seventy-two people have tested positive for Covid-19 after having attended the Gridiron Dinner in Washington last weekend, including members of the Biden administration and reporters. Guests were required to show proof of vaccination. [and from another] Shanghai Residents Revolt over Zero Covid Lockdown April 9, 2022 China's largest city and financial centre has been under lockdown for 22 days, despite public health officials warnings that the Omicron Covid variant is so infectious that it cannot be wiped out by lockdowns. Shanghai residents are only allowed to leave their homes once a day to collect food and infected Chinese children have been separated from their parents in a desperate attempt to stop the virus spreading.  Crowds of Shanghai residents storming stores for undelivered food parcels. Only two people from each apartment building are allowed to leave every day to collect food parcels. Volunteers must wear full protective white suits and have two hours to finish the job.

By using the highly infectious Omicron variant of Covid-19 as an excuse, the establishment in many countries are now claiming a resurgence of Covid-19. This allows them to reinstate lockdowns, which are likely to be a fact of life to some degree until the Pole Shift due to the failing cover-up over the presence and pending passage of Nibiru and the establishment’s panic over anarchy. Wherever the establishment fears they cannot control riots, these fake pandemic lockdowns will be used, and that accounts for almost all large cities. Shanghai certainly qualifies.   

Another approach for controlling riots is to weaken the populace by repeated vaccine boosters. It was explained by Dr. Luc Montagnier that these repeated boosters caused AIDS by exhausting the immune system. For this and other revelations, Dr. Luc was killed. The UK statistical results showing a sky-high death rate among those triple-vaccinated confirms this. Since a sick and dying multiple vaccinated population would be easier to handle, expect a big push in some countries for more and more boosters in the future.

Exploding Times Square Manhole Cover that Sent Terrified Tourists Running for Cover was Caused by 'Underground Power Cable Failure' April 11, 2022 Throngs of terrified tourists took off running in Times Square Sunday after three manhole fires led to a loud blast. The FDNY did not reveal the reason for the manhole explosion but officials found elevated carbon monoxide levels at 229 West 43rd Street after the blast. High levels of the odorless and colorless gas, which can lead to brain damage or death, were likely caused by the entrapped manhole fires.

The nexus between these two April 11 incidents – the manhole explosions and the jittery Binghamton heliplot – is the many fault lines converging in the New York area. The East Coast and the Ramapo end at or near New York City and the New Madrid passes by just under the Seaway. The geology of the New York City area shows its vulnerability. Rivers indicate a thin and thus weak place in the Earth’s crust and islands indicate prior sinking has occurred, but mankind has chosen this site due to its accessibility to shipping and must deal with the consequences during the pending New Madrid rupture.

There are reports on news channels currently in South Africa of recent floods in the KZN (KwaZulu Natal) province, reported to have been due to heavy rains. Interestingly the flooded areas seem to be only along the east coast of the country. Was the cause truly heavy rains, or was it flooding by the ocean due to the more severe wobble allowed by the Council of Worlds? [and from another] South Africa Floods Kills at least 350 following Unprecedented Rainstorms April 13, 2022 Heavy rains and flooding battered the eastern coast of South Africa, killing at least 350 people, damaging roads and destroying homes. The flooding hit KwaZulu-Natal, which includes the coastal city of Durban. Roads cracked and gave way to deep fissures, and a huge stack of shipping containers collapsed into muddy waters. Days of driving rain flooded several areas, tore houses apart and ravaged infrastructure across the southeastern city, while landslides forced train services to be suspended. The rains have flooded city highways to such depths that only the tops of traffic lights poked out, resembling submarine periscopes.

The African Roll is in process, and when a continent tilts or shifts it does so as a unit. The African Roll is being held back by a rock hook that extends from the Africa Plate to Turkey. This hook must snap off for the Africa Plate to slide down along its East side, scraping past Syria and Israel. It is not surprising that the day that Cairo had a massive gas line explosion that S Africa had historical floods. Quake maps on this day also show the Africa Plate border with quakes on all sides, along with a perpetually nervous Canary Island heliplot.

Cairo sits atop the border of the Africa Plate where it drops down through the Red Sea. This will split open, allowing a greater distance between Egypt to the Sinai Peninsula. Cairo’s explosion was hardly due to a construction accident, which was a cover excuse for the Earth changes in process. When a continent is in the process of doing a roll or shift it will make sudden lurching moves. For Africa, a lurch means the border in the Indian Ocean and Atlantic will experience quakes, the Mediterranean border will shift, and the tip of S Africa will lurch to the west, creating a temporary void at the east which sloshed water over S Africa.

