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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 30, 2010

Does evil even exist, according to ZT? Or is the Zeta view that, technically, "evil" is merely the expression of the Service-to-Self orientation? Indeed, it seems a comprehensive reading of ZT would permit one to conclude that Zetas view evil as plain and simply a concept that encompasses one side of the universal "polarization" dialectic between Service-to-Other (a.k.a. "good") and Service-to-Self (a.k.a. "evil"). Furthermore, did mankind create the concept and verbiage surrounding evil in order to instill fear in and control the human population? Is evil just a human generated concept or do 4th and 5th density and beyond "spirits" and "spirit guides" recognize evil as a true, extant and omnipresent reality in the Universe? Chinese culture, as ZT has pointed out, believe in pervasive "evil spirits" that promiscuously travel about dimensions of space-time to the point of multitudes of human embodiments of evil. Moreover, Star Wars permeated throughout the vast majority of human cultures on planet earth the evil concept of an ethereal "Dark Force" that dimensionally seeps through space-time and deeply controls many entities.

Good and evil are personal qualities that are often disembodied and given a life of their own. Movies depict the various sides of a conflict as dressed in white for the good guys, and black for the bad guys. Star Wars defines one side of the Force, a rogue side, as the Dark Side. The Bible declares there are Angels and also Fallen Angels. And of course there is Heaven and Hell, which we have explained is not a place but a social setting - being allowed to live with those who are Service-to-Other or being damned to live with others who are Service-to-Self until you see the light and go right. Other than high level Service-to-Self entities, who can only give consultation but not otherwise influence your life, there is no malevolent force in the Universe that might be called the source of all evil.

Examine what you term evil. What elements are evil? Those that are malvolent, mean you harm, will seduce you into your own destruction, do not care a wit about you, wish to own or direct you, trap you, and perhaps play sadistic games with you. How well does that fit a Service-to-Self attitude? One interacting with a Service-to-Self individual finds they are treated like a commodity, with indifference to any pain or suffering you may endure while the Service-to-Self individual promotes his agenda. Service-to-Self individuals seek control over others, to rule, and are given to sadism when exalting in their power. Likewise, the characteristics of good can all be ascribed to individuals in the Service-to-Other - caring, empathy, heroism, sacrifice for others, sharing, and the empowerment of the other.

Can the Zetas comment on what Jesse Ventura knows and the push for his show? I watched the episode about the Elite and their bunkers. I couldn't believe the elite would let that out of the bag . Was the show rigged or legit? I thought for sure it would mention Nancy and Zetatalk. [and from another] Season 1 Episodes: HAARP, 9/11, Global Warming, Big Brother, Secret Societies, Manchurian Candidate, Apocalypse 2012. Season 2 Episodes: Plum Island, Area 51, Wall Street, Police State, JFK Assassination.

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory TV show has been on and off the air during its short life. Premiering on December 2, 2009 and airing only 7 weekly episodes, the show seemed to suddenly disappeared. It had tackled controversial subjects with fresh wounds still smarting, such as 911, and subjects veering dangerously close to a discussion of Planet X and its periodic passages, such as his episode on 2012 and the elite bunkers. Now back with a second season starting on October 15, 2010, the episodes seem milder and the controversies older - Area 51 and the JFK assassination. His choice of topics reflects the heat he got at the start, but Jesse is a man who has smelled the real cover-ups in place, and does not like the reek. He would, if left to his own recourse, reveal the truth about the alien presence and blow the cover off the suppression of information on Planet X and its pending passage. But better to be alive and waiting in the wings than buried 6 feet under.

There is a new documentary to be aired this week on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., called "Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change", or close to that. In it they hear from Inuit Elders that the Sun, Moon and stars are out of place. Specifically, one of the elders says that the sun rises in the same place but sets where it has never set before. He then wonders aloud if the Earth's axis has changed. The directors of the documentary (one of which is Inuit) asked questions of various sientists, including some from NASA, to explain the Inuit's observations. The scientist's explanation to them, which I found their acceptance of disappointing, was that a warm air mass from the south was refracting light and creating the illusion of all of this. I know this as a crock of sh_t from NASA but would like to hear from the Zetas on this. Do the directors of the documentary and the Inuit elders really buy this? Also, why would the sun rise where it has historically, but set where it has not? [and from another] Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change: The official trailer [Oct 19] The trailer for "Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change", the new documentary by acclaimed Nunavut filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk [and from another] Huge Media Blackout Regarding Earth and Moon Orbital Changes? [Oct 20]