Filmed in the sky over Hadera, Israel on 31st March 2022. [and from another] Strange UFO filmed Hadera, Israel Yesterday

This is not a UFO display but the Nibiru Complex. One can see the Double Helix and the retrograde (clockwise) swirl of the Dominant Moons. For this degree of visibility it must be a clear day, with scant cloud cover and the space between Earth and the Nibiru Complex relatively free of Petrol fog. One can see in the video that the Petrol that is present is burning up, which allows for better visibility. Mankind will increasingly see this Nibiru visage, which is why the establishment worldwide is now in a panic.

Right on MS river and right at NOLO [and from another] Shelter in Place Canceled for Plaquemine area Hours after Fire, Chlorine Spill at Olin Plant on Dow Site April 18, 2022 Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi says a fire broke out at the Olin plant, located on the property of Dow Chemical in Plaquemine, at 8:40 p.m. Monday. At that same time, a chlorine spill was reported at the facility. The sheriff says emergency sirens were sounded in the area to warn residents of the emergency. During the incident, officials shut down LA-1 in both directions near the scene. [and from another] Shelter in Place Issued for Plaquemine area after Dow chlorine Release April 18, 2022 The Dow complex is located on the east side of Hwy. 1 on the westbank of the Mississippi River, about 15 miles south of Baton Rouge.

We have repeatedly stated that New Orleans would be hit when the New Madrid Fault Line rupture in process in the Gulf began to travel up the Mississippi River. The Mainland Portion to the West of the Mississippi River has been sinking but this has not been a separation of the portions along the Mississippi. Before the jolt at the hard rock on either side of the town of New Madrid occurs, signaling the start of the New Madrid rupture finale, the separation must travel up the Mississippi. The Plaquemine industrial accident, directly on the fault line, indicates this has begun.

Huge tidal surges hit coastal Iran- lurch of Eurasian Seaway? [and from another] Huge waves from Meteotsunami wreaks havoc in Bushehr, Iran April 19, 2022 Some giant waves crashed along the coast of Bushehr, Iran, damaging boats and homes on April 16, 2022. Several fishing boats sank while many other boats were left damaged in the port of Deir, the largest fishing port in Iran. The huge waves were caused by offshore severe weather. Also known as meteotsunamis, these large waves are still a mystery to scientists. [and from another] Earthquake Evacuation Plan being Put in Place April 19, 2022 The evacuation plan for the island of São Jorge, by sea and by air, will be operational by the beginning of next week, being put into practice if justified.

Just as the recent S African floods were caused by a lurch in the African Plate, this Iran tsunami was likewise caused by a lurch. Note that the African Plate is surrounded on its border with quakes, from the border near Tasmania to the Azores and Gibraltar. This includes a nervous Canary Island plan to evacuate its residents quickly if necessary. Bushehr lies across the Persian Gulf from the Saudi Plate which gets bumped by the African Plate when it lurches. Thus the puzzling tsunami in Iran and the reaction along the Russia Rip path. There is a domino effect.

Lots of chatter on the internet over this UFO display.  Would the Zeta's care to comment as to the message? And/or if truly legit?  [and from another] 18-4-22 uap fleet signaling, Canada [and from another] Canadian Holiday On April 18 2022? This is a holiday mandated by federal legislation for federally regulated employees. All banks commemorate this holiday, and it is statutory in some provinces and territories in Canada.

This display in the Canadian skies was done by programmed drones, which change colors, blink on and off in unison, and end up with a happy face that looks very much like a bunny face. April 18 is the Canadian Easter holiday. The message? Happy Easter, Canada!

mww6.7 Near Coast of Nicaragua

We have given the 7 of 10 Plate Movement completion for the Indonesia Plate, the Philippine Plate, the Japan islands, and the S America Plate to be at 100%. Why then do quakes continue at New Zealand and the Philippines and why then did Nicaragua have the largest quake in the world on April 21? This quake was a significant bump to other plates, registering on the heliplots worldwide. Earth plates get bumped when those they touch along their edges move. Thus, S America was affected when Africa lurched or when Antarctica pushed up into the lower Atlantic or when the Pacific compressed.

The Caribbean moves as a unit with S America, so the Caribbean Plate was likewise bumped. What will happen when the New Madrid finale occurs? Certainly Eurasia, which shares a long border through the Arctic with N America will get bumped. The Pacific Plate and parts West will react as the Mainland Portion is suddenly free to shift to the West. The Africa Plate will likewise be free to move when the SE Portion is released from its attachment to the Mainland Portion. Most of the world will thus get a bump.