The Earth wobble, which the Inuit are documenting, takes the form of a Figure 8, which Nancy has often documented in her Orbits section. A Figure 8 will place the view of the Sun not just high and low, at various times, but also from a tilted position to one side or the other. This is the Sun moving in a snakelike fashion, during the day, and depending upon where one is on the globe it will either be too high in the sky or too low, or too far to the east or too far to the west. What one sees from their position on the globe will be different for sunrise than for sunset, etc. We suggest those puzzling over this take a moment to research all the Figure 8 documentation that Nancy has collected over the years, taking into account the azimuth and altitude where the Sun is viewed, as well as the viewers location and time of day.

The Inuit observations came out in the news in November 25, 2009 on Isuma TV. Winning an award at a film festival, this small independent newscaster was given some press and was not suppressed. But the coverage that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will offer is far greater, in the realm of major media. What has changed, and will this information be given coverage elsewhere? The timing of this broadcast goes hand in hand, released on the same day, with another press article on the erratic position of the Sun and Moon. Can the fact that this formerly suppressed subject is given media attention on the same day- October 20, 2010 - be coincidence? It is not. Were one to look for the finger of the Puppet Master, pressing buttons to get the media to break the firm hold the cover-up has on such news, one need look no further.

align="right" height="189" hspace="0" width="160">NASA has acknowledged that Solar Cycle 24 can result in large solar storms that could be catastrophic for humanity. The Zetas have said that NASA blamed the sun and will not admit that the magnetic disturbances are generated by the planet X. If NASA knows something and has hinted that information, we may deduce that they have calculated the passage of Planet X in those years. ( ) I wonder: Absolutely all the information supplied by NASA's solar flares in 2012-2013 and the consequences on earth are lies to hide the real causes?

There are many ways to lie, and NASA uses all these means. One lies by boldface statements that are lies, and NASA does this by openly stating that Planet X is a rumor and not a reality. So given that, why would you even be asking if what they say about the Sun is truth? Because they mix truth with fiction, which is yet another way to lie. Of course there are solar cycles every 10.7 years or so, the last solar maximum occurring in March, 2000. Do the math! At present you should be into the next solar maximum. It should be now. But are you having massive CME's as occurred in the year 2000? No! This photo is of a year 2000 CME, X class. In order to hype the 2012 lie, that nothing will happen until December 21, 2012, NASA moved the date of the solar maximum to 2012, yet another lie. At present, because amateurs have scopes and can view the face of the Sun, NASA cannot simply invent a large CME, but this does not keep them from getting in to the news, prognosticating that the Sun is about to explode into activity, because they are frantic to blame the Sun for the Earth changes. This, despite the fact that this solar cycle is so sleeply, with such a lack of sunspots, that it is almost breaking all records.

When their own images and archives show the presence of Planet X they allowed their archives to be doctored to appear that these anomalies on the SOHO images have been present all along. Inserting erroneous data is a lie too, but they have not stopped at the SOHO doctoring, as doctoring the SOHO background of stars and planets has been a practice since 2003 when the Earth stopped in her orbit. Edit lines, evidence of cutting and pasting, have been present since 2003 also. Silly explanations for evidence of Planet X in the solar system is also not beyond NASA, who will say anything but the truth on this matter. When the Moons of Planet X appeared on solar images, and the issue went viral on the Internet, NASA declared them a "compression artifact". The irrepressible Moon Swirls of Planet X showing up on the SOHO images were claimed as asteroid collisions only recently caught on film by NASA, or so they said. So you are asking if you should discount everything NASA says about the Sun or pending solar storms? With a track record like this, the question should be why any intelligent person believes anything they say! Do you not have a brain? Are you endlessly gullible? Do you lack evidence of their lies? And given that the larger the lie, the more reluctant the liar is to admit their guilt, do you expect NASA to change? We presume the answer is obvious.

Will Denver International Airport play a role in the after time for the people in the Denver/Boulder area. I ask in response to what Zeta's imply as to the STS folks that will be trying to maintain a government system, and how Denver and her outer enclaves will be subject to nasty people's agenda.

As we have mentioned, the Denver area will be inundated by troops and equipment well ahead of the pole shift, and it is already known that this 'Western White House" is intended to be the seat of power for the US government should DC need to be evacuated. Certainly, being lowland, Washington DC will become uninhabitable by the time the last weeks approach. The European tsunami will not just assault Europe with huge waves. There will be high tides along the East Coast too, and those areas that are virtually at sea level will get their first taste of what is to come. Between the politician and the generals, life in the Denver area will change drastically. The ability to commandeer private and public facilities in an emergency has always been a government right. The airport will be dedicated to bringing the seat of power to Denver. Hotels will be taken over, all reservations canceled. Martial law will be in place, at least in this arena, whether officially or unoffically. Any citizens in the greater Denver area resisting this reality will be interned or mistreated until they cooperate.

It looks like Zecharia Sitchin has passed away on Oct 9th according to Wikipedia. I find it interesting that there seems to be a news black out about this. I wonder if the zetas would have any insight into the circumstances of his death? If there wasn't some black ops behind this then I wonder why his soul would decide to check out right as his entire life work was about to be vindicated. [and from another] Born July 11, 1920 - died October 9, 2010.

Sitchin was not eliminated, as he was never a threat. He cooperated with the cover-up for personal reasons. He did not want to be alive during the forthcoming pole shift, nor did he want to be the bearer of bad tidings. When asked to state a date for the next passage, he first placed the date some 1,000 years hence, ignoring that the Jewish Exodus approximately 3,600 years ago was obviously the last passage. Recently he has closed this gap but still, the date was 60 years or so hence. For an old man, this was, as we have stated, "not-in-his-lifetime". At 90 years of age, did his reluctance to be alive during the coming pole shift and the increasingly obvious Earth changes conspire to cause him to exit early? As we have stated, the will to live is a powerful determinant when fighting illness or debility, and in Sitchin's case the lack of a will to live certainly assisted in his timely death.

Zetas stated more then once, that would sabotage the space flights (automatic satellites and manned flying shuttles) on purpose of putting on the misbalance between elite and the crowd. So it happened with Columbia. The extreme measures with the shuttle's destruction and death of people were the warning to Israel and Bush's administration. Wasn't it the praise too high as for warning witch had no chances to get to the minds of elite? Ordinary people didn't find and couldn't find special devises among the shuttle's debris that might have shown the mission's aim. Bush and Cheney hadn't reduced the grip until they were forced to do it. But the invasion to Iraq still took place. Why not simply erase all the information about the X complex from the electronic and magnetic data medium? Or break the screw propeller at the American aircraft carrier? And how does Israel astronaut correlate with the Israel military's plans? To my mind generals don't give a damn about this catastrophe. I'd like to hear any comments why people should have died from the alien interventionů because the astronauts serve and hardly constitute a menace to ordinary people or planned to escape the Pole Shift.

Humans assume that the visitors operate under the same rules that human society does. If the mob or the CIA wants an individual stopped, a car bomb or some accident occurs. If a government entity wants to commit a crime a cover-up is effected, national security claimed, and thus the truth about JFK is a secret still. There is NO aspect of human life that such an entity cannot interfere with, as history well presents. So why are the visitors different? As we have endlessly explained, interference with the free will of man cannot occur unless by exception, and this exception requires an edict from the Council of Worlds. Interference must also be in accordance with the Element of Doubt about the alien presence, so must not be too obvious. As we stated at the time, the astronauts on the shuttle knew the risks they were taking, as this was the nature of their job.

You, as a human clucking about the loss of a few lives in this instance are not considering what the Bush administration and Israel were planning for the billions on planet Earth by their takeover of the Middle East oil reserves. The few soldiers who were allowed to become contaminated by the nuclear material that Bush was smuggling into Iraq were likewise the lesser evil when balanced against the Bush administration's plans for world takeover by the US military, all based on lies. This effort was blocked by the Council of Worlds by their edict against the planting of WMD. The CIA mission to plant WMD thus became known in Germany, where the dying soldiers were debriefed, and in the US where the families were not permitted to come close to their dying sons and fathers as they were radioactive. Man, who cannot in the main even conceptualize the evil that the Bush administration planned for mankind, worldwide, stand in horror at the lesser evil.