Why have numerous large food processing plants burned down recently? [and from another] A List of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred at Key Food Industry Facilities in the U.S. Since the Start of 2022 [and from another] A List of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred at Key Food Industry Facilities in the U.S. Since the Start of 2022 April 21, 2022 #1 Salinas, California, #2 Hermiston, Oregon, #3 Conway, New Hampshire, #4 San Juan, Texas, #5 Jonesboro, Arkansas, #6 Mauston, Wisconsin, #7 Fayetteville, Illinois, #8 Belfast, Maine, #9 Leoti, Kansas, #10 Claypool, Indiana, #11 Winston-Salem, Carolina,#12 Sunnyside, Washington, #13 Lecompte, Louisiana, #14 Maricopa, Arizona, #15 Dufur, Oregon, #16 Plainfield, Indiana

If these fires were to reduce the food supply in the US, then they would logically occur in the great food growing belt through the Mid-West. The pattern for fully half of these instances is fires along the New Madrid Fault line. The pattern does not align with the recent earthquakes, which pepper the Western half of the US. The New Madrid Fault Line adjustment at present is a silent stretch, so that fittings pull apart and the electronic screech from ruptured rock causes EMP sparks. 

The Sun and Beyond, says Alberto. But what is that streak across the image? And what is that swirl on the righthand side?

Alberto’s photo shows many features of what the Nibiru Complex is throwing at the Earth lately. The dense fog of Petrol is apparent. Where Nibiru is positioned on the right, there is a retrograde (clockwise) swirl of dense Petrol, as Nibiru rotates in a retrograde manner. The streak across the image is from clutter in front of Alberto’s telescope, not in the sky. And once again we can see Nibiru himself in the center of the swirl!

They used data from the Dark Energy Survey, a research effort to map hundreds of millions of galaxies to shed light on dark energy. Planet X and Dark Energy Survey are mentioned in the article. Is the announcement finally happening? Any comment from the Zetas? [and from another] LOST & FOUND Planet 9 could Soon be Discovered as Astronomers ‘Narrow In’ on Hidden World in Solar System March 29, 2022 It means that astronomers have narrowed down the area where they can find the elusive Planet Nine – if it exists at all, of course. The distant object is thought to be up to ten times the mass of Earth and orbits just out of reach of our telescopes. They used data from the Dark Energy Survey, a research effort to map hundreds of millions of galaxies to shed light on dark energy. They didn't find it, but by doing so were able to eliminate five per cent of the region of the night sky covered by DES where these objects weren't spotted. While they didn't find the planet, their work ruled out a section of the sky where it could be located.

As the inevitability of the populace connecting the dots and becoming aware that Nibiru is visible in the skies, and that the establishment has lied to them all these years, the establishment is preparing a way to present information that is valid but lets them off the hook.  Claiming this is a newly arrived planetary object won’t do because the Internet is filled with compelling photos. In that Nibiru until very recently has been shrouded with Petrol and charged red dust, they can claim it was literally an invisible planet! Thus the Dark Energy Survey is being introduced to the public.

What is this about? [and from another] Twitter Reportedly Nearing Deal to Sell itself to Elon Musk April 25, 2022 Twitter is said to be nearing a deal to sell itself to Elon Musk, according to The New York Times and other outlets, 11 days after the Tesla and SpaceX CEO shocked the industry by offering to buy the company in a deal valuing it at more than $41 billion. A deal could be finalized soon, according to the Wall Street Journal. Twitter declined to comment on the reports. Reports that a deal is imminent come after Musk revealed last week he had lined up $46.5 billion in financing to acquire the company. Twitter's board met Sunday to evaluate Musk's offer to buy all the shares of the company he does not currently own for $54.20 a piece, a source familiar with the deal confirmed to CNN. The source said that discussions about Musk's bid have turned serious. [and from another] Elon Musk says he has Lined Up $46.5 Billion in Financing for Twitter Deal April 21, 2022 Elon Musk on Thursday said he has lined up commitments worth $46.5 billion to finance a Twitter takeover deal, one week after he first made a public offer to buy the social media company. Musk said in the filing that he has yet to receive any formal response from Twitter's board to his offer to acquire all of its shares that he does not currently own for $54.20 a piece, a deal that would value the company at around $41 billion. He said he is "seeking to negotiate" a definite acquisition agreement and "is prepared to begin such negotiations immediately". [and from another] What is Elon Musk’s Net Worth? April 25, 2022 A rival bidder currently appears unlikely, due to concerns around the huge task of moderating content on the platform – something that Mr Musk has vowed to do less of. A rival bidder currently appears unlikely, due to concerns around the huge task of moderating content on the platform – something that Mr Musk has vowed to do less of. [and from another] Twitter Would Elevate Elon Musk to New Media Mogul Status April 25, 2022 Twitter, as you recall, permanently banned Donald Trump from the service on Jan. 8, 2021, “due to the risk of further incitement of violence” after the Capitol riots. Musk has said he prefers to stay out of politics, but there are good reasons to suspect a Musk-owned Twitter would reactivate President Trump’s account. [and from another] President Trump Plays Movie Trailer in Exclusive Debut at Ohio Rally April 24, 2022 Our movie '2000 Mules' is just the beginning. This marathon effort has many more twists and turns ahead.  We are still hard at work and I promise you - we will not quit.  If elections are not truly fair, we are not truly free.