Why would the Element of Doubt be so important that the WMD could not simply be eliminated and a message from the Council of Worlds displayed in the skies? Would that not be more direct, and save the lives of the astronauts or soldiers involved? Here again man does not conceptualize the big picture, which would involve the lives of millions of contactees who would be savaged by those fearful of the alien presence. Beyond explaining this, we decline to be questioned about the Council's decisions, as further questions on this issue would only be hand wringing and an insistance that man's ways are superior to the ways of the visitors, which they are not.

Why are there places like North Korea and situations left extremely in the dark, like the puppet master's existence, as this planet is currently purging the service to self I would think that we would see a larger example of good in the times that we are in now. Evil makes itself so known, everyone knows what evil things are, but I find that good things can almost be disguised and are so very oppressed in major media. I feel so bad for people who are easily influenced by crap, like fox, and others. Do the zetas see someone in major media sticking their neck out and getting it chopped off to show the hand of the elite coverup? Also how is it that one soul can be offered an incarnation with such extreme power, like the puppet master. I understand that when a soul is ripe for a decision to advance there must be a final situation which solidifies the soul, but does it have to affect 500 million people? If so then that would say that him and the elite and people in politics or that have larger opportunities are the only souls ripe for the harvest.

Humans hear the term Transformation, and hear that the Earth is bound to be a home for the good hearted - those in the Service-to-Other - in the future and those in the Service-to-Self banned from reincarnating here. They picture this process in terms that they, in their society, can imagine would be involved. The bad guys get eliminated and suppressed. The good guys get elevated. That's how mankind would arrange it, if they were in charge. How else does one manage a Transformation? But how often do your movies present a different picture. In Star Wars, a small band takes on the Empire, and wins against all odds. How is it that in battles between good and evil, the bad guys always seem to hold all the cards, while the good guys are outnumbered. It is in the nature of those in the Service-to-Self to attempt to accumulate assets, dominate others, and have influence over affairs. They thus are found in great numbers running corporations, rising in the ranks of the military, accumulating great wealthy through insider trading, and in general having a ruthless attitude toward others.

What must be understood is that during the Transformation, the Earth is still a schoolhouse, giving those souls incarnated an opportunity to make their choice to be either Service-to-Other of Service-to-Self. Each soul is guided by the Birthing Guides into their current incarnation based on their needs, to provide the environment needed for their current lesson. For every ruthless CEO rising to run a corporation, there are dozens who have this opportunity and choose a different path. The opportunities to do good or take the selfish path are no different than they have been over the ages. The Transformation occurs not because the situation is manipulated, with those leaning to the Service-to-Self born into poverty and ugly, stupid bodies and those leaning to the Service-to-Others given wealth and beauty. The polarization ongoing now is showing the different camps, which can be readily identified, but the interaction between the orientations is not that much different than it has been over the ages. Cruel dictators dominate, and heroes rise to challenge them.

Those impatient for the Transformation, wanting the good guys to be in charge and unfettered by threats from the elite to maintain the status quo, are astonished that anything but highly Service-to-Other souls would be incarnated into the families of those who are immensely wealthy. The money should be given to the needy, and used as a force to break the cover-up over the pending pole shift. Survival communities could be established, and flourish, and anyone wishing to migrate away from the coastlines given this opportunity. Such a vision is na´ve. Do you imagine that a highly Service-to-Other child, due to inherit great wealth, would not find themselves in a situation where their wealth was managed by others? The child would be found incompetent, or maimed in some way to arrange this, or tricked out of the wealth at the first moment. The child would show their propensities early in life, be empathetic, and thus other arrangements made by the many who live like parasites off pools of great wealth.

It is thus that those at the top in such situations are either born highly Service-to-Self or undecided to a degree that they can play the game skillfully. Thus it is with the Puppet Master, who is savy and skillful at political games, a ruthless administrator in the management of the family trust, but who is not evil in intent. The current Puppet Master has not started wars, nor invented financial games such as insider trading or the creation of the housing bubble. It is the middle men of the world - those who lie between the common man and the very wealthy - who take such steps in their greed and ambition for power. Bush and Cheney started the Iraq War on a lie. Wall Street created the housing bubble whereby so much wealth was diverted illegally to money managers. Look to the lives of these middle men, those who rise in political power or enter professions where such rip-off games can be played, and you will not find those who have been born wealthy. You will find those who have been born with Service-to-Self souls.

According to Zeta spiritual knowledge -- which, admittedly, is limited in the grand scheme of the universe -- what level of daily interaction and/or reliance on one's communication with God through spirit guides is healthy versus an unhealthy overload/over-reliance that is tantamount to a human "skipping out on school" and obviating his/her daily duties as a rational being of free will? I have observed a handful of friends, who each know one another, grow over the last few years into the habit of increasingly asking for spiritual guidance, at a pace that currently amounts to what seems to be at least one to two dozen times a day, every day of their lives. It amazes me that they ask for -- and appear to genuinely receive ethereal advice and counsel, or so they say - spiritual guidance on seemingly mundane daily things, such as when to depart their homes for a specific task-of-the-day or which particular hand tools to use for constructing a utility trailer or which friends should be asked to attend or not attend to a task important to the group or which specific items to move out of their house and when and how to do so. However, I thought the purpose of spiritual guidance was to communicate with God on the "big picture" of one's life - to ask the big, tough, juicy, pliable, doughy, sticky, and tasty or sour questions on which the trajectory of one's life might depend or the lives of loved ones or how to best help people with the gifts that God bestows on one. To me, it seems like asking for God's counsel and wisdom through one's spirit guides every 15 minutes of the day on items our rational mind should be able to figure out quite well is not what God wants from us.

Dependency takes many forms. It may be physical dependency, as in someone confined to a wheelchair, needing others to assist now and then for survival. Emotional dependency is a concept almost everyone is familiar with, as they know such an individual. This person must confer with others, and gain consensus or support from others before proceeding with any planed action. Should they marry? Should they divorce? Should they have a birthday party for the child, or go on a trip? These people are endlessly touching base with others in their social network, for reassurance, and in all likelihood were dependent in this manner early in life as children. Would mother approve? Would the clique at school approve? At base, such an emotionally dependent individual has a fear of abandonment, a fear of making a wrong decision and being exiled or rejected by the group.

An individual with these propensities would, on a spiritual level, seek the same level of support. This would constitute a type of Call. Emotionally dependent individuals will seek to surround themselves with directive individuals, so they can feel any decisions are not theirs, but a type of order. Clinging personalities are often rejected, their clinging viewed as a type of constant demand for reassurance. Thus many such individuals reach adulthood trying to disguise their nature. This is at base a spiritual nature, a soul propensity, though can be augmented by the human being incarnated who in most cases does not resist the path the soul wishes to be on. The emotionally dependent adult may make spiritual connections through their constant longing for guidance and reassurance. This can be a strong soul who sees helping weak and indecisive souls as their mission. Such pairing of directive or supportive souls with weak and clinging souls is not uncommon, and may go through many lifetimes as a type of soul pairing or soul mate arrangement.

What are the conditions on the Octopi world that make it ripe for allowing a massive number of undecided souls to incarnate amongst the ones already there? Were other worlds in the running? And how often does such a massive transplant take place in the universe?

The water world where the undecided souls on Earth will find a new home is a young world, just starting to spark souls. The octopi have only recently been engineered to sufficient intelligence to spark souls. Thus, the ratio of reincarnating souls that have sparked on this world, compared to the number of bodies able to house a reincarnating soul, is low. The Earth has this situation currently, due to the population explosion. There are over 6 billion humans, but only 1 billion have reincarnating souls with the remainder unlikely to spark a soul in this lifetime. Thus, there are octopi aplenty on the future home for the undecided, for the transplants from Earth. Arranging for such transplants during Transformations is not uncommon.

Today The Atlantic reported the following. The obvious question that comes to mind is, did benign aliens have anything to do with this, as they have in the past? If so, what prompted this action, or was this just a warning? "Failure Shuts Down Squadron of Nuclear Missiles October 26 2010, President Obama was briefed this morning on an engineering power failure at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming that took 50 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), one-ninth of the U.S. missile stockpile, temporarily offline on Saturday. The base is a main locus of the United States' strategic nuclear forces. The 90th Missile Wing, headquartered there, controls 150 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles. They're on full-time alert and are housed in a variety of bunkers across the base. A squadron of ICBMs suddenly dropped down into what's known as "LF Down" status, meaning that the missileers in their bunkers could no longer communicate with the missiles themselves. LF Down status also means that various security protocols built into the missile delivery system, like intrusion alarms and warhead separation alarms, were offline. Commanders at the Air Force Base sent warning notices to colleagues at the country's two other nuclear missile command centers, as well as the to the National Military Command Center in Washington. At that point, they did not know what was causing the failure, and they did not know whether other missile systems were experiencing similar symptoms. According to the official, engineers discovered that similar hardware failures had triggered a similar cascading failure 12 years ago at Minot AFB in North Dakota and Malmstrom AFB in Montana".