Elon Musk has made no secret of his feelings about the Twitter Bots and repressive mindset of the moderators at Twitter. He himself has run afoul of them and resented it. But in that the Junta currently has Musk in custody for allowing his Boring Company to assist Epstein in the past, what is the full agenda here. Cleaning up the Satanist Cabal in the Western world is an immense task, which the US Junta and the White Hat Alliance in Europe have undertaken. But they are winning, and the results are beginning to show.

The Junta agenda includes righting the wrongs of the 2020 election fraud. The Junta would prefer not to incite a civil war, but as we have repeatedly stated if they declare Martial Law due to the pending New Madrid rupture then announcing that President Trump continues to be the President could be done with scant notice by the public. The public will be too distracted for political riots. The fake news media and free speech on social media have been some of the key issues to be corrected. Thus instructing Musk to spend some of his monies on Twitter is just part of the process.

Per Volcano Discovery there was “reported shaking” at Murphy’s Settlement on April 27. This is a location in the hard rock across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. Then later that day at Kankakee, Illinois a 3.8 with shaking was recorded by Volcano Discovery and at Milwaukee more shaking that day too. Since when does shaking replace the quaking of an earthquake? [and from another] Kankakee Was reading a book then the whole house started shaking; Rumble and shaking sitting in a chair in the house; sounded like thunder. [and from another] Milwaukee Felt like a very large train passing but in waves.

Snapping or lurches from rock strata being pulled apart or pushed together will cause an earthquake jolt or boom. But what would cause the shaking and rumbling being reported above the New Madrid Fault Line as it turns at the Wabash Seismic Zone to head East under the Seaway?  These areas have hums, such as the Detroit hum and one that can be heard in Wisconsin when it is under pressure to pull apart. Shaking is a step up from the vibration of a hum, but the rock has not yet adjusted.

Until now, the tragic death and subsequent sinking of the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the missile cruiser Moskva, is shrouded in mystery. Was it really an accident with a fire and subsequent detonation of the ammunition load, or was effort made to his death NATO countries? [and from another] Russia Reveals Crew Losses from Sunken Warship April 22, 2022 As a result of a fire on April 13, the Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva was seriously damaged due to a detonation of ammunition. One serviceman died and another 27 crew members went missing, and attempts by the crew to put out the fire were not successful. The remaining 396 crew members were evacuated from the cruiser to other ships of the Black Sea Fleet, in the area, and taken to Sevastopol.  Ukraine has claimed that the ship was struck by its missiles.  The Russian military earlier announced that the Moskva sank while being towed to port amid poor sea conditions. The Defense Ministry said that the warship’s hull had been damaged by an ammunition explosion that was caused by an onboard fire. The head of the Odessa region’s military administration, Maxim Marchenko, claimed that “very serious damage” to the Moskva had been caused by Ukrainian Neptune missiles fired from Odessa. [and from another] Fire Aboard Russian Warship Contained – Moscow April 14, 2022 The flagship of the Black Sea fleet, which is taking part in the country’s military operation in Ukraine, remains afloat. Its main missile armaments haven’t been affected by the blaze. The Atlant-class guided missile cruiser, which was commissioned in 1983, carries 16 anti-ship missiles and many more air-defense missiles, torpedoes and guns. Measures are being undertaken to organize the towing of the 12,490-ton vessel to port, the ministry said, adding that the cause of the fire being investigated. Several Ukrainian officials had earlier boasted that a battery of their Neptune anti-ship missiles hidden in the area near the port town of Odessa had successfully struck the Moskva twice, setting it ablaze. However, they provided no proof if their claims, with the images of the burning vessel distributed on social media turning out to be fake. [and from another] Russian Flagship Sinks – Military April 14, 2022 The Russian missile cruiser Moskva, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, sank while being towed into port amid poor sea conditions. According to the Russian military, the warship’s hull had been damaged by an ammunition explosion, itself caused by a fire on board. However, Ukrainian officials claimed their forces had struck the vessel with anti-ship missiles. The Pentagon said it could not confirm the claim.

What caused the Moskva to sink? It was certainly not Ukraine missiles, though they tried to take the opportunity to claim a victory. The Moskva had been in operation since 1983, so had aged. Like all cars and trains and elevators have parts that fail due to aging, the solid warship was a candidate for retirement. Fires start from shorting wires, and any fire near ammunition will cause explosions, and a fractured hull will cause a sinking vessel. Had it not been for the action in the Ukraine, the Moskva would likely have been quietly put to sleep before this accident occurred.