What is even more remarkable than the occurrence of these events is the fact that they hit the press. Normally, to announce such a weakness would be considered an invitation to sabotage by the enemy. The fact that this same cascading hardware failure occurred 12 years earlier at Minot AFB is a clue to the reason this information has now gone public. Do you not think that in matters of nuclear deterrence, that the best experts, the most failsafe design, would have been used? How can a cascading electrical failure occur twice in nuclear arsenals? Didn't they learn from the first occurrence? What does this mean, and why is the US military allowing this to go public? We have often spoken of the broken link that can prevent mankind's technology from succeeding. This is an example. Redundancy in hardware circuitry might have been built in after the first failure, but this is not failsafe. Those who can overload a circuit, with precision, can still bring down the mighty US military's arsenal.

It is of course not just the US who has been so affected, though other countries have not been so open about their failures. The time is approaching when the Earth changes will make many countries vulnerable, borders broken and territories formerly considered secure seemingly open to invasion. There is endless speculation about the End Times and whether WW III might occur. We have stated that WW III will not occur as there is no prize to be secured. All countries are suffering crop failures and any country planning an invasion has a restless populace to deal with. This does not mean that ambition does not run through the halls of power, especially in a country hosting the largest military in the world. Both these arsenal failures were pointed warnings to the US military, especially the most recent failure as redundancy had been built into the systems since the first failure. Plan an opportunistic invasion and you will find you weapons simply do not work, is the warning.

We are the prison capital of the nation here in Colorado. 14 prisons in this county; 8 state, and 6 federal. This includes 2 supermax fed prisons. There are more swat teams, prison guards, police, etc. here than anywhere. I know of what has been written about prison gangs, but was wondering if the Z's could comment further. Are we to battle it out right away? Everyone around here is very well armed and it looks like many will survive.

Prison walls of course will shatter in the magnitude 9 earthquakes. And the insanity likely to afflict, by our estimates, some 43% of survivors will affect prison guards and inmates too. We have predicted that the Service-to-Self gangs that will attempt to create a Mad Max world after the pole shift will be led, in the main, by criminals, and many of these will have recently escaped from prison. Where such gangs do not last long, decimating their numbers to establish the pecking order and failing to plan or work cooperatively with each other, in the short run they are certainly to be avoided. We have stated that military bases or government installations should be avoided for the same reason. These groups will take from good-hearted survivors trying to grow food and build shelters, not give to them. If you live near a prison, your guns will be taken from you, and used against you.

Any council from the Z's for people that are starting to realize their community size is going to be far bigger than anticipated. Perhaps far, far greater.

Those taking our message seriously have long complained that they cannot get family and friends to take the threat seriously. Despite the pointed Earth changes, the evidence of Planet X in the skies, and the easily measurable Earth wobble, they feel they are alone in noticing these things. We have stated that as the Earth changes become obvious, one of two things will happen with family and friends. They will either turn toward more hardened denial or get serious, and when getting serious will most likely cling to that person who has been trying to wake them up. Where you long for partners for serious preparations, suddenly you have clinging dependents who have not bothered to do their homework, gather supplies, or gain the type of skill sets that will be needed. This is not an easy issue, and will of course have multiple solutions depending upon the personalities involved and the numbers involved.

If in a rural area, the solution might be to organize those newly awakened into teams with work assignments. This team will inventory seed and food stocks, that team secure a drinking water distillation device, and yet another team inventory hand gardening tools. If in a suburban or city area, where the plan had been to dash to the woods and then hunt and gather until encountering another survival group, it gets complicated. Hunting and gathering will only sustain a few, and only for a short time. This is mass starvation, guaranteed. In this case, your own plan needs to improve, so you can find yourself in a rural setting where you can garden and be a herdsman or keep a flock of chickens. If in an area destined to flood in the Aftertime, then starvation can be a short term problem as the oceans will reach you and fish will be plentiful in the Aftertime due to all the newly dead frankly providing fish food! Set the teams to building what will be houseboats, with floatation devices, and potted vegetables on the decks. Whatever the plan, get everyone busy.

Rare earthquake in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta puzzles experts The Sacramento Bee. It was a small earthquake, measuring just 3.1 on the Richter scale, but its location in the heart of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta has experts buzzing. The Oct. 15 quake was centered 7 miles northwest of Lathrop, on Union Island. No faults are known to exist in that area. "It was a surprise to us," said Jack Boatwright, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park who is studying the quake. "There's something down there that we don't know about."
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Although situated on the bed of a salt lake and thus stable from a standpoint of being hard rock unlike to crack and heave during mountain building pressure, the inland valley in California has geography below the former salt lake bed floor. We have stated that river bottoms are situated along areas of a plate that are thin, and have thus sunk down, thus becoming a river bottom. Stockton considers itself at the headwaters of the delta area, but the great San Joaquin River flows past it, and Stockton is thus situated along a river bottom region. Where former salt lake beds are unlikely to crack during Earth plate stress, the rock strata beneath it can adjust, producing earthquakes.

My questions for the Zetas is, when does man's non-interference rule end?

Mankind is living in a 3rd density existence at present, which involves giving emerging souls a chance to determine their spiritual orientation in a self-study schoolhouse without undue interference from ambassadors from the Service-to-Self or the Service-to-Other. The orientation decision best evolves when the young entity sees the results of their actions. If they are leaning toward the Service-to-Other they develops remorse and empathy, seeing what occurs to others. They are reminded of their own experiences. If they are leaning toward Service-to-Self, they feel a power rush as a result of their actions, and can weight this against any remorse they may be feeling. The rule of Non-Interference is to allow those living in the schoolhouse to have the results that are part of the lesson. Once graduating to 4th density, this is no longer the case. There are new rules, such as the rules of engagement between those in the Service-to-Other and the Service-to-Self, which are not an issue on 3rd density worlds where the orientations mingle and interact with each other freely.

Reading this article today, I was wondering what the Zetas could tell us about the likelihood that this scenario would also occur - as discussed in this article - on top of the PS? I know we can expect some meteorites and Revelations certainly mentions Wormwood. To be honest, I am quite sure we will see some of these guys doing a house call.

This is human speculation about the ozone layer, and human scientists are notoriously wrong about almost everything. This article presents a series of speculations built on top of one another, which is guaranteed to be wrong. It was not so long ago that mankind presumed the Earth to be flat, and the authorities tortured and killed anyone who said otherwise. Man has not progressed much since that time, and certainly the arrogance of those who make scientific pronouncements has not changed a wit.

align="right" height="356" hspace="0" width="349">I started a discussion regarding the European tsunami and put together a pdf to collate all the ZT on the subject (with some analysis). One thing that I noticed is that no one has asked about the effects of the tsunami on France. If the poleshift wave will race across France to the base of the Alps and given that the tsunami is supposed to half of that, does that mean that the tsunami will reach halfway across France? Anyway, that's my question for the Zetas - exactly how will the tsunami affect France? Anyway, trying to drum up some discussion on the subject, I really get the impression that even people on the Ning don't fully appreciate just how bad the tsunami is going to be. In fact the word tsunami ('harbour wave' in Japanese if I'm not mistaken) is probably inappropriately name for what is coming. Perhaps we should try to come up with a new word!

The 100 foot tsunami that is anticipated to strike the coast of France will quickly dissipate over the lowlands abutting the Atlantic in France and even those parts of France abutting the English Channel, which likewise will experience a 100 foot tsunami. Where France deals with sloshing from both the Atlantic and Mediterranean during the pole shift, during the European tsunami there is only a flow from one direction to deal with, not a clash of waters. Baring the factor of tidal bore, which for the coastline of France is not a consideration, tsunami reach should be prorated from the pole shift slosh guidelines. If a 500-600 foot pole shift slosh requires one to be 100 miles inland and 200 feet up, then a tsunami of 100 feet would be a quarter of this. Those who are 25 miles inland and 50 feet above sea level should find they have avoided the tsunami.

We know that by the time of the poleshift and after it conscious contacts with benign aliens will depend on our readiness. As there is a small disorder, my Q such: in the aftertime there will be conscious contacts with benign aliens having the light form? Or they will be just with benign humanoid aliens?

Conscious contact with beings in light form occur now, during visitations. The human will see a ball of light, an orb, and invariably understand that a visitation has taken place. Will this type of visitation be on the increase in the future, or change so that more than a ball of light is seen? Just as occasional conscious contact with incarnated visitors will increase, visitation with visitors in light form will increase and be more pointed, assuming shapes beyond a light orb. This can be anticipated.

I started a blog to inform the Russian peoples about the upcoming poleshift. But I live in Belarus. In documentation about Safe Locations ../info/tinfx258.htm I have read the following info: "the lands of Belarus will find water sloshing in from the Atlantic during the hour of the shift" But the nearest to the Baltic sea border of Belarus is about 190 km (120 miles) and the whole country is about 300 km (186 miles). That is satisfied to the rule about 160 km (100 miles) distance from the sea. Does general rule incorrect for Belarus? Belarus is flat country like most coastal European countries should 100 miles rule be increased for them?

Though landlocked, the lowlands of Belarus will deal with sloshing from the Atlantic during the hour of the shift for several reasons. Just as with Texas, where the slosh from the Gulf will create a higher pole shift tide there, due to tidal bore over flat land, the countries inland to the east of the Baltic Sea will likewise experience a higher tide. The tide from the North Atlantic will come in from the North Sea, and there be compressed and thus pushed south by the highlands of Norway and Sweden. The Alps to the south create a second funnel side for this tide, which begins to narrow and rise. Of course Denmark and the lowlands of Germany are lost to the tide in any case, but what rushes east against the countries bordering the Baltic Sea is water under greater force due to its height. Finland, western Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and even Belarus will experience a pole shift tide that is higher at the start, by 160 feet, than expected elsewhere. The reason for our description of the pole shift tide as 500-600 feet at the coastline is for these reasons, as tidal bore factors are along many coastlines. For the countries east of the Baltic Sea, the tide can be estimated to be close to 700 feet at the coastline.

What this means for those residents in these countries is that they must be slightly higher when inland than the 200 feet at the 100 mile mark. Depending upon terrain, be higher by 200 feet or further inland by 50 miles. Where a tidal bore creates water under a greater push to move, once past the pinch that the highlands of Norway and Sweden create with the Alps to the south, the pole shift tide will dissipate quickly as it can fan out. A significant factor creating concern for those trying to survive the pole shift in Belarus are the rivers that will bring the pole shift tide to its highlands. Tidal bore has a propensity for river bottoms, and rushes up with increasing speed along them as this is an avenue where the water column can seek its own level most readily. If a steady tide can be expected as the pole shift tide rolls inland over land, for those regions dealing with tidal bore there is instead a rush or blast of water under pressure along the river bottoms. This moves the water further inland than would normally flow before it turns back to slosh in the other direction. The 3 rivers carrying this rush of water inland to Belarus means that the cautions about the pole shift tide need to be carried further inland too, for Belarus. Be 400 feet above sea level and 150 miles from the coast, for safety.

The Zeta's have stated the 7/10 event will essentially happen suddenly without any real warning besides continued or increasing earthquake and volcanic activity. That the brake point is building pressure and only needs to snap to set the plates in motion and trigger subsequent catastrophic events. Those following ZT in SE Asia must be feeling very uneasy with these predictions, as are others around the world! To what degree of accuracy do the Zeta's think they are able to predict the time of when the 7/10 event begins? Is this something the Zeta's can see exactly or is it something of more within a margin of error of days or weeks? With the commencement of the 7/10 event, can the Zeta's give more timing details with the start of the other 7/10 events, ie S. America roll?

We take thousands of factors into consideration when making estimates and predictions. The wiggle room on the 7 of 10 is not whether the tongue holding Indonesia will be sinking, but whether it will be followed within the 2010 calendar year by the S American roll. There are few predictions that we have made that involve a timeline. 2003 and the arrival of Planet X into the inner solar system was a notable one. We predicted the Right Angle and Declination where the inbound Planet X would be sighted during March, 2003 some 7 years earlier in 1997. That was the degree of our precision based on the thousands of factors we took into account for the speed and trajectory Planet X was likely to attain based on the interference it was likely to encounter. In this case, for the 7 of 10, the elements are all known! It is no longer when the wrestlers are going to step into the ring. They are already locked in combat